My Journey to Find the Perfect Grinch Tree at Hobby Lobby

Discovering Hidden Treasure in Plain Sight

The holidays are without a doubt my favorite time of year. As soon as the calendar hits November, I’m in full Christmas mode. I spend hours searching Pinterest for inspiration, mapping out decor ideas, and making lists of everything I want to bake and craft. My poor husband never knows what to expect when he comes home—some days the house is filled with the smell of snickerdoodles, other days he finds me elbow-deep in glitter and googly eyes. I can’t help it—the holidays just fill me with so much creativity and excitement!

One of my favorite holiday pastimes is searching for unique Christmas trees to decorate. I’m pretty particular about my centerpiece decor, so I could never settle for a boring old pine tree from the corner lot. Over the years, I’ve brought home potted Norfolk pines, miniature tabletop trees, even a pink tinsel tree straight from the 1960s. But this year, I set my sights on something really special—the ultimate Grinch tree.

I’d seen photos of elaborate Grinch trees online, with their wacky shapes and saturation of green and red. They looked delightfully chaotic, like something straight out of Dr. Seuss’s imagination. I just had to try making one myself. There was only one problem—where on earth would I find supplies for such an odd holiday centerpiece?

That’s when inspiration struck. I suddenly remembered seeing strange-shaped artificial trees and endless aisles of ornaments at my local Hobby Lobby. Could this homespun craft store contain the holy grail of Grinch tree supplies? I had to find out for myself.

Thus began my quest: Operation Grinch Tree. Here is the tale of how I pieced together a masterpiece Grinch tree using supplies from the surprising treasure trove that is Hobby Lobby. Spoiler alert—it was a total success! This experience taught me that sometimes, you can find hidden gems in the place you’d least expect it.

An Unlikely Place to Unearth Festive Finds

Let me start from the beginning. I’ll admit, Hobby Lobby was an unlikely place for me to search for unique holiday decor. In my mind, it was where I picked up yarn or unfinished wood crafts as I breezed through the store. Holiday decor? Not so much.

Boy, was I wrong! I learned the hard way not to underestimate a store just because it isn’t specifically a Christmas boutique. You never know what festive finds you might discover in the most unexpected of places.

On my first Grinch tree hunt at Hobby Lobby, I headed straight for the holiday section, weaving my way through the fully decorated artificial trees on display. My eyes roamed every inch, searching for a sign of anything Grinch-related. Just as I was about to give up hope, a twinkle of red sequins caught my eye from the top shelf. I reached up and pulled down a peculiar looking tree—it was pre-lit, perfectly cone-shaped, and covered in glittering red tinsel. Not exactly Grinch material, but it gave me hope I was in the right place.

I ventured down an aisle of bagged tree branches and stumbled upon a green wire tree form shaped like a giant sprouting onion. Closer, but still not exactly what I had in mind. Moving along, I finally uncovered a promising specimen nestled behind a towering flock of frosted pine trees: a slender, spiraling tree in bright lime green.

My heart leapt—this was it, the perfect blank Grinch tree canvas I could transform! Hobby Lobby had come through for me when I least expected it.

Size Matters – Finding the Right Fit

Now that I had uncovered the ideal Grinch tree form at Hobby Lobby, it was time to decide on size. After all, I needed this lanky green tree to be the showstopping centerpiece of my holiday decor.

Luckily, I found the spiraling green trees in a range of heights, perfect for any space. Tiny 12-inch mini trees would be darling on side tables or as part of a whimsical winter vignette. I briefly considered grabbing a few of those just to dot around the house.

For the main event though, I ultimately opted for the 7.5 foot size, knowing I wanted my Grinch tree to make a dramatic statement. However, Hobby Lobby shoppers will be pleased to know the store stocks these sculptural trees in 2-foot, 3-foot, 4-foot, 5-foot, and 7.5-foot heights. With options like that, anyone can find the perfect Grinch tree specimen for their setting.

Once I had my jumbo twisted green tree in hand, I noticed they were surprisingly lightweight despite the size. The branches were made of bendable wrapped wire, so it was simple to manipulate them into place. This flexibility made me excited to fluff out the tree and shape it into my ideal Grinchy form.

The only downside I noticed was a lack of built-in lights. Since the trees have wire branches, stringing lights takes some strategic planning. But for the signature Grinch look I was after, going lights-free was actually preferable. I could always go back and grab some clip-on tree lights if I changed my mind anyway.

My Budget-Friendly Grinch Tree Base

Speaking of changing my mind, that tends to happen a lot once I actually start decorating. When undertaking a bold holiday design scheme, I like to keep costs low on my base materials until I perfect the aesthetic. That way, I can add and tweak without breaking the bank.

Luckily, Hobby Lobby offers budget-friendly pricing on their sculptural Grinch tree forms. I snagged my 7.5-foot cone-shaped tree for only $79.99. They also had a posh pre-lit version for $149.99, but I opted to save money and create my own lighting effects.

Even better, I was able to save an additional 40% by grabbing this tree when it was half off during a holiday sale event. Hobby Lobby is known for running big sales on seasonal items, so I knew I just had to be patient for a good deal. For a giant, unique tree, just $48 feels like an incredible bargain!

The other sizes were also priced reasonably:

  • 12-inch mini tree – $7.99
  • 2-foot tree – $14.99
  • 3-foot tree – $29.99
  • 4-foot tree – $39.99
  • 5-foot tree – $59.99

Such affordable prices mean you can stock up on Grinch trees for every room without wincing. And if you can catch one of Hobby Lobby’s many holiday sales, these already reasonable prices become absolute steals.

DIY Décor – Embracing My Inner Grinch

Okay, now for the fun part: turning my bargain green tree into a masterpiece worthy of the Grinch himself. I was basically jumping up and down in anticipation of all the creative Grinchifying I could do.

While Hobby Lobby does offer some finished Grinch trees, I really wanted to put my own spin on it. I headed straight for the Christmas ornament aisles bursting with possibility. Immediately I tossed in ornaments in every shape and shade of red, green, gold, and silver I could find. Shiny balls, fuzzy balls, spiked balls—you name it.

Then came the fun oddities to give it that distinct Grinch vibe. Little Santa hats and reindeer figures would create an amusing contrast. Bulbous bauble ornaments and anything in glittering red went straight into my cart. I even added some white ornaments and silver tinsel garland to evoke snowy Mount Crumpit. I would figure out how to arrange it later.

Beyond ornaments, I browsed the ribbon for lush red velvet bow accents and grabbed pom-pom garlands for texture. For the ultimate Grinch tree topper, I found fuzzy Santa hats as well as a hilarious upside-down Santa ornament. Take that, Santa!

I was amazed at the variety of quirky and traditional ornaments available at Hobby Lobby for just a few dollars each. I was truly able to customize my tree theme without breaking the bank. And if I didn’t end up using certain pieces this year, they’d easily store away for future decorating or crafting projects.

Putting it All Together

I may have gotten a bit carried away at Hobby Lobby, judging by the heaping cart I unloaded onto my living room floor. Time to sort through all my finds and create order out of chaos.

I started by fluffing out the Grinch tree form, bending wire branches upwards for maximum fullness. Then came the fun part—draping on strands of silver tinsel garland for that wintry sheen. I strategically placed red velvet bows, alternating between big loopy ones and smaller knots.

Once I set the foundation, I began adding ornaments. I wanted a good balance of expected round balls and whimsical random shapes. Anything red, green, gold, and silver was fair game. I also went heavy on bulbous ornaments for that Grinchy vibe. Stepping back occasionally, I shifted things around until I achieved an even distribution.

The pièce de résistance was the topsy-turvy Santa ornament placed jauntily on top. Surveying my creation, I was struck with that magical feeling only the holidays can inspire. Somehow my budget-friendly supplies from the humble Hobby Lobby transformed into a showstopping display worthy of Who-ville itself.

A New Holiday Tradition is Born

My husband arrived home and his jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw the transformed living room. I stood proudly next to my creation, fully embracing my inner Grinch.

That Grinch tree kicked off a whole month of cozy nights spent drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies under its glow. For a decoration pulled together at the last minute, it sure felt special. I knew then and there that unique Grinch trees would be my new yearly holiday tradition.

Each season I plan to build on what I started with this first whimsical tree. My goal is to slowly curate the most fabulously weird and Seussian ornaments I can find. I can picture a bonkers tree bursting with colorfully strange shapes and textures, like something straight from the pages of ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’.

And of course, I’ll be scouring Hobby Lobby for any new additions to my Grinch ornament collection. From cute little Grinch figures to ornaments featuring his dog Max, I’ll keep an eye out for any fun new releases. Given the surprising treasures I found on my first trip, I’m sure Hobby Lobby will deliver even more inspiration in years to come.

Holiday Takeaways: Think Outside the (Hobby) Box

Reflecting on my quest to find the perfect Grinch tree, I learned an important lesson I hope others can appreciate this holiday season. Sometimes, you have to break out of your mental boxes about where to shop for unique holiday finds. What you’re searching for may very well be waiting for you in an unexpected place, you just have to open your eyes to the possibilities.

Prior to this, I never imagined waltzing into the everyday Hobby Lobby and emerging with a custom Christmas centerpiece. But I’m so thrilled I thought outside the (hobby) box! Now I realize great holiday crafting potential can be found just about anywhere if you keep an open mind.

This year, I encourage everyone to think beyond holiday boutiques and specialty Christmas stores when decorating. Wander down a few unconventional aisles, peek behind that tower of generic wreaths. You never know what hidden festive gems you might uncover, just waiting for someone with vision to come along and give them purpose.

With a bit of creativity and an open mindset, you too can find holiday magic in the most unlikely of places. Here’s wishing everyone a wonderfully weird and Seussical Christmas, straight out of Whoville!

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