My Experience Shopping at the Hobby Lobby in Springfield, MO

Finding Crafting Supplies and Home Decor in the Heart of the Ozarks

As an avid crafter and home decor enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for quality art supplies and decorative items to fuel my hobbies. That’s why I was so excited when a Hobby Lobby opened up right here in my hometown of Springfield, MO!

Located at 3550 S Glenstone Ave, the Hobby Lobby in Springfield is conveniently situated right off the busy Glenstone Avenue. As one of the major retail corridors in town, it’s easy to access from just about anywhere in the Springfield metro.

The store keeps regular hours from 9 AM to 8 PM Monday through Saturday, and 10 AM to 6 PM on Sundays. That makes it easy to shop before or after work, or squeeze in a quick trip over the weekend.

Around the holidays, Hobby Lobby typically extends their hours to allow for more shopping time. I always appreciate being able to run in for last-minute Christmas decor or supplies for homemade Valentine’s treats when they stay open late.

Of course, the hallmark of any good craft store is the quality and variety of products available. At over 55,000 square feet, the Hobby Lobby in Springfield, MO has tons of options for all kinds of creative projects. The store layout makes it easy to browse section by section, featuring:

  • Arts and Crafts Supplies: From colored pencils and paints to yarn, floral stems, and everything in between, this section has all the tools I need for my latest DIY.
  • Fabric: I can spend hours perusing the huge assortment of cotton prints, faux leathers, licensed character prints, and more. They even carry quilt making basics like batting and cutter sets.
  • Home Decor: This area inspires me with wall art options galore, from canvas prints to metal signs and more. I also love browsing the vases, frames, candles and greenery.
  • Seasonal: No matter the time of year, this section is loaded up with decor and supplies for the season. I stock up on Christmas ornaments and baking molds in winter or patriotic wreaths and bunting in summer.
  • Floral: As an amateur floral arranger, I appreciate the selection of faux and dried stems and greenery available here. They have flowers in every color and style imaginable!
  • Framing: Bring your art and prints to life with quality custom framing available on-site. Their knowledgeable framing experts can walk you through the entire process.

Beyond the inventory, I appreciate the little touches that make shopping at Hobby Lobby an enjoyable experience:

  • In-Store Classes: I’ve taken a couple of DIY classes right in the store – like watercolor painting and wreath making – and they were fantastic. Keep an eye out for these limited-time opportunities.
  • Friendly Staff: The employees here are always willing to help track down products or make recommendations. They even walk me out to my car with big loads!
  • Clean Store: The bright lighting and spacious aisles make browsing pleasant and easy. I’ve never seen the store in disarray.
  • Seasonal Music: They pipe in festive tunes during the holidays that get me in the spirit as I shop. Who doesn’t love humming along to Christmas carols in December?
  • Sales & Coupons: There are almost always some great deals on art supplies and home decor to be had. I watch my mail for coupons and check the sales fliers online.
  • Curbside Pickup: If I’m crunched for time, I love being able to shop online and swing through to grab my order without going in.

While Hobby Lobby has a lot of strengths, there are a few areas I feel could use improvement:

  • Crafting Classes: I’d love to see them expand class offerings to include more topics like calligraphy or resin jewelry making.
  • Expanded Hours: As a night owl, I wish they stayed open just one or two hours later, especially on weekends.
  • More Local Items: Though selection is good, I’d like to see more products from Ozarks-based artists featured.
  • Food & Drink: Let customers sip coffee or smoothies while they browse! Maybe offer baked goods from local shops too.
  • Loyalty Program: A rewards program for frequent shoppers would keep me coming back. Earn points to redeem for discounts on future purchases.

All in all, I’m thrilled to have such a great craft supply store conveniently located right here in my hometown. The Hobby Lobby in Springfield, MO has become one of my go-to spots when I need inspiration for my latest DIY. With a great selection, knowledgeable staff, and a clean shopping environment, they have everything I need to unleash my creativity.

Memorable Shopping Experiences at Hobby Lobby in Springfield, MO

As a devoted Hobby Lobby shopper, I have amassed countless memories strolling the aisles over the years. From holiday shopping adventures to big custom framing projects, my hometown store has been the backdrop for many special moments. Here are some of my most memorable experiences:

Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

One year on Christmas Eve, I had some last minute gifts to pick up before heading to visit family for the holiday. I braved the crowded store and was able to snag great deals on festive gift bags, tissue paper, gift tags, and fun stocking stuffers. Despite the crowds, the staff remained cheerful and helped me find everything on my list!

Custom Framing My Daughter’s Artwork

When my daughter brought home her first big portfolio of artwork from art school, I knew I wanted to frame some of the pieces for display in our home. The framing experts at Hobby Lobby helped me select some beautiful frames to complement and showcase her work. Seeing her art framed brought my daughter such pride!

Late Night Halloween Shopping

Each Halloween, I wait until the last minute to shop for pumpkins and festive decorations – and each year the staff at Hobby Lobby graciously keeps the store open late for all us procrastinators! I’ll never forget stocking up on eerie décor as “Monster Mash” played over the speakers. Definitely got me in the spooky spirit!

Afternoon Crafting with Friends

Some of my best memories were spent leisurely perusing the craft aisles with friends, gathering supplies for our latest project and exchanging ideas. With so much inspiration around every corner, we’d shop for hours then head home ready to get crafty!

Custom Wreath Making Class

I’ll always remember the lively wreath making class I took right in the store. Our instructor showed us tricks for fluffing ribbons, layering greenery, and attaching embellishments. My springtime wreath came out beautifully – I felt so accomplished!

Summer Sidewalk Sale

On warm summer days, I’d browse the discounted racks and bins they’d bring out onto the sidewalk, snatching up fabrics for sewing projects at amazing prices. The fresh air and bargains made for such fun shopping trips.

Holiday Shopping with Mom

Some of my fondest memories are wandering the holiday aisles with my mom each season, picking out new festive linens, cute mugs for hot cocoa, and of course, specialty baking pans! Shopping with her during the most wonderful time of the year is a tradition I cherish.

No matter the occasion or season, the Hobby Lobby in Springfield has been the backdrop for so many special moments over the years. More than just a store, it has become a place for creativity, inspiration, and bonding over shared hobbies with family and friends. I can’t wait to see what memorable experiences I’ll have there next!

Why I Keep Coming Back to Hobby Lobby in Springfield, MO

As an avid crafter and home decorator, I shop all of the craft stores in my area on a regular basis. But I find myself returning again and again to the Hobby Lobby on Glenstone here in Springfield, MO. There are so many reasons why this particular store has become my favorite go-to over the years:

The Employees: The staff at my Hobby Lobby is always so friendly and eager to help. They’ll personally walk me to product locations, offer suggestions, keep a look out for coupons I can use, and even help lug my purchases out to the car. Their genuine desire to provide great service keeps me coming back.

Sales and Coupons: I can almost always find some amazing deals and discounts like 40-50% off one item coupons or sales on categories like home decor, crafting tools, framing, and more. Saving money on quality supplies makes frequent shopping here worthwhile.

Selection: With over 55,000 square feet of retail space, they offer an absolutely staggering selection of products. I’m always discovering new items, and they constantly refresh options and add new inventory so there’s always something new to see.

One Stop Shop: No matter what kind of project I’m working on, I can get everything I need in one trip at Hobby Lobby. With fully-stocked categories like fabric, floral, art, crafts, home decor, jewelry making and more under one roof, it’s a huge time saver!

Unique Finds: I’m able to discover specialty supplies here that I can’t find at other local stores. Things like large burlap rolls, quality wool felt, niche baking tools, and specific floral varieties give my projects the personalized touch I love.

Inspiring Displays: The visual merchandising throughout the store never fails to ignite my creativity. The beautiful room vignettes, idea galleries, and color-coordinated aisles get my creative juices flowing and give me fresh inspiration every visit.

Familiar Setting: After years of shopping there regularly, the store feels comfortable and familiar. I know exactly where to go to find what I need. And I’ve gotten to know many of the employees after chatting with them on each trip there. It just feels like home!

With some of the lowest prices around on their gigantic selection, and exceptional service from friendly staff, the Hobby Lobby in Springfield has become my creative happy place and top shopping destination. The stores’ commitment to providing a positive and inspiring shopping experience will keep me coming back for years to come!

Spotlight on Hobby Lobby’s Springfield, MO Store

As a major national chain with over 900 stores, Hobby Lobby locations across the country have a lot of similarities. But each individual store also has its own unique flair and characteristics. The Hobby Lobby out on Glenstone here in Springfield, MO is no exception. Here’s a look at what gives this specific store its one-of-a-kind charm:

Ozarks Hospitality: The friendly and down-to-earth employees at this location reflect the best parts of Midwest hospitality. Chit chatting with staff and fellow shoppers while browsing has become part of the experience.

Local Finds: This store does an excellent job of bringing in products from regional artists and makers. I love discovering Ozarks-themed signs, decor, stationary, jewelry, candles and more. It supports local creatives!

Community Hub: I run into people I know from the neighborhood or the kids’ school while shopping all the time. There’s a sense you’re part of the larger Springfield community when here.

Framed Art Gallery: The massive framed art section, with walls showcasing dozens of prints, sets this Hobby Lobby apart. I can get lost in there, gathering inspiration for decorating my home.

Ask the Experts: The custom framers, fabric specialists, and florists on staff provide specialized knowledge you can’t find elsewhere. I love tapping into their expertise.

Creative Vibe: Seeing other shoppers with carts full of craft supplies, hearing kids excitedly grabbing project items, and even just the sights and sounds throughout the store give off an energizing creative vibe you feel immediately.

Holiday HQ: Nowhere captures the holiday spirit quite like Hobby Lobby, and the Springfield store really goes all out with wonderous seasonal decor that makes it a must-visit during Christmas, Easter, Halloween and more.

With its welcoming staff, bustling community feel, and support for local makers, the Hobby Lobby out on Glenstone has truly become a Springfield gem. For craft lovers and shoppers alike, it’s so much more than just another chain store.

My Dream Improvements for Hobby Lobby in Springfield, MO

While the Hobby Lobby here in Springfield already provides an amazing shopping experience, I do have my own personal wish list of changes I’d love to see them implement in the future. Here are some of my dream improvements for my hometown store:

Expanded Classes: Topping my list would be an even more robust schedule of DIY classes held right in the store. I’d love to see specialized topic options like watercolor techniques, beginner sewing, calligraphy, resin art, and more added in.

Local Shop Window: Devoting a small section of the store specifically for highlighting local Springfield and Ozarks-based makers, crafters, and artisans to sell their wares would be amazing. It would strengthen the shop local vibe.

Material Library: I would love if they set up a material library where crafters could buy small scraps and swatches of fabric, yarn, faux flowers etc. It would reduce unused leftovers and offer more affordability.

Self Serve Stations: Adding self serve cutting stations for fabric and small wood shapes, engraving machines for customizing glassware/signs, and more interactive elements would be fantastic.

Expanded Events: Imagining seasonal craft fairs, open studio nights, author book signings, and even live crafting demonstrations on site excites me. It would make Hobby Lobby an even stronger community hub.

Cafe Corner: Top on my wish list would be a small corner cafe serving drinks and light snacks like soup, sandwiches, and baked goods. It’d be lovely to enjoy a coffee while leisurely shopping!

** loyalty Programs:** Implementing a loyalty membership with special discounts, early sales access, and point accumulation for regular shoppers would be much appreciated. Reward loyal customers!

While I’m already a devoted shopper, these innovative additions would only enhance the wonderful shopping experience at my local Hobby Lobby. But even without these changes, I’ll continue frequenting my favorite craft store for all my project needs!

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