Refreshing Your Classroom for the New School Year with Decor from Hobby Lobby

Breathing New Life into Your Learning Space

The start of a new school year brings a fresh slate and new beginnings. As a teacher, I always love the possibility that comes with setting up my classroom for a new group of students. The clean blank walls and empty shelves represent a chance to create an inspiring, engaging space where my students can thrive. This year, I’m especially excited to give my classroom a mini makeover with trendy, affordable decor items from Hobby Lobby.

As one of my favorite go-to stores for crafts, home goods, and more, Hobby Lobby offers an extensive selection of classroom decor and supplies to outfit learning spaces for students of all ages. I’ve shopped there for years to find unique, high-quality products that help me create a personalized classroom environment. From wall art and bulletin boards to storage solutions and furniture, Hobby Lobby has everything I need to refresh my classroom decor for the fall.

Crafting the Perfect Classroom Theme

One of my favorite parts about decorating my classroom is choosing a theme that excites students and makes them feel at home in our learning space. Hobby Lobby offers tons of options for themed classroom decor including seasonal, educational, and motivational designs. I can easily find decor centered around autumn, winter holidays, springtime, or back-to-school. For curriculum-focused decor, Hobby Lobby has science, math, reading/writing, social studies, and more.

This year, I’ve chosen an adventure-themed classroom to inspire students to take chances, explore new ideas, and embrace learning. Hobby Lobby has plenty of decor items that tie into this adventure motif like compasses, maps, travel posters, andexplorer gear. I’ll incorporate these types of decorations along with coloring and textures inspired by nature like forest greens, rugged browns, and sunset oranges. With statement wall decals, multi-colored rugs, and coordinating cushions, I’m crafting a classroom that feels like a cozy cabin where we’re setting off together on new adventures this year.

Beyond wall decor and products that support my specific theme, Hobby Lobby offers classroom basics like calendars, daily schedules, alphabet charts, number lines, and more. These educational posters and displays are easy to match to any classroom motif. I rely on Hobby Lobby for both themed decor and core classroom essentials to create a cohesive space.

Creating Captivating Bulletin Boards and Displays

As any teacher knows, bulletin boards are prime real estate in the classroom for displaying student work, anchoring learning themes, and making space more dynamic. Hobby Lobby is my one-stop shop for bulletin board materials like borders, letters, paper, and other decorative elements. I’m picky about my bulletin boards so I love that Hobby Lobby has coordinated packs containing everything I need for polished displays.

For my adventure theme this year, I’ll create bulletin boards with travel elements like vintage suitcases, maps, postcards, and adventure quotes. Hobby Lobby makes it easy to find related packs of letters, decorations, and borders to pull the display together. Aside from themed boards, I always do rotating boards to showcase student work and anchor our current learning topics. Hobby Lobby offers versatile borders, letters, paper, and accents that work for any bulletin board I want to create.

In addition to bulletin boards, I rely on Hobby Lobby for classroom displays like posters, banners, signage, and standalone 3D elements. For my adventure theme, I’ll make signs with explorer quotes for each table group and hang banners with nature landscapes above our reading corner. Hobby Lobby has a great selection of display products that help elevate my classroom decor. Whether it’s posters to teach concepts, motivational quotes, table number signs, or displays that reinforce our current learning theme, Hobby Lobby is my source for eye-catching decor.

Outfitting Learning Spaces with Customizable Decor

One of the things that draws me to Hobby Lobby for classroom decor time and time again is the selection of customizable and personalized products. I love being able to put our own creative spin on mundane decor items like name plates, cubbies, bulletin boards, banners, and more. Hobby Lobby offers so many ways to customize your classroom including:

  • Dry erase name plates: These blank name plates come in fun shapes like houses, rockets, flowers and more. Students can draw their own doodle designs and I fill in their names with dry erase markers. Easy to update each year!
  • Decorative letters: Use these colorful stick-on letters to spell out classroom rules, inspirational phrases, or subjects. Get creative with fonts and patterns!
  • Shape wall decals: Spell names, subjects, or words by layering these styled wall decals in creative designs. Students love finding their name on the wall in these colorful shapes.
  • Posters and banners: Personalize subject area or motivation posters and banners from Hobby Lobby with student names, class section, year, or school.
  • Bulletin board kits: Use blank space on borders, letters, and other bulletin board kits to write in names, dates, and spotlight student work.

With so many opportunities to customize, Hobby Lobby makes it easy for teachers to create classroom decor that’s meaningful and specific to their students. It helps foster classroom community when students see their names, photos, work, and more displayed around the room.

Affordable Pricing for Classroom Decor Needs

As a teacher on a budget, I’m very mindful about finding the most cost-effective classroom decor options. When decorating an entire learning space, small costs can quickly add up. That’s why I appreciate Hobby Lobby for their reasonably priced classroom decor selections suitable for any budget.

Of course you can find very inexpensive basic decor items like small accent pieces, posters, or decorative paper. But Hobby Lobby also carries pricier statement pieces like large metal wall words, big furniture items, plush rugs, and more. The wide range of price points allows me to strike a balance and accessorize my classroom affordably. I splurge on a couple big standout pieces but fill in the rest of the space with budget-friendly options.

Hobby Lobby also regularly runs sales, hosts special shopping days for teachers, and provides coupon codes. I always sign up for their promotional emails so I’m aware of any upcoming deals or discounts. Coupons offer 40% off one item quite frequently. Between the everyday low prices and frequent sales or coupons, I’m able to purchase classroom decor and supplies from Hobby Lobby while sticking to my tight teacher budget.

Coordinating a Complete Classroom Look

Rather than piecing together disparate decor items, I prefer to decorate my classroom in a coordinated fashion. Hobby Lobby makes this simple by offering matching collections and sets across multiple product categories. For my adventure theme, I was able to easily find coordinating options like:

  • Explorer-inspired wall prints and canvas art featuring vintage maps, compasses, hiking boots, and more
  • Faux plants and flowers in earthy tones like cactuses, potted succulents, and dried botanicals
  • Rugs and pillows with Southwestern motifs, faux animal hides, or rustic plaid prints
  • Storage baskets and organizers made from natural materials like rattan, wood crates, leather, and burlap
  • Bulletin board kits with travel postcards, landmarks, or adventure quotes

With these matching sets, I can pull together a complete head-to-toe classroom look. My learning space will feel cohesive yet stay true to my adventurous theme. Hobby Lobby makes it simple to decorate a classroom in a coordinated fashion rather than a disjointed hodgepodge of misc items.

One-Stop Classroom Decor Shopping Online

As much as I love leisurely perusing the aisles of Hobby Lobby for unique classroom finds, I can also conveniently shop their selection online. Hobby Lobby’s website makes it easy for teachers to see all their classroom offerings in one place. I can browse or search for specific decor items, from wall art and bulletin boards to furniture and storage.

Hobby Lobby’s online classroom decor section includes:

  • Wall decor like word art, patterns, decals, framed prints, murals, lamps, and more
  • Bulletin board supplies including borders, letters, paper, theme packs, and 3D accents
  • Furniture like bookshelves, desks, chairs, stools, cushions, and rugs
  • Storage and organization solutions including bins, baskets, locker decor, cubbies, and more
  • Educational posters and charts for core subjects, MOTIVATIONAL quotes, calendars, alphabets, and more
  • Classroom essentials like clocks, daily schedule displays, magnets, and more

I like that their site makes it easy to filter and refine your search. I can narrow down options by price, theme, product type, color, size, and other specs. The search tool and filters enable me to hone in on exactly the types of classroom decor I’m looking for.

Hobby Lobby also suggests coordinating pieces and full collections you can purchase together. This makes it simple for teachers to decorate their entire classroom in a cohesive way. I don’t have to worry about pieces clashing. Hobby Lobby curates the work out of decorating by providing complete classroom collections teachers can confidently shop online.

Solutions for Every Type of Learning Environment

As an elementary school teacher, I have different decor needs than say a middle or high school teacher. That’s why I appreciate that Hobby Lobby offers classroom decor suitable for any grade level or subject. They carry bright, playful options for preschool and elementary spaces. I can find motivational quotes and preppy patterns perfect for middle schoolers. For high school they have sophisticated, subtle pieces that still engage teens.

Beyond grade levels, Hobby Lobby has subject-specific posters, wall art, bulletin boards, and displays. I can shop their selection for science, math, literature, social studies, music, foreign language, and more. They know what types of decor, visuals, and informational displays best reinforce concepts for each subject area. This makes it easy for teachers to transform blank walls into interactive learning tools aligned to curriculum.

No matter the grade, subject, classroom size, or budget, Hobby Lobby has decor ideas and products suitable for any type of learning space. Teachers can find pieces that engage their specific student population and liven up lackluster walls and surfaces. I always discover wonderful finds at Hobby Lobby that work perfectly for my classroom’s unique needs and style.

Tips for Affording Your Dream Classroom on a Teacher’s Budget

After spending years decorating classrooms on a teacher’s salary, I’ve picked up some useful tips for keeping costs down. Here are my top budget-friendly ideas for affordably outfitting learning spaces with Hobby Lobby finds:

  • Wait for sales cycles. Hobby Lobby rotates through different promos so time purchases accordingly. Follow their emails or social media for upcoming deals.
  • Use coupons wisely. 40% off coupons can yield big savings if you use them for pricier statement pieces.
  • Buy coordination sets. It’s cheaper to buy full collections than individual mismatched pieces that don’t go together. Sets make it easier to decorate a whole room.
  • Mix price points. Splurge on a couple standout items but balance those with budget-friendly accessories. This helps maximize your savings.
  • Prioritize functional. Focus first on pieces that serve a purpose like storage, bulletin boards, displays. Add trendy accents later to personalize.
  • Shop end of season. Stock up on timeless prints, borders, letters after seasonal themes go on clearance. Use next school year.
  • Think creatively. Repurpose home decor or items from other departments for inexpensive classroom use. Get crafty!

With smart shopping strategies, teachers can create Pinterest-worthy classrooms even on the strictest budgets. Hobby Lobby provides so many reasonably priced options that still feel unique and fun rather than budget basics. Try using these tips to save money while designing an innovative classroom space this back-to-school season!

Bringing Your Classroom Vision to Life

I always look forward to a fresh start and new possibilities that come with setting up my classroom each school year. While decorating learning spaces takes time and careful thought, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of my teaching practice. The environment we create impacts student engagement, motivation, and academic success. That’s why choosing purposeful decor is so important.

Hobby Lobby makes it easier for teachers to craft classrooms that bring their educational vision to life. With trendy prints, creative storage solutions, customizable bulletin boards, and coordinating collections, I’m able to design a cohesive space reflective of my teaching style and classroom community. Visiting Hobby Lobby inspires me to think outside the box and discover decor I won’t find elsewhere. I can establish an inviting, vibrant place for students to collaborate, imagine, and grow.

This year I can’t wait to see my students’ eyes light up when they walk into our freshly decorated adventure-themed classroom. The decorations, colors, and cozy feel will kick off our year of learning and exploring together. And it will all come together affordably thanks to Hobby Lobby’s extensive classroom decor selection and value pricing. Their one-stop shop makes it easy for teachers to tackle any type of classroom makeover while sticking to their budget. If you also have a classroom vision you’re eager to bring to life this school year, be sure to stop by Hobby Lobby. Their decorating ideas and products will undoubtedly create an engaging environment your students will love. Happy decorating!

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