The Yarn Lover’s Guide to Hobby Lobby

Discovering the Best Yarns, Deals, and Knitting Supplies

As an avid knitter and crocheter, I’m always on the lookout for great deals on high-quality yarns. That’s why Hobby Lobby has become one of my go-to stores. With a huge selection of yarns in different weights, fibers, and prices, Hobby Lobby is a prime yarn shop for any crafting budget.

In this post, I’ll give you the inside scoop on the best yarns at Hobby Lobby, cost savings, available tools and accessories, and more! Whether you’re a beginner looking for affordable options to learn on, or an experienced maker seeking luxurious fibers for your next creation, read on to discover why Hobby Lobby should be your next yarn source.

An Overabundance of Yarn Types and Colors

The first thing that strikes you when you walk into the yarn aisle at Hobby Lobby is the sheer variety available. Hobby Lobby carries all the basics like acrylic yarns in every color, along with more premium options made from wool, cotton, alpaca, silk, and bamboo. No matter what fiber you are looking for, you are sure to find it.

Some of my favorite brands I’ve discovered are Yarn BeeBig Twist, and Crafter’s Secret. Their yarns come in a huge spectrum of rich vibrant colors which makes choosing my next project so much fun. I love being able to coordinate colors across a brand’s offerings, knowing the hue and quality will be consistent.

The selection includes yarns perfect for crochet baby blankets, soft sweatersamigurumi stuffed animalscozy scarvesvintage doilies, and any other knitting and crochet project I have in mind. Whether you prefer working with chunky yarn or fingering weight, there are options galore.

But the variety at Hobby Lobby goes way beyond basic yarns. It’s a top destination when I’m seeking something unique like eyelash yarnmetallic threadscrochet thread, or felting wool. There is so much to inspire creativity with premium novelty yarns that allow me to add beautiful textures, sheen, and colors to my work.

Deals and Savings on Massive Selections

Beyond the diversity of yarns, I’m always thrilled by Hobby Lobby’s low prices and frequent sales. Standard prices are very affordable, especially for basics like acrylic yarns that are perfect for beginners. Even their premium wools and alpaca blends are competitively priced compared to other independent yarn shops.

But where Hobby Lobby really shines is their regular discounts on yarn. Every other week it seems like a new type of yarn goes on sale for 30-50% off. Before starting any big project I check the weekly ad to see what’s discounted. Then I stock up on those yarns to get the best value.

Some of my favorite deals have included 50% off Caron Cakes40% off bundles of Sugarwheel Cotton, and 30% off packs of Woolikefrom I Love This Yarn. I’ve been able to purchase enough high-quality yarn for multiple sweaters and blankets without blowing my budget.

Hobby Lobby also frequently offers “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” yarn sales. Paired with the weekly discounts, these are amazing times to stock your stash with enough yarn for lots of future knits and crochets. I like to mix and match brands, fibers, and colors when I buy yarns with these promotions to give myself plenty of options for my next inspiration.

Beyond normal sales, Hobby Lobby also offers Yarn Bee loyalty rewards when you purchase multiple skeins from the brand. Right now if you buy 10 Yarn Bee products you get a $10 coupon for a future purchase! So you can save in bulk on their affordable acrylic and cotton yarns.

Tools and Accessories for All Your Knitting and Crochet Needs

In addition to the outstanding yarn selection, Hobby Lobby offers every tool and accessory a crafter could need to complete their projects. From basic aluminum crochet hooks and knitting needles to top-of-the-line ergonomic hooks and hand-turned wood needles, you’re covered.

I appreciate that they have different knitting needle sizes and materials like bamboo, birch, and aluminum. This makes it easy for me to find the right needles for the yarn weight I’m working with. And the prices are hard to beat, with individual straight needles costing as little as $2-3.

For crocheters, they have hooks ranging from size B/1 to size N/15, including both aluminum and softer cushioned handles. Again, the variety of sizes ensures I can find the perfect hook for any yarn or pattern. And the cost is low – you can get a whole set of aluminum hooks for only $10.

Beyond basic tools, Hobby Lobby excels at unique accessories:

  • Adorable stitch markers in shapes like hearts, stars, and flowers
  • Handy notions like row countersyarn cutters, and needle threaders
  • A wide selection of yarn bags, totes, and baskets for organizing your projects
  • Travel knitting bags for taking your wip on-the-go
  • Knitting looms and weaving boards for starting new crafts

Having all these essential accessories conveniently in one place makes getting started and progressing with any yarn project so easy.

Get Inspired with Instructional Books, Kits, and Classes

I find browsing Hobby Lobby’s yarn section always sparks new ideas with the wealth of project books and kits available. When I’m looking for easy beginner patterns, I’ll pick up a Crochet in a Day or Learn to Knit in Just One Day book along with yarn and hooks or needles.

If I come across a gorgeous variegated yarn, I’ll check for a coordinating knit or crochet kit that includes the right amount of yarn and a pattern made for that colorway. They have beautiful kits for everything from knit shawls to crochet blankets to amigurumi dolls. I love being able to leave the store with everything I need for a complete project!

Beyond books and kits, many Hobby Lobby stores offer knit and crochet classes and events. I’ve taken a class to learn entrelac crochet and improved my skills with a knitting 101 workshop. Classes range from beginner techniques to complex lace knitting. And they’re very reasonably priced.

Checking the class schedule gives me so many ideas for new techniques I want to learn. And taking a class helps me use my Hobby Lobby yarn purchases for learning and creating beautiful finished objects.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Generous Return Policy

Whenever I’m investing in nicer yarns, I have some anxiety about messing up my project or not liking the finished fabric. That’s why I love that Hobby Lobby offers a no hassle return policy on all yarn, whether it’s been opened or not.

If I don’t end up liking that silk yarn or angora wool for the pattern I had planned, I can easily return or exchange it. Same if I make a mistake and need to frog a substantial portion of my project – I can return the remaining skeins. As long as I have the receipt, Hobby Lobby will refund the full purchase price of the yarn.

This gives me so much peace of mind that I don’t have to worry about getting stuck with yarn that I have no use for. Hobby Lobby’s excellent return policy makes it easy for me to experiment with new fibers and techniques without feeling like I’m wasting money on yarn I can’t use.

Ordering Online Opens Even More Possibilities

While I prefer selecting yarn and colors in person, I’ve been pleased to discover Hobby Lobby’s expansive online yarn selection. If I have trouble finding a particular brand or type of yarn in my local store, I can often track it down online.

Hobby Lobby’s website makes it easy to filter and search for specific yarn weights, materials, brands, prices, etc. And I can check at a glance if my local store has it in stock. If not, ordering online with delivery to my house is simple.

One perk of online shopping is that all yarns are eligible for a 40% off coupon, excluding sale items. So I can save almost half off yarns that aren’t on sale that week in store. Between the coupon discount and not paying tax, I sometimes get better deals shopping online.

The downside is not being able to touch or see the colors in real life. To help with that, the site has great photos showing yarn details and often includes links to Ravelry projects made with that yarn. So I can make a more informed purchase.

Overall the online selection gives me even more opportunities to find the perfect yarn for my creative vision. I’m so glad for the flexibility to shop both in store and online.

Final Thoughts for Yarn Shoppers

Whether shopping in person or online, Hobby Lobby offers an unmatched selection of yarns and supplies for knitters and crocheters. The variety ensures I can always find the right materials for any project. And the regular sales and coupons make it easy to stock up without going over budget.

Beyond yarn, Hobby Lobby becoming my one-stop-shop for all things knitting and crochet has been a revelation. Their wide array of affordable tools, accessories, and guides makes getting started on a new hobby or technique so easy. And I always leave inspired by classes, books, and kits for my next creation.

For any crafter at any skill level, I highly recommend exploring all the wonders in the yarn aisle at Hobby Lobby. The selection is sure to spark new ideas and provide everything you need to get started. Happy crafting!

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