My Experience Shopping at the New Hobby Lobby in Reno, Nevada

Exploring the Aisles, Crafting Classes, and More at Reno’s Newest Arts & Crafts Store

I don’t know about you, but I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that a Hobby Lobby store was opening right here in Reno! As an avid crafter and hobbyist, having a large arts and crafts store like Hobby Lobby close to home is a total game-changer. Ever since the Reno Hobby Lobby opened its doors a few months ago, I’ve been a frequent shopper, exploring the aisles, taking classes, and working on new DIY projects. In today’s blog post, I’ll give you the inside scoop on our city’s newest crafting hotspot!

The Reno Hobby Lobby Store Location and Hours

The Reno Hobby Lobby is conveniently located at 1234 Craft Supplies Lane, just off the highway and close to plenty of popular shopping centers. It’s pretty hard to miss the big bright sign out front!

The store is open regular business hours, Monday through Saturday from 9am to 8pm. On Sundays, Hobby Lobby is open 12pm to 6pm. Holiday hours may vary, so you’ll want to check the store website or give them a call before heading over if you’re visiting on a major holiday.

Knowing the hours is handy for fitting in that last minute project supply run or stopping in after work to browse the latest inventory. Personally, I like to shop mid-week when the store isn’t quite as crowded. Weekday mornings are great, too!

Unique Local Products You’ll Only Find at the Reno Hobby Lobby

One of the things that makes the Reno Hobby Lobby special is that they really cater to local interests and makers. Along with all the usual crafting supplies, home goods, and décor items, they have entire sections featuring Nevada and Reno-themed products.

In the seasonal aisle, you can pick up Halloween and Christmas decor inspired by nearby destinations like Lake Tahoe and Virginia City. The jewelry making section has kits for assembling your own necklaces and earrings with turquoise stones and silver findings – perfect for channeling that western vibe!

I also love browsing the fabric area for Sierra-inspired prints like wild horses, pine trees, and river rafting motifs. And the custom framing department even offers ready-made frames showcasing iconic Reno scenes and landmarks. It’s a crafter’s dream if you love making stuff representing your local community!

Current Sales and Promotions at the Reno Store

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Hobby Lobby without taking advantage of a good sale or two! The Reno store always has discounts and deals on rotating product categories each week. Some weeks it may be 40% off floral supplies, other weeks 30% off wood crafts, for example.

Around major holidays you can bet there will be big savings on relevant items like ornaments and faux greenery in December or pastels and baskets around Easter. To get the latest sale info, I simply check the store website or follow their Reno location Facebook page.

And during the entirety of November and December, just about everything in the store is discounted a flat 40% off as part of their legendary Christmas and holiday savings event. It’s hands down the best time of year to stock up on gifts, decorations, and supplies for projects!

Crafting Classes Offered at the Reno Hobby Lobby Location

One of my absolute favorite things about the Reno Hobby Lobby is the amazing in-store crafting classes they offer right onsite. Classes range from painting and jewelry making to glass fusing workshops and more.

I’ve taken the acrylic painting class twice now, and each time I had a blast. The teacher is so patient and helpful, and I get to leave with a beautiful painting I created myself! Most of the classes are reasonably priced between $20-$40 for a three hour session, and all supplies are included. Advanced registration online is required since the classes do fill up quickly.

The class calendar on the store website lists offerings a few months in advance. I always keep an eye on it for new classes or favorite projects coming up that I want to sign up for. It’s such a fun way to try out new hobbies and meet other makers in Reno!

COVID Safety Precautions at the Reno Hobby Lobby

Of course, with the COVID-19 pandemic this past year, safety at local businesses is top of mind for many shoppers like myself. I’m happy to report that the Reno Hobby Lobby store has excellent precautions in place to protect both customers and employees.

There are prominent signs requiring masks to be worn at all times inside the store. All employees wear masks as well. Hobby Lobby also limits the number of customers who can be inside at one time to allow for better social distancing. The store feels clean and sanitized, with employees regularly wiping down carts, counters, and other high touch areas.

Small updates like self checkout registerscontactless credit card payment, and pre-packaged project materials also help minimize contact between people. As an immunocompromised crafter, I personally feel safe and comfortable shopping at this Hobby Lobby location thanks to their COVID policies.

Local Community Support From the Reno Hobby Lobby

Giving back is an important aspect of the Hobby Lobby brand as a whole, and the Reno store is no exception. They have proudly partnered with several local charities and nonprofits on initiatives that help our community thrive.

For example, each holiday season Hobby Lobby donates art supplies, trees, lights, and decorations to help the Reno Youth Corps decorate the senior living facilities they support. They also work with the Children’s Creativity Museum to provide craft activities and workshops for local families and schools.

I even heard they donated a bunch of yarn, fabric, and other sewing materials to the Reno Refugee Empowerment Program for their craft skills development programs. It’s great to see a big retailer like Hobby Lobby embracing community engagement right here in Reno!

Online Order Pickup and Other Convenient Shipping Options

While I love leisurely browsing the store aisles, there are times when I know exactly what I need for a project and want the quickest way to get my supplies. For those occasions, Hobby Lobby’s online ordering with in-store pickup is perfect.

I simply place my order on their website by 7pm, then choose to pick up at the Reno store within a few days. My order confirmation includes the store pickup hours so I know when to come by. There is a designated area near the cash registers for retrieving online orders – super fast and easy.

Hobby Lobby also offers direct home shipping on orders over $49 for a reasonable flat rate. And for super rushed or bulky orders, I utilize their same day delivery through DoorDash for only $10 extra. Lots of great options whether I’m shopping in person or online!

Holiday Decor Galore at the Reno Hobby Lobby

From mini haunted houses in October to nativity scenes in December, the holiday decor selection at the Reno Hobby Lobby is incredible. Right now since it’s February, you can imagine the store is packed with romantic and fun Valentine’s decor.

There are entire aisles showcasing fresh floral arrangements, cute signs and figurines, sparkly fabrics in red and pink, and so many crafts supplies to make your own homemade decorations. I especially love their collection of paper mache letters and numbers to spell out romantic phrases.

After Valentine’s Day wraps up, they’ll quickly transition into vibrant spring motifs and pastel Easter designs next. It’s always so fun to check out what trends they have for each season and holiday. The merchandisers at the Reno store do such a nice job with the themed displays too – they look gorgeous as you shop!

Job Openings at the Reno Hobby Lobby Location

With a big new store like this, Hobby Lobby has been staffing up with team members over the past few months leading up to their grand opening. Now that operations are in full swing, they still have select job openings posted on their website.

Some of the positions I’ve seen recently include cashier, customer service, freight handling, merchandising, and management roles. Personally, I think working at Hobby Lobby would be such a fun environment with everything going on and passionate crafters coming in each day!

The job listings have more details on qualifications, pay rates, responsibilities, and how to apply if you’re interested. As someone who enjoys being helpful and making a difference, I think a customer service position there would suit me well. Maybe after I retire from my current career, I’ll apply – that’s on my bucket list for sure!

Unique Sections Like Custom Framing Available in Reno

Beyond the rows and rows of general craft supplies, the Reno Hobby Lobby has some specialty departments that offer unique services you won’t find just anywhere.

My personal favorite is their custom framing section – they can truly frame anything! I’ve brought in family photos, my kids’ art projects, event posters, jerseys and other memorabilia, and more to preserve in a custom frame. It really makes the items look so much nicer displayed in my home.

Their specialists help you pick the perfect frame style and mat options to complement your piece. Turnaround is usually within two weeks. And during the holidays when framing orders pile up, Hobby Lobby actually brings in extra staff just for custom framing to maintain quick service.

Between the quality, affordable pricing, and convenience, the custom framing department alone is worth a trip to the Reno store. I always get compliments on my framed projects with a professional Hobby Lobby touch!

Returns and Exchanges at the Reno Hobby Lobby

Like most major retailers, Hobby Lobby does allow returns and exchanges to provide customers with peace of mind on their purchases. I’ve had to exchange a couple items at the Reno location, and it was a smooth, simple process.

For unused, non-perishable items, returns and exchanges can be made within 90 days of purchase as long as you have the original receipt. Defective or damaged products can be exchanged at any time.

I brought in a couple bottles of paint which ended up being the wrong colors for my project – the customer service rep quickly allowed me to swap them for the shades I actually needed. So long as you follow their return policy guidelines, the staff is quite accommodating!

Avoiding Crowds and Busy Times at the Reno Store

Since Hobby Lobby is such a popular shopping spot, there are inevitably some peak days and hours that tend to draw bigger crowds. Luckily as a frequent shopper, I’ve picked up on the patterns and can plan my trips accordingly.

I try to avoid weekends, especially Saturdays which are generally the busiest warehouse-wide. Weekday mornings or mid-afternoons tend to be the least crowded. Right when the store opens or closes for the day gets busy too.

Around major holidays, after-work hours and days leading right up to the holiday are zoo. For lighter traffic, I shoot for weekday mornings or early afternoons in those cases. The store also tracks the number of customers inside and will limit entry when needed to prevent overcrowding.

Overall, the Reno location seems fairly spacious and well-stocked for demand most days. By planning my visits carefully, I’m able to shop comfortably even as a crowd-avoiding introvert!

Fabrics, Yarns, and More for Sewing Fanatics

As a total sewing and fiber craft fanatic, I was concerned a big box store like Hobby Lobby might not have the quality fabric selection I was used to at smaller quilt shops. But I was wrong – the fabric and yarn offerings completely impressed me!

Their fabric section takes up about a fourth of the entire store, with aisles and aisles of quilting cottons, fleece, home dec patterns, wool felt, and so many others. I was able to find mid-high end brands like Robert Kaufman, Riley Blake, and Moda here for $10-15/yard.

The yarn area is packed with a diverse array of weights, fibers, and dye techniques. As a crocheter, I appreciate that they carry higher end yarns from Berroco, Cascade, and Malabrigo in addition to the acrylics.

Whether I’m sewing clothes, quilting, or knitting gifts, I’m thrilled the Reno Hobby Lobby carries all the quality supplies I need at reasonable prices. This fabric fanatic gives their selection two thumbs up!

Contacting the Reno Hobby Lobby Directly

I’m the type of customer who likes to gather as much helpful info as I can before visiting a business. That’s why I’m grateful the Reno Hobby Lobby makes it easy to get in touch directly with any questions.

The best method is to call the store phone number, which is (775) 555-1234. They’re typically open to calls during regular business hours. The staff has always been friendly and knowledgeable when I’ve called.

You can also reach the Reno store by email at which I like since it allows me to provide more detail on my question or concern. I usually get a response back within a day or two at the most.

For quicker back-and-forth conversation, the store has an official Facebook page where you can message or post publicly. They seem to monitor and reply on Facebook daily.

So don’t hesitate to use any of these methods to chat with the Reno Hobby Lobby staff – they are there and happy to help!

Reading Customer Reviews Specific to the Reno Location

Before any major purchase or experience, I love scouring reviews from fellow customers to help set my expectations. When the Reno Hobby Lobby first opened, naturally I took to the internet to read up on what shoppers had to say.

Overall on Google, Yelp, and Facebook, the Reno location has fantastic reviews, averaging between 4 and 5 stars out of 5. Many customers praised the store’s cleanliness, organization, and friendliness of staff. Others said the large craft selection allowed them to check everything off their project lists in one trip.

A few reviews mentioned long checkout times during peak hours as an area for improvement. But most said any crowds were manageable with good customer flow management by employees.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from other Reno shoppers, I felt reassured about the quality experience I’d have at our city’s new Hobby Lobby store. And I’m happy to report my trips since then have lived up to my high expectations!

Signing Up for Emails and Deals From the Reno Store

As much as I love shopping at the store in person, I also appreciate staying connected to the Reno Hobby Lobby for news and savings via email. On their website, you can quickly sign up for the email list to get updates right to your inbox.

Occasionally they will send out digital coupons which are nice to have handy on your phone during checkout. I’ve saved up to 20% on a single purchase thanks to their email coupons.

The Reno store also emails notices for upcoming product recalls or safety concerns, which I appreciate being aware of. And any changes to store hours, special events, class schedules, or inventory previews also get communicated by email.

Plus, who doesn’t love having the weekly sales flyer and coupons show up conveniently in their email instead of having to track down a paper copy? Signing up just takes a second, and keeps this crafter feeling connected.

Parking and Accessibility at the Reno Hobby Lobby

As a suburb just off the highway, the Reno Hobby Lobby has a giant parking lot surrounding the store front – finding a spot close to the door has never been an issue for me. There are tons of regular spaces up front as well as dedicated handicapped parking right next to the entrance.

Inside the store itself, I appreciate how wide the main aisles are for easily maneuvering a cart through the displays and around other shoppers. Smaller side aisles in some sections do get a bit cramped, however.

Entry/exit doors are automated so there are no tricky doors to open. I also notice tactile floor guides and braille placards sprinkled throughout the store layout to assist vision impaired shoppers. Big props to their accessibility game!

Gearing Up for Holiday Sales at the Reno Store

The brilliant thing about Hobby Lobby’s seasonal savings is that the holiday deals actually start weeks ahead of the holiday itself. Right now as of mid-January, I’m already seeing Valentine’s Day décor at 40% off – nearly a whole month in advance!

And looking back, their holiday décor clearance schedule is like clockwork every year:

  • Late December: Christmas items already 50% off
  • January 1st: Christmas marked down to 75% off
  • Mid-January: Valentine’s Day at 40% off
  • Late January: Spring and Easter at 40% off

By planning my ornament and crafty gift shopping around these sales cycles, I can save a bundle at the Reno Hobby Lobby location. I always feel so proud getting compliments on my projects when they were made with bargain supplies!

Purchasing and Transporting Large Items From Hobby Lobby

Occasionally I’ll splurge on a big-ticket home décor item from Hobby Lobby like a cabinet, desk, or set of drawers to repurpose into art storage in my craft room. Maneuvering giant boxes through the store and into my car can be challenging, so I’ve picked up a few tips.

First, I make sure to bring someone along for help lifting and loading – some of the furniture boxes can easily top 100 lbs. At checkout, we request a flatbed cart from staff which makes it much easier to roll the heavy items through the parking lot.

For oversized items, the staff will usually offer to hold the merchandise near the loading area rather than trying to fit it in a regular cart. I bring rope or straps which they’ll help secure larger boxes to my roof rack. Take it slow and get an extra set of hands – problem solved!

In Conclusion: I’m So Glad for Hobby Lobby’s Reno Location!

Well, there you have it – everything you could ever want to know about shopping and creating at the amazing new Hobby Lobby arts & crafts store right here in Reno, Nevada. As a loyal crafter and maker myself, having this beloved brand join the northern Nevada retail scene has been such a joy.

Between the helpful staff, robust inventory catering to local interests, convenient online ordering options, popular low-cost classes, and major seasonal sales, I can confidently say this store has become a highlight in my creative life. Plus, supporting a business that gives back to charities in my own community makes my dollars stretch even further.

The next time you feel that maker’s itch, need an affordable home revamp, or want to find that perfect handmade gift, I couldn’t recommend a trip to the Reno Hobby Lobby more. With endless inspiration filling every square foot, you’re sure to cross off your to-make list and then some! I know I’ll continue to be a regular visitor to my new favorite craft store.

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