My Experience Furnishing My Home with Hobby Lobby Finds

How I Discovered This Surprisingly Great Source for Affordable and Unique Furniture

I never thought I’d become a hobby lobby convert. As someone who considers herself pretty stylish and modern, I used to turn my nose up at the craft chain store, assuming it was all kitschy signs and cheap home décor. But when I recently moved into my first house, I was in desperate need of affordable furniture and home goods. After perusing the aisles during a quick stop for art supplies, I was shocked by hobby lobby’s impressive furniture selection. Thus began my journey furnishing nearly my entire home with their unexpected array of modern, vintage and rustic finds. Here’s what I discovered during my quest to turn my empty house into a beautiful home on a budget.

Hobby Lobby Offers a Surprising Array of Stylish Furniture

As I browsed the furniture aisles, my jaw nearly hit the floor. They had gorgeous dining tables and chairs, dressers, bookcases, sofa sets, bar stools, desks, outdoor furniture and so much more. I found tons of farmhouse, industrial and mid-century modern styles, along with more traditional looks as well. There were plenty of small space solutions like nesting tables, narrow bookshelves and compact desks. And I was able to find fixtures for every room – bedroom, living room, dining room, home office, patio – you name it. Their selection rivals big furniture stores at a fraction of the cost.

Unbeatable Prices, Especially with Frequent Sales

Another perk of shopping at hobby lobby for furniture is the unbelievable prices, made even better by their constant sales. Large dressers were under $200, upholstered headboards were around $100, sofa sets were as little as $500. And I’m talking nice, sturdy pieces here – not cheap junk. They offer occasional 40% off sales on regularly priced items and weekly sales on select products, so with a little persistence you can score amazing deals. I was able to furnish my entire living room with a coffee table, two end tables, a sofa, loveseat, two lamps and armchair for under $1200 thanks to well-timed sales hunting.

Quality Construction that Looks Way More Expensive Than It Is

While hobby lobby’s furniture won’t last you a lifetime, the quality is fantastic for the low costs. I was wary at first, but was pleasantly surprised. The wood, metal and upholstered pieces I bought look much pricier than what I paid. The wood furniture has nice details like distressing, carving and burnished edges. The metal and iron items have pretty sculptural shapes and finishes. And the upholstered furniture has great framing and durable fabrics. After over a year’s use, they’ve held up remarkably well to daily wear and tear.

Tons of Ways to Customize with Paint, Fabric and More

What’s even better about hobby lobby’s affordable furniture is that so many of the pieces can be customized to match your home’s style. Their unfinished wood dressers, shelves, tables and more are the perfect blank canvases for painting or staining. I was able to give a hand-me-down dresser a modern facelift with some wood stain and new hardware. And the upholstered furniture has removable fabric covers that you can easily replace to change the look. I found some really fun printed fabric to give a classic wingback chair a boho vibe. Visit the fabric section to inspire your creativity and change up hobby lobby finds.

Easy to Mix and Match Styles and Finishes

Hobby lobby makes it easy to create a totally unique look by offering the same furniture pieces in different finishes. For example, they carry a specific mid-century style chair in walnut, white, black, cream, teal, yellow – you name it. I was able to find nightstands that perfectly matched my bedroom set along with unique lamps and accent chairs that coordinate. In each room, I could infuse different influences – a reclaimed wood console table here, a metallic bar cart there and a cozy farmhouse sofa. The styling options are endless.

Kid and Baby Furniture that Actually Looks Good

As a new mom, I was dreading having to fill my home with loud, clunky plastic children’s furniture. But hobby lobby carries beautiful, practical pieces I’m happy to display in any room. They have the usual suspects like cribs, changing tables, rockers and toy storage. Yet they also offer stylish desks, play tables, dressers, bookcases and twin beds – all in pleasing colors and finishes like white, espresso and distressed wood. I scored an incredible modern wood bunk bed for my son for just $399! Even their kids’ decorative accessories like lamps, wall art and pillows work for adults too.

Outdoor Furniture that Can Withstand the Elements

To furnish my small patio on a dime, I headed straight to the outdoor section. They have metal, iron, plastic and teak dining sets, lounge chairs, bar sets and more. I was able to create a chic little space with a glass-top metal bistro set and matching chairs for under $300. The quality is impressive – the iron is powder coated to prevent rust and the cushions are treated to resist sun damage and water. Sturdy but inexpensive, it’s the perfect solution for small balconies, decks and patios. I just bring the cushions inside during bad weather and the set keeps looking great.

One of the biggest perks of hobby lobby is their user-friendly website where you can buy any of their furniture online. This is a lifesaver when you need a hard-to-find piece that isn’t in your local store. They have tons of options eligible for home delivery at very reasonable rates. I was able to get a hutch, sideboard, rug and wall art shipped to my door in under a week for less than $100. Their flat rate shipping and thresholds for free shipping also help keep costs down. Large items and special order pieces can be delivered too – super handy for scoring that dream dining table or sofa you’ve been coveting.

Generous Return Policy Provides Peace of Mind

Shopping for furniture sight unseen can be scary, but hobby lobby’s return policy helps alleviate the stress. They allow furniture returns and exchanges within 90 days of purchase as long as you have the receipt. This gave me the confidence to take a chance on some unique items online without worrying I’d be stuck with it if I didn’t like it in person. When my coffee table arrived damaged, they quickly issued a refund so I could reorder. Returns are easy – you just have to bring it back packaged up to any store.

Budget-Friendly Assembly from Store Staff

For those not so handy with power tools, hobby lobby takes the pain out of DIY furniture assembly. They offer affordable assembly services for most furniture purchases. The fees are very reasonable – usually between $20-$75 depending on the size and complexity of the piece. This was a huge help when I bought a large media console since I knew I couldn’t put it together alone. The store staff were able to assemble and haul it to my home the next day for just $50 – an incredible deal!

Great Quality for the Price if You Care For It Properly

Hobby lobby furniture won’t last a lifetime, but with proper care it can look beautiful for years. Since most pieces are particle board, it’s important to keep them in climate controlled conditions to prevent warping from moisture. An occasional polish will also keep wood and metal pieces looking shiny and new. For upholstered items, promptly treat any spots and keep fabrics out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. I wipe everything down regularly with a dusting cloth and protect surfaces with mats and coasters. With basic maintenance, even the inexpensive framing and finishes stay looking luxe.

Some Eco-Conscious Offerings for the Sustainability-Minded

While not their primary focus, hobby lobby does offer some greener furniture choices for the sustainability-minded. They incorporate recycled and reclaimed materials like wood, metal and rubber into chic dining tables, media consoles, storage pieces and accents. There are also lots of live edge wood coffee and side tables that showcase the natural edge of the tree slab. And I found beautiful vintage-inspired and antique reproduction pieces that give new life to classic designs. They may not scream “eco-friendly”, but these touches prove that stylish green furniture certainly exists at hobby lobby.

Office Furniture to Create Your Perfect Home Workspace

As someone who works from home, having an attractive and functional office space was a must. And hobby lobby came through with tons of pieces to create my dream setup. They have chairs in multiple styles – tufted, leather, saddle seat – so you can stay comfy all day. There are desks and workstations big and small to fit any space. To store supplies, I found a pretty white apothecary desk organizer and matching bookshelves. And accent lighting like parchment lamps and wall art provide an inspiring backdrop. My home office looks straight out of Pinterest, complete with a bulletin board and textured rug – all for less than $500.

Reviews are Mixed, But I’ve Been Pleased with Most of What I Bought

Looking at hobby lobby’s furniture reviews online, opinions seem split. Some praise the unbeatable prices and decent design while others feel the quality could be better. From my personal experience, while it may not equal Restoration Hardware, most of their furniture has proven durable and I have no real complaints. As long as you go in with realistic expectations for budget-friendly pieces, you’re likely to be satisfied – especially considering the low cost. Pay attention to details in reviews and thoroughly inspect pieces in the store. All in all, I’m thrilled with my hobby lobby haul.

New Arrivals Mean the Selection is Always Changing

A fun surprise whenever I stop into hobby lobby is stumbling across new furniture pieces I’ve never noticed. Their stock seems to change regularly based on the season and style trends. My latest visit revealed a cool acrylic chair perfect for my vanity, intricately carved Boho dressers and a mod concrete dining table. I love this constant refresh since it allows me to infuse new styles into my rooms as my taste evolves. And I never get bored shopping the same old inventory. There are always fresh, budget-friendly finds to discover.

Most Furniture is Ready-Made, But Custom Options Exist Too

The majority of hobby lobby’s offerings are ready-made, delivered pieces, but they do have some customization options. For example, their upholstered sofas and chairs can be ordered in different fabrics you select. And basic bookcases and cabinets can be sized to your space by adding or removing shelves and modules. While not fully customized, these tweaks allow you to adapt furniture to your needs and style. For true one-of-a-kind pieces, be sure to browse hobby lobby’s charming paintable decor and unfinished wood. The options are almost endless!

Coordinating Collections Make Decorating Easy

Creating a cohesive room is effortless thanks to all the coordinating furniture collections hobby lobby offers. I was able to find an entire farmhouse-inspired living room with just a few clicks – coffee table, console, shelves, accent chairs…all perfectly matched and designed to work together. In another space, a modern metal bed frame, dresser and nightstands make up my bedroom suite. Mixing finishes like wood and metal or modern and vintage pieces also works thanks to solid design across collections. DIY decorators will love crafting beautiful spaces with these complete sets.

Furniture Made from Affordable but Attractive Materials

Given hobby lobby’s accessible prices, their furniture is constructed from affordable materials without appearing cheap. Most wood pieces seem to be pine, eucalyptus, rubberwood or particle board stained, painted or laminated to mimic pricier hardwoods. Metal frames and accent pieces have a nice weight to them. And upholstered items feature durable polyester and cotton blends. While not heirloom quality, these honest materials keep costs down without sacrificing style – ideal for trends that come and go. The key is innovative design and finishing to elevate the everyday mediums.

Large Items Can Be Delivered Straight to Your Door

Nothing’s worse than finally buying your dream bedroom set only to realize you have no way to haul it home from the store. Thankfully hobby lobby provides delivery services for large furniture purchases. Reasonable fees based on mileage allow you to skip the back-straining hassle. I had a double dresser, queen headboard and two nightstands brought right to my house and assembled in the bedroom for less than $100. They’ll even haul away your old furniture for an additional cost. This full service option makes acquiring big statement pieces a breeze.

The Bottom Line – Unbeatable Furniture Finds for the Money

Never in my wildest dreams did I think a quick trip to hobby lobby would yield enough furniture to decorate nearly my entire house. But I’m a true believer after furnishing my home almost exclusively from their surprisingly impressive selection. No other retailer offers such variety and style at these unmatchable prices point blank. If you’re working with a tight budget but refuse to sacrifice good design, hobby lobby is a must-try source. At the very least, it’s the perfect place to buy inexpensive basics you can build upon. To create Pinterest-worthy rooms that defy their bargain price tags, head to the craft store. This hobby lobby devotee gives their furniture five enthusiastic stars.

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