Gearing Up for Football Season with Decor from Hobby Lobby

Transform Your Space with Fun Football-Themed Home Decor

The temperatures may still be high, but football season is right around the corner. As summer starts winding down, it’s time to get your home ready for all the football fun this fall. Whether you’re a die-hard fan who bleeds team colors or just want to get in the spirit for gamedays, Hobby Lobby has everything you need to deck out your space in football style. From personalized decor to generalized themes, they offer affordable options to showcase your excitement for the return of football season.

As a longtime football fanatic, I look forward to football season all year long. The start of a new NFL and college football season is practically a national holiday in my household. As soon as August hits, I start scoping out all the latest football-themed home decor items to get my space ready for kickoff. Hobby Lobby always impresses me with their expansive selection of affordable, quality football decor to celebrate my favorite sport.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of football-inspired furnishings from Hobby Lobby. From tailgate supplies to team jerseys proudly displayed on the walls, my home pays homage to my lifelong football fandom. This year, I’m looking to switch it up and add some new creative touches to my football decor. Based on past experience, I know Hobby Lobby won’t disappoint. Their inventory is constantly changing with new styles and designs each season.

In today’s blog, I’ll share my tips and tricks for the best football home decor you can find at Hobby Lobby right now. Whether you want to feature specific pro or college teams or just want a generalized football motif, read on for an in-depth look at how Hobby Lobby can help transform your space for the big game days ahead. Let’s kick things off with a review of the many types of football decor available:

An Abundance of Wall Decor Options

One of the best things about Hobby Lobby is the endless array of wall art and decor celebrating football and favorite teams. They offer everything from framed prints and canvas paintings to 3D wall sculptures. For a bold display of team loyalty, you can find wall art featuring promiment logos and mottos. Choose from classic styles with vintage vibes or colorful contemporary designs.

In my living room, I have a cool metal wall sculpture of a football player in action. In my downstairs rec room, I spruced up the space with a massive 3D team helmet that makes a big visual impact. I’ve also framed autographed jerseys and photos of legendary players for a personalized wall gallery. Hobby Lobby has a great selection of team flags, banners, and signs to prominently show your colors.

Beyond specific teams, you can find general football wall art perfect for the die-hard fan. Choose from fun typography prints featuring phrases like “Football is Life” or “Sundays are for Football.” Show your passion for the sport with canvas prints of action-packed gameplay moments. Or pick something sentimental like customized family name signs with football terms like “The Jones End Zone.”

Tabletop Decor for Football-Friendly Fare

Beyond wall decor, Hobby Lobby is a top destination for festive football-themed tabletop items. I like to have new tablecloths, placemats, dishes, and other table decor each season to enhance the spirit of game days.

For a personalized touch, shop their monogrammed glasses, mugs, and melamine plates featuring football designs and your initial. Pick up plastic colored plates and cups in your favorite team’s colors – perfect for snacks on the couch during the game. They also have football-shaped cake pans and silicone molds for baking treats like team logo cookies.

Add some whimsy and team spirit to your table with novelty decor like plastic helmet snack bowlsfootball candle holders, and platters with football designs. Pick up festive napkins, coasters, placemats, and table runners featuring footballs, helmets, goalposts, and more. And what tailgate or game day spread is complete without themed napkin rings and football-decorated utensils?

Fabric Decor for Football Flair

Another fun way to incorporate football decor is with themed fabric items like throw pillows, blankets, curtains, and other homemade crafts. Hobby Lobby has a nice selection of cotton printed fabrics with a football motif. Look for team logo prints or repeating patterns with footballs, helmets, jerseys, and other icons.

Sew up some cool throw pillows for your sofa to help guests get comfortable on game day. Make no-sew fleece blankets featuring your favorite team’s colors to stay cozy on the couch. Use iron-on patches or appliques to customize standard curtains and other household linens. The options are endless for Do-It-Yourself projects!

For college football fans, don’t miss their selection of licensed cotton fabrics from top NCAA teams. Collegiate fleece fabrics are also available for blankets, pillows, PJ’s, and more reppin’ your alma mater’s colors.

Team Up with Football Collectibles

Of course, the hallmark of any true football fan home is proudly displayed sports collectibles. At Hobby Lobby, you can find tons of special football-themed knick-knacks that make meaningful additions to any decor.

For the serious collector, peruse their selection of trading cards, autographed memorabilia, vintage pennants, and replica helmets. They also offer action figurines, football music boxes, commemorative coins, and decorative footballs to show off your fandom. Don’t miss the Christmas ornaments and other seasonal items featuring favorite teams.

Customizable options are also available to make treasured keepsakes even more sentimental. Find blank figurines and ornaments you can paint yourself with team colors and logos. Or create homemade trophies, medals, and ribbons to celebrate your “MVP” friends and family. And photo lovers like me will love their picture frames designed specifically for treasured football pics.

Affordable and Accessible Football Decor

The beauty of shopping at Hobby Lobby for my football decor needs is the affordable price point for quality, stylish merchandise. Products range from just a few bucks for small novelty items up to $50-100 for large statement pieces like 3D metal wall hangings. But in general, you can find great deals on most football-themed home goods here.

They also aren’t just an online retailer – I really appreciate being able to “shop online, pick up in store” when I’m crunched for time. Or if I’m unsure of an item’s size and scale, I love being able to see it in person. The store near me always has friendly and helpful employees in case I need decor advice too.

And Hobby Lobby is known for running frequent sales, coupons, and discounts making their already low prices even more budget-friendly. Sign up for emails, and keep an eye out around major holidays and you can often score 50% off seasonal goods. They also honor competitors coupons and discounts like Michael’s if you have them.

New Football Decor Arrivals Keep Things Fresh

While Hobby Lobby does carry some tried-and-true evergreen football designs, I’m always impressed by the new arrivals in their seasonal decor each year. I love discovering creative and trendy options to switch up my displays.

Some of the latest themes I’m seeing are vintage reproductions with a classy retro vibe. Faux metal and rustic wood materials are also popular for a cool industrial look. Typography prints continue being on trend with clever clean fonts and inspirational football sayings.

Latest designs also incorporate touches of bling and glam with metallic accents, sparkling rhinestones, glitter and shimmer. This adds a fun, festive feel perfect for party decor. Modern graphic designs with bold colors and abstract shapes are great for a contemporary style.

Get Crafty with DIY Project Supplies

Beyond finished decor items, Hobby Lobby also provides an abundance of craft supplies to create your own DIY football projects. I especially love their seasonal paper crafts collection with football designs. Pick up sticker sheets, patterned scrapbook paper, stencils, ribbon, and more to customize frames, banners, cards, journals, and other handmade goods.

Let your creativity run wild with football-themed fabric paints, iron-on decals, and appliques to personalize standard home decor items. Design some unique throw pillows or reuse old t-shirts and sweatshirts to make crafty wall hangings. Use stencils and paint pens to add fun football touches to everyday furnishings like tables, chairs, and lampshades.

Craft kits for beginners are also available if DIY projects seem intimidating. Many include pre-cut fabric pieces or wood shapes you simply assemble and decorate. Football model kits and paint-your-own ceramics offer stress-free ways to get crafty too.

Decor to Celebrate All Season Long

Hobby Lobby helps me show my year-round football spirit with seasonal decor for holidays and celebrations throughout the year. Now is the perfect time to shop for back-to-school and football season kickoff gear. Deck out your space in team colors or general football motifs to get everyone hyped for the upcoming season.

As the NFL and college football schedule gets underway, look for creative ways to display weekly schedules, countdowns to big games, and team records. Special event decor can help get everyone excited for rivalry games, bowl season, and the playoffs.

Of course, Hobby Lobby has an amazing selection of team Christmas trees, ornaments, and other holiday decor for the football fan. Then round out the year with Superbowl inspired wares for your championship viewing party.

Parties, Gifts, and More Football Fun

Beyond home furnishings, also check out Hobby Lobby for party supplies like plates, cups, banners, balloons, and favors with football flair. Pick up some themed gift wrap, bags, and ribbons to package all your football-related presents.

Unique gifts for the sports nut include collectible case frames, decorated fan mirrors, and tin sports buckets filled with snacks. Keep an eye out for fun stocking stuffers like mini footballs, sugary candy, socks, and more.

For the craft lover, assemble personalized football gift baskets with paints, embroidery floss, model kits and other hobby supplies with a sports twist. DIY bath and spa gifts are also easy with football soaps, loofahs, and custom labeled bath salts.

Start Your Football Decor Shopping Now!

As you can see, Hobby Lobby really does offer an endless array of ways to deck out your home in football style this season. The earlier you start, the better selection you’ll find before popular items sell out closer to the holidays. I’m so excited to see what fun new products they have arriving in the coming weeks and months.

Of course, half the fun is getting creative and choosing decor that fits your personal tastes and style. So get a head start on your football decorating and enjoy showing your spirit all season long. Don’t forget to take advantage of sales, coupons, and loyalty discounts for extra savings on all your fabulous finds.

Let me know in the comments what types of football decor you love and if you discover any must-have new pieces this season. Enjoy getting your home game-ready and hopefully your favorite teams have a winning year!

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