Landing Your Dream Job at Hobby Lobby

Discover What It’s Like Working for America’s Favorite Arts & Crafts Retailer

Working at Hobby Lobby has been a dream job for many creatives and arts enthusiasts over the years. As America’s largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer, Hobby Lobby offers a unique work environment for anyone with a passion for crafting, home decor, fine art, and more.

In my recent experience applying for and landing a job at my local Hobby Lobby store, I learned firsthand what it’s really like working for this beloved brand. From the application and hiring process to training, company culture, and job opportunities, I’m sharing an inside look into the world of Hobby Lobby employment. Whether you’re considering applying or just curious what goes on behind the scenes, here’s what you need to know!

Applying for a Job at Hobby Lobby

Starting my journey to becoming a Hobby Lobby employee began simply enough online. On the Hobby Lobby careers page, you can search and apply for open positions at any of their 900+ store locations across 47 states.

The main way to apply for a job is to submit your application through the Hobby Lobby online portal. You’ll need to provide information like your name, contact details, location, and employment history. Helpful tip: Treat the application questions as you would a resume by emphasizing your relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications for the role you want.

Hobby Lobby also accepts job applications in person at individual store locations. I stopped by my local store to check if they had paper applications available, which provided another way to introduce myself as an interested candidate.

Pro tip: Get to know the store manager when dropping off your application. Briefly highlight why you want to work for Hobby Lobby and what you could bring to the role. Making a good first impression can help get your application noticed.

Available Positions at Hobby Lobby

With new store locations opening up all the time, Hobby Lobby has a wide variety of job opportunities spanning full-time, part-time, and seasonal roles. Some of the most common Hobby Lobby jobs include:

  • Cashiers – Providing excellent customer service while processing transactions quickly and accurately. Cashiering experience is valued, but not required.
  • Sales Associates – Assisting customers on the sales floor, maintaining product displays, and providing product knowledge expertise. Retail or crafting backgrounds are ideal.
  • Department Managers – Overseeing team members and operations for specific store departments like Crafts, Home Decor, Jewelry, and more. Management experience is preferred.
  • Warehouse Associates – Fulfilling orders, receiving/unpacking inventory, and keeping warehouse spaces organized. Physical stamina and inventory skills are beneficial.
  • Distribution Center Roles – Opportunities for pickers/packers, equipment operators, and supervisors within Hobby Lobby’s distribution hubs.

Getting Hired at Hobby Lobby

Once I submitted my application, the hiring process moved swiftly. Within a week, I received a call to schedule an in-person interview at my local store.

Here are some tips I learned for a successful Hobby Lobby interview:

  • Know your crafts! Come prepared to discuss your creative background, favorite crafts projects, and product knowledge relevant to the role. This showed my passion for arts and crafts.
  • Have customer service scenarios ready. Hobby Lobby prides itself on providing excellent customer experiences, so think of examples that demonstrate your skills in this area.
  • Ask thoughtful questions. I inquired about training, store culture, and opportunities for growth to show my genuine interest in the company.
  • Highlight your availability. Most positions require some evening and weekend shifts, so emphasizing your flexible schedule can boost your chances.

After a great interview experience, I was thrilled to receive a job offer just two days later! The hiring manager called me directly to offer me a part-time sales associate role.

Minimum Age Requirements

An important requirement I learned about was Hobby Lobby’s minimum age to work in their stores. The minimum age to work at Hobby Lobby is 16 years old. Some positions like warehouse roles may allow employees as young as 14 with proper permits.

It’s great to see Hobby Lobby offering opportunities for teens to gain valuable job experience in a supportive environment. Just be sure to confirm your eligibility before applying based on your age.

Part-Time and Seasonal Opportunities

In addition to regular full-time jobs, Hobby Lobby is an excellent source for part-time and seasonal work. These flexible opportunities make Hobby Lobby an ideal employer for students, parents, seniors, and anyone seeking a secondary job option.

I was excited to land a part-time sales associate position that aligned perfectly with my school schedule. Many part-time roles average between 10-25 hours per week, allowing time for other commitments.

Hobby Lobby also ramps up their seasonal job openings around major holidays and crafting seasons. Seasonal employees can work variable hours for a designated period of time. It’s a great way to earn extra income in a creative retail environment.

Benefits for Employees

I was pleasantly surprised by the range of benefits Hobby Lobby provides even for part-time and seasonal staff. On top of earning a competitive hourly wage, some of the benefits I became eligible for included:

  • Employee merchandise discount – Discounted prices instore on art, crafts, home decor and more! Perfect for crafty team members.
  • Paid time off – Eligible for vacation, sick, and holiday time off. Full-time staff also earn medical leave benefits.
  • 401k retirement savings plan – Opportunity to save for the future and earn a company match after one year of service.
  • Flexible schedules – Ability to request schedules that work best for your needs. As a student, I appreciate the schedule flexibility.
  • Company culture – Supportive work atmosphere and encouragement for creativity make every day enjoyable.

The wide variety of benefits solidified my confidence in choosing Hobby Lobby as an amazing place to work.

Starting Pay Information

A major factor many job seekers want to know is what Hobby Lobby’s hourly pay looks like. As a guide, here are the typical starting wages I discovered:

  • Cashiers – $11-$13 per hour
  • Sales Associates – $11-$14 per hour
  • Department Managers – $15-$18 per hour
  • Warehouse Associates – $15-$17 per hour

Keep in mind pay may vary based on your location, experience level, and other factors. There are often opportunities to earn raises over time as well. The pay rates lined up well with my expectations.

Application Status Updates

Waiting to hear back after applying for a job can feel nerve-wracking! Throughout my application process, I appreciated that Hobby Lobby made it easy to follow up on my status.

Checking back with the store manager proved helpful. I also could call the friendly human resources department to check if my application was received and under review.

The online application portal also allows you to login anytime to view and update your application. Just be sure to call or visit your store directly too for the best insights on your application status. Hobby Lobby’s touchpoints made it stress-free to monitor my progress.

The Hiring and Onboarding Process

Once I officially received my job offer, the Hobby Lobby hiring process moved into the onboarding phase. I completed some employment paperwork and received info about online training modules to complete before my first day.

On my official start date, I came in for computer-based training at the store to learn Hobby Lobby-specific systems and operations. Then, it was time to dive into hands-on training alongside my manager and fellow team members on the floor.

The structured training process ensured I picked up new skills quickly from my first day. Whether it was learning the cash register, stocking shelves, or assisting customers, my manager and co-workers were always ready to help guide me.

Ongoing training is encouraged through weekly team huddles, side-by-side mentoring, and daily tips from leaders. Hobby Lobby sets new hires up for success with robust training at every step.

Advancement Opportunities

Beyond just getting started, I was glad to see clear opportunities for career development and advancement within Hobby Lobby.

Many store leaders began as entry-level associates and worked their way up after demonstrating strong performance. There are paths to grow from associate roles into supervisory or management positions.

Developing your skills strategically and expressing interest in growth opportunities can position you for promotion. Mentorship programs also exist to help uncover emerging talent.

For those interested in climbing the corporate ladder, Hobby Lobby’s corporate office roles provide additional avenues for long-term careers. Getting a foot in the door at a local store is often the first step towards corporate opportunities.

Hobby Lobby’s Supportive Company Culture

Without a doubt, the highlight so far of working for Hobby Lobby is the incredible company culture built on caring for employees and customers alike.

Leaders emphasize that employees are their most valuable asset. That translates into lots of appreciation like regular celebrations for staff birthdays and achievements.

Coworkers also become fast friends thanks to team building activities. I’ve already been invited to a few offsite parties and potlucks by coworkers.

Hobby Lobby’s founder set the tone for servant leadership that still guides how managers care for employees today. It’s clear why Hobby Lobby is routinely ranked as one of the best retail companies to work for.

The culture feels more like family than just a job. I’m excited to grow within this supportive community.

Typical Work Schedules

Working for a retail company, I expected some evening and weekend hours would be involved. However, Hobby Lobby aims to make schedules as consistent and accommodating as possible.

Most regular store hours are Monday through Saturday from 9am to 8pm. Full-time team members generally work 8 hour shifts between those hours. Typical shifts are:

  • Morning – 9am to 5pm
  • Mid-day – 11am to 7pm
  • Evening – 1pm to 9pm

Part-timers usually work 4-6 hour shifts tailored to fit their availability. Sundays tend to be rotating days off for full-time staff. There is flexibility to request your preferred schedules too.

Having a set schedule weeks in advance with consistent days off enables a satisfying work-life balance as an employee.

Warehouse and Distribution Jobs

While store positions make up the majority of Hobby Lobby roles, the company’s distribution centers offer unique job opportunities as well.

As one of the largest distribution networks in arts and crafts, Hobby Lobby’s 24 distribution hubs and services centers across the U.S. hire regularly for:

  • Warehouse Associates – Processing high volumes of inventory from receiving to shipping. Fast-paced environment that values stamina.
  • Equipment Operators – Verifiable industrial equipment operating experience needed. Forklift operation is common.
  • Distribution Supervisors – Overseeing distribution workflows, personnel, policies, and safety. Leadership skills are key.
  • Inventory Specialists – Logistics pros who optimize inventory control and warehouse management systems. Accuracy is critical.

Working behind the scenes comes with perks like typically higher wages and set daytime hours. Look closer if you live near a distribution center and have relevant skills.

Preparing for the Interview

If you have an upcoming interview for any Hobby Lobby position, solid preparation will help you put your best foot forward.

Here are some of the most common Hobby Lobby interview questions I was asked and tips to help you craft strong responses:

Tell us about your arts and crafts interests and background.

  • Pull from hobbies, classes, and projects that showcase your creative side aligned with Hobby Lobby’s products.

How would you provide excellent customer service?

  • Share an example of helping a customer who had a question or complaint. Emphasize patience and understanding.

Why do you want to work for Hobby Lobby?

  • Talk about your passion for arts, admiration of their values, and excitement to grow within the company.

How do you handle difficult situations?

  • Describe resolving a tricky work scenario by listening first and finding a win-win resolution.

Are you available for evenings and weekends?

  • While they aim for work-life balance, highlight that you can work a flexible schedule.

Preparing responses with specific stories and examples will make your answers stand out.

Growth and Hiring Outlook

As a rapidly growing retail brand, Hobby Lobby is almost always hiring for new and existing store locations. This creates awesome job opportunities for people seeking roles nearby.

Hobby Lobby plans to open 60-80 new stores annually to meet customer demand and expand their footprint into new markets. Existing stores frequently post openings as well to keep up with traffic.

Checking the careers page and your local store regularly is the best way to find the latest openings since they change often. Acting quickly on new postings will maximize your chances.

With hundreds of active job listings at any given time, Hobby Lobby has something to offer job seekers across diverse locations and skill sets.

Ready to Start Your Hobby Lobby Journey?

After reading about the inner workings of Hobby Lobby employment, are you excited to pursue a job opportunity with America’s favorite arts, crafts and home decor brand?

If so, I hope these insights give you the preparation and confidence needed to submit a standout application, ace your interview and onboarding process, and ultimately thrive as a valued team member.

The same passion for arts and people that first attracted me to seek a job at Hobby Lobby will hopefully motivate you to take the next step in your career journey too. I’m excited to welcome you to the Hobby Lobby family! Let’s create something wonderful.

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