Finding Your Inner Light: Exploring the World of Candles at Hobby Lobby

Waxing Poetic About All Things Candles

As a candle lover, Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places to shop. The moment I step through those doors, the dazzling array of candles on display instantly awakens my senses. From simple votives to elaborate scented pillars, Hobby Lobby offers candle options to ignite every passion. With new arrivals debuting constantly in their candle department, it’s easy to get lost for hours searching for your perfect match. Let’s dive into the waxen wonderland that is Hobby Lobby’s candle selection. There’s a scent, style and fit for every mood.

Hobby Lobby houses candles fitting for any décor and interest. Jar candles in metallic, frosted or patterned glass offer rustic, vintage and modern aesthetics. For the nature lover, earthy soy candles with wood wick crackling are a natural choice. Fanciful figurine candles shaped like birds, shells or geometric forms bring whimsical charm. Sophisticated pillar candles in a spectrum of heights create an elegant glow. For kitchens and pantries, bright and cheery food-shaped candles like lemons, cupcakes and wine bottles add playful personality. Religious prayer candles and lightly scented beeswax tapers create sacred spaces. Turn to outdoor citronella candles and LED candles for function and safety. The variety is extraordinary.

Beyond shape and style, Hobby Lobby houses candle fragrances that jump from expected to experiential. Sweet seasonal scents like peppermintpine and pumpkin spice conjure cozy memories. Fruity aromas of strawberrycoconut lime and tangerine feel bright and uplifting. Recreate a spa retreat with soothing lavendereucalyptus and vanilla candles. Experience fine dining through candles mimicking red winecampfire and fresh baked bread. For exotic escapes try candles with amberpatchoulileather and tobacco notes. With new fragrance unveilings happening constantly, there’s always another scent sensation to uncover.

Candles truly speak to the senses and spirit. Beyond home décor, they represent meaningful moments and memories. Hobby Lobby’s range helps turn any day into a special occasion. For a romantic night, choose floral or musky date night candles. During challenging times, soothing self-care candles like chamomile and honey promote relaxation. Celebrate important milestones and holidays with candles inspired by that event, from sparkling champagne for weddings or parties to smoky bourbon and spicy eggnog for festive winter gatherings. Scented candles open our minds and hearts, transporting us through place and time.

Special Touches: Candle Holders & Accessories

A beautiful candle requires an equally beautiful holder to present it properly. Luckily, Hobby Lobby offers a photoshoot-worthy selection. Their holders showcase themes and materials as diverse as their candles.

For a touch of nature, choose from wooden candle holders with natural etched grains or pottery holders with leaf and tree motifs. Cool metallics like goldsilver and copper candlesticks and lanterns add glamour. Mosaic glass holders offer vibrant pops of color. Ornate designs like crystal chandeliers and candelabras feel lavish. For more minimalist homes, sleek black and white ceramic holders keep the focus on the candle within.

Beyond the standard vessels, Hobby Lobby stocks creative candle platforms to make an ordinary candle extraordinary. Suspend simple tapers or pillars from wrought iron candelabras. Place candles in glass terrariums or globes for an illuminating centerpiece. Line a tray with mini votives or set a large event pillar inside a glass hurricane vase to diffuse the light. Present candles on gilded mirrored platters or rustic wood slices for amplified ambience. The possibilities are truly endless.

Candle accessories likewise abound. Use glass shades or cylindrical chimneys to safely contain the flame. Place wax catchers or mats underneath to catch drips. Choose lengthening wick trimmers for a perfect cut every time. Have backup wickswick stickers and wax shavings on hand for DIY repairs. Invest in snuffers to easily extinguish candles between uses. Utilize lighter wands to spark hard-to-reach wicks with safety and ease. ![Assorted candle holders][]

With this arsenal of accessories, you can build a proper candlescape worthy of magazines and blogs. Don’t forget the matches! While Hobby Lobby has you covered there, I prefer the natural wood matches for an earthy igniting experience.

Waxing and Waning: Candle Science

Before selecting your perfect pillar or jar, it helps to brush up on some candle science. This will ensure both beauty and safety when burning. Luckily, Hobby Lobby labels offer plenty of guidance.

One key factor is burn time. Container candles often last between 40-50 hours while larger pillars may burn over 80-100 hours. This allows you to choose the right candle for your space and needs. Longer burn times work well for entryways, dining rooms and other areas you occupy for extended periods. Shorter burn times fit better in guest baths, bedrooms and occasional spaces.

The type of wax also affects performance. Paraffin is the most common option providing excellent scent throw and clean burn. Soy wax burns cleaner as an eco-friendly alternative. Beeswax offers a natural honey aroma and requires cotton wicks. Palm wax blends provide strong scents. Reading the descriptions at Hobby Lobby prevents any waxing mishaps.

Wick material and diameter are also essential. Most utilize braided cotton or flat braided paper wicks. Wick width impacts flame height, melt pool and burn time. Hobby Lobby employees can recommend proper wick sizes for each candle style. This promotes even burning and wax liquefaction to fill the vessel.

Finally, take precautions like keeping candles on stable, protected surfaces away from drafts. Trim wicks before each use to avoid excess smoking. Allow complete pool coverage and liquid wax before extinguishing. Adhering to these tips ensures your Hobby Lobby candles burn cleanly and safely every time.

Saving Your Cents: Hobby Lobby Candle Deals

I never enter a Hobby Lobby without scanning for a deal. This avid bargain hunter appreciates their frequent discounts, especially in the perpetual full-priced candle department. Luckily, savings on candles abound for the savvy shopper.

The best time to buy is during a 40% off sitewide sale. Hobby Lobby runs these regularly, especially during peak home décor seasons like fall and Christmas.Stacking my 40% discount with coupons found online can lead to over 50% savings on all candles storewide. For the budget-conscious buyer, only purchase candles during these high-percentage promotions.

Another hack is to shop the clearance section either in store or online. While the selection is more limited, clearance items get marked down significantly. I’ve scored major deals on holiday scents in the new year and summery candle fragrances in winter. Sometimes discontinued jar styles or odd holiday scents get deeply reduced. It takes persistence, but digging through clearance can yield big savings.

Make a habit of checking the weekly ado for special flash salesBOGO deals and printable or app coupons. Around major holidays like Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and the December holidays, candle promos tend to appear offering 20-40% certain styles or brands. Timing your purchase right can lead to big discounts without a sitewide sale.

Finally, bulk buying candles during the above promos maximizes savings. Stock up on tried-and-true scents or gift multiples during the deals. When you break down cost per candle, buying 3-5 at once yields the best value. I keep an inventory so I’m never stuck purchasing full price. A little planning goes a long way to candle savings!

Making Your Mark: Candle Crafting

Beyond buying, Hobby Lobby provides all the supplies I need to craft custom candles at home. Making DIY candles offers a fun creative outlet plus personalized designs you can’t find anywhere else. With some simple steps, you can transform wax into professional-looking creations using items from the store.

I like to start with my vessel, choosing interesting jarsglasses or containers from the floral department to repurpose. Clean thoroughly and place wicks using sticker tabs or hot glue for security. Next, I melt my preferred candle wax using a double boiler or melting pot on low heat. Do not leave melting wax unattended! Once in liquid form, I add a few drops of essential oils in my desired scents or use concentrated fragrance oils. I carefully pour the fragranced wax into containers, leaving room at the top for the melted wax to pool when lit. Finally, I top with decorations like dried botanicals, glitter, signs or twine. DIY candles make great gifts!

For next level creations, explore candle dyes to tint wax fun colors. Utilize molds to form wax into shapes like cacti, shells or geometric blocks. Roll and cut multilayered wax sheets to achieve a colorful striped effect. Use embed molds to press flowers, fruits or shapes into the top of candles. The options are endless with a little imagination! And Hobby Lobby stocks every supply I need in their candle making section. ![Candle making supplies][]

While buying finished candles from Hobby Lobby brings joy, designing my own allows me to fully express my style and personality. I can match my home décor seamlessly by making coordinating candles in my color scheme. Custom wedding favors take on special meaning when customized for the couple. Holiday candles feel more heartfelt when made by hand. If you want to take your Hobby Lobby candle passion to the next level, grab some supplies and let your creativity shine!

Hobby Lobby Candle Confessions

After years of loyal patronage, I’ve come to know the Hobby Lobby candle selection intimately. Let me share some insider tips I’ve learned along the way.

The cream jars with silver lids seem to throw scent the best in my experience. The ribbed amber glass containers also excellently diffuse fragrance.

Don’t just smell the lids! Take off the cover and sniff inside too. The wax itself tells the real story.

Wood wick candles sound lovely but require extra trimming for best performance. Cotton wicks are more foolproof.

Smaller room scents under 8 ounces often lack in fragrance strength compared to larger 13-ounce jars.

New seasonal scents usually start hitting shelves in late July/early August so plan summer sniff tests accordingly.

The holiday candle selection explodes in September and October. Shop early for the best selection.

Right after Christmas, snag leftover holiday scents at 75% off to carry you through winter.

Candle day in December offers the best sitewide sale annually. Wait for this to stock up.

Ask about current promos and discounts at checkout. Staff can provide store coupons and insider tips.

Now you have my top industry knowledge to shop smart! Use these tips to unlock maximum savings and candle satisfaction at Hobby Lobby.

Enlighten Your Senses: Exploring Candles with New Eyes

Stepping into the candle aisle at Hobby Lobby instantly boosts my mood and enlivens my senses. The wall of fragrance inspires creativity, conjures fond memories and promises cozy ambience for my living space. Candles provide such joy and comfort amidst the stresses of everyday life. With Hobby Lobby’s unparalleled selection, you’re guaranteed to find candles that speak to your spirit. Whether you seek simple votives or showstopping pillars, traditional scents or exotic infusions, candleland at Hobby Lobby has you covered.

Next time you shop, I encourage you to pause in the candle department. Engage all your senses as you browse. Notice colors and textures that catch your eye. Inhale the range of scents deeply. Feel the smooth wax, the crackling wick. Listen for the soft flickering of flames. Slow down and let the candles transport you. With an open mind and exploratory spirit, you’re sure to discover new favorites and rekindle your candle passion. Hobby Lobby offers far more than home goods—their candles are journeys waiting to unfold. All you must do is stop, stay awhile, and let your inner light shine.

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