The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Frame at Hobby Lobby

My Journey to Frame Everything I Love at the Frame Destination of Hobby Lobby

As an avid hobbyist and crafting enthusiast, I am always seeking out new pieces to display in my home – from family photos and artwork to memorabilia and prints. After framing a few cherished items on my own, I quickly learned that picking the perfect frame can truly elevate a piece and pull together a cohesive home decor vision. Naturally, I turned to the framing Mecca known as Hobby Lobby to begin my framing adventure and stock up on endless options to frame all my prized possessions.

On my first trip to browse the frame selection at my local Hobby Lobby, I was overwhelmed with the sheer variety of frame sizes, styles, colors, and materials. Whatever your framing needs may be, Hobby Lobby surely has you covered. From standard photo frames to ornate vintage-inspired frames, this frame wonderland has everything you need to create a customized framed masterpiece.

In this article, I’ll walk through my own experiences navigating the expansive frame offerings at Hobby Lobby. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned framer, read on for tips and insights to help you leave with the perfect frame for any project.

An Overview of Frame Variety and Options at Hobby Lobby

It’s impossible to capture the full scope of Hobby Lobby’s frame selection in just one trip. Even armed with a framing project in mind, I found myself detouring through every aisle just to admire the options. Here’s a high-level overview of the main frame varieties available:

Standard Photo Frames

Hobby Lobby has no shortage of classic rectangular photo frames in every size imaginable. 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 – they’ve got them all. I was delighted to find such a wide selection of widths, colors, and materials to fit any standard photo size. Beyond solid colors, I also found beautiful patterns, metallics, and wood grain effects to satisfy even the most discerning aesthetic.

Poster Frames and Large Format Frames

For those looking to frame larger prints or posters, have no fear – Hobby Lobby has a stunning selection of plus-sized frames. I noticed multiple aisles filled with oversized solid wood poster frames as well as an array of floating frame options perfect for gallery walls. For especially large pieces, they have specialty large format metal frames that can accommodate huge framed pieces measuring several feet in length and width.

Shadow Box Frames and Display Boxes

Part of the fun of framing is using the frame to create a themed display – and Hobby Lobby delivers with a massive selection of shadow boxes and display case frames. I found geometric shadow boxes perfect for displaying photos or memorabilia together in a collage. For collectors and hobbyists, they also offer specialty display boxes tailored to highlight specific objects like coins, medals, and sports memorabilia.

Digital Frames

In our modern digitally-driven world, Hobby Lobby understands the appeal of framing technology as well as traditional prints. I was thrilled to discover a full aisle of digital picture frames in classic and sleek modern styles. They offer frames with Wi-Fi connectivity to enable continuous playlists of your favorite photos and videos from the cloud.

Frame Sets

For those looking to frame matching sets or collections, Hobby Lobby makes it easy with whole frame sets meant to beautifully display your series together. I found framed collage sets, gallery frame packs, and matching frame varieties sold in 3, 5, or more.

Custom Framing Services for Any Project

Beyond simply picking the perfect frame off the shelf, Hobby Lobby offers professional custom framing services to accommodate specialized projects. During my framing excursion, I brought in a project to test out their custom framing expertise.

I met with an employee for a custom framing consultation and was immediately impressed with their knowledge and passion. They asked thoughtful questions to understand the specifics of my piece and how I hoped to display it. After considering the size, color scheme, and layout, they helped guide me to choosing complementary matting, specialized glass, and extras like spacer accent borders.

The ability to customize every element of the framing design allowed me to create a truly one-of-a-kind framed masterpiece. While the custom framing services do come at an additional cost, the price reflects the expertise, care, and attention to detail that Hobby Lobby’s framers bring to each unique project. For specialty pieces you hope to preserve and cherish, the custom touch is well worth the investment.

Frame Quality – Materials, Construction and Durability

Beyond just aesthetics, an important factor in choosing any frame is long-term durability. I wanted to better understand the materials and construction behind Hobby Lobby’s frames, so I took a closer look at some of my favorite options.

Solid Wood Frames

For traditional wood frames, Hobby Lobby utilizes solid hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry noted for strength, stability, and natural beauty. Dovetail joinery and wood corner braces provide sturdy construction that can withstand everyday use. For extra protection, many wood frames boast acrylic glazing rather than standard glass.

Metal Frames

Hobby Lobby offers metal picture frames constructed from iron, aluminum, and even stainless steel for sleek modern designs. The frames felt reassuringly solid and used thick durable metals resistant to bending and warping. From shining gold to matte black finishes, the metal frames make a striking statement.

Poster Frames

With huge one-piece solid wood moldings, Hobby Lobby’s poster-sized frames are built to securely display large format prints. They’re also thoughtfully designed with hardware for easy wall mounting of oversized pieces.

Box Frames and Shadow Boxes

Display boxes and shadow boxes combine wood, glass or acrylic, and even mirrored surfaces to create stunning framed displays. While intricate in design, the frames still incorporate quality materials like durable beveled glass, robust wood construction, and secure hinges.

Based on my hands-on inspections, I’m confident in the durability and construction behind Hobby Lobby’s frames. They utilize quality materials suited to the frame style and design. The frames aren’t just pretty to look at – they’re also built to stand the test of time.

Frame Styles and Trends

Beyond everyday essential frames, Hobby Lobby also offers trendy seasonal frames along with timeless frame designs that turn them into true home decor statements. Here are some of the most exciting styles I discovered:

Rustic Farmhouse Frames

Channeling the popular modern farmhouse aesthetic, Hobby Lobby has an extensive selection of wooden rustic frames. Many frames mimic reclaimed barn wood with distressed finishes in ocean blues, deep greens, and neutral driftwood tones. They’ll bring warmth and texture to any room.

Distressed Vintage Frames

As an avid antique collector, I adore Hobby Lobby’s vintage inspired frames designed to showcase treasured memories and antiques. Ornate molded frames in gold, silver, and bronze evoke luxury. Distressed wood and antique white frames feel elegantly aged. There are also fun vintage style film reel and view finder frames to showcase photos.

Geometric and Midcentury Modern Frames

For contemporary spaces, Hobby Lobby offers a chic selection of modern geometric frames with clean lines and stylish forms. Metallic triangles, sleek black wood, and molded shapes reflect midcentury style. They offer large scale frames perfect for making a bold statement.

Fun Novelty and Theme Frames

Hobby Lobby understands the appeal of embracing themes and showing your fun side. I discovered irresistible novelty frames like colorful polka-dot, fabric textured, and faux flowery frames. For holidays, they have every theme imaginable from heart frames for Valentine’s to carved wood Christmas frames.

The variety of stylish frame designs means you can always find options tailored specifically to your decor vision or theme. Hobby Lobby makes it easy to discover frames that speak to your personal sense of style.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Frame

After getting familiar with the broad range of framing options at Hobby Lobby, I also learned a few tips that can guide you in selecting the perfect frame:

  • Consider size – Have the exact dimensions of your piece. Understand standard photo sizes and formats. Measure artwork or objects to allow a comfortable border.
  • Assess color and texture – Pick neutral frames for bold prints or bright frames for muted pieces. Metallic and wood frames add warmth against cool pieces. Formal pieces may call for polished metal versus rustic wood.
  • Factor in use – Picture frames for everyday photos can be trendy. Heirloom pieces deserve classic durable frames. Kids’ rooms, outdoors spaces and high-traffic areas need extra durable frames.
  • Choose extras – Upgrades like matting, fillets, engraved nameplates, and specialty glass provide an elevated finished look.
  • Plan group displays– Buying matching or coordinated frames creates cohesive gallery wall groups or arrangments.

Keeping these principles in mind as you evaluate options helps ensure you pick the perfect personalized frame.

Affordability and Value – Costs, Sales, and Discounts

Amid the endless framing options, I was also delighted to discover Hobby Lobby’s frames come in a wide range of prices suitable for every budget. Of course there are premium frames with top-notch features and designer looks. However, they also stock scores of budget-friendly frames that still offer great quality without breaking the bank.

Entry Level Basic Frames

At the lower end, you can find an abundance of standard wood and metal frames for under $20. Simple black, white, and unfinished frames in standard sizes are priced affordably. These no-frills options allow you to frame photos, prints, and documents at a minimal cost.

Mid-Range Frames

In the $20 to $60 range, you’ll discover frames with fun colors, varied materials like faux leather and bamboo, and special sizes for less common projects. There are also display boxes, small shadow boxes, and basic custom framing options in this range.

High-End Designer Frames

Luxury frames utilizing top-notch materials like solid carved wood, gold leaf finishes, stainless steel, and Italian moulding fall in the $70+ range. Hobby Lobby partners with elite brands like Nielsen and San Paolo to offer designer quality frames for upscale buyers. The details and craftsmanship reflect the higher costs.

Frequent Sales and Coupons

Beyond everyday low prices, I was thrilled to learn Hobby Lobby also offers regular promotions, discounts, and sales on their frames. By timing purchases wisely, you can snag beautiful high-quality frames for a fraction of full price. I signed up for the app to receive custom coupons and stay on top of can’t-miss deals.

Saving money while still enjoying Hobby Lobby’s enormous frame selection is easy with vigilant sale shopping. I avoid paying full price by pouncing on discounts and special offers whenever they arise.

Getting Creative with Collage Frames

Part of the fun of framing is embracing creativity and turning memorabilia into art. Hobby Lobby inspires imagination with their assortment of decorative collage frames and multi-opening frames that allow you to arrange and display items together in an artistic way.

During recent trips, I was drawn to the endless possibilities of the collage frame selection. My mind raced with ideas of color schemes, themes I could develop, and ways to highlight my kids’ artwork and crafts in these frames.

Some options I loved include:

  • Multi-opening metal frames with anywhere from 2 to 20+ openings to create a mosaic of family photos or favorite mementos
  • Polaroid-style collage frames designed to showcase different sized photos and notes in a fun, overlapping display
  • Glass front shadow boxes with layers to create floating dimensional displays of related items
  • Sectioned frames divided into blocks that could each hold meaningul artifacts from my travels or my children’s school years

The only limit is your own creativity. For me, the collage frame collections at Hobby Lobby inspire me to rediscover items I’ve saved over the years and finally display them in an artistic arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hobby Lobby Framing

Throughout my framing adventures at Hobby Lobby, I’ve gotten a feel for the most common questions newcomers have about the framing process. Here are some helpful answers:

Do I need prior framing experience?

Absolutely not! The staff is always eager to offer guidance and suggestions for DIY framing beginners. Don’t be afraid to ask associates about terminology or techniques.

How do I pick the right size frame?

Decide on ideal border space around your piece to accent it without overwhelming it. Bring your item or its measurements to compare to frame stock sizes in store.

Should I frame the item myself or use custom framing services?

Self-framing is great for simple pieces. Custom services allow the experts to handle tricky specialty projects with fragile items or ornate matting.

What are common beginner framing mistakes?

Buying frames without precise measurements, improperly securing items, or picking low quality frames that damage pieces over time. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice avoiding pitfalls!

Is framing an expensive hobby?

It can be, but doesn’t need to be! Hobby Lobby has budget options under $20 that still offer quality and visual appeal. Sales and coupons also help reduce costs tremendously.

Whether you’re new to framing or a seasoned veteran, don’t be afraid to leverage the expertise of Hobby Lobby’s knowledgeable framing team.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Hobby Lobby Frames Return Policy

Of course with any major purchase like framing supplies and frames, there’s always a risk that your selection may not work out as envisioned. I worried about sinking money into custom framing or pricy designer frames, only to get home and have regrets.

Luckily, Hobby Lobby provides outstanding support and legendary customer service even after purchase through their framing return and exchange policy:

  • Love It Guarantee – Return any open frame or framing supply within 60 days for a full refund.
  • Defective Item Replacement – Items deemed defective will be exchanged for the exact product or comparable replacement.
  • Incorrect Item Return – Purchases can be returned with original receipt for any reason within 90 days.

Knowing I had a generous return window gave me the confidence to dream big and explore premium framing options I may normally shy away from. Even the priciest frames can be returned if they disappoint upon closer inspection at home.

Between affordable prices and an ironclad return policy, Hobby Lobby allows crafters to take framing risks and experiment without wasting money on pieces that miss the mark.

Final Takeaways – My Hobby Lobby Framing Experience

As an arts and crafts junkie constantly looking to display my latest creations, I’m so thrilled to discover the framing wonderland that is Hobby Lobby. They truly offer an unrivaled selection, quality, and value perfect for any framing project or skill level.

After several framing trips, here are my key takeaways:

  • With endless styles and sizes, they have the perfect frame waiting for any piece you need framed – you just have to find it!
  • Custom framing services allow Hobby Lobby’s experts to handcraft one-of-a-kind frames showcasing your treasured items.
  • Budget basic frames and frequent sales make framing surprisingly affordable.
  • Their return policy gives peace of mind to take creative risks without wasting money.
  • Most importantly – the hunt for the ideal frame within the massive selection at Hobby Lobby makes for a fun adventure!

I’m already looking forward to returning to uncover more framing treasures. Hobby Lobby has won me over as a lifelong framing fanatic and customer. For crafters and artists looking to professionally display special pieces while expressing personal style, Hobby Lobby is hands-down the ultimate framing destination.

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