The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Shirt at Hobby Lobby

My Quest to Uncover Their Best T-Shirt Offerings for Crafting and DIY Projects

As an avid crafter and DIY enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for the best plain t-shirts to use for my projects. There’s nothing better than finding affordable, quality shirts in a range of colors and sizes to decorate with iron-on designs, paints, bleaches, tie-dye, and more!

So when I heard that Hobby Lobby has a surprisingly great selection of basic t-shirts perfect for crafting, I knew I had to investigate further to get all the details on their shirt offerings. Join me as I dive deep into the world of Hobby Lobby’s t-shirt inventory and report back on everything you need to know to find your perfect crafty shirt!

Sizing Up Hobby Lobby’s Massive Shirt Selection

The first thing I noticed when perusing the shirt aisles at my local Hobby Lobby is the sheer variety available. They carry sizes ranging from toddler to 4X adult, so crafters of all ages and body types can find a blank canvas for their projects.

For kids, they stock youth sizes small through large and toddler shirts as young as 2T. My daughter is thrilled that she can pick her own shirt for our next tie-dye session! For adults, you can shop standard sizes from small to XXL plus a wide range of plus and big & tall sizes up to 4XLT. I’m impressed by the inclusive range of sizes they offer compared to other craft stores.

DIY Dream: Plain and Printed Styles

Beyond the expansive size range, Hobby Lobby provides both plain shirts in a rainbow of colors and many decorative print options. This allows maximum flexibility and creativity for crafters.

The plain tee shirts come in your basic colors like white, black, grey, and navy. But they also offer bolder shades like neon orange, lime green, and purple that are perfect for really making your designs pop. And their solid color pocket tees add a subtle detail to customize through embroidery, applique, bleaching, or painting.

For those who want to start with a printed design instead of a blank slate, Hobby Lobby has no shortage of options ranging from simple stripes and color-blocking to intricate graphic prints. Some of my favorite printed tees include their cool galaxy designs, tropical floral patterns, and colorful tie-dye looks. The printed shirts are great for adding embellishments like studs, rhinestones, iron-on vinyl, or fabric paint pens to really make them your own.

Fabric Breakdown: Materials to Suit Any Style

Not all t-shirts are made the same, so I wanted to dig into the material composition of Hobby Lobby’s options. The majority of their shirts feature a soft cotton construction for breathability and comfort. And several styles contain a cotton/polyester blend for reduced shrinkage and enhanced durability that’s perfect for frequent washing.

For performance-driven projects, they offer moisture-wicking polyester athletic shirts suitable for sports uniforms, travel outfits, and outdoor activity. And the tri-blend shirts made of cotton, rayon, and polyester have a super soft, flowing drape for a boutique feel.

Whether you prefer the lived-in feel of 100% cotton, technical performance fabrics, or buttery soft blends, you’re sure to find a shirt to match your style and creative needs.

Let’s Get Crafty: Ideal for DIY Projects

So how do Hobby Lobby’s shirt offerings stand up when it’s time to get crafty and put them to use in your projects? From what I’ve seen, they are ideal DIY blank canvases ready for any type of customization and personalization.

The shirts have a nice medium weight construction that lends well to things like fabric paints, bleaching, tie-dye, embroidery, and applique. The cotton fabrics take the dye and paints readily for bold, vivid colors. Yet they are substantial enough not to tear easily or become misshapen with intense handling during the DIY process.

I especially like that the fabric provides a perfectly smooth surface for vinyl application like iron-on designs or DIY stenciling. And there were no issues with clogging, skipped stitches, or uneven embroidering when I tested out my sewing machine on them. Across the board, Hobby Lobby’s t-shirts prove to be very DIY and crafting friendly to save you frustration.

Cost Comparison: Budget-Friendly Prices

One of the biggest factors for most crafters when sourcing project materials is the price. We want quality but also need affordability, especially when buying in bulk. I found Hobby Lobby delivers big time in the value department.

Their exclusive Crafter’s Square branded tees offer premium quality at prices competitor’s can’t touch. The adults short sleeve shirts start at just $3.99 with youth shirts from $2.99. These everyday low prices make stocking up for group or family projects a budget-friendly endeavor.

Even the higher end performance and branded graphic tees rarely exceed $15 for non-sale prices. And with Hobby Lobby’s frequent sales, discounts, and coupons you can often score shirts for 60-75% off! For the quality and selection, Hobby Lobby’s t-shirt prices can’t be beat.

Sales and Discounts: Saving Opportunities Abound

Speaking of sales and savings, these are incredibly common on all shirt styles at Hobby Lobby. It seems like every other week there is either a store-wide sale, a special discount on apparel, or new coupon codes to take advantage of.

I only buy my project shirts when they are at least 50% off, which happens frequently if you time it right. Some of the best sales I’ve caught include 60% off all men’s, women’s, or kids’ tees and big seasonal markdowns. For example, they slash summer shirt prices by up to 75% off in the fall and vice versa pre-spring.

Around major holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day massive promotions offer shirts for 80% or more off. And clearance racks can have tees discounted down to just a $1 or $2 each in some cases! With diligent sale tracking and coupon stacking, you can stock up on shirts for up to 90% less at Hobby Lobby.

Perfecting Your Craft Shirt Wardrobe

Between the wide range of styles, prints, colors, and fabrics there are so many options to perfectly personalize your t-shirt craft collection. Here are a few of my top tips for piecing together the ideal wardrobe for all your DIY and customization needs:

  • Choose 2-3 neutral solid colors like white, black, navy, or gray as your basic starting points for simple designs
  • Pick a few bold bright solids like neon yellow or teal for making vibrant tie-dye or loud graphic designs
  • Add some patterned shirts with subtle allover textures or small prints best for embroidery, rhinestones, bleaching, and iron-ons
  • Include a couple printed graphic tees with large central designs ideal for painting, adding appliques, or attaching studs
  • Mix up common cotton with performance fabrics like moisture-wicking and tri-blend tees for specialty activewear or fashion projects
  • Stock up on kids’, toddlers’ and baby sizes for making matching customs for family craft days

Bulk Buying: Creatively Catering to Groups

One of the most useful things I learned about Hobby Lobby’s shirt selection is that they make bulk buying for groups super simple. Stocking up for a kids’ summer camp, sports team uniforms, or a family reunion DIY session just got much easier.

Nearly all of their basic t-shirt options come pre-packaged in cost-effective multi-packs. For adult sizes they offer crew neck tees in packs of 4, 6, or 8 starting around $20. The youth and toddler sizes come in convenient packs of 4, 5, or 6 shirts ranging from $12.99 to $20.

To make mixing and matching for groups easier, Hobby Lobby also sells variety packs with multiple colors and sizes together in one pack at an even greater value. For example, their women’s crewneck sets include 3 shirts of different colors for just $10. Or you can get a family pack with two adult, one youth, one toddler, and one baby onesie for just $25!

With the bulk pack options, you can cheaply outfit whole groups with color coordinated blank tees or printed designs ripe for DIY personalization. It takes the hassle out of shopping for crowds.

An Eco and Ethically-Conscious Source

In addition to variety and value, I love that Hobby Lobby has made moves to provide eco-friendly and ethically made options we crafters can feel good about.

They now carry lines of shirts made from organic cotton that is gentler on the environment versus conventional methods. And several of their shirt brands like Risen and Treasured are part of certified ethical production partnerships that ensure fair labor practices and safe working conditions for their makers.

While not everything in their apparel department is organic or ethically produced, it is nice to see them offering these alternatives for consumers who value sustainability and social responsibility. We don’t have to compromise quality or budget to be crafty with a conscience.

Decorating Your Shirts in Style

Of course, the shirts themselves are only half the equation when it comes to DIY and crafting. You also need the right tools and materials to deck out your shirts with personalized flair. That’s why I was thrilled to find Hobby Lobby fully stocked with all the t-shirt decorating supplies I could ever dream of.

Here are just some of the options available to take your blank or printed tees to the next level:

  • Hundreds of iron-on vinyl designs and transfer paper sheets
  • Tie-dye kits complete with rubber bands and gloves
  • Fabric paint pens, puffy paints, and acrylic fabric paints
  • Bleach marking pens and bleach paste applicators
  • Rhinestones, studs, and sequin sheets in any color imaginable
  • Sew-on patches and appliques for jackets, jeans, and more
  • High quality embroidery thread and machine needles
  • Stencils, sticker templates, and silkscreens
  • Colorful sharpies, fabric markers, and fabric spray paints

With all of these decoration mediums at your fingertips plus the awesome DIY shirts, the possibilities are truly endless for customizing fun!

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Now that I’ve done the reconnaissance for you on Hobby Lobby’s wide ranging t-shirt selection, it’s time to let your creativity run wild!

Their affordable garments are like crafting magic – ready to transform with your unique designs for any occasion. Picture tie-dyed tanks for a summer music festival, embroidered team jerseys for game day, glitter painted sweatshirts for a bachelorette party, or adoptive family shirts announcing a new baby.

Every time your friends, family, or even strangers ask where you bought your homemade shirt creation you can proudly say, “Thanks, I designed this one of a kind tee myself using a blank from Hobby Lobby!

So next time you’re browsing the aisles for your latest project or just feel like making something, head to the shirt department at Hobby Lobby first. Load up on their budget-friendly solid and printed blanks ripe for embellishing – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Now get ready to get crafty and unleash your creative spirit on their amazing selection of tee shirts! I can’t wait to see what you make.

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