Finding Your Reflection at Hobby Lobby: A Guide to Their Wide Selection of Mirrors

Who knew that shopping for mirrors could be so exciting? As an avid crafter and home decor enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for unique and eye-catching pieces to liven up my living spaces. During a recent trip to my local Hobby Lobby, I was delighted to discover their extensive collection of stylish and affordable mirror options to reflect my personal tastes. From glamorous golden frames to rustic salvaged finishes, Hobby Lobby truly has mirrors to match any décor style.

As I explored the mirror aisles, brimming with possibilities, I realized the sheer range of designs could be overwhelming for some shoppers. So I decided to put together this helpful guide covering my discoveries about the retailer’s mirror selection. Whether you’re browsing in-store or online, these tips will help you uncover the perfect mirror for your needs at Hobby Lobby!

Framed or Frameless?

The first decision to make is whether you want a framed mirror or a frameless one. Hobby Lobby has beautiful options for both designs. Framed mirrors make a bolder statement with their ornate, metallic, or painted frames. I saw lovely framed mirrors with antique-inspired distressing, others with intricately carved frames, and some with colorful painted finishes. If you want the mirror itself to be the main focal point, frameless styles let the shape and clarity of the glass take center stage. Hobby Lobby’s frameless mirrors come in geometric shapes, oval outlines, and creative asymmetrical silhouettes.

Wall Mirrors for Every Room

From petite circular mirrors ideal for entryways to imposing full-length mirrors perfect for dressing areas, Hobby Lobby’s wall mirror collection has sizes suited for any room. For lavish living rooms, they have large sunburst mirrors with sculptural wooden frames. For rustic bedroom retreats, I love their distressed mirrors made from reclaimed barnwood. Even kitchens and bathrooms are covered with functional wall mirrors finished in metal, wood, or white-washed frames. Hobby Lobby also carries long, lean mirrors that beautifully fill empty wall spaces.

Specialty Mirrors

In addition to classic wall mirrors, Hobby Lobby offers unique specialty mirror designs:

  • Lighted mirrors – These provide ideal task lighting for applying makeup or styling your hair. The surrounding bulbs brightly illuminate your reflection.
  • Antique mirrors – Replicating antique glassmaking techniques, these mirrors have old-world mottled finishes that add flair.
  • Acrylic mirrors – Lightweight and shatter-resistant, these modern mirrors have a clean, contemporary vibe.
  • Mirrored cabinets – Store belongings stylishly while adding a reflective touch. Hobby Lobby has mirrored medicine cabinets, jewelry armoires, and more.
  • Mirror tiles – Use these mosaic-style tiles to create a shimmering mirrored wall or backsplash.

Budget-Friendly Prices

I was thrilled to discover Hobby Lobby’s wall mirrors are pleasingly priced for every budget. Small 12” x 16” mirrors started at just $14.99, while larger statement-making mirrors were well under $200. Even substantial 40-inch mirrors had very reasonable price tags around $100. Hobby Lobby also frequently runs sales, coupons, and markdowns both online and in-stores. Their special holiday sales often have half-off savings on home accents, including mirrors!

Material Makes a Difference

The mirror’s frame material also significantly affects the price. Simple plastic frames are the most affordable. Classic distressed wood frames have middle-of-the-road pricing. Intricately carved wood frames fall on the pricier end. Elegant frames using materials like faux ivory, silver, gold, and other metals represent the top tier pricing.

But you needn’t pay a premium for lovely detailing. Hobby Lobby cleverly uses painted finishes to mimic pricier materials on inexpensive wood frames. For instance, silver leaf frames cost a fraction of actual silver but capture its brilliant luster.

Online Ordering and In-Store Pickup

Hobby Lobby makes shopping for mirrors super convenient by offering online ordering with free In-Store Pickup. Browse the mirrors category from the comfort of home to discover new styles and compare options. Once you spot the perfect mirror, place your order online. Then swing by your local Hobby Lobby store to quickly grab your new mirror without waiting for shipping.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Of course, seeing a mirror online versus in person can be quite different. That’s why Hobby Lobby offers a generous Return Policy allowing returns within 90 days of purchase. So if your mirror arrives damaged or just doesn’t work once you see it at home, returns are quick and easy. Hobby Lobby’s customer service is very accommodating.

Mirror Installation Services

Installing large wall mirrors can be tricky and nerve-wracking. Slip and you’ll end up with seven years of bad luck from a broken mirror! Thankfully, Hobby Lobby takes the stress out of hanging mirrors by offering Installation Services. Their experts will safely and securely mount your mirror for a reasonable fee. Just drop off your purchase and they handle the rest.

Mirror Safety Starts with Clear Brackets

If opting for DIY mirror installation, be sure to use brackets specifically designed for mirrors. The clear plastic provides protection between the frame and hardware to prevent cracks or scratches. Hobby Lobby sells Mirror Mounting Clips for just a few dollars. They securely support the mirror while being nearly invisible.

Filling Empty Wall Space

Have a large expanse of blank wall that needs filling? Hanging one expansive mirror is one option. But for flexibility, I prefer using groupings of similar smaller mirrors. Hobby Lobby makes this easy with matching multi-panel mirrors readily available.

Or get creative by mixing and matching frames and sizes. I love assembling eclectic gallery walls of vintage finds and new mirrors. The reflecting light bounces around the room, giving the illusion of more space.

Mirror Placement Matters

Beware hanging mirrors on opposite walls. The reflections can create dizzying tunnel effects. Instead, position mirrors to reflect attractive views like windows or artwork. In living rooms, place mirrors to reflect the focal point of the room. In bedrooms, avoid mirrors facing the bed—waking up to your reflection can be alarming.

Kid and Teen Mirror Options

Don’t overlook Hobby Lobby’s fun mirror selections designed specifically with kids and teens in mind. Whimsical mirrors shaped like animals or picturing colorful hot air balloons bring joy to a young child’s room. Older kids will appreciate mirrors outlined in twinkling lights or featuring trendy tin frames. Hobby Lobby even has mirrors embellished with words that spell out phrases like “Be Yourself” or “ Dream Big”.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Clearly, Hobby Lobby offers endless options for mirrors suitable for any room. So next time you’re hunting for the perfect reflective accent, make the national arts and crafts retailer your go-to destination. Let their vast mirror selection inspire you to reflect your unique style. Just be prepared for the magical moment when you find “the one” – the mirror that speaks to your creativity and makes your heart shine. Because you absolutely deserve a home filled with pieces that bring you joy and reflect the real you.

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