My Hobby Lobby Obsession: Crafting My Way Through Lincoln, NE

Finding My Happy Place at the Hobby Lobby on Pine Lake Road

As an arts and crafts enthusiast, I am always on the hunt for great deals on supplies. That’s why I was so excited when a Hobby Lobby opened up here in Lincoln, NE. This place truly is a crafter’s paradise! As soon as I stepped foot in the store on Pine Lake Road, I knew I had found my happy place.

The moment you walk through the doors, you are greeted with aisle after aisle of ribbon, fabric, yarn, beads, frames, floral supplies, scrapbooking tools…you name it, they’ve got it! No matter what type of crafting you’re into, you will find everything you need and more at Hobby Lobby. As a longtime resident of Lincoln, I had been wishing for a store like this for years. Now my dreams have finally come true!

In this blog post, I want to share my experiences and insider tips for navigating the amazing Hobby Lobby right here in my hometown. Whether you’re a fellow Lincolnite or just passing through, I hope this gives you insight into one of my favorite local spots!

The Store Layout

Let’s start with the layout of the store itself. The Hobby Lobby in Lincoln, NE is conveniently located off of Pine Lake Road near plenty of shops and restaurants. The store is quite large, taking up most of the shopping plaza. There is ample parking right out front which makes running in to grab a few supplies fast and easy.

Once inside, the store is neatly organized into sections based on the type of craft. There are clear signs hanging above each aisle to direct you where to go. Some of the major sections include:

  • Floral and ribbon
  • Fabric
  • Yarn and needlework
  • Kids crafts
  • Framing
  • Paper crafting
  • Art supplies
  • Seasonal/holiday

Within each section, merchandise is nicely displayed on endcaps and shelves making it easy to browse. The aisles are wide enough to accommodate carts without feeling crowded.

One of my favorite parts of Hobby Lobby is the way they are constantly bringing in new merchandise. There are always endcaps promoting the latest seasonal products or spotlighting creative ideas. It seems like every time I come to the store, there are new items to discover which keeps the shopping experience fun and fresh.

Getting Crafty with Supplies

Now let’s get into the good stuff…the products! Since opening its doors, I’ve spent a small fortune at the Hobby Lobby in Lincoln stocking up on craft supplies. Here are some of my favorite items to shop for:

Fabric – The fabric selection here is amazing. There are tons of patterns and prints available by the yard in both apparel and quilting fabrics. I am addicted to stocking up on cute cotton prints to make dresses, aprons, pillows and more. They also carry licensed character prints, velvets, lace and other specialty fabrics.

Ribbon and trim – One can never have too much ribbon! I always make a stop in the ribbon section to pick out coordinating ribbons, raffia, burlap and other accents for my projects. They have every size, texture, color and pattern imaginable. I love embellishing gifts and homemade items with ribbon.

Scrapbooking – As both a cardmaker and scrapbooker, I am obsessed with the paper crafting section. There are thousands of papers, stickers, die cuts, stamps and embellishments to choose from. Name a theme or occasion and you’re sure to find supplies to match. I always leave with bags full of goodies for my next album or set of handmade cards.

Yarn – As a crocheter, I am thrilled with the yarn selection. There is a huge variety of brands, materials, colors and weights to choose from. I’ve been able to find specialty yarns here that I can’t get anywhere else in town. They also carry all the tools like hooks, needles and accessories.

Floral – The floral department feels like a little oasis within the store. I love gazing at all the beautiful flowers and picking out greenery to make arrangements. They have faux florals available in every color and style imaginable. I frequently buy stems to incorporate into craft projects or to brighten up my home.

Art Supplies – Although I’m not the most artistic painter, I do enjoy dabbling in watercolors and acrylics. Hobby Lobby has a robust selection of paints, palettes, brushes, canvases and more for artists of all levels. Whenever I feel inspired to paint, I know right where to go to stock up on all the essentials.

Seasonal – One of the things I look forward to most at Hobby Lobby is seeing what fun, trendy seasonal merchandise they will roll out next. No holiday goes unnoticed here! In the fall, the store is brimming with Halloween decor and supplies. Come November, everything gets swapped out for Christmas. It’s amazing how quickly they transition between seasons and holidays. They make it so easy to get into the spirit.

As you can see, I’ve become a bit of a Hobby Lobby fanatic since they opened here in Lincoln. Even after multiple shopping trips, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of all the wonderful items they carry for crafters and makers. The options are truly endless!

Savings and Shopping Tips

Not only does Hobby Lobby have the best selection in town, they also offer incredible savings opportunities. Here are some of my tips for stretching your crafting budget at this store:

  • Download the Hobby Lobby app to receive coupons and alerts on weekly sales
  • Shop the seasonal clearance sections for huge markdowns
  • Check the weekly ad for deals on your favorite brands and items
  • Sign up for the email newsletter to receive notification about special savings events
  • Shop with a coupon from their ad, email or app to save big (you can even use it on sale items!)
  • Buy in bulk quantities when stocking up on essentials like ribbon, fabric, faux flowers etc. to maximize value
  • Take advantage of Buy One Get One Free specials on craft paint, floral stems, Cricut materials and more
  • Don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon on that higher priced item you’ve been eyeing up
  • Factor in the cost of tax and budget accordingly when you shop
  • Bring reusable bags from home to avoid having to purchase any

As a loyal Hobby Lobby shopper, I’ve picked up on some tricks to make the most of their already low prices. Using coupons and shopping the sales can add up to huge savings. This allows me to stock up on all the supplies I need to let my creativity run wild!

Customer Service and Shopping Experience

I also have to compliment the consistently amazing customer service I’ve encountered at Hobby Lobby in Lincoln. The staff here are courteous, eager to assist and very knowledgeable about their products. I’ve been assisted countless times by employees who helped me track down a particular item or offered creative suggestions for projects.

At the fabric cutting station and custom framing counter, the associates are always friendly and willing to take the time to get your order just right. They really strive to ensure each customer is satisfied. I’ve found their friendly attitudes and patience with my indecisiveness makes shopping at Hobby Lobby an absolute joy!

The store also excels at organization, cleanliness and fully stocked shelves. Employees are continuously straightening up product and restocking. During busy weekends, additional cashiers are available so I’ve never had an excessively long wait at checkout.

Little touches like festive music playing and visually appealing displays make shopping at Hobby Lobby an immersive, inspirational experience. I always leave feeling excited about my purchases and whatever project I’m planning next.

Helpful Services

Here are some of the services and conveniences I appreciate most at the Hobby Lobby in Lincoln:

  • Product search – Hobby Lobby has computers located around the store where you can search for item availability and location. This makes it easy to track down exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Cut fabric service – The fabric cutting counter provides excellent service from measuring your yardage to cutting it quickly and accurately. This takes the hassle out of purchasing bulk fabric.
  • Custom framing – For all your framing needs, the in-store custom frame shop can’t be beat. They do quality work at affordable prices.
  • Teacher discount – As an educator, I really appreciate that Hobby Lobby offers a discount for teachers with a valid ID. Saving 10% adds up!
  • Floral arranging – For a small fee, you can purchase a basic arrangement put together at the floral counter. It’s a budget way to buy a gift or centerpiece.
  • Gift wrapping – Already buying gifts at Hobby Lobby? Save time by having them wrapped at the gift wrap station. They do a beautiful job!
  • Kid’s craft events – Periodically, Hobby Lobby hosts free Make and Take craft events for kids which is a fun activity I love bringing my niece to.
  • Classes and workshops – Keep an eye out for their calendar of in-store classes covering topics like calligraphy, wreath making, painting techniques and more. Classes range from free to around $20 typically which is very affordable for gaining new skills!

As you can see, they really do provide everything you could need whether you’re shopping for supplies or looking to spark creativity. I’m so happy Hobby Lobby offers these services right in Lincoln.

Holidays and Seasonal Magic

One of my favorite parts of shopping at Hobby Lobby through the years in Lincoln is seeing all the seasonal transformations. This store goes all out for every single holiday and it really gets me in the spirit!

In January, all the winter merchandise like snowmen, gnomes and frosted pinecones make an appearance. February brings glittery pink, red and purple in honor of Valentine’s Day. As soon as March hits, the Easter bunnies pop up and pastel flowers bloom.

The list goes on and on…patriotic decor for 4th of July, trick or treat finds for Halloween, thankful accents for Thanksgiving and the most stunning Christmas setup you’ve ever seen! No matter the occasion, the store completely decks itself out. It honestly feels magical.

I love browsing the seasonal sections and stocking up on decor and craft supplies to celebrate at home. My family and I have such fun traditions like doing Easter egg crafts, pumpkin carving, sugar cookie decorating and ornament making thanks to the festive supplies I pick up at Hobby Lobby. When I shop there, I know I’ll find everything I need to make the holidays special.

The prices on seasonal items are always impressively low. After each holiday, you better believe everything goes on deep clearance. That’s when I stock up on supplies for the next year! By shopping the sales cycles wisely, you can prep for any holiday well in advance on a tight budget.

Happy Crafting in Lincoln!

I hope this glimpse into my love affair with the Hobby Lobby here in Lincoln was helpful and inspiring! For locals, transplants and visitors alike, this store truly is a must-see destination for finding everything your creative heart desires. Since first opening their doors, they have won me over time and time again with their amazing selection, helpful services, low prices and festive spirit.

No matter what arts or crafts you enjoy most, I guarantee Hobby Lobby will become your go-to spot too. I can’t wait to see all the unique projects and creations Lincoln crafters will whip up thanks the supplies available right in our hometown. For me, when I walk through those front doors and see those familiar aisles full of ribbons and papers, I know I’m home. So follow my lead, get crafty and let your creativity take flight!

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