All You Need to Know About The Dot Markers?

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There are many ways to use dot markers. They are sometimes also called daubers. These are principally thick markers which you can use on a dot markers activity book for kids.

These markers are used to create the most vibrant and most colorful dots on paper. Kids can learn a lot of things by using them at a very early age. This makes learning a lot more fun than it otherwise is for kids.

You can find many brands of dot markers that come in different colors that you can purchase. A set of markers usually can come in packs of 6, 12, and even more colors. The prices may vary depending on the number of colors and quality.

Dot Markers for Toddlers

Learning and fun are not often associated with each other for kids. This often can make things difficult for them. However, you can make learning a lot of fun for your kids when you choose to use washable dot markers.

All You Need to Know About The Dot Markers?

There are downloadable alphabets in dots on the internet that you can print for your kids. You can choose to pronounce each alphabet and ask your kids to mark them with a color of dot marker.

Not only would the kids learn the alphabets faster but also have fun while doing it. You may get dot markers and books that are kids specific if you choose not to download and print them.

The pages are available in different materials where your kids can put a dot and have them erased. This means that you can cut down costs on purchasing new books each time one is finished.

Are Dot Markers Washable?

Although most dot markers in the market are not washable it is easy for you to find washable dot markers. These are the ones that are preferred by parents when they choose to purchase them for their kids.

Washable dot markers are also often non-toxic and safe for children to use. They are also pet friendly and can be used on different surfaces too. Children always find these washable markers a lot more fun than the alternative.

Where Can You Buy Dot Markers From?

You can find do-a-dot markers in arts and crafts shops for kids. Searching for them and purchasing them over the counter can always be a little tedious. However, you would be able to find them with relative ease on the internet.

Doing a simple search for dot markers on the internet would fetch hundreds of results. The better part about purchasing from the internet is the price and the variety. You would also be able to choose from different packs.

You would have options on how many colors you need for your kid. It would make it possible for you to choose the pack that comes with the ideal number of colors. You would get a good price advantage when you purchase on the internet.

How to Identify Good Dot Markers Activity Books?

Using activity books can be one of the most fun-filled things kids look forward to doing. Coloring, arts, crafts, and drawing are some things that interest kids. Purchasing dot markers coloring pages and books can always help kids learn better.

Some companies sell dot markers and books together as a pack. These are things that you can purchase to save money. Good dot markers art books are also available for kids who are a little older than toddlers.

The best one of these lots is the ones that you can use and have wiped clean. This means you can choose to use a damp cloth to wipe dot marks or simply have it washed.

Salient advantages of using Dot markers

Each one of us would look at the advantages that a product has before we purchase it. Likewise, we list out a few advantages of purchasing do-a-dot markers for your kids. It would surely surprise you and make you want to try them for your kids.

  • The market tip does not dry easily even when they are left open for a long time
  • Uniformity of the dots are maintained over different color markers
  • Colors are extremely vibrant that makes it a lot more fun for kids
  • Consistency with different colored markers in terms of application
  • The paint in the markers last for a long time when compared to alternative options

Due to all these advantages parents often choose to purchase them for their kids. It may also be a good idea for you to read reviews about these markers before purchasing.

How to choose the best dot markers?

The best dot markers and books come with certain features that may not be available on others. You can look for them below and make a good choice of markers and books for your kids.

  • They last for a long time
  • Can be used on different surfaces
  • Has non-toxic properties and can be washed easily
  • Dries on surfaces faster
  • Can be washed, wiped, and cleaned easily
  • Pet friendly and can be used by kids of all ages

These are a few of the properties that you ought to look for to find the best dot markers. Always keep the age of your kid in mind while purchasing books and markers.

You can find books divided into numbers, alphabets, and artwork. You can choose based on what you wish to teach your children. Your dot marker set can also be chosen according to the books that you found for your children.


One of the best things that you can do to find the best washable dot markers is to compare. If you compare one brand against the other you are likely to find the difference each one has.

This would bring out the difference in features, prices, colors, designs, and many more. Ideally, this would also give you a fair idea of which one would suit your children best.

In case of confusion over which one to choose you can always read reviews. Often testimonials and reviews help identify the best one that is available in the market. This applies to markers, books, and other craft material that goes with it.

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