The Ins and Outs of Hobby Lobby Delivery: How To Get Your Craft Supplies Shipped Straight To Your Door

Delivery. It’s so convenient, right? With just a few clicks, we can order almost anything we want and have it arrive at our doorstep in a matter of days. This on-demand culture has made our lives easier in so many ways. But what about for those big, bulky, or heavy items? Enter Hobby Lobby, ready to deliver all your arts and crafts supplies directly to you!

As a lifelong crafter and Hobby Lobby fan, I rely on their delivery services to fuel my projects. Whether I’m restocking my yarn stash or need a new easel that won’t fit in my car, I know Hobby Lobby has got my back. But I’ve also learned a lot through trial and error about how their shipping works.

If you’re scratching your head on how to get that oversized decorative mirror or hefty furniture kit delivered from Hobby Lobby‘s online store, don’t worry! I’ve got the inside scoop on how Hobby Lobby delivery works, including tips to make sure your packages arrive safely and on time. Let’s dive in!

How Does Hobby Lobby Handle Delivery for Online Orders?

Hobby Lobby offers a few different shipping options for online orders that vary based on how quickly you need your items and where they’re headed.

Standard shipping is free on orders over $59 and takes 5-7 business days. This uses economy carriers like FedEx Ground. Expedited shipping gets your order there in 2-3 days for a fee. Next day delivery is also available for an additional rush charge.

For large items like furniture and oversized décor, Hobby Lobby partners with trucking companies to handle delivery logistics. More on that later!

Once your order is packed up at one of their distribution centers, Hobby Lobby hands it off to one of their carrier partners like FedEx or UPS based on the service you selected. They’ll handle transit and final delivery to your address.

Tracking Your Hobby Lobby Package from Order to Doorstep

Once your online order ships out, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email from Hobby Lobby with your tracking number. Copy and paste this into the tracking portal on the carrier’s website to follow your package’s journey!

Both FedEx and UPS have robust tracking with details on every stop along the way. You can see when it departs the origin facility, arrives in your local area, then out for delivery. If you’re really eager, turn on delivery alerts to get pinged whenever there’s a status change.

Obsessively tracking my package and watching it inch across the map is half the fun of online shopping!

Delivery Timeframes: How Long Does Hobby Lobby Shipping Take?

How quickly you can expect your Hobby Lobby delivery depends on a few factors:

  • Shipping speed – Standard, expedited, and next day options range from 5-7 days, 2-3 days, and 1 day respectively
  • Item availability – In stock items ship faster than those requiring additional handling time
  • Delivery destination – Packages to nearby areas arrive quicker than cross country orders
  • Time of year – Holiday volumes slow down shipping carriers across the board

Once the package leaves their facility, Hobby Lobby is at the mercy of the shipping companies. But even standard 5-7 day deliveries typically show up on the earlier side of that estimate in my experience. Especially if you’re located near major metro areas with distribution hubs.

Risk of Porch Pirates: Signature & Insurance Options

Having packages snatched by “porch pirates” is a real concern these days, especially in cities. Important Hobby Lobby orders I really can’t afford to go missing, I opt for:

  • Signature required – Ensures someone has to be present to accept delivery
  • Declared value insurance – Covers replacement cost if items are stolen or damaged

There’s a small fee for these upgrades, but it brings me peace of mind! The delivery partner will do everything they can to ensure your valuables don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Strategies to Make Sure You Don’t Miss a Delivery

We’ve all had that moment of panic realizing a missed delivery slip is taped to our door. To avoid the dreaded trip to the post office or waiting days for a redelivery attempt, I have a system to prevent missed Hobby Lobby packages:

  • Track obsessively – Monitor the tracking portal frequently as expected delivery nears
  • Route to office – Have packages delivered to your workplace if you’re gone during the day
  • Authorize secure location – Allow delivery partners to leave parcels in a safe hiding spot
  • Schedule delivery – Select a preferred date/time window that works for your schedule

It takes a few extra minutes, but a bit of planning makes a huge difference in actually getting your hands on your online orders when they arrive.

Large, Bulky, or Heavy Packages: Special Hobby Lobby Delivery Options

One of the trickiest parts of Hobby Lobby delivery is navigating those big, bulky, oddly shaped items. Things like:

  • Furniture kits and assembled pieces
  • Large framed art and mirrors
  • Oversize rugs
  • Appliances like sewing machines
  • Outdoors goods like gazebos

And more!

Normal parcel carriers can’t handle these large packages. So Hobby Lobby partners with “Last Mile” freight and furniture delivery services to get the job done right.

These specialty carriers bring your items directly to your door, unpacked and assembled if needed. They’ll place items exactly where you want them in your home. You can even pay extra for haul away of packaging materials or old furniture.

It’s more expensive but so worth it for fragile or extremely heavy items you can’t maneuver yourself.

Rural Delivery Challenges: Surcharges, Timing, and Options

Having packages delivered to rural areas or farms can get tricky. I ran into this when furnishing my countryside cottage!

Some key challenges:

  • Limited access – Narrow driveways and dirt roads block trucks
  • Long distances between stops slow deliveries
  • Unmarked addresses – Hard for drivers to identify properties
  • Extra fees – Surcharges often apply for remote locations

To make sure my Hobby Lobby deliveries arrived intact:

  • paid extra fees required for rural routes without argument
  • Provided detailed directions to help drivers find my house
  • Opted for curbside delivery so large trucks didn’t have to navigate my long driveway
  • Set expectations with Hobby Lobby customer service for longer transit time

With a bit of preparation and flexibility, my craft hauls arrived safe and sound!

Can You Send Hobby Lobby Orders Internationally?

Crafters around the world want access to Hobby Lobby’s amazing selection! But there are limitations when it comes to international delivery:

  • No overseas shipping – Hobby Lobby currently only ships domestically within the US
  • Customs fees apply – If using a third-party to forward packages, expect hefty import taxes
  • No item guarantees – Issues with condition or completeness are harder to resolve

My advice is to find local alternatives when possible to avoid the risks and uncertainty of ordering from abroad. But hopefully Hobby Lobby will expand their reach in the coming years to share the crafting love globally!

Paying Extra for Special Handling and Hazmat Products

Part of the fun at Hobby Lobby is materials like paint, faux flowers, and adhesives that require special handling when shipping:

  • Aerosols must ship ground to avoid dangerous cargo rules for air travel.
  • Flammable items like rubbing alcohol or spray paint require hazardous materials procedures.
  • Perishables like dried florals need temperature control to prevent spoiling.

For these types of items, Hobby Lobby takes extra precautions which leads to surcharges. It’s a headache, but worth it to make sure these sensitive products arrive intact!

Steps To Take if Your Delivery is Late, Damaged, or Missing

With hundreds of deliveries in transit each day, hiccups are bound to happen. In case a Hobby Lobby order goes awry:

  • For late packages, track closely and contact the carrier first for an explanation.
  • If items are damaged, save all packaging and file a claim with the shipping partner.
  • For missing contents, report the discrepancy to Hobby Lobby right away to start reconciliation.
  • A quick call to Hobby Lobby customer service should get the issue resolved promptly with either replacement or refund!

Mistakes happen, but Hobby Lobby always makes things right in my experience if you reach out.

In-Store Pickup: Skipping Delivery Dilemmas Entirely

After one too many headaches with lost packages, I learned the easiest solution is avoiding delivery altogether!

Hobby Lobby’s in-store pickup lets you place orders online for retrieval at your local store for free. I love it for:

  • Instant gratification – buy online, grab in-store on the same day
  • Avoiding delivery delays and damage risks
  • Inspecting items thoroughly before bringing home
  • Skipping the shipping fees!

Curbside pickup makes getting large items home so much smoother. I won’t hesitate to use it the next time I’m stocking up on canvases or loading up on yarn!

Returns and Exchanges Made Simple

Damaged items happen, designs change, colors look different in your home – stuff comes up. Thankfully Hobby Lobby makes returns and exchanges on home deliveries hassle-free:

  • Most non-perishable items can be returned within 90 days of purchase.
  • Unopened merchandise is eligible for a full refund.
  • You can exchange items or accept store credit if preferred.
  • Print a prepaid return label or drop off at any location for convenience.

As long as you keep your receipt, the process is very straightforward and accommodating.

Should You Trust Hobby Lobby for Big Ticket Delivery?

When investing in those big ticket items like upholstered chairs or abstract paintings, you want assurance they’ll arrive in flawless condition.

Based on my experience, Hobby Lobby absolutely delivers (pun intended!) with specialty freight and white glove handling for large purchases.

Between their partnerships with trusted carriers, discretion to avoid porch pirates, and exceptional customer service, I wholeheartedly trust Hobby Lobby for expensive furniture delivery. The convenience of outfitting my entire living space in one purchase makes it worthwhile.

Plus, seeing the delivery crew unload that life-size iron gazebo themselves was worth every penny!

Delivery Done Right: Why I Rely on Hobby Lobby for My Crafting Needs

Like any avid crafter, having a reliable way to resupply materials and tools is a must. After testing many retailers, Hobby Lobby wins hands down for convenience and dependability with online orders.

They remove the headaches of hauling heavy items and provide delivery options tailored specifically to high maintenance craft purchases.

By understanding Hobby Lobby’s shipping processes and planning ahead, I can ensure every glittery, gooey, fragile, oversize order arrives intact to fuel my next Pinterest project. That earns my loyalty!

So next time inspiration strikes for a holiday decor DIY or your yarn stash runs low, trust Hobby Lobby to safely deliver exactly what you need to create. Because receiving that “your package has shipped” email sets the scene for crafting magic!

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