The Ins and Outs of In-Store Pickup at Hobby Lobby

Convenient Ways to Shop Online and Collect Items at Your Local Store

As an avid crafter and longtime Hobby Lobby fan, I frequently get questions from friends and family about the best way to shop at their stores. One of the most common queries I receive is: Does Hobby Lobby offer in-store pickup options for online orders?

The answer is yes! While Hobby Lobby may not be as advanced as some other major retailers when it comes to shipping and delivery, they do provide a few convenient ways to place orders online and collect your items at a Hobby Lobby location near you.

In this blog post, I’ll share everything you need to know about in-store pickup at Hobby Lobby, including how it works for both in-stock and out-of-stock items, what the timelines are, and any fees you may incur. Whether you’re a diehard Hobby Lobby shopper or just an occasional customer, read on to learn how you can save time and money by utilizing their buy online, pick up in-store services!

Ordering Online for In-Store Pickup

The first thing to know is that you can browse and order products on the Hobby Lobby website or mobile app just as you would for delivery to your home. The full selection of arts, crafts, home decor, fabric, seasonal items, and more is available to order online for store pickup.

When you go to checkout, simply select the “Pick Up in Store” option rather than home delivery. You’ll then need to enter your zip code so that Hobby Lobby can determine your closest store options. Make your selection and proceed through the rest of the checkout process as normal.

One thing to note is that you will need to provide both billing and shipping information, even though you won’t actually be shipped anything. This allows Hobby Lobby to verify and process the order on their end. And of course, you’ll select your preferred payment method prior to finalizing the order.

Buy Online Pickup in Store Timeframe

Once you’ve placed your Hobby Lobby order for in-store pickup, your items will start processing right away. Standard pickup orders are usually ready within 2-4 business days, depending on availability. You’ll receive email and/or text notifications when the order is processed and when it’s ready for collection.

Some products may take a little longer to fulfill if they need to be transferred from another location first. But Hobby Lobby does a good job of providing status updates throughout the process so you know when to expect your online pickup order.

It’s also worth noting that pickup orders can only be held at the store for 7 days before being cancelled and refunded. So make sure to collect your items promptly once that “ready for pickup” notice comes through!

Locating In-Store Pickup Orders

When it’s time to collect your online order from Hobby Lobby, simply head to the designated pickup area within your selected store. This is usually located near the customer service or returns desk. Look for signage indicating “Buy Online Pickup Here” or similar verbiage.

Depending on how busy the store is, there may be a dedicated pickup counter or it could be integrated with the regular customer service desk. Either way, just let the employee know you’re there to grab an online order for in-store pickup.

You will probably need to provide your name, order number, or phone number. The staff will then retrieve your merchandise from the storage area and bring it to you. It’s quick and convenient!

Some Hobby Lobby stores may even offer curbside pickup if you prefer to stay in your vehicle. Just look for signs or instructions on their website indicating if this is available at your chosen location. Simply call the posted number once you’ve arrived and an associate will assist you.

Are Pickup Orders Free?

One of the best perks of choosing in-store pickup versus home delivery for Hobby Lobby is that you’ll avoid paying shipping fees. Online orders over $59 are eligible for free standard pickup. For smaller orders under $59, there is a flat $5.99 charge.

Considering Hobby Lobby’s standard delivery shipping rates start at $8.99, you can save a couple dollars opting for pickup instead. And you don’t have to meet a order minimum like you would to qualify for free home shipping.

Of course, Hobby Lobby also has expedited and express pickup options for a higher fee if you need your items faster than the standard 2-4 day timeframe. But the regular free pickup is perfect for most crafty projects or home decor needs!

Buying Online to Pick Up Out-of-Stock Items

Here’s an insider tip for Hobby Lobby shoppers – you can actually use the website or app to order out-of-stock products for pickup once they become available again!

For example, let’s say you visited your local store and they were sold out of a particular fabric, seasonal decoration, furniture kit, or other supply you wanted. Rather than constantly calling or going back to check for restock, simply place the online order for in-store pickup.

Hobby Lobby will fulfill the order once inventory is replenished at that store’s location. They’ll send you updates when it’s ready, just like a normal pickup. This saves you so much time and hassle trying to track down hard-to-find or popular products.

The only catch is that you’ll need to approve any substitutions if something happens to be discontinued. And as mentioned before, pickup orders can only be held for 7 days once ready. But overall this is an awesome perk for Hobby Lobby devotees!

Returns and Exchanges for Pickup Orders

Need to make a return or exchange? No problem! Hobby Lobby allows returns and exchanges for online pickup orders at any location, just like with regular in-store purchases. You’ll just need to provide the original receipt or packing slip that came with your order.

Hobby Lobby also has a generous 90-day return policy on most items, excluding special orders. So you’ll have plenty of time to inspect your online pickup purchases and bring them back if anything is damaged or otherwise unsatisfactory.

The return/exchange process is quick and simple. Just visit the customer service desk at any store, provide your documentation, and they can handle the refund or swap. This convenience is a major advantage of in-store pickup compared to home delivery.

Tips for a Smooth Hobby Lobby Pickup Experience

To ensure the process goes smoothly when buying online for in-store pickup at Hobby Lobby, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check store hours – Make sure your pickup location will be open when you plan to collect your order. Holiday and weekend hours may be different.
  • Track order status – Monitor the emails/texts so you know exactly when your pickup order is ready. This avoids wasted trips to the store.
  • Arrive as soon as possible once ready – Don’t forget orders are only held for 7 days! Get your items promptly to avoid cancellation.
  • Know order details – Have your order number, name, phone, or other identifying details ready when you arrive to collect your pickup.
  • Inspect carefully before leaving – Open and inspect merchandise before leaving the store in case you need to exchange or return anything.
  • Ask for help if needed – Employees are there to ensure a smooth pickup process for you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or request help.
  • ** Provide feedback** – Let Hobby Lobby know if you have any suggestions on how they can improve the pickup experience for customers.

With a few easy precautions, buying online for in-store pickup at Hobby Lobby can be a breeze. Never waste time tracking down sold out craft supplies or decor items again. Simply order online and swing by to collect once available – it’s that convenient!

Hopefully this detailed guide provides everything you need to know about Hobby Lobby’s buy online, pickup in-store options. Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m always happy to share tips and tricks for seamless shopping at one of my favorite stores.

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