Navigating Hobby Lobby Customer Service: A Beginner’s Guide

My Journey to Find Answers from the Arts & Crafts Retailer

As an avid crafter and hobbyist, I frequently shop at my local Hobby Lobby for supplies and materials for my projects. However, despite being a loyal customer, I realized that I didn’t really know much about how to get help or answers if I ever needed to contact Hobby Lobby customer service.

So I decided to research all the different ways to get in touch with Hobby Lobby customer service representatives to get my questions answered. From hours of operation, to phone numbers, live chat, email and social media, I compiled all the information into this handy beginner’s guide to navigating Hobby Lobby’s customer service options.

Whether you need to change an order, check on availability, file a complaint or get a refund, I’ll walk you through the best practices I’ve discovered to make sure you can quickly get the excellent customer service Hobby Lobby is known for.

Read on for my journey in figuring out the ins and outs of Hobby Lobby’s customer service!

First Stop: Locating Basic Customer Service Contact Information

Starting out, I simply wanted to find the basic options for contacting Hobby Lobby customer service. Naturally, I first turned to their website.

At the bottom of the Hobby Lobby homepage, I found a “Customer Service” link which opens a full page detailing their key customer service offerings.

Right away, I saw these options:

  • Customer Service Phone Number: There is a toll-free customer service number to call: 1-800-888-0321. The page notes that during peak times, hold times may be longer than normal.
  • Live Chat: A live chat widget is available during normal business hours.
  • Email: A customer service email address is provided:
  • Store Hours: Hobby Lobby customer service hours match normal store hours. So that means you can call, chat or visit a store for help Monday thru Saturday from 9am – 8pm.

This page provided the core information I would need to get in touch with a customer service rep by phone, through live chat or by email. It seems Hobby Lobby makes their basic contact options easy to find.

Trying Out the Live Chat Option

The live chat feature seemed like the quickest, easiest way to get my basic questions answered. So I clicked on the chat widget during normal business hours to give it a try.

A chat window popped up right away and I was greeted by a friendly rep named Cindy. I told Cindy I had some general customer service questions.

She efficiently answered my questions about return policy, order tracking and gift cards. I had my answers within minutes without being placed on hold or waiting hours for an email reply.

I was impressed that Hobby Lobby’s live chat provided personalized service despite likely dealing with many concurrent chats. Based on my experience, I would recommend live chat as the fastest way to get answers for straightforward customer service needs.

While chatting with Cindy, she also informed me that they offer customer service in Spanish which is useful to know. It’s great that Hobby Lobby provides options for English and Spanish speakers.

Calling the Toll-Free Number – Notes on Wait Times

Next, I decided to test out Hobby Lobby’s toll-free customer service line listed on their website. When I called 1-800-888-0321, an automated recording gave me some handy information upfront.

It stated that average wait times are currently longer than normal due to call volume and provided an estimated wait time of 15-20 minutes. The auto recording said I could receive a call back when the next rep was available if I didn’t want to remain on hold.

I opted to stay on the line to get the full experience of calling their customer service number. After a 17 minute hold time, I spoke with a representative named John.

Just like my live chat, John was friendly and knowledgeable. He looked up order information for me and provided instructions on how to return an item to my local store.

Waiting nearly 20 minutes was longer than ideal. However, I appreciated that Hobby Lobby warned me about the above-average hold time upfront rather than getting frustrated by an unexpectedly long wait.

Based on calling during peak hours, it seems the best time to phone Hobby Lobby customer service is earlier or later in the day to avoid long waits. The automated recording mentioned call volume is lower before 11am and after 5pm.

So I would advise calling during off-peak hours if your question is not urgent. But the option for a call back is good for avoiding extended time on hold when they are swamped.

Emailing My Inquiry – Expect a 1 Business Day Response

Another main option for contacting Hobby Lobby customer service is emailing directly. To test response time and quality, I sent an email with a question about a special order item I was trying to purchase.

Within one full business day, I received a detailed reply from a Hobby Lobby email representative named Amy. She included instructions on how I could order the special item both online and in-store.

The response was thorough and informative. Email seems like a great route if your question requires researched, specifics answers rather than quick help. Expect well-written, friendly replies within 1 business day.

Providing Feedback on My Shopping Experience

After testing the main avenues of contacting Hobby Lobby customer service, I wanted to provide some feedback about one aspect of my in-store shopping experience. Specifically, I felt the fabric selection at my local store had too many out of stock bolts which made it difficult to purchase fabrics I needed.

On Hobby Lobby’s customer service page, they have a prominent link to provide comments about your shopping experience. When I clicked to submit feedback, it brought up a detailed form asking for my store location, details about my visit and my feedback.

I was able to explain exactly what I felt could be improved about my local store’s fabric availability. At the end, I provided my email so they could follow up if needed.

A couple days later, I received an email thanking me for my feedback and stating they forwarded my comments to the regional manager responsible for my location.

Hobby Lobby made it simple to provide open feedback and seemed to genuinely appreciate my input on how they can improve. I would absolutely utilize their feedback form again if I ever have other thoughts on how they can better serve customers.

Helpful Tips for Common Hobby Lobby Customer Service Needs

Now that I’ve explored Hobby Lobby’s main customer service channels, I wanted to share some helpful tips for common situations where you may need to contact their customer service department:

Damaged Item or Missing Parts

If you purchase an item from Hobby Lobby and later find it is damaged or missing pieces, keep the original packaging and receipt. Call customer service to explain the issue and they can provide details on how to return it to your local store for a replacement.

Order Cancellations or Changes

If you need to cancel or change an online order that has not shipped yet, the fastest option is using Hobby Lobby’s live chat to make the adjustments to your order. You can also call or email but live chat enables instant order modifications.

Price Adjustments

If an item you recently purchased goes on sale within 14 days, Hobby Lobby will happily adjust the price and refund you the difference. Bring your receipt to the customer service desk at your store.

Returns Without a Receipt

No receipt? No problem – Hobby Lobby can do returns and exchanges without a receipt. However, note that returns without a receipt can only be done as an even exchange for another item.

Checking Order Status

Wondering where your online order is? You can conveniently check the status at any time on under the Order Status link. Or chat, call or email a customer service rep for status details.

Locating a Product

Having trouble finding a specific product in-store or online? Customer service reps have access to tools to check inventory across all locations. Give them a call or use live chat to get help tracking down that hard-to-find item.

Resolving Payment Issues

If there are any payment issues with your online order, Hobby Lobby customer service can provide rapid help – especially through the live chat function. They will troubleshoot any problems processing your credit card or gift card payment.

Handy Resources to Bookmark

After my thorough exploration of Hobby Lobby’s customer service, these are key resources I recommend bookmarking for quick reference:

  • Customer Service Page: – One central hub for all contact options
  • Live Chat Widget: Available from the Customer Service Page – Quick answers during business hours
  • Customer Service Email: – Detailed responses within 1 business day
  • Toll-Free Number: 1-800-888-0321 – Call during off-peak hours for faster service
  • Feedback/Comments Form: – Direct line to share feedback
  • Order Status: – Self-service way to check your order progress

Satisfaction with My Hobby Lobby Customer Service Experience

While I didn’t have any urgent issues to resolve, based on using Hobby Lobby’s various customer service channels, I’m confident they would provide prompt, thorough support or problem resolution.

The combination of toll-free call support, live chat, email and prominent feedback options makes it convenient for customers to get answers and provide input.

Wait times were my only note of caution during peak call volume. However, the call back option helps minimize frustration from long holds.

The friendly, knowledgeable service reps I interacted with via phone, email and chat stand out as a highlight. Even when I was simply asking general questions, they took time to answer fully and even made additional suggestions related to my inquiry.

After my in-depth customer service experiment, I’m impressed by Hobby Lobby’s commitment to ensuring a positive, hassle-free shopping experience across channels. They offer customers multiple avenues to get questions answered quickly and to share candid opinions.

For crafting enthusiasts like me who frequently shop at Hobby Lobby, having reliable, easily accessible customer service resources gives me confidence in continuing to patronize them for my project needs. Ultimately, their stellar service makes me feel valued as a loyal hobby and craft shopper.

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