Exploring My Creative Side at Hobby Lobby in Albuquerque

Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I’m always looking for new creative outlets and places to find inspiration. As an arts enthusiast, I was thrilled when Hobby Lobby opened multiple locations throughout the city. This nationwide arts and crafts store has become my go-to spot for sparking my imagination and working on fun DIY projects. I’ve spent many happy hours browsing the packed aisles and uncovering new and exciting items to fuel my creativity at Hobby Lobby’s Albuquerque stores. Join me as I share my experiences and highlight the many things this fantastic retailer has to offer.

As a long-time resident of Albuquerque, I’ve seen the city grow rapidly over the past decade. New shops and retailers are constantly popping up around town. One major addition in recent years has been the arrival of several Hobby Lobby locations. This Oklahoma-based chain has stores situated across the city to conveniently meet crafters’ needs.

The first Hobby Lobby opened in Albuquerque back in 2012. This original store is located off I-25 on Lomas Boulevard. With over 55,000 square feet of merchandise, this mega shop set the tone for the brand’s signature massive stores. I’ll never forget walking through the doors that first time, gaping in awe at the incredible selection. From fabric bolts galore to every art supply imaginable, I was like a kid in a candy store.

Since then, the company has expanded to add four more Albuquerque locations. Two smaller stores can be found on the Westside off Coors Boulevard and in Rio Rancho off Unser Boulevard. In 2015, Hobby Lobby opened an even larger flagship store in Cottonwood Mall spanning over 66,000 square feet. Most recently in 2021, a fifth store was added on Eubank Boulevard in the Northeast Heights.

With so many locations now dotting the city, Hobby Lobby has become my one-stop-shop for all things arts and crafts. The stores are open seven days a week, generally from 9am to 8pm Monday through Saturday. Then on Sundays, they’re open from 10am to 6pm. I occasionally like to visit on Sunday mornings when things are a bit quieter. But I usually find myself popping into a store at least once a week when inspiration strikes.

Beyond everyday shopping, Hobby Lobby also hosts fun workshops and classes. I’ll periodically see flyers posted in the stores advertising upcoming events like kids’ crafting workshops or floral design classes. Around the holidays, they have special activities like ornament or wreath making classes. I signed up for a wood sign painting workshop at the Cottonwood store last fall and had a blast learning this new hobby. Keep your eye out for these special events that add to the creative fun.

With five locations across Albuquerque, Hobby Lobby also offers many job opportunities in fields like retail, management, logistics, and more. I have a few artistic friends who have worked for the company over the years and generally have positive things to say about their employer. Perusing the Hobby Lobby careers webpage, it looks like most stores are currently hiring for positions like cashiers, framers, floral designers, and merchandisers. Working at Hobby Lobby seems like an excellent way for creatively-minded people to contribute to a company aligned with their passions.

If you ever have questions about Hobby Lobby’s Albuquerque stores, there are a few easy ways to get information. The contact phone number and address for each location can be found on the store locator webpage. I’d recommend calling the store directly if you have specific questions about workshops, job openings, or anything store-related. For general inquiries, Hobby Lobby also has very responsive customer service phone and email support. And I love their mobile app which shares store hours, coupons, notifications, and more.

One of my favorite features Hobby Lobby offers is the ability to order online and pick up in store. Browsing their enormous online selection and then retrieving my order at a local store is so convenient. I also appreciate that Hobby Lobby has continued providing pickup services throughout the pandemic. Albuquerque stores seem to have thorough safety procedures in place like plexiglass barriers, social distancing reminders, and employees wearing masks. It is reassuring as a customer that they take cleanliness seriously during COVID-19.

When shopping at any of Hobby Lobby’s Albuquerque locations, there always seem to be great specials and sales happening. Their weekly ad is the best place to find out about discounts on certain brands or product types. Around major holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, they offer blowout themed sales with seriously marked down items. I also regularly receive 40% off single item coupons via email or direct mail. Let’s just say, I’ve gotten some steals over the years by keeping an eye out for deals.

One area where I occasionally splurge is Hobby Lobby’s custom framing department. They do top-notch framing work, and I’ve had a few cherished art pieces and embroideries professionally framed there. The framers always do a wonderful job with my pieces. I appreciate that they offer an array of quality frame options from basic to ornate. While not cheap, the framing service is worth it for sentimental projects I want perfectly preserved.

Walking through any of the Albuquerque Hobby Lobby stores, the product selection is simply astounding. The stores feel like they’re the size of multiple football fields with row after row of arts, crafts, home decor, and more. Some of my favorite aisles to peruse are the floral and gardening section, baking and candy making, fine art supplies, and holiday specialties. I can spend hours filling my cart with inspiration. If they don’t have something in store, I’m constantly amazed by the enormous online catalog with even more options.

A newer department I’ve enjoyed shopping is Hobby Lobby’s floral section. They have a beautiful assortment of faux and dried floral stems to create arrangements. Around holidays like Valentine’s Day, they also sell fresh flower bunches and roses. I like to pick up bright sunflowers or wildflower bundles to liven up my house. It’s been fun learning how to build my own floral designs with their supplies. I’ll often grab projects to work on during their flower arranging classes.

After shopping regularly at Hobby Lobby for so many years, I’ve certainly brought home my fair share of purchases. Thankfully, their return and exchange policy is quite generous. Unopened non-perishable items can be returned with a receipt within 90 days. I’ve also done even exchanges for unopened merchandise without a receipt. For any defective or damaged products, they also allow returns with a receipt within 90 days. Basically, I’ve never had any issue exchanging something if needed.

Another section of Hobby Lobby I frequent is their massive seasonal décor area. No matter if it’s Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Fourth of July, they have tons of festive decorations. I like to stock up on themed paper goods, baking supplies, garlands, yard decorations, and more. Even the day after a holiday, all seasonal items go 50% off. I’ll shop the clearance wares and have decor ready to go for the next year. It’s the best way to build up my holiday decoration collection on a budget.

Beyond everyday craft supplies, Hobby Lobby’s Albuquerque stores offer a wide array of arts and crafting classes. I’ve attended several workshops over the years and been thoroughly impressed by the knowledgeable teachers. Classes range from painting and drawing to fiber arts, floral design, jewelry making, holiday crafts, and more.

I took a watercolor landscape painting class at the Eubank store last month and had the best time. The patient teacher walked us through basic techniques and let us follow along to create a beautiful Southwestern scene. We got to take home our work along with a list of suggested supplies for getting started with watercolor painting. I can’t wait to use my new skills to paint more landscapes. Signing up for these workshops always gets my creative juices flowing.

As much as I love leisurely browsing the store, Hobby Lobby also offers ways to make shopping more convenient. I like to sign up on their website to receive the weekly ad and sale notifications. This makes sure I never miss out on discounts or special offers on my favorite products. As a devoted crafter, I always look forward to seeing what new items or sales are happening each week.

Another perk I really appreciate is that Hobby Lobby provides discounts for teachers, students, and military personnel. With my teacher ID, I get 15% off my entire purchase which offers some great savings. The offer even applies to sale items, so the deals get better and better. Be sure to sign up online so your teacher or military discount gets automatically applied at checkout.

Living in such a thriving city, the Albuquerque Hobby Lobby stores definitely see their fair share of visitors. The best times I’ve found to avoid crowds are weekday mornings or evenings. The stores tend to be busiest on weekends, especially Saturdays. I like weekday evenings because the aisles are emptier, but all the latest stock is usually out. Timing your visit carefully can make browsing much more relaxed and enjoyable.

After being a devoted Hobby Lobby shopper for so long in Albuquerque, I feel invested in the company. That’s why I also make sure to provide feedback about my experiences in their stores. If I ever have a disappointment or concern about something, I try to share it constructively with a store manager. I also make sure to highlight especially helpful employees or departments. Keeping that open dialogue helps Hobby Lobby continue improving.

To help fund all my crafting adventures, I always keep Hobby Lobby gift cards on hand. The store sells gift cards online and in-person from $5 to $500. I like to buy them for teacher appreciation gifts or to treat my artistic loved ones. I’ll also pick some up for myself when they offer discount promotions on gift cards. It’s basically free money off future shopping trips!

When it comes time to check out with all my crafting finds, Hobby Lobby offers convenient payment options. This includes all major credit cards, debit cards, Hobby Lobby gift cards, and even PayPal. They make online and in-store payment very smooth. I also utilize their app which stores digital versions of my gift cards and coupons for easy access.

As a hub for Albuquerque’s enthusiastic arts and crafts community, Hobby Lobby has become an invaluable resource for supporting my constant creating. The stores stock every supply I could possibly need, offer helpful services, host fun classes, and provide an enjoyable shopping environment. My Creative spirit always feels recharged after an afternoon spent wandering the packed aisles. For feeding my artistic passion, I’m so grateful Hobby Lobby decided to make Albuquerque home to so many of its stores. I can’t wait to see what inspiring new projects I’ll uncover during my next visit!

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