The 5 Best Watercolor Half Pans Review with Buying Guide

Watercolors in half-pans are a concept stemmed from the need for easy carrying. One cannot always roam with a pack of watercolor tubes. Colors are not enough, because you will also need a palette, brushes, paper, water pot, and whatnot. Moreover, when it comes to the number of watercolors, the sky’s the limit. Here’s the quick answer of the best half pans for you:

There is a limit to colors that you can carry in your bag and commute. So, when you have a tin box with half pans in it, you can carry a massive number of different colors in a small box where you have small half-pans. These boxes not only come with colors but also different brushes. Then you can use the flip-over lid as a palette to mix different colors too. So, here we present, to all you, creative minds with the best watercolor half pans review.

Best Watercolor Half Pans Review

Check our review below and buy the one you need.

1. ARTEZA Watercolor Paint, Set of 24 Assorted Vibrant Colors in Half Pans

This one is a set of 24 colors half pans that comes in a sturdy metal box. No way your colors are going to get damaged due to fall, hit, or bump. With the set, you get a much-needed water brush pen. The nylon tip goes so very well with the color formula that it seems nothing works better than this brush when it comes to painting with these colors. It is easy to refill with water and use.

Some color came out so distinct in this palette that the brand can claim copyright on them. For example, you have the Amaranth, Yellow Ochre, Noir, and a few more. These are colors that are pretty tough to crack. The passion for cracking the color scheme just shows in these few colors.

You have blues, greens, reds, and yellows, each one very different from the other. Who would have thought a mere yellow can have such drastic variations!

These are all non-toxic colors. If you are too engulfed in your artistry and smudge the colors on skin, do not worry. But make sure to wash the skin after you are done with your creativity.

Keep in mind that the colors dry down. Yes, they are quick drying. But we are talking about them drying down in the half pans. Whenever the colors dry down, do not be decisive and throw the box away. You, with a little spritz of water, can revive these, and they work as efficiently as they would before drying.

Features At A Glance

  • 24 vibrant and distinct colors with a brush pen
  • A sturdy metal box
  • Can be revived with a little spritz of water
  • Non-toxic; doesn’t harm the skin
  • Great color scheme, high pigmentation
  • Quick-drying

2. Watercolor Paint Set for Artists On-The-Go by Doodle Hog

The next item in our review has gone a notch higher with its brush pen. But let’s talk about that later. It’s, in a literal sense, a bundle of joy. This one is a set of 36 vibrant and well-pigmented colors. The colors are mostly the common ones that we need. And then added a couple of distinct ones to make it a complete package.

You can mix different colors with the basic ones that include pure white and make distinct colors. Then you also have some unique ones to be creative with, pre-installed in the half pans.

The colors come in a metal half pans tin. You have space in the middle to store a pen brush. And you already have a 5mm pointed pen brush stored there. Along with that extra pen brush, you get a set of six pen brushes. Three brushes have flat tips of different sizes, and rest three have different sized pointed tips. All of them have lids on them, including the extra one.

For mixing colors, the case provides you with four compartments in its lid. Though it has a sturdy case, it has brushes and offers so many colors, yet it is lightweight, just like any half pan color palette must be.

Not just that, you are also getting a pamphlet with the set that has pointers that work as inspiration. Other than that, it also comes with a swatch chart that comes handy as a reference.

Features At A Glance

  • 36 vibrant colors
  • A total of six brushes, each with different tip
  • Self-moistening brushes, easy to squeeze
  • Lightweight yet sturdy metal half pans tin
  • Includes a pamphlet and a swatch chart
  • Four compartments in the lid

3. Watercolor Palette with Bonus Paper Pad by GenCrafts

If 36 colors were not enough for you, then this one must be made keeping your requirements in mind. Watercolor Palette by GenCrafts has a whopping 48 colors in it. That is pretty hard to topple. It indeed is the best of them all.

Too many colors don’t mean they have put random useless colors in it. Neither it compromises with the quality of the colors. The quality and pigment of the colors are top-notch. And creating strokes with it is smooth and as easy as it can get.

This one also is a sturdy metal half pans tin with a bit of thoughtfulness in it. The main compartment of the case has eight same size compartments in it. In each chamber, there are six half pans. Even those pans are easily removable and replaced. So, if you want to work with a particular set of colors, you do not have to have the full case. You can keep a specific six-color compartment with you and work. It becomes way easier to paint.

Right beneath, you have a long compartment for brushes. You get two brushes with high-quality nylon tips. Both pen brushes have different tips. One is for thicker strokes and the other for fine strokes. It is a dream palette for the most-skilled artists.

The lid is also filled with different sizes of compartments for color blending and creating new colors. You have one large, three full pan size and six half pan size sections on the lid for that. As a bonus, you are getting 15 sheets of watercolor paper. So, you can start creating art right on the go.

Features At A Glance

  • 48 well-pigmented, vibrant colors
  • Two refillable water brush pens
  • Flexible nylon brush tip for smooth strokes
  • Convenient to use, easy to carry
  • 15 watercolor paper sheets
  • Apt for all skill levels

4. Dainayw Watercolor Paint Set, 48 Vivid Colors in Half Pans

Next in our watercolor half pans review is another 48 colors watercolor set. We already have said toppling the above one is pretty tough. But this one is genuinely a great competition. Upon taking it out of the paper box, you are going to see a jet black metal tin with a ring on it. So, the tin is easy to open and hold while using due to the ring.

Inside you have four rows of beautiful, vibrant colors with a space for brushes. Each of the pans is removable and replaceable. So, once you buy it, you do not need to buy another tin ever. You just need to replace the colors per your wish and fill the half pans. These colors are all non-toxic. So, your kid will be safe playing with colors.

Here you get two regular brushes instead of a pen brush. These might not be self-moistening, yet they are pretty easy and comfy to use. One brush has a flat and thick tip, and another has a thin, pointed tip.

If you are one of those who love mixing colors to make their own set of colors to paint on paper, this one is a great option for them. Because unlike the other ones in our review, this has the most number of basic colors. Mixing the color is very easy in this one.

If the colors dry, spritz a little water on them, and they will be ready to spread and blend like butter. Even after they dry and are revived, what you are painting will not feel grainy or chalky. The same is the case when what you created on paper dries. It will look as beautiful as it would look when the product was new.

Features At A Glance

  • 48 beautiful colors
  • Two brushes with a flat and a pointed tip
  • Non-toxic
  • Need a spritz of water to revive if dried
  • Comes with five watercolor paper sheets
  • Blends well, not chalky or grainy

5. Lightwish MeiLiang Watercolor Paint Set, 36 Vivid Colors

This set of colors has adopted high-quality gum arabic to get the perfect texture. The texture is pretty distinct, and with each stroke, the artist can feel it very well. What it does is it increases the sheen and also the transparency of the colors. Not just that, the intensity of the colors also increases, and these become extra soluble.

You have 36 shades in this compact tin. There is a metal ring for opening the tin easily. You have a tight hold due to the ring when you are holding and coloring with it. You can use the flip-over of the case as a color palette to mix and create different colors.

Nothing extra is going on in it, yet it feels ultra-compact. It looks as simple as a mere geometry box. So, if you need to carry it somewhere, you can easily fit it in a small purse.

The colors are arranged in three rows with 12 colors in each row. There is an empty row for storing the brush. Here you get a pen brush with a fine tip.

These are non-toxic, so safe for you and your kids to be creative with it. The colors are high-quality, easy to mix, and don’t feel chalky or grainy while painting or after drying on paper.

Features At A Glance

  • 36 bright colors
  • Adopted arabic gum texture
  • Comes with a water refillable pen brush
  • A metal tin with a ring beneath
  • Non-toxic, safe colors
  • Intense, glossy and dries non-chalky and non-grainy

Best Watercolor Half Pans – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Make sure to have below features in your watercolor half-pans.

i. Number Of Colors

Emphasize on more colors. Our idea is to have a compact case with as many colors as possible. So, quite naturally, we have reviewed either 48 or 36 colors set except for one with 12 half-pans for those who want fewer colors in a box. Thus, when you buy half pans, buy the bigger ones. It will offer you more colors, and once you use all the colors and the pans are empty, you can fill them with as many options as possible.

ii. Brushes

Most of the half pan tins come with either one or a maximum of two brushes. The case of seven brushes we reviewed was impressive but was a package, not just a color set. So, a maximum of two brushes is just fine. But it’s better if the brushes are pen brushes with lids. Brushes without lids or regular brushes are not bad, as we reviewed half pan with those also, but we prefer pen brushes with lids.

iii. Quality Of Colors

The colors will have to be of high quality. They must be high in pigmentation, easy to mix, non-toxic, and vibrant. They must also ensure smooth stroke and be quick drying.

iv. Convenient Case

The concept of this product is to replace and refill. Yes, it has to be light in weight, compact, and easily portable. But more than that, the half pans must be easily removable to work with. And for that, one needs to have a convenient and wisely designed case.


Art tools are always meant for giving your imagination the much-needed wings. It must always let you be creative. No matter what the time is and where you actually are. These watercolor half-pans are just a gentle reminder to that. These come with all the tools you need to create in one pack.

You can carry these wherever you want. These are value packs as well. Because in one box, you are getting lots of different colors, pen brushes, palette, and sometimes even watercolor paper sheets. So, if you love watercolors, then have a glance at our best watercolor half pans review. We have not only seen these as value packs but also reviewed them as they ensure quality and pigment. So, which one is your favorite and if you have liked one, then do not waste any more time, just get it now.

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