The Ultimate Guide to Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

Everything You Need to Know About Gifting, Using, and Maximizing Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

Gift cards make for easy, convenient gift giving. For the crafty person in your life, a Hobby Lobby gift card opens up a world of creative possibilities. With a Hobby Lobby gift card, they can shop for fabric, yarn, seasonal décor, craft supplies, and more at over 900 store locations across the country.

As a Hobby Lobby gift card recipient myself, I want to share the ins and outs of getting, using, and making the most of these cards. Whether you’re new to gift cards or a seasoned pro, read on for the ultimate guide to navigating the world of Hobby Lobby gift cards!

Where to Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards In-Store and Online

Hobby Lobby gift cards are available for purchase both in-store and online. At your local Hobby Lobby, you’ll find gift card displays near the registers. Select the denomination you’d like, from $10 to $100. Gift cards purchased in-store can only be used at that specific location.

To access the widest selection, shop for Hobby Lobby gift cards online. On the Hobby Lobby website, you can choose e-gift cards delivered by email, physical gift cards shipped to your recipient, or printable gift cards you can hand out in person. Denominations range from $10 all the way up to $500 online.

One tip when buying online: opt for fast digital delivery to get your Hobby Lobby gift card to your recipient quickly. Choose the “E-Gift Card” option during checkout for instant access.

Sending Hobby Lobby Gift Cards Digitally

Speaking of e-gift cards, these digital Hobby Lobby gift cards offer a convenient gifting experience. After purchasing online, the gift card is delivered directly to your recipient’s email. They simply show the email on their smartphone or print it out to redeem at any Hobby Lobby store.

Digital gift cards mean no more rushing to the post office or dealing with delivery delays. Your recipient gets their Hobby Lobby gift card instantly, no matter where they are. For last-minute birthdays or holidays, e-gift cards are clutch!

Pro tip: Add a personalized e-gift card message during checkout to make your Hobby Lobby digital gift card extra special. Get creative and tailor your note to the recipient!

Checking Your Hobby Lobby Gift Card Balance

Wondering how much funds you have left on your Hobby Lobby gift card? Check the balance easily online, over the phone, or in person at any store.

On the Hobby Lobby website, enter your 19-digit gift card number and the 6-digit security code to view your balance online. You can also call 800-888-0321 and follow the automated system to check your balance over the phone.

To check your balance at a store, bring your Hobby Lobby gift card to the register. The cashier can scan your card and inform you of the remaining balance. Knowing your balance makes it easy to budget your hobby shopping spree!

Reloading Your Hobby Lobby Gift Card

Run out of funds on your Hobby Lobby gift card? Not a problem! Most Hobby Lobby gift cards can be easily reloaded both online and in stores.

Visit the Hobby Lobby website to add money to your gift card online. Enter your card information and choose a reload amount, from $10 to $500. For in-store reloads, take your gift card to any register and ask the cashier to add extra funds.

Reloading your gift card lets you keep getting craft inspiration at Hobby Lobby. Plus, consolidating funds onto one card helps you redeem rewards and makes tracking spending simple.

Hobby Lobby Gift Card Denominations

Hobby Lobby sells gift cards in a variety of handy denominations to suit any occasion. Choose from:

  • $10
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • $500 (online only)

The $25 gift card works nicely for smaller gifts like birthdays or thank yous. For bigger craft hauls, opt for a $100 or $500 card to give ample hobby spending power.

You can even buy multi-packs of $10 or $25 gift cards online. These make great gifts for groups, teachers, or party favors. Mix and match to find the perfect Hobby Lobby gift card amount!

Using Hobby Lobby Gift Cards In-Store, Online, and For Workshops

Hobby Lobby gift cards offer flexibility in how and where you can redeem them. Use your gift card:

  • At any Hobby Lobby store – Just present your physical or digital gift card at checkout. You can even use multiple cards in one transaction.
  • On – Enter your gift card info at online checkout to seamlessly pay with your gift card funds.
  • For classes and workshops – Sign up for Hobby Lobby classes using your gift card balance to pay for enrollment fees. Get scrapbooking, wreath making, and more!

With endless options in-store and online, putting your Hobby Lobby gift card toward fun DIY projects is a craft lover’s dream.

Hobby Lobby Gift Card Tips and Policies

To make the most of Hobby Lobby gift cards, keep these key policies and tips in mind:

  • No fees – Hobby Lobby gift cards have no purchase, activation, or dormancy fees. More crafts for your cash!
  • No expiration – Hobby Lobby gift cards do not expire, so feel free to save them for the perfect project.
  • Non-refundable – You cannot exchange gift cards for cash back, but any remaining balance stays on your card.
  • Report lost cards – Call 800-888-0321 immediately if your gift card is lost or stolen so funds can be protected.
  • Combine cards – Use multiple gift cards in one purchase to maximize savings.
  • Check restrictions – A small number of items like alcohol, gift cards, and downloads cannot be purchased with gift cards.

Creative Ways to Give Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

Looking for unique Hobby Lobby gift card presentation ideas? Here are some of my favorites:

  • Tuck the gift card into a DIY card with art supplies inside.
  • Add ribbon and trim to make your gift card feel like a wrapped present.
  • Place the gift card inside a small canvas drawer or box from Hobby Lobby.
  • Pair the gift card with crafty treats like washi tape, stamps, or pins.
  • Present it with a personalized coupon book full of IOUs for craft sessions together.
  • Disguise the envelope as a mini watercolor palette or fabric swatch.

With a little creativity, you can transform a simple Hobby Lobby gift card into a memorable, Pinterest-worthy gift!

Maximizing Savings with Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

Want to stretch your Hobby Lobby gift card funds even further? Stack savings with these money-saving tips:

  • Use coupons – Download the Hobby Lobby app for access to digital coupons, or keep an eye out for coupons in mailers and emails.
  • Shop sales – Check the weekly ad for specials and markdowns you can combine with your gift card. The best deals hit during the holiday season.
  • Buy in bulk – Take advantage of volume discounts on embellishments, ribbons, and other extras to maximize your dollars.
  • Join the VIP program – Sign up to earn points and qualify for members-only offers when you use your gift card.
  • Craft with friends – Split bulk supplies and starter kits with others and use gift cards to save on the costs.

With smart shopping strategies, your Hobby Lobby gift card can stretched for multiple creative projects.

Gift Cards Make Cross-Stitching, Knitting, and More Possible

The best part of receiving a Hobby Lobby gift card? Being able to stock up on supplies for your favorite hobbies and crafts! Here are just some of the projects you can fuel with a gift card:

  • Knit or crochet blankets, scarves, hats, and more with yarn and knitting needles.
  • Cross-stitch decorative pillows, wall hangings, and embroidery hoops filled with floss and fabric.
  • Scrapbook travel memories, family photos, and special events with patterned paper, die cuts, stamps.
  • Jewelry craft necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with beads, chains, and wire.
  • Paint and draw masterpieces with brushes, canvases, sketchbooks, and paint.
  • Seasonal craft holiday wreaths, candles, ornaments, and decorations galore.

With a Hobby Lobby gift card, the only limit is your imagination! Try out new hobbies or dive deeper into your crafting passions.

Giving the Gift of Creativity and Connection

Above all, Hobby Lobby gift cards represent the gift of creativity and connection. They open up free time for fun new hobbies and projects. For me, using my Hobby Lobby gift card means cozy evenings stitching and chatting with my sister or trying a festive holiday craft with friends.

Gift cards also support local artists and small business owners by providing supplies and materials sold at Hobby Lobby stores across the country. Plus, the wide selection empowers makers to explore their unique creative talents.

So next time a birthday, holiday, or celebration comes up, consider surprising your favorite maker with the gift of inspiration – a Hobby Lobby gift card! From finding their perfect creative outlet to connecting with loved ones through crafts, this gift is sure to spark joy, make meaningful memories, and let imaginations run wild.

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