Exploring the World of Beads at Hobby Lobby

A Bead Enthusiast’s Guide to the Ultimate Bead Shopping Destination

As an avid beader and jewelry maker, one of my all-time favorite places to shop for supplies is Hobby Lobby. Their incredible selection, low prices, and helpful staff make Hobby Lobby a go-to destination for beaders and crafters of all levels. In this blog post, I’ll provide an in-depth look at the bead offerings at Hobby Lobby and share some tips for making the most of your bead shopping trips. Whether you’re new to beading or a seasoned pro, read on for the ultimate guide to beads at Hobby Lobby!

Variety is the Spice of Bead Life

One of the best things about shopping for beads at Hobby Lobby is the sheer variety available. From tiny seed beads to large focal beads, common shapes like rounds and cubes to unique shapes like flowers and animals, you’ll find every type of bead imaginable in their aisles. The selection includes:

  • Glass beads: Choose from transparent, opaque, matte, or shiny finishes in every color. Czech and Japanese seed beads are available for delicate work. Larger glass beads come in infinite shapes and styles.
  • Wooden beads: Natural wood beads in spherical, tubular and geometric shapes allow you to add an organic vibe. Dyed and painted wooden beads feature colorful designs.
  • Plastic beads: Durable and affordable acrylic and plastic beads are great for kids’ crafts or costume jewelry. Find beads with metallic finishes and special effects like glitter.
  • Metal beads: Add some shine with pewter, silver, gold and copper beads. Preciosity beads feature Swarovski crystals in metal settings.
  • Gemstone beads: Semi-precious stones like jade, turquoise, quartz and more inspire stunning jewelry. Birthstone beads make great gifts.
  • Specialty beads: From large statement beads to tiny seed bead mixes, you’ll find beads for every project. Licensed beads with favorite characters and themes allow you to get creative.

With this diverse selection, I can always find the perfect beads for my projects at Hobby Lobby. I love mixing and matching shapes, sizes, colors and textures to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and crafts.

Beads in Bulk for Big Savings

Hobby Lobby offers a terrific selection of beads in bulk packages, which helps me save on supplies for my jewelry business. Buying in bulk means I can stock up on essential seed beads, charms, spacers and other basics at lower per-piece prices. Some of my go-to bulk items include:

  • Seed bead mixes, typically packed in 5-10 gram vials
  • Bulk Czech glass beads in rounds, cubes, etc.
  • Multi-strand bulk gemstone beads
  • Spacer beads and tiny accent beads
  • Bagged charms and pendants
  • Mixed lots of metal beads and findings

With bulk beads, I can buy just what I need without wasting money. If a certain bead is perfect for an order, I can buy enough to complete the whole necklace or pair of earrings. I also use cheaper bulk beads when testing new patterns or techniques without worrying about wasting expensive beads. Buying beads in bulk from Hobby Lobby allows me to be creative, productive and budget-friendly!

Prices to Please Any Pocketbook

From bargain beads to top-tier gems, Hobby Lobby has beads in every price range. Here are some typical price points for beads:

  • Under $2: Acrylic, plastic and wooden beads; basic glass beads; bulk seed beads
  • $2-$5: Czech glass beads;Feature beads; Bulk semi-precious gemstones
  • $5-$10: Select glass beads; Sterling silver findings; Swarovski crystal beads
  • $10-$20: Preciosa crystals; Lampwork glass focal beads; Gemstone chips & nuggets
  • $20+: Strands of premium crystals and gemstones; Pearl strands; 14k gold-filled components

With this spectrum of pricing, I can decorate an entire jewelry set or stretch a bead hobby budget. I also appreciate that prices are clearly marked so there are no surprises at the register. Between sale items and coupons, I can almost always find beads in my budget at Hobby Lobby.

Tools & Supplies for Bead Bliss

In addition to the incredible selection of beads themselves, Hobby Lobby also carries a comprehensive range of beading tools, accessories and storage supplies. I can find everything I need for stringing, wireworking, bead embroidery, loom weaving, and more. Some of my beadwork essentials from Hobby Lobby include:

  • Stringing supplies like beading wire, cord, thread, and needles
  • Wireworking tools like pliers, cutters, and wrap wire
  • Adhesives, finishes, and epoxy for securing and sealing beads
  • Bead mats and containers for organizing my work surface
  • Bead boards, bead spinners, and looms for weaving beads
  • Bead storage like small containers, trays with compartments, and bags
  • Jewelry components like clasps, crimp beads, spacers, and ear wires
  • Magnification tools like bead reamers, lighted visors, and tabletop magnifiers

With this comprehensive selection, I can find all the equipment and accessories to take my beadwork to the next level. And I never have to make a separate trip for basic jewelry supplies like ear wires and clasps thanks to their extensive selection.

Eye Candy: Browsing for Bead Inspiration

Even after years of beading experience, I still get giddy with excitement browsing the bead aisles at Hobby Lobby. I enjoy scouting out the latest beads and getting color combinations ideas. Some of my favorite ways to spark inspiration include:

  • Checking out focal beads and pendants to visualize jewelry designs around them
  • Scoping out seasonal sections for holiday hues and themes
  • Feeling the textures of wood, stone, and glass beads for tactile inspiration
  • Comparing the versatility of opaque vs. transparent beads in each color family
  • Mixing seed bead color gradients across vials to create ombre effects
  • Noting unique color names for shades I might not otherwise try
  • Fetching multiple packages of the same bead to work through color stories

Wandering through the bead selection with a curious, creative mindset always ignites new ideas. I scribble sketches, snap photos for reference, and gather potential color palettes to try. For a bead lover like me, Hobby Lobby offers eye candy galore!

Beginner Bliss: Bead Kits & Classes

As much as I love beads now, I distinctly remember how intimidating beading seemed when I first started out. I happily discovered that Hobby Lobby provides wonderful resources for beginners looking to develop their beading skills over time. Specifically:

  • Bead kits with all necessary supplies and instructions for making projects like bracelets, necklaces, and more. The kits allow beginners to experience finishing jewelry without having to individually select supplies.
  • Free bead crafting video tutorials on the Hobby Lobby YouTube channel covering basic skills like stringing, wire wrapping, crimping beads, and other foundations to build upon.
  • Paid virtual classes through the Hobby Lobby Creative Studio allowing you to learn techniques from expert teachers remotely. Classes range from bead stringing to bead embroidery and beyond.
  • In-store classes at select store locations take you step-by-step through beginner bead projects with the guidance of knowledgeable teachers. Check the schedule for available classes at your local store.

Between these resources, I assure hesitant beginners that you can master the basics of beading one step at a time with Hobby Lobby by your side.

Sustainable and Ethical Bead Options

As a maker who cares about responsible sourcing, I look for beads made sustainably when possible. I’m pleased to find that Hobby Lobby has increased their offerings of beads made with eco-friendly materials and production methods. Some examples I look for:

  • Glass beads made from recycled glass to reduce waste
  • Wooden beads from responsibly harvested sources like bamboo and tagua nut
  • Ceramic beads free from toxic glazes and dyes
  • Beads colored naturally with mineral-based dyes rather than harsh chemicals
  • Vintage and upcycled beads reused from old jewelry
  • Beads produced locally in the US to cut back on emissions from overseas shipping

While not all beads meet these ideals, I appreciate that Hobby Lobby makes an effort to offer options produced sustainably and ethically. As customer demand increases, I hope to see more earth-friendly beads at Hobby Lobby in the future. In the meantime, they provide enough variety for me to make thoughtful choices as a maker.

Quite the Catch: Tips for Bagging Best Bead Buys

Over the years, I’ve picked up some helpful tips and tricks for stretching my bead budget at Hobby Lobby to get the most bang for my buck:

  • Check out sale items first – discounted beads get used up fast, so don’t delay!
  • Download the Hobby Lobby app for access to digital coupons you can use in store.
  • Shop during weekly sales like “Beads 40% Off” or “All Jewelry 50% Off” for huge savings.
  • Buy bead magazines from Hobby Lobby for freebies, patterns, and bonus coupons inside.
  • Sign up for the Hobby Lobby coupon mailing list and watch for big coupon events.
  • Take advantage of volume discounts when buying multiple packages of the same bead.
  • Scout clearance sections for hidden bead treasures at ultra-low prices.
  • Split bulk beads with friends to take advantage of quantity discounts and divide leftovers.

With some persistence and planning, you can build an amazing bead collection on a limited budget. Follow these tips and you’ll be surprised just how far your bead dollars can go at Hobby Lobby.

For the Love of Beads

As this post illustrates, I am head-over-heels for Hobby Lobby when it comes to bead shopping and believe they offer an unparalleled selection. Regardless of your project needs, skill level, or budget, Hobby Lobby has something special to offer beaders of all kinds. I hope you’ll wander down the bead aisles next time you visit – you never know what beautiful beads and inspiration await! What’s your favorite thing about shopping for beads at Hobby Lobby? Let me know in the comments!

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