My Crafting Adventures at Hobby Lobby in Colorado Springs

Exploring the Aisles for Inspiration and Supplies

As an avid crafter always on the hunt for new projects and materials, I was thrilled when Hobby Lobby first opened up shop in Colorado Springs. This nationwide craft store chain has become my go-to spot for affordable art supplies, seasonal decor, and quirky home goods that spark my creativity. With multiple locations across town, I’ve enjoyed getting to know each store’s unique product selection and deals.

My favorite location is the Hobby Lobby on North Academy Boulevard. It’s the largest store in the area and has by far the most extensive collection of fabric, ribbon, floral stems and greenery. As soon as I walk through the front doors, the sight of all those vibrant bolts of fabric gets my mind spinning with ideas for quilting, sewing, and upholstery projects. The Christmas decoration section also blows my mind with its sheer size and variety. I could spend hours just walking the spacious aisles and daydreaming up fun DIY crafts or home decor items to make.

The smaller Hobby Lobby store off of South Academy Boulevard is my spot for more specialized supplies like jewelry-making tools, knitting needles, and paints. While it doesn’t have the fabric or seasonal selection that the North Academy location does, I can always count on finding unique craft materials here that inspire me to try new hobbies. The employees at this location are also some of the most knowledgeable I’ve come across when asking for recommendations on specific crafting techniques or products.

No matter which store I shop at, I love that Hobby Lobby carries quality supplies at budget-friendly prices. Over the years, they’ve become my one-stop-shop for affordably elevating my crafting and decorating projects. Their frequently running sales mean I can stock up on essentials like faux flowers, burlap, candles, frames, and more without breaking the bank. I definitely spend more than I mean to whenever I pop in, thanks to the tempting variety and savings!

Crafting Away During Store Hours

Luckily for my hobby, most Colorado Springs Hobby Lobby locations are open seven days a week. Monday through Saturday hours are 9am to 8pm, with Sunday hours from 10am to 6pm. Only the smaller Hobby Lobby stores close earlier on Saturdays, at 7pm.

I often like to visit Hobby Lobby on Sunday mornings, when the stores tend to be less crowded and I can leisurely browse all the aisles. The earlier hours make it easy to get some casual crafting shopping done before weekend activities ramp up. During the week, I usually swing by in the evenings after work, often picking up a needed craft supply or simply finding inspiration for my next project.

Around major holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter, Hobby Lobby keeps extended hours to accommodate seasonal crowds. The stores open at 7am instead of 9am Monday through Saturday. This allows more customers to check out the holiday decor and materials during the prime crafting seasons. I certainly take advantage of the early browsing when I’m looking for very specific holiday supplies that sell out quickly. Otherwise, the normal hours still give me plenty of time to peruse products and get creative ideas.

The Colorado Springs Hobby Lobby locations are great about posting their updated hours on the website and front doors. I’ve never shown up to locked doors unexpectedly. They seem to provide consistent, reliable hours year-round with customer convenience in mind. Whether I need an early-bird or late-night crafting shop, I can count on Hobby Lobby to have their doors open and aisles stocked.

Finding Community and Learning Through Classes

Beyond simply providing high-quality art supplies, I really appreciate that Hobby Lobby also strives to build crafting community and education. Across all stores in Colorado Springs, they offer free in-store classes on various projects and techniques. These classes range from painting workshops to jewelry-making lessons to seasonal crafts.

I recently attended a wood sign painting class at the North Academy Hobby Lobby that was fantastic. A knowledgeable instructor walked the group through step-by-step techniques for properly preparing and painting wood signs for home decor. I loved learning specialized tips like which paints and finishes work best. My finished “Welcome Friends” sign came out beautifully thanks to the hands-on guidance. The free class also provided all the supplies we needed, saving me money.

For those eager to learn paper crafting methods, the South Academy Hobby Lobby offers classes on decorative techniques like memory keeping, scrapbooking, card making, and more. I’ve been impressed by the variety of classes offered monthly that provide inspiring instruction for hobbyists of all experience levels. Beginners leave with new skills and veterans come away with fresh ideas.

Hobby Lobby also hosts kid’s classes on weekends and during summer that help foster creativity. I loved taking my niece to a craft class where she learned to make friendship bracelets. Kids get to make fun take-home projects while parents and guardians can browse the store. It’s a win-win!

Checking the class calendars on the Hobby Lobby website allows me to plan my learning adventures in advance. Whether I want to expand my skills through a new technique or gather ideas from an instructor, these free classes motivate me to keep crafting. I always walk away feeling inspired.

Job Hunting Among the Art Supplies

When I was looking for a flexible part-time job last year, I stopped into the Hobby Lobby on North Academy Boulevard to inquire about open positions. That initial visit led to a great employment experience that accommodated my school schedule for several months. Now graduated, I look back fondly on my time working among the rainbow yarn and faux flower arrangements.

The store manager I spoke with was eager to find enthusiastic employees passionate about arts, crafts, and home decor. These subject areas aligned perfectly with my interests, making a position at Hobby Lobby feel like a good fit. The application and interview process was straightforward and focused primarily on my retail experience and ability to provide knowledgeable customer service.

I was soon brought on board as a sales associate focused on the fabric and yarn section of the store. I appreciated the hands-on training that prepared me to cut custom lengths of fabric, look up product inventory, answer craft questions, and handle merchandise. My managers were flexible with my schedule, working around my classes and allotting time off for exams.

As an employee, I gained a deeper familiarity with Hobby Lobby’s extensive product selection and commitment to crafting education. My own projects benefited from the employee discount on supplies! When holidays like Christmas rolled around, all hands were decked helping out across busy departments and stocking shelves. The festive music and decorations brought out my creative spirit.

While no longer working at Hobby Lobby, I look back positively on my employment experience there as a college student. Their flexible scheduling, thorough training, and friendly team of hobby enthusiasts provided a supportive environment. I encourage any job seekers who share a passion for arts and crafts to inquire about openings. Working at Hobby Lobby offers a fun way to gain retail experience while surrounded by creative inspiration.

Calling Ahead to Confirm Availability

Over the years and across multiple locations, I’ve learned that it helps to call Hobby Lobby stores in advance when searching for specific craft supplies. This tactic has saved me time and disappointment when seeking out seasonal inventory or popular materials. The staff has always been happy to check pricing and availability over the phone.

Recently, I had my heart set on decorative burlap fabric in traditional Halloween orange and black buffalo check. When I couldn’t find the pattern on the Hobby Lobby website, I called up my neighborhood location to see if they carried it in store. Sure enough, a sales associate confirmed that they had the exact fabric I wanted and put some on hold for my project.

I’ve also called ahead when looking for birth flower stem bunches for a friend’s April baby shower, Christmas village miniature figurines for my holiday décor, and hard-to-find calligraphy pen sets. The employees are more than happy to search the store shelves or back stock area and let me know right away if they have what I need.

Calling ahead is especially helpful during busy crafting seasons when popular supplies sell out quickly. I once had my eye on a set of specific glass ornament shapes for Christmas decorating. A phone call confirmed that the ornaments were already sold out at two locations. But the third store still had some in stock that they set aside. Without that advance call, I may have wasted time driving to multiple stores for ornaments no longer available.

While Hobby Lobby offers online shopping with in-store pickup, I’ve found calling a specific store directly gets me the fastest answer on item availability. The staff knows their inventory inside and out. And they are always happy to look into my questions or search for hard-to-find products I’m eager to purchase for my latest craft.

Staying Safe While Shopping

From the early days of the pandemic through the present, I’ve felt safe browsing and shopping at Hobby Lobby thanks to their thorough safety protocols. All Colorado Springs locations adhere to recommended guidelines around masking, distancing, sanitation, and store capacity limits. As a loyal customer, I appreciate that my health and comfort while shopping remains a priority.

Visiting the stores nowadays looks a bit different than my initial pre-pandemic trips. There are signs requesting masks at the entrance and reinforced occupancy restrictions to avoid overcrowding aisles. Bright stickers on the floor promote distancing while waiting in line and indicate one-way traffic patterns down narrow aisles. Contactless payment options are encouraged. Plexiglass shields provide protective barriers by the registers. And surfaces like shopping carts and keypads receive constant disinfecting.

Hobby Lobby also partners with the health department to host free on-site vaccine and booster shot clinics. Being able to get my shots while shopping craft supplies provided added convenience and safety.

While mask requirements have relaxed recently, I still notice many conscientious shoppers and employees voluntarily wearing them. Customers give each other extra space while browsing shelves or passing in aisles. The atmosphere remains focused on crafts while still maintaining health as a priority.

I’ve never felt pressured or uncomfortable during my shopping trips regarding masking or distancing. Hobby Lobby provides a welcome balance between enjoyable browsing and conscientious safety. They react and adapt as public health guidance changes. Even through uncertain times, they have remained committed to being a clean, accessible community space for creativity.

Picking Up Online Orders In-Store

Like many retailers these days, Hobby Lobby offers the convenient option to shop online and then pick up your order at a neighborhood location. I love being able to browse their expansive selection of craft supplies and home décor from the comfort of home. When needed for a project soon, choosing in-store pickup means I don’t have to wait for shipping.

The website makes the process very straightforward. After adding items to my online cart, I select my preferred Hobby Lobby location for pickup during checkout. Typically I choose the store closest to home for convenience, but any location works. The site then provides estimated availability dates for pickup.

Usually my online orders are ready within a few days, often faster if only a few items. I receive email notifications when my order is processed, ready for store pickup, and any status changes. This clear communication ensures I don’t make a wasted trip.

Once I get the “ready for pickup” email, I simply head to my chosen Hobby Lobby location and go straight to the pickup counter. After providing my name and confirmation number, an employee retrieves my order from storage. I love bypassing the registers and excitement builds as I carry my crafting haul out to the car.

Around holidays and other busy times of year, the pickup option proves especially helpful. I can ensure access to needed supplies without battling long checkout lines carrying breakable items. The employees also package online orders with care, so I don’t have to worry about anything getting damaged on the short ride home.

With Hobby Lobby’s expansive selection beyond what any one brick-and-mortar location can stock, shopping online with in-store pickup gives me the best of both worlds. I get convenient browsing and quick project supply acquisition. This omni-channel approach definitely fuels my craft addiction!

Finding Unique Treasures Across Departments

One aspect of shopping at Hobby Lobby that I find endlessly fun is discovering unique items across the store departments. While I often enter seeking specific craft supplies for a project, I can easily lose an hour or two just exploring shelves and display tables to see what hidden treasures catch my eye. The product selection is always growing and changing with the seasons.

The mainstay departments like fabric, crafts, floral, and home accents offer an overwhelming variety to peruse. But I try not to overlook the small sections like books, jewelry, kids’ activities, party essentials, and even furniture that contain hidden gems. On a recent trip, I found an entire shelf of brightly colored resin garden gnomes, an adorable children’s apron decorating kit, and a handmade ombre tassel garland to infuse my living room with boho vibes.

I love seeking out quirky candles that look like cacti or llamas, jewelry components like carved wood beads, and small decorative signs or hanging wall art with inspirational phrases. The seasonal and holiday sections yield even more fun finds as they rotate stock. A recent September visit led me to buy miniature painted witch figurines, pumpkin-scented bubble bath, and Batik-printed skeleton tea towels. One never knows what delightful finds they’ll uncover on each visit to Hobby Lobby!

Beyond products, I look forward to checking out the latest project inspiration at the DIY idea stations and display vignettes. Clever arrangements of ribbon, floral picks, wreaths, and home goods spark new ideas I can replicate on a budget. I’ll notice a cute emoji jacket patch or stadium seat footrest I didn’t even know I needed for my craft room. Hobby Lobby handles all the ideation work for me and conveniently stocks the supplies in one place.

While I don’t buy something every single visit, I always leave feeling creatively inspired. Hobby Lobby delivers an affordable, visually engaging, and ever-rotating selection that feeds my craft habit in all the best ways.

Getting a Head Start on Holidays

Especially during major crafting holidays, I appreciate that Hobby Lobby starts setting out seasonal merchandise and decor extremely early. As soon as the back-to-school supplies get tucked away, the Halloween and Thanksgiving decor makes its appearance. Christmas items will follow soon after, long before other stores even play a single carol.

As an enthusiastic seasonal decorator always on the hunt for unique autumn and winter decorations, I love getting this head start on holiday shopping. It allows me to think ahead, stock up on discounted supplies when they first hit shelves, and buy extras of popular decorative picks before they sell out closer to the actual holidays.

Rather than feeling rushed and stressed as December approaches, I can leisurely build my decorative supplies each month leading up to prime crafting season. Spreading out my holiday shopping also helps cut down on the damage to my wallet when purchasing pricey seasonal items like tree skirts, wreaths, serving platters, and piles of ribbon. I much prefer buying holiday decor in stages versus all at once alongside the frenzied Black Friday crowds.

Theemployees do a great job continuously restocking shelves and unpacking new shipments of ornaments, baked good candles, and Christmas village buildings as the season ramps up. Early November finds the stores utterly transformed into a winter wonderland compared to the ghosts and goblins of October.

Hobby Lobby’s early rollout of seasonal supplies brings me comfort and joy. As soon as I see those first mini artificial Christmas trees appear, I know my favorite crafting season is on the horizon. The stores indulge my need to start decorating and designing holiday projects well in advance, helping maximize my merriment.

Finding My Way to Each Store

Luckily for devoted hobbyists like myself, Hobby Lobby has multiple locations spread across Colorado Springs. Whenever I’m seeking a specific craft supply, class, or seasonal product, it helps to know which store offers the best destination. Through trial and error, I’ve identified the specialty strengths of each spot.

The largest store with the most complete year-round selection is at 6464 N. Academy Blvd. This is my go-to for fabric, home furnishings, silk flowers, holiday décor, and framing. I refer to it fondly as “the mother ship” of Hobby Lobby locations. For paper crafts, jewelry, knitting, and kid’s supplies, the smaller spot at 399 S. Academy Blvd. has surprisingly great options.

Newer neighborhood locations include 7753 N. Academy Blvd. for general crafting and decor, plus an artsy store at 105 W. North Woodmoor Dr. with more books and signs. If I’m closer to downtown, the 8 Luminary Pl. shop has lots of ribbons and apparel embellishments.

Google Maps provides easy directions to each spot in relation to my home or current location. But I admit to sometimes just driving down Academy Boulevard and popping into whichever store I hit first depending on traffic and distance. It can be fun to browse different selections!

I always double check the website or call a store directly for their hours before visiting. Most are open seven days a week during typical retail hours. But holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas impact certain locations’ schedules. The stores also occasionally close for corporate meetings or inventory.

After years of frequent visits, I feel very familiar navigating each Colorado Springs Hobby Lobby location. My craft addiction has led me to memorize their quirks, strengths, seasonal rotations, and layouts. But first-timers can easily reference the store finder online and call for guidance to find their way. Employees are always happy to help get customers to the right spot.

Glowing Reviews Reflect Shared Passion

Reading through online reviews, it’s clear I’m not alone in my loyalty and passion for Hobby Lobby. Fellow arts and craft enthusiasts from Colorado Springs widely praise our local stores for their helpful staff, affordable prices, and extensive options that fuel creativity. Many share stories of how Hobby Lobby has provided years of project inspiration and joy.

Local customers consistently compliment the stores’ cleanliness and organization. They appreciate that aisles remain free of clutter so browsing multiple departments stays easy and enjoyable. Reviews mention kind employees eager to help track down specific supplies or make recommendations. The hands-on craft classes also earn rave reviews for offering specialized knowledge at no cost.

Around holidays, recent reviews highlight Hobby Lobby’s unparalleled seasonal selection and early stock. Customers thank the stores for taking the stress out of Christmas shopping and decorating. The broad assortment of themed decor, craft supplies, baking tools, and gifts surpasses other competitors.

Critical reviews seem few and far between. When they do appear, it’s often regarding coupon policies or pricing mix ups that get promptly addressed by management. Hobby Lobby is quick to make things right.

As a longtime shopper across all Colorado Springs locations, I wholeheartedly agree with the positive sentiments and glowing reviews. The stores indulge my artistic side and foster community with fellow craft enthusiasts. I always leave inspired by new ideas, educated through classes, and equipped with affordable supplies to fuel my next DIY project. Hobby Lobby delivers quality, selection, and passion.

Framing with Speed, Care and Affordability

Displaying some of my best paintings, photos, crafts and needlepoint over the years meant trusting Hobby Lobby for custom framing. Their in-store framing departments provide speedy turnaround times and quality workmanship at prices friendlier than small custom framing shops. Knowing my creations are protected behind quality mats and frames brings me joy.

Staff across all Colorado Springs Hobby Lobby locations will happily walk me through choosing frame colors and styles, mat options, and specialized glass types. They offer recommendations based on the artwork medium and where I want it displayed. I recently brought in my daughter’s stunning photography print and the associate helped design an elegant black frame with an off-white mat that highlighted the contrasts of the image beautifully.

What appeals most about Hobby Lobby’s framing is their quick turnaround time even with custom options. I’ve had pieces framed in under a week if dropping off earlier in the week. Typical turnaround averages 7-10 days. Their volume of orders allows them to frame efficiently without sacrificing quality. The associate will also call if any delays arise so I can plan pickup accordingly.

For treasured pieces I want protected for years, I appreciate Hobby Lobby’s quality archival materials like acid-free mats and UV-resistant glass that prevent fading. I don’t mind paying a bit more for these specialized options knowing my artwork will stay vibrant.

The framing prices balance affordability and great workmanship. Simple frames start under $100 while more elaborate custom jobs max out around $300. Hobby Lobby regularly runs sales and coupons to help offset costs. I’ve yet to find another framer that delivers such fast service and attractive results for less.

Whether I need a delicate needlepoint preserved or photos displayed, Hobby Lobby handles my framing projects with professional care. Their friendly specialists and budget-friendly pricing take the intimidation out of custom framing. I trust them to beautifully accentuate my treasured creations.

Finding Endless Inspiration Through Workshops

While I frequently attend the free craft classes at Hobby Lobby for hands-on learning, I save up throughout the year to splurge on full seasonal workshop events. These all-day classes offer more elaborate instruction on holiday home décor and gifts that push my skills in new directions. The workshops always leave me brimming with fresh inspiration just in time for peak crafting seasons.

In recent years I’ve made it to the Deck the Halls weekend workshop in November and the Spring Fling floral event in April. Both took place at the spacious North Academy store with the huge seasonal and floral sections ideal for projects. I walked away with multiple finished decorative pieces for gifting or displaying in my own home that felt proudly homemade.

The holiday workshop guided me through making a gorgeous noble fir and magnolia wreath complete with red velvet bow that still graces my front door each December. We also created burlap ribbon embossed tags, embroidered pillows, and decorative candle wraps. I loved gaining tips for easily elevating store-bought items into thoughtful gifts.

Spring Fling boasted stunning flower arrangements. My favorites included a curated terrarium garden and whimsical flower patch letterboard. I now feel confident buying my own floral supplies to copy the workshops’ professional techniques. The hands-on guidance proves so valuable.

While these intensive seasonal workshops carry a registration fee, it includes all the materials and bountiful instruction. I consider it a worthwhile investment into advancing my DIY skills. The registrations fill up fast when announced online, so I mark my calendar.

Hobby Lobby provides the perfect environment for nurturing my inner creative spirit. Whether through quick classes or immersive workshops, I always leave feeling empowered tackle new arts and decor techniques at home. My house fully reflects the inspiration I’ve gained over the years.

Easy Returns and Exchanges

As a devoted crafter prone to spontaneous purchases when encountering unique supplies, I’ve had to exchange or return Hobby Lobby items that ended up unnecessary for projects. Thankfully, the Colorado Springs stores make returns and exchanges smooth and simple, saving future hassle.

I try to keep my receipt handy, but even without one, the store associates can easily look up my purchase via credit card. Unless marked as a final sale, most products can be returned or exchanged within 90 days. I recently realized I bought the wrong colored embroidery floss after starting a project, but I was able to do a straight swap without any issue as long as I had packaging.

Around the holidays, Hobby Lobby extends the return window for seasonal items, knowing customers often buy extras. I took back some unused Christmas picks last January without needing a receipt thanks to their system tracking purchases. Exchanging candle scents is no problem either.

If I’m seeking a refund versus store credit, the policy is more strict requiring tags still attached and packaging in original condition. But exchanges give more flexibility on used items, which I appreciate. Damaged or defective products also qualify for a full refund when reported promptly.

I’ve found the Hobby Lobby managers in Colorado Springs willing to make reasonable exceptions to return policies for the sake of customer satisfaction. When wildfires prevented me from hosting a planned crafting party one summer, they allowed me to return unused supplies outside the typical 90 day window given the extenuating circumstance.

Because Hobby Lobby seeks to fuel creativity and inspiration, their lenient return policy accommodates the sometimes winding artistic process. I never feel anxiety about buyer’s remorse when trying out new materials. The stores make project pivots seamless so I can craft fearlessly.

Payment and Loyalty Reward Options

At checkout, Hobby Lobby offers plenty of convenient payment options so I can easily purchase even large hauls of crafting supplies and decorations. Like most major retailers, they accept all major credit cards, tap-and-pay digital wallets, and gift cards. I earn rewards on my Hobby Lobby Mastercard for purchases. Cash and checks are also accepted.

In the age of rising card fees, I appreciate that Colorado Springs locations still welcome American Express cards without extra charges passed onto the customer. Many small businesses now decline AMEX, making Hobby Lobby a reliable alternative for earning points and benefits. They also offer old-fashioned layaway plans to spread out payments interest-free.

The stores recently rolled out an enhanced loyalty rewards program through their smartphone app that provides additional savings. I earn a $5 reward for every $100 spent that can be applied to future purchases. Exclusive coupons and early sale notifications also come via the app along with digital receipts.

By using the app’s barcode at checkout, I can easily access and stack my loyalty rewards balance with any valid coupons or sale prices for maximum savings on that 20% off custom framing job or burlap fabric roll. Points never expire, so I let them rack up for a major seasonal haul.

Hobby Lobby’s flexible payment options, digital rewards program, and receptive customer service reflect their commitment to supporting devoted DIY-ers and makers. Checking out always leaves me feeling valued as a loyal crafter.

Frequent Merchandise Restocks Provide Fresh Inspiration

Given the remarkably wide product selection across departments, I’m always impressed by how frequently Hobby Lobby team members work to refresh and restock the sales floors. New merchandise shipments seem to arrive almost daily across categories like home decor, fabric, crafts, and more. This constant rotation means each visit I discover fresh supplies to spark project ideas.

The store employees do an excellent job quickly removing empty shelves and rolling out new product displays to maintain that shopper’s high. In the mornings when stores open, I’ll see staff actively restocking shelves, carefully arranging the latest decorative objects, ribbon spools and faux flowers. They space items out attractively while keeping everything well-organized.

In the fabric section, it seems like each week fresh patterns and prints appear on the bolts as clearance fabrics get replaced. The Christmas trees and villages expand footprint across the store as autumn rolls into winter. Floral picks and stems adjust to reflect the current growing season. Even smaller spaces like the book section rotate new titles related to latest trends.

I’ve come to learn that Wednesday and Thursday mornings usually see the largest influx of new merch. By visiting midweek, I’m almost guaranteed to encounter enticing new products shipped in. The constant changeover means repeat trips never feel stale or repetitive. There’s always creative inspiration to uncover.

Beyond the sales floor, employees work hard behind the scenes to swiftly restock storage areas. When I ask about sold out items or special order needs, staff can often locate more merchandise in the back within a few days. Hobby Lobby’s supply chain keeps their shelves constantly refreshed.

The frequency of new product arrivals accommodates crafters always seeking fresh inspiration. I can rely on Hobby Lobby’s ever-evolving inventory to satisfy my artistic whims and make each shopping trip uniquely exciting.

Discovering Eco-Conscious Product Options

As a crafter wanting to be more environmentally mindful with my supplies and home décor purchases, I appreciate Hobby Lobby’s growing focus on offering sustainable products made with recycled materials. It brings me joy to find earth-friendly options that still allow me to decorate affordably.

In the floral department, many bush and stem bunches now include realistic greenery made with recycled plastics, metals and papers. Using these mixed in with real flowers allows me to create vibrant arrangements that last far longer. For Christmas trees, reusable felt ornament bags replace single-use plastic packaging.

Hobby Lobby stocks Simple Shine paper products like journals, notecards and gift wrap made completely with recycled paper fibers and printed with vegetable ink. Rug pads and baskets made of recycled fabric scraps bring recycled texture to flooring and storage. Even the custom frames utilize wood scraps up-cycled from other manufacturing processes.

Many decor items like wood signs, metal buckets, and ceramic bowls now emphasize their handmade origins from artisan collectives focused on sustainable practices. It brings a sense of global community to my living space. Subtle “earth-friendly” tags help identify green products on shelves.

Around Earth Day, Hobby Lobby dedicates special displays to spotlighting dozens of eco-conscious products ranging from recycled glassware to natural fiber string lights to metal straws. Getting seasonal craft supplies and décor that also nurtures the planet feels meaningful.

While Hobby Lobby still carries plenty of mass-produced and synthetic inventory, the deliberate mix of green options empowers customers to make earth-friendly choices that work for their budget and projects. As supply chains and manufacturing practices evolve, I’m glad they are bringing more conscience to crafting.


Hobby Lobby stores across Colorado Springs hold a special place in my crafty heart. Their aisles brim with possibilities to unlock my creativity through helpful classes, ever-changing products, and enthusiasm shared by employees and loyal customers alike. As my artistic passion project evolves, I look forward to many more years of memorable projects and joy sparked by community crafting institutions like Hobby Lobby. Their welcoming retail havens validate a lifelong love of arts, crafts, and home décor.

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