The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Lamp at Hobby Lobby

Lamps are more than just a lighting source – they can completely transform the look and feel of a room. As both a functional and decorative piece, choosing the right lamp is key to creating the ambience you’re looking for in your home. With such a wide variety to choose from, finding that perfect lamp can seem daunting. Thankfully, Hobby Lobby offers an extensive selection of high-quality, affordable lamps to meet your needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the many types of lamps available at Hobby Lobby and provide tips to help you select the ideal lamp to brighten up your home.

An Abundance of Table Lamps

Arguably the most popular type of lamp, table lamps are a must-have for end tables, night stands, desks – just about any flat surface in your home. Hobby Lobby stocks table lamps in every style imaginable to coordinate with your existing decor.

Looking for a sleek and modern look? Hobby Lobby has beautiful metal and acrylic table lamps in cool tones like brushed nickel or matte black. For a cozier farmhouse or rustic aesthetic, choose from wood-finished lamps with burlap shades or distressed ceramic bases. Crystal and glass table lamps add a glamorous touch, while painted ceramic lamps in vibrant colors make fun accent pieces.

You’ll also find table lamps with unique bases sculpted into shapes like stacks of books, flowers, animals, or abstract geometric designs. The options are endless! And with prices ranging from $20 to $100+, you can find the perfect table lamp for your budget.

Floor Lamps Galore

Floor lamps deliver hands-free illumination perfect for reading nooks, living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces that need a good light source near seating areas. At Hobby Lobby, you’ll discover floor lamps made of metal, wood, ceramic, rattan, and other materials to match any decor style.

Beautiful stained glass floor lamps cast a rainbow of colored light across the room. For a modern look, try a sleek black floor lamp with adjustable arms and built-in LEDs. Going for an earthy vibe? They have bamboo or woven wicker floor lamps. And don’t miss their selection of “swing arm” adjustable floor lamps – perfect for directing the beam wherever you need it most. Floor lamps range from around $40 up to $200 or more.

A World of Decorative & Themed Lamps

Beyond basic table and floor lamps, Hobby Lobby excels at unique, decorative statement lamps that enhance your home’s theme or personality. Looking to add a touch of floral flair? Choose from their selection of flower lamps with metal stems and fabric flower shades or 3D sculpted floral bases. Crystal chandeliers and sconces make elegant additions to formal dining rooms or Entryways.

For a dash of exotic flair try a mosaic lamp with colorful hand-cut tiles or a lamp with a base modeled after an elephant or other animal. Beautiful stained glass Tiffany-style lamps and colorful mosaic lamps create an artful glow. The options are endless if you’re looking to make a decor statement with your lighting!

Stylish Lamp Designs for Every Decor

The diverse selection of lamps at Hobby Lobby allows you to seamlessly match your lighting to your interior design style.

Modern lamp options include metal arcs, acrylic blocks, and contemporary shapes in sleek finishes like matte black, polished chrome, brass, or brushed nickel. Go industrial chic with a cage style wire pendant lamp.

Rustic and farmhouse lamps feature wood elements like barnwood or oak bases and burlap or linen lampshades for a homey appeal. For shabby chic style look for distressed wood, antique brass, or painted ceramic options.

If your design leans vintage, you’ll find plenty of curvy lamps with fringed shades as well as ceramic lamps styled after gaslight fixtures, candles, or vases for a retro feel. For a coastal motif, whitewashed wood, woven wicker, and natural fiber shades evoke casual seaside living.

They really do offer lamps to match any design aesthetic, ensuring you can easily incorporate lighting into your decor theme.

Affordably Priced Lamps

We all love a great bargain. At Hobby Lobby, lamps range in price from $20 on the low end all the way up to $300 for more high-end designs. But most standard table lamps and floor lamps fall in the very reasonable range of $40 to $100. This makes it easy to find budget-friendly options without sacrificing style.

Even their more decorative statement lamps rarely exceed $150, allowing you to affordably add eye-catching lighting to enhance your rooms. And be sure to keep an eye out for sales, coupons, and clearance deals which can drop prices even lower on select lamp styles. The quality is excellent for the prices – you simply can’t beat the value!

Energy Saving LED Lamp Options

As LED lighting has become more mainstream, Hobby Lobby has kept up with the trend offering LED compatible lamps as well as lamps built with integrated LED lights. LEDs use up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last 10-25 times longer, saving you money and hassle in the long run.

LED floor and table lamps emit a clean, bright light ideal for task lighting. Go even more high-tech with color changing LED lamps that allow you to set your mood lighting. There are also battery powered LED table lamps perfect for outdoor use since there’s no need to plug them in. Even their decorative accent lamps like ceramic ginger jars often include LED candle bulbs for an authentic flicker. Eco-friendly lighting is within reach thanks to the wide range of LED lamps available.

Mix and Match Lamp Shades

Finding a lamp base you love only to be turned off by the existing shade? No problem – Hobby Lobby lets you mix and match for the perfect pairing. All lamp shades are sold separately so you can hand pick shades to coordinate with your bases.

They offer fabric lampshade options like linen, cotton, or polyester blends. Or go for materials like faux silk, embroidered cotton, burlap, brocade, or lace for added texture. Both tapered and barrel lampshades are available to suit your lamp style. Choose from elegant pleats or sleek plain shades in solid colors or fun patterns. Size your shades proportionately for table lamps vs. floor lamps. You’ll even find cool drum shades, cylinder shades, and unique sculptural shapes. With this versatility, your lighting can reflect your personal vision.

Lamp Sets for Instant Cohesion

For some, nothing beats a perfectly matching lamp set with coordinated bases and shades. Hobby Lobby understands the appeal of cohesive lighting. That’s why they offer beautiful matching lamp sets and bedside pairs.

Nothing pulls a bedroom together quite like a pair of matching solid wood bedside lamps with natural woven shades. Or make a statement in the living room with twin black and white ceramic table lamps topped with matching cylindrical shades.

Matching lamps infuse your decor with harmony and purpose. And it eliminates the struggle of having to mix and match them on your own! Why not take advantage of their eye for cohesion with a lamp set?

Quality Materials Built to Last

In addition to pleasing aesthetics, the construction quality of lamps is key to longevity in your home. Hobby Lobby understands that lamps shouldn’t just look pretty – they need to be made of long lasting materials. That’s why their lamps are crafted from quality materials like metal, wood, ceramic, glass, and more.

Metal lamps boast solid welded joints along with finishes like bronze, nickel, pewter, and iron that resist rust and tarnishing. Wooden lamps feature durable real wood like mango, oak, or birch in multiple finishes rather than cheap plastic imitations. Hobby Lobby’s ceramic and glass lamps have substantial heft and thickness. The materials themselves have inherent quality which allows the lamps to serve as lasting decorative elements.

Perfect Kids and Teens Lamps

Lighting for kids and teens rooms deserves just as much thought as adult spaces. The right lamp provides ambience for homework and hobbies without being overly stimulating at bedtime. Hobby Lobby offers playful, engaging lamp options suitable for nurseries, bedrooms, and play rooms.

For the nursery, a cute ceramic nightlight shaped like a rocket or animal adds a fun and calming glow. In a toddler or kid’s room, an artsy mosaic lamp or an SVG Book light featuring their favorite character makes reading time more enjoyable. For tweens and teens, trendy geometric table lamps or string lights offer cool decoration. Even older kids need proper task lighting for desk work or creative hobbies. With the right lamp, you can meet their needs in a way that appeals to their age.

Frequent Sales and New Releases

The inventory at Hobby Lobby is anything but stagnant. They continuously refresh their selection and introduce new lamp styles while offering frequent discounts. This means you can shop with confidence knowing there will always be new lamps released and deals to take advantage of.

They advertise sales, coupons, and clearance prices both online and in-store to help save on your lamp purchases. The weekly ad highlights current promos. You may luck out with an extra 40-50% off lamp purchases around major holidays and during inventory turnover sales seasons. Hobby Lobby also marks down select lamps deemed out of season or overstocked, so check clearance sections regularly.

By timing your lamp shopping around promotional periods and keeping an eye out for new arrivals, you can hunt down the best lamps at even more affordable costs.

Online Convenience, Local Store Return Policy

You can begin your lamp search online 24/7 by browsing Hobby Lobby’s website and ordering lamps with just a few clicks for purchase online and in-store pickup. However, to protect yourself fully, it is best to inspect lamps in person before purchase due to the nature of glass, ceramic, and other fragile materials.

Thankfully, Hobby Lobby allows in-store returns of online purchases within 90 days (with original packaging and receipt). This means you can buy online after getting familiar with their options, then freely return or exchange at your local store later – very convenient! Try before you buy.

Of course, nothing beats evaluating lamps first-hand at your neighborhood store. But the online browsing coupled with in-store purchasing and returns offers a win-win.

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Lamp

Now that you know the sheer variety and value of lamps available at Hobby Lobby, it’s time to put that knowledge to use picking your dream lamp! Follow these 5 tips to choose lighting you’ll truly love.

1. Select a Style that Complements Your Decor

Match your lamp to your existing decor style for visual harmony. For example, a sleek metal floor lamp makes sense in a contemporary living room while a rustic wood table lamp adds cozy ambience to a farmhouse bedroom. Let your decor theme guide aesthetic details like the lamp base, shade material, and finishes.

2. Factor in Dimensions Based on Room Size

Scale matters when choosing a lamp, especially a sizable floor lamp. Measure the room’s square footage as well as furniture sizes. Taller ceilings call for a longer floor lamp while a small scale table lamp suits an intimate reading nook. Ensure your lamp is proportionate to the space.

3. Determine the Primary Function and Placement

Consider the lamp’s purpose – is it for ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting? This dictates factors like bulb brightness and placement. If used for reading, ensure it’s near a seating area and the light beam reaches your book. For overall lighting, central placement is better.

4. Assess Quality of Construction

A stunning lamp loses its appeal quickly if cheaply made. Assess bases and sockets for durability, balanced weight, and protective finishes. Check lampshades for tight, non-sagging fits with reinforced tops. High quality materials assembled securely are vital for longevity.

5. Judge Compatibility with Bulbs and Switches

Inspect bulb sockets to ensure your preferred bulb types fit securely. Give switches a test click to confirm smooth dimming capability if desired. This avoids headaches post-purchase if the mechanics aren’t right. Research or ask about maximum wattage and dimmer compatibility.

By keeping these factors front of mind as you evaluate options, you’ll be sure to select long lasting lamp that elevates your space in style and function.

Brighten Up Your Home with Lamps from Hobby Lobby

The right lighting can make or break a room. With an unrivaled selection of eclectic, affordable lamp styles, Hobby Lobby makes it easy to achieve perfect ambience in any space. Use this guide to shop their diverse catalog with confidence. Whether you seek traditional table lamps, artful accent pieces, LED innovations, or child-friendly designs, your lamp dreams can come true.

Bring your decor visions to light and make your house a home with beautiful, luminous lamps from Hobby Lobby! Their collections offer something to fill every niche. Now go get inspired scrolling their lamp options online or in your local store. Happy hunting for the perfect lamp to make your home shine!

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