My Ultimate Guide to Shopping at Hobby Lobby in Tulsa

Tulsa is home to some of the best Hobby Lobby locations in Oklahoma. As an avid crafter and home decor enthusiast, I’ve spent many hours browsing the aisles at Hobby Lobby stores across the Tulsa metro area. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of shopping at Hobby Lobby in Tulsa.

In this blog post, I’ll share everything you need to know to make the most of your Hobby Lobby shopping experiences in Tulsa. Whether you’re looking for a new project inspiration, great deals on supplies, or just want to see what’s in stock, this guide will help you navigate Hobby Lobby like a pro.

An Overview of Hobby Lobby Stores in Tulsa

The Tulsa metro currently has six Hobby Lobby locations spread throughout the area. Each store has slightly different offerings, sizes, and layouts. Here’s a quick snapshot of each Tulsa Hobby Lobby:

  • South Tulsa (81st & Lewis): The largest HL store in Tulsa with the biggest selection. Opened in 2020.
  • Midtown (41st & Yale): Conveniently located with great framing department. Medium-sized store.
  • West Tulsa (Hwy 75 & 5th St): Easy highway access and wide aisles. Decent craft selection.
  • Broken Arrow: Large, well-stocked store with lots of seasonal items.
  • Owasso: Nice northern suburb location. Great fabrics department.
  • Bixby: Newer, smaller location but carries most key items.

No matter which part of Tulsa you live in, there’s likely a Hobby Lobby store not too far away! The South Tulsa location on 81st & Lewis is the largest in the city and has the most extensive inventory if you’re looking for a specific item.

Store Hours for Hobby Lobby in Tulsa

Knowing Hobby Lobby’s hours of operation can help you plan your shopping trips accordingly. All Tulsa Hobby Lobby locations are open 9am to 8pm Monday through Saturday. They operate on more limited hours on Sundays from 10am to 5:30pm.

It’s smart to double check their holiday hours as well, as Hobby Lobby is closed on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. They also close early at 5pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

I like to shop mid-week if possible, as weekend afternoons can get busy. Monday mornings are great for beating the crowds too. Right after a holiday is also a prime time to find clearance deals before inventory is replenished.

Job Opportunities at Tulsa Hobby Lobby Stores

Working at Hobby Lobby can be a fun retail job, especially if you’re into arts, crafts, and home décor. The good news is Hobby Lobby typically has job openings at their Tulsa locations for roles like:

  • Cashiers
  • Stockers
  • Customer service
  • Department managers
  • Merchandisers
  • Loss prevention
  • Supervisors

I applied online through their careers website and got to choose which Tulsa store I wanted to work at. The application had some basic questions about my skills and availability.

After I got hired, the training was pretty simple. My manager and co-workers were all friendly and happy to answer any questions. The employee discount is awesome too! It makes shopping there so affordable.

So if you’re looking for a part-time gig or just want to work somewhere you love shopping, I’d definitely recommend Hobby Lobby in Tulsa.

Finding Craft Classes and Workshops at Tulsa Hobby Lobby

One of my favorite things about Hobby Lobby is that many locations host free craft classes and DIY workshops right in store. The Tulsa stores offer classes on things like:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Jewelry making
  • Painting
  • Holiday crafts
  • Wreath making
  • Glass etching
  • Knitting and crochet
  • Floral arranging
  • Kid’s crafts

These free classes are a terrific way to get project inspiration, learn new techniques, and meet fellow crafters. Sessions are typically an hour or two long. All the supplies needed are provided too.

I like to browse the class schedule on the store’s website and sign up online for any that interest me. Classes do fill up fast, so register early. Bringing a friend along makes it extra fun too.

The South Tulsa Hobby Lobby tends to have the biggest class schedule. But it never hurts to check what’s being offered at your nearest location. Getting to take free craft classes is one of the best perks of being a Hobby Lobby shopper.

Finding the Best Deals and Discounts

Let’s be honest, most of us want to know: what’s on sale at Hobby Lobby this week? As a bargain hunter, I’m constantly looking for good deals and discounts when I shop. Here are some of the top ways to save money at Tulsa Hobby Lobby stores:

  • Download their mobile app. You’ll get exclusive app-only offers and instant access to weekly ads and coupons.
  • Check the weekly ad flyer. Sales change every week and you can view the latest deals online or in a store.
  • Sign up for text alerts. You’ll get coupons and discounts sent right to your phone once or twice a week.
  • Follow them on social media. Hobby Lobby posts upcoming sales and sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Shop seasonal markdowns. Items like Christmas decor go on clearance right after the holidays are over.
  • Take advantage of sales tax holidays. Oklahoma has a sales tax holiday weekend in August where you can buy most supplies tax free.
  • Use competitor coupons. Hobby Lobby accepts coupons from Michaels, Joann Fabrics, and other craft stores to price match.

With a little strategic planning, you can often get 40-50% off many regular priced items at Hobby Lobby. Saving money lets me stock up and try new projects.

Curbside Pickup Options in Tulsa

Along with great deals, I really appreciate how Hobby Lobby offers free curbside pickup at all their Tulsa locations. This service allows you to shop online or through their app and then swing by to grab your bagged purchase without leaving your car.

Curbside pickup makes shopping fast and easy when I’m in a hurry. It’s also great if I just need a few supplies or want to avoid going inside with the kids in tow.

After checkout, you’ll get notifications when your order is ready, usually within a couple hours. Just park in a designated curbside spot at your store and they’ll bring everything out.

I try to give them at least a few hours notice if I’m needing a larger order filled. But Hobby Lobby’s curbside pickup in Tulsa saves me time and hassle. I use it whenever I can.

Getting in Touch with Tulsa Hobby Lobby Stores

Sometimes you just need to get in contact with your local Hobby Lobby for things like:

  • Asking about a product’s availability
  • Checking store hours
  • Inquiring about special orders
  • Resolving an issue with a purchase
  • Asking about job applications
  • Providing customer feedback

Luckily there are a few easy ways to get ahold of any Tulsa Hobby Lobby store:

  • Call the customer service phone number. This number connects you with the store directly.
  • Use the store locator website. Search for a Tulsa location and click “Contact Store” to call or email them.
  • Send a Facebook message. Most stores manage their own Facebook pages. Just search “Hobby Lobby Tulsa” to find yours.
  • Stop by the customer service desk. You can get one-on-one help from staff at the service counter.
  • Fill out an online contact form. Hobby Lobby’s website has a form to submit questions or comments.

I always find the employees at my Tulsa Hobby Lobby to be friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to assist. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them if any questions come up during your shopping adventures.

Finding the Best Tulsa Location for Your Crafting Needs

With six options to choose from, you may be wondering: which Tulsa Hobby Lobby location is the best fit for me? Here are a few tips on picking your ideal store:

  • South Tulsa is the largest and carries the most inventory. Great for big projects.
  • Midtown has an expanded framing department. Perfect for custom-framed art.
  • West Tulsa has wider aisles. Nice if you need lots of large supplies.
  • Broken Arrow gets great seasonal stock. Ideal for holiday decorators.
  • Owasso has extra fabrics. Check here for apparel projects.
  • Bixby offers quick in-and-out trips. Convenient if you just need a few items.

I like to check stock online first to see which store has what I need in stock. Things move around, so be flexible visiting different spots. Also, don’t forget to check warehouse availability for special order items.

With six terrific Tulsa locations, you’re bound to find your perfect Hobby Lobby store for every project and purchase. Get to know each store’s strengths so you can shop smart.

Reading Customer Reviews of Tulsa Stores

Before heading to any new shopping spot, I always like to read up on customer reviews to see what others have experienced.

When it comes to the Tulsa Hobby Lobby stores, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive overall. On Google and Facebook, most locations average 4+ stars out of 5. Here are some of the most common themes seen in Tulsa Hobby Lobby reviews:

  • Helpful and friendly employees that go the extra mile
  • Well-organized stores that are easy to navigate
  • Constantly being replenished with new inventory
  • Clean facilities and accessible restrooms
  • Free classes that help inspire new projects
  • Affordable prices and lots of sales
  • Convenient locations with ample parking

The few critical reviews seem to focus on occasional issues with stock running low or challenges finding employees when stores were short staffed. But the vast majority agree Tulsa’s Hobby Lobby stores offer an excellent, low-stress shopping experience.

Reading the reviews gives me confidence I’ll have a great trip. And if any problems do come up, the staff is committed to making it right.

Getting the Latest COVID Safety Information

When COVID-19 hit, many of us were concerned about how we could safely get our crafting fix at Hobby Lobby. Fortunately, Tulsa Hobby Lobby stores quickly implemented processes to protect customers and employees.

Based on their websites and social media pages, here are some of the key COVID protocols in place at Hobby Lobby:

  • Enhanced disinfecting and sanitizing procedures
  • Social distancing markers and signs added in stores
  • Protective plexiglass shields at all registers
  • Employee health screening and temperature checks
  • Required face masks for staff and customers
  • Increased curbside and delivery options
  • Added hand sanitizer stations throughout stores

It’s clear Hobby Lobby is taking cleanliness and health very seriously. As a customer, I appreciate all these efforts to make shopping as safe as possible. It gives me peace of mind while browsing.

Just remember to grab your face mask before heading to any Tulsa Hobby Lobby! Check their social pages for the latest COVID updates too.

Returns and Exchanges at Tulsa Hobby Lobby

An important part of any shopping trip is knowing what to do if you need to return or exchange an item. The good news is that Tulsa Hobby Lobby stores have a customer-friendly return policy.

Items can be returned or exchanged with a receipt within 90 days. Without a receipt, returns must happen within 30 days. Unopened merchandise in good condition can be returned for a full refund.

For defective or damaged products, they’ll still take returns and provide a replacement item or store credit. Just be sure to keep all original packaging and parts if you may need to bring something back.

I like that returns can happen at any Tulsa-area location, not just the original store you purchased from. Simply head to customer service and they’ll happily process your return or exchange. It’s a hassle-free experience.

Having that flexibility gives me peace of mind with my Hobby Lobby purchases. I don’t have to stress if a product isn’t quite right or I change my mind on a project. Just save those receipts!

Seasonal Sales and Holiday Promotions

One thing I look forward to every year is scoping out Hobby Lobby’s incredible holiday and seasonal promotions. They go all out with decorations, sales, and special offers to celebrate occasions like:

  • Valentine’s Day – Flowers, candy, cards, decor
  • Easter – Spring decor, religious items, plush bunnies
  • Fourth of July – Flags, banners, red/white/blue party supplies
  • Halloween – Indoor/outdoor décor, costumes, baking pans
  • Thanksgiving – Turkey platters, autumn wreaths, thankful signs
  • Christmas – Ornaments, trees, lights, Nativity scenes, gift wrap

The savings around these major holidays are always impressive. I’ve scored Christmas trees for 75% off and big batches of cardstock for just 10 cents. They clearance old holiday inventory quickly to make room for next season’s stuff.

Following Hobby Lobby’s social media accounts is the best way to find out about new holiday promotions the second they launch. You can also ask customer service what upcoming sales they have planned.

Stocking up on discounted decor and supplies ensures I’m ready to deck out my home in holiday splendor on a budget. Hobby Lobby makes it easy and affordable.

Providing Input on New Products

As a loyal Hobby Lobby shopper, I really appreciate that they provide ways for customers like me to give input on products we’d like to see stocked in stores. This allows them to cater to local interests and demographics.

There are a couple avenues I use to request new items for the Tulsa stores:

  • Talk to the store manager. Introduce yourself and they’ll submit your product suggestions to corporate.
  • Use the online request form. Fill out the product request form on their website.
  • Submit social media suggestions. Comment on Facebook and Instagram with ideas.
  • Call customer service. Give them details on items you’re looking for.

I’ve had the most success going straight to a store manager. They know best what’s likely to sell in their neighborhood. I’ll show examples of specialty supplies that would help my projects or popular products currently missing.

Seeing my suggestions hit the shelves makes me feel so excited and listened to. It’s worth taking a moment to provide feedback so Tulsa stores reflect our community.

Tulsa Exclusive Specials and Promos

Beyond the sales and specials offered at all locations, Tulsa Hobby Lobby stores sometimes run exclusive deals and promotions tailored just for local shoppers.

I’ve stumbled upon these Tulsa-only offerings in a couple different ways:

  • Local radio ads promoting special store events or giveaways
  • Tulsa-specific social media posts with discounts for area stores
  • Signage and flyers in store highlighting deals and contests
  • Email newsletters with coupons and codes for Tulsa shoppers
  • Manager’s Specials found only in select stores

For example, during the holidays I got early access to shop Christmas merchandise at the Tulsa stores before other locations. And I’ve seen Tulsa stores offer contests to win free crafting classes.

Subscribing to email updates and following the Tulsa social media pages are the best way to find these exclusive deals. Then I can hurry in and take advantage of promotions made just for Tulsa’s loyal hobbyists.

Avoiding Crowds and Busy Times

One of my top shopping tips for Hobby Lobby in Tulsa is to avoid visiting during peak busy times when the stores are most crowded. Nothing slows down a shopping trip like long lines or packed aisles!

Based on my experience, here are the times that tend to draw the biggest crowds:

  • Weekend afternoons (especially Saturdays)
  • Mornings before big holidays like Christmas and Easter
  • After-work hours on weeknights
  • During major sales events like black Fridays
  • Around seasonal inventory resets e.g. fall or Christmas layouts

To shop with less hustle and bustle, I recommend:

  • Weekday mornings right after opening
  • Mid-day on weekdays
  • Evening hours on less busy weeknights
  • First thing on Sunday mornings
  • Following holidays once seasonal crowds die down

Checking the store’s weekly ad can also clue me in on when big sales are happening so I can avoid those high-traffic times or at least mentally prep for longer checkout lines. But with some planning, I can usually shop Tulsa Hobby Lobby with minimal crowds.

Getting Involved in Community Events

On top of providing awesome craft supplies, I really love how Tulsa Hobby Lobby locations try to give back by getting involved with community events and causes.

I’ve seen our local Hobby Lobby stores participate in events like:

  • School fundraisers: Donating a gift basket or supplies to silent auctions at schools
  • Nonprofit events: Setting up craft activity booths at local festivals
  • Church functions: Sponsoring or contributing supplies to Vacation Bible School
  • Arts partnerships: Donating materials for exhibits at museums and galleries
  • First responder support: Assembling appreciation packages during National Police Week or other awareness campaigns
  • Community improvement: Organizing craft projects to benefit parks, libraries, nursing homes, etc.
  • Chamber of Commerce events: Providing supplies or prizes for town celebrations and networking events

This sense of community is one reason I enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby in Tulsa. I feel good knowing they support local causes and partners with neighborhood groups. It shows a passion for real community engagement.

Custom Framing Services Offered

As an artist and photographer, I really appreciate that all Tulsa Hobby Lobby stores provide custom framing services. Their framing departments are full service and can handle projects both big and small.

Some of the framing options they offer include:

  • Diplomas, certificates, souvenirs – Great for preserving memories
  • Needlework, embroidery pieces – Shadowbox and display unique fiber arts
  • Paintings, prints – Professional matting and glazing
  • Posters, maps, signs – Give new life to cool vintage finds
  • Photos – Creative collages or multi-picture frames
  • Jerseys, uniforms – Perfect for athletic nostalgia
  • Mirror framing – Adds elegance and custom sizes

I love having the convenience of getting quality framing done right at my local Hobby Lobby. The staff is so knowledgeable and helpful with picking frame styles, mats, glazing, etc. It takes the stress out of archiving special creations.

Be sure to watch for custom framing coupons to save up to 50% off. And don’t be afraid to bring in unique items you want custom framed – they’re pros at handling all kinds of projects.

Evaluating Parking Options at Tulsa Stores

When I’m heading out to shop at Hobby Lobby, easy parking is a must. Lugging in bags of craft supplies isn’t fun when you have to park a mile away!

Luckily, most Tulsa Hobby Lobby stores offer sizable parking lots right out front. The lots are well lit and maintained. There are typically lots of open spaces, with prime spots near the doors for handicap access and curbside pickup.

The Birmingham location probably has the smallest lot, but still adequate parking just across the front. The 61st & Hwy 75 store has a massive lot given all the extra space there.

I appreciate Hobby Lobby choosing sites with room for expansion, allowing the parking to grow as stores get busier. The Tulsa lots also have designated areas for loading large purchases and shopping cart returns.

Before choosing which HL to visit, I’ll double check the store locator for details on parking if I’m unsure. There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving to a full lot and no spots. But fortunately, that’s a rare issue at the roomy Tulsa locations.

Speed of Inventory Turnover in Tulsa Stores

As a regular shopper, I’m inside Tulsa Hobby Lobby stores often enough to notice how frequently they rotate inventory and put out new stock. Luckily, they seem to do an excellent job keeping the selection fresh and not letting things get stale.

From what I can tell, these departments tend to update most rapidly:

  • Seasonal sections – inventory transitions 6-8 weeks ahead of major holidays
  • Fabrics – new prints and trims arrive every 2-3 weeks
  • Home decor – furniture gets swapped seasonally, accessories every 1-2 months
  • Arts & crafts – favorite supplies restocked quickly, new options rotate in monthly
  • Holiday & floral – flowers/plants weekly, ornament assortment yearly
  • Scrapbooking – embellishments and small accessories change out bi-weekly

If you’re looking for something specific, don’t be afraid to ask employees when they expect that item or department to be restocked. Their inventory system makes it easy to check upcoming deliveries.

I love seeing what’s new each visit. A frequently updated inventory means there’s always inspiration for my next project waiting at Hobby Lobby!

Final Thoughts on Shopping Hobby Lobby Stores in Tulsa

As you can see, Tulsa offers crafters and creators endless options when shopping at the local Hobby Lobby craft stores.

With six convenient locations, knowledgable staff, and constantly replenished inventory, Hobby Lobby makes it easy to find supplies and inspiration for all your DIY projects.

I hope this guide gave you some helpful tips and insights for navigating Hobby Lobby stores across the Tulsa area. Let the creativity flow, and happy shopping!

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