The Ins and Outs of Shipping with Hobby Lobby

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Hobby Lobby’s Shipping Policies and Practices

As an avid crafter and longtime Hobby Lobby customer, I’ve placed countless orders over the years and navigated the hobby lobby shipping process many times. Through trial and error, research, and good old-fashioned experience, I’ve gotten a strong handle on how shipping works when you order from this popular craft store.

In this blog post, I’ll provide a detailed overview of Hobby Lobby’s shipping options, costs, timelines, tracking capabilities, restrictions, and more. Whether you’re new to the world of Hobby Lobby or have been frequenting their aisles for years, this guide will give you valuable intel for your next order. Let’s dive in!

The Basics: Shipping Options and Costs

When you place an order on or through the Hobby Lobby app, you’ll have two shipping options to choose from: Standard Shipping and Express Shipping.

Standard Shipping is Hobby Lobby’s regular shipping method. It takes between 5-10 business days for your order to arrive after it’s processed, though I’ve sometimes received items on the quicker end of that window.

Standard Shipping costs $5.99 for orders under $50. Once your order total exceeds $50, Standard Shipping is free. This is an incredibly reasonable policy that rewards larger orders without penalizing smaller purchases.

Express Shipping is Hobby Lobby’s expedited option, with a 2-3 business day timeframe for deliveries within the contiguous U.S. Express Shipping costs $17.99 for orders under $100. For orders over $100, Express Shipping is discounted to $12.99.

While pricier than Standard, Express can be worthwhile for time-sensitive projects or if you need an item ASAP. It’s great to have the choice between a budget-friendly and faster shipping method.

Maximizing Free Shipping Offers

One of the best shipping perks Hobby Lobby offers is free Standard Shipping on $50+ orders. This minimum threshold is easy to hit thanks to the store’s enormous selection of products.

Whenever I’m browsing the Hobby Lobby site or app, I toss interesting items into my digital cart until it hits at least $50. This way, I capitalize on that free shipping while still getting to try out a variety of new craft supplies.

Hobby Lobby also runs special free shipping promotions around major holidays and events. For example, they often offer free Standard Shipping sitewide for one-day sales on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.

The free shipping minimum is usually waived during these promotions. This presents a great opportunity to place a smaller order and still enjoy free shipping perks!

Order Processing and Shipping Timeframes

Once you submit your order on or the app, your purchase will go through an order processing period. Hobby Lobby states that order processing takes 1-2 business days on average.

I’ve found this to be fairly accurate based on my order history. Unless I place an order late at night or on a weekend, it usually ships out within a day or two.

The 5-10 business day shipping timeframe for Standard Shipping begins after your order finishes processing. So it typically takes 6-12 business days to receive a Standard delivery, unless it processes or ships more quickly than expected.

Meanwhile, Express Shipping adheres to its 2-3 business day promise based on when the order ships out.

Do note that if you request a custom kit, make personalized products, or order items not carried in regular inventory, it can delay processing and extend your wait time before those items even leave the warehouse.

Tracking Your Shipment Status

Once I place an order with Hobby Lobby, I’m always anxious to track its progress! The good news is Hobby Lobby makes tracking your shipment simple through a couple methods.

First, you’ll receive a Shipment Confirmation email as soon as your order leaves Hobby Lobby’s warehouse with a tracking number included. If you miss this email, you can always find the tracking number by logging into your account.

Just go to your Order History and select the order – the carrier and tracking number will be displayed.

Speaking of carriers, Hobby Lobby primarily ships packages through UPS and FedEx. So you can take that tracking number and plug it into either carrier’s website for detailed updates.

The shipment information usually takes 24 hours to activate on UPS/FedEx after the confirmation email. Once active though, you can follow every step from origin facility to out for delivery!

Size, Weight, and Shipment Restrictions

For the most part, Hobby Lobby allows you to ship anything available for purchase on their website or app. However, there are a few product restrictions to note:

  • Heavy/Oversized Items: Any product exceeding 50 lbs or 130 inches (length + width + height) must ship via freight truck. Hobby Lobby can arrange professional freight shipping for an additional cost.
  • Flammable Products: Certain flammable items like lighter fluid can only ship via ground transportation. Shipping method is automatically adjusted at checkout.
  • Aerosol Products: Aerosol adhesives and spray paints cannot be shipped to California addresses due to state regulations.
  • Alcohol-Based Markers and Inks: Must ship via ground transportation only.
  • Items Requiring Truck Delivery: Products like furniture and fixtures exceeding weight, size, or flammability restrictions will default to curbside truck delivery (additional fees apply).

As long as your items fall within the standard shipping limitations, you shouldn’t run into any hiccups or restrictions during checkout and fulfillment. Hobby Lobby provides clear specifics on a product’s page if exceptions apply.

Shipping Internationally

For crafters outside the United States, you may be wondering: does Hobby Lobby ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby currently only ships within the domestic United States. They do not offer international delivery options at this time.

I know this can be disappointing if you’ve fallen in love with an exclusive Hobby Lobby product abroad! With over 900 stores across the country though, domestic shipping still provides ample opportunity to shop.

Perhaps someday if Hobby Lobby expands their global presence, international shipping will follow. We can hope!

Reducing Shipping Costs

Already discussed above, the best ways to score free shipping with Hobby Lobby are:

  • Meet $50+ order minimum for free Standard Shipping
  • Shop during a free shipping promo (no minimum)
  • Select Express Shipping on a $100+ order

But here are a few other creative ways to trim shipping spend:

  • Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store: Order online for in-store pickup and you’ll pay $0 in shipping fees.
  • Use Coupons: Look for percent- or dollar-off coupons that apply to product subtotal or entire purchase. The savings add up!
  • Join Craft Club: Members get early access to special offers and freebies. Sign up online.
  • Buy Gift Cards: When redeeming a gift card online, shipping is free regardless of order amount.

With strategic shopping, you can absolutely keep shipping costs low – or zero! – at Hobby Lobby.

Shipping Partners and Logistics

We’ve established that Hobby Lobby leverages UPS and FedEx to transport the majority of online orders. This is no surprise given their expansive delivery networks and reliability.

However, a couple other carriers help support Hobby Lobby’s shipping needs:

  • LSO (LaserShip): A regional carrier that handles overflow package delivery. Typically serves East Coast states.
  • OnTrac: A courier service supporting West Coast deliveries in select metro areas.

Despite utilizing multiple carriers, I’ve noticed Hobby Lobby maintains excellent continuity of service and branding across providers. All packages arrive in their trademark black boxes with green accents featuring the Hobby Lobby logo.

This streamlined approach shows they’ve strategically partnered with shipping vendors to uphold standards and meet customer expectations. Kudos to their operations and logistics teams!

Changing Your Shipping Address

Uh oh – you realized the shipping address on your Hobby Lobby order is incorrect! No need to panic. You have options to update the delivery location.

If you catch the error shortly after placing your online order:

  • Log into your account
  • Select “Change Shipping Address” under Order Details
  • Enter and confirm the correct address

However, if your order has already entered the shipping process or shipped out, immediately contact Hobby Lobby Customer Service:

  • Phone: 800-888-0321
  • Email:
  • Live Chat: Available on

The sooner you reach out, the more likely they can intercept and redirect your package.

But if the order gets delivered to the wrong place, don’t worry! Hobby Lobby has a generous Return Policy (more details below) if you need to send it back and re-ship.

Handling Shipping Damage and Claims

Hobby Lobby packs shipments securely, but occasional accidents or mishandling can cause damages in transit. If you receive an order with broken, defective, or flawed items:

  • Inspect carefully as soon as package arrives and note all damage
  • Contact Customer Service right away to report the problem
  • Take clear photographs documenting the damage from all angles
  • Retain all original packaging materials in case inspection is needed
  • Hobby Lobby will determine next steps: replacement, refund, or return
  • For damaged furniture/fixtures, submit claim within 48 hours and do not begin installation
  • Uphold your end of the return/exchange process promptly

Hobby Lobby aims to resolve shipping damage issues to keep customers satisfied. Don’t hesitate to reach out, while also being reasonable and responsive yourself. This encourages a smooth claims process.

Expediting Your Delivery

Already discussed above, Hobby Lobby’s Express Shipping is the best option when you need an order ASAP. It delivers most contiguous U.S. orders within 2-3 business days.

This level of expedited service is par for the course among leading e-commerce retailers. Frankly, I’m often pleasantly surprised by how fast Express orders reach my doorstep!

For utter rush jobs, you can look into third-party upgraded shipping – but this tacks on big costs:

  • UPS Next Day Air: Receive next business day by 4:30pm. $40+ fees
  • FedEx Overnight: Get by 4:30pm next day. $25+ fees.
  • FedEx Same Day: Within hours for select zip codes only. $40+ fees.

An Express order will suffice for most tight timelines! But for emergencies, third parties like UPS/FedEx offer pricier overnight guarantees.

Seasonal and Holiday Shipping Differences

Hobby Lobby understands online shopping spikes during the holidays. They ramp up staffing, inventory, and logistic operations to meet higher order volumes.

Here are some key shipping differences you may notice during peak seasons:

  • Order Processing Delays: Can take 3-5 days with high demand. Factor this into ship time.
  • Earlier Order Cutoffs: Order 1-2 weeks pre-holiday to ensure delivery by 12/24 or 12/31.
  • Plain Boxes: Festive gift wrapping unavailable due to volume. Items ship in signature brown Hobby Lobby boxes.
  • Inventory Shortages: Popular seasonal goods sell out quickly. Shop early!
  • Delivery Deadlines: Last days to order for Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. will be announced online. Heed these!
  • Carrier Cutoffs: Date that USPS, UPS, and FedEx respectively stop delivery guarantees by holidays.

Despite challenges, Hobby Lobby still delivers holiday cheer with sharp logistics planning. Allow extra time for your order, but it’ll come!

In-Store Pickup vs. Delivery

When browsing, you’ll see many products offer a “Buy Online, Pickup In-Store” option during checkout. This lets you skip shipping fees and trips to retrieve your order.

Curbside pickup can be helpful to save on costs or get items same-day without entering the store. But shipment to your home still has advantages:

Benefits of In-Store Pickup:

  • Avoid all shipping fees
  • Faster than home delivery
  • Easy curbside convenience

Benefits of Home Delivery:

  • Order from entire online catalog, including items not locally in-stock
  • Don’t have to leave home or drive to the store
  • Item variety delivered straight to your door

Whichever shipping method best fits your needs, it’s fantastic Hobby Lobby offers both pickup and delivery flexibility. Evaluate each order and choose what works for your timeline and budget!

Return Shipping Policies

One of the top perks of shopping with Hobby Lobby is their generous return policy on all merchandise. If you need to return an online order for any reason, you have several options:

  • Return to Local Store: Bring item + receipt to your nearest location for refund or exchange.
  • Return by Mail: Initiate a return online to receive a prepaid return label. Reimbursement issued once items are received by warehouse.
  • Return Truck Delivery: Schedule pickup for large furniture/fixtures within 48 hours of delivery. Full refund provided item is in original condition.

As long as the merchandise is unused with original tags, you can get a full refund within 90 days of purchase by returning locally or via mail. Such a lenient policy gives great peace of mind when ordering untested supplies or large items sight unseen online.

Shipping Gifts Purchased on

Is there a special crafter in your life? Surprise them with gifts shipped direct through! When you enter a different shipping address at checkout than your billing info, Hobby Lobby will send any order straight to the recipient of your choice.

I love selecting an assortment of gift-wrapped craft goodies for faraway family members and friends. By handling the address entry and payment, I can shop on their behalf and have presents delivered right to their doorstep.

One recommendation if gifting: Place the order 1-2 weeks ahead of the occasion to allow for processing and shipping time. You want to ensure the package arrives by your desired date!

Getting Shipping Questions Answered

Despite this comprehensive guide, you may still have unanswered questions about Hobby Lobby shipping. Don’t worry – their customer service team is readily available through:

  • Phone: 800-888-0321
  • Email:
  • Live Chat: Available on the website

I’d recommend Live Chat for quick concerns, Email for issues requiring documentation, and Phone for immediate help during business hours.

No matter the shipping dilemma, Hobby Lobby’s stellar customer service can walk you through a solution. Never hesitate to reach out!

Eco-Friendly Shipping Initiatives

In recent years, Hobby Lobby has developed more environmentally responsible distribution and shipping processes. This includes:

  • Phasing out single-use plastics in packaging materials
  • Increasing recyclable paper padding and bio-based cushioning
  • Operating LEED-certified sustainable distribution centers
  • Using recyclable shipping envelopes and eco-friendly tape
  • Exploring fuel-efficient transportation methods

While not perfect, it’s admirable that Hobby Lobby actively thinks about their environmental footprint. I hope they continue taking steps to develop greener shipping practices into the future.

Canceling an Order Already Shipped

Whoops, you decided you don’t need a shipment that’s already on its way from Hobby Lobby! No problem. Reach out to Hobby Lobby Customer Service immediately after your change of heart:

  • For major carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc., Hobby Lobby can submit a package intercept request. If successful, the carrier returns your shipment to sender before it ever gets to you.
  • However, interception is not guaranteed. The carrier ultimately decides based on timing.
  • If intercept unsuccessful and you receive the order, simply go through Hobby Lobby’s return process.

As soon as you realize you want to cancel, act quickly and call Hobby Lobby. They’ll make every effort to halt that shipment or resolve through returns if it shows up at your door anyway.

The Takeaway

I hope this detailed deep dive dispelled any lingering questions about the ins and outs of hobby lobby shipping. Now we can confidently place online orders, navigate timeframes and tracking, maximize discounts, exchange items, send gifts, and handle hiccups along the way.

With competitive shipping rates, reliable carriers, and standout customer service, Hobby Lobby removes the hassle from online supply shopping. We can focus on creativity and projects – not logistics!

What topics would you like to see examined around the Hobby Lobby shopping experience? Let me know in the comments! I aim for my blog to provide crafters with the nitty-gritty intel they need to shop smart.

Happy shipping and happy creating!

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