Designing My Dream Office: Decorating with Hobby Lobby

Transforming my home office into an inspiring workspace

As a freelance writer, my home office is my sanctuary. It’s where I spend most of my waking hours, so I want it to be an inviting, creative space that sparks productivity. When it came time for an office refresh, I knew exactly where to turn – Hobby Lobby, my favorite store for unique home decor at affordable prices.

I was thrilled to discover Hobby Lobby has an amazing selection of office decor to upgrade my workspace. From wall art to storage solutions, I found endless options to create a motivational, modern and efficient home office. As I browsed the aisles and filled my cart, my excitement grew about transforming this room into my dream office retreat.

Splashes of Color to Boost Mood

I decided to start my office makeover by bringing in pops of color to energize the space. Hobby Lobby offered a wide variety of decorative accents like throw pillows, blankets, frames and vases that allowed me to incorporate vibrant hues. I chose several bright pink and teal accessories that immediately livened up the room.

Hues like these are known to boost creativity, happiness and calm. Since I spend so much time in my office, I want the atmosphere to improve my mood. The punchy colors help combat writer’s block and refresh my mind. Whenever I need a break from my computer screen, I look around my office and feel instantly uplifted.

Modern Metallic Touches

In addition to color, I infused metallic touches throughout my office for a contemporary vibe. Hobby Lobby had so many chic options to choose from, like gold decorative letters, rose gold frames and marble + brass desk accessories. These luxe gold and marble details add stylish flair while keeping the room feeling open and airy.

I grouped several metallic pieces together on my desk, shelves and console table to create a glamorous workspace. The bright metals and marble textures play off the pink and teal colors beautifully. Every time the light hits these shiny accents, it feels both sophisticated and playful at the same time. The mix of colors and metals achieves the modern, inspiring look I envisioned.

Meaningful Wall Decor

No office is complete without wall decor, so I turned to Hobby Lobby’s extensive art selection to accent my walls. I opted for a balanced mix of mirrored panels, paintings, shelves and framed quotes. The reflections help brighten the space, while the uplifting quotes and abstract art energize my creativity.

I also printed and framed photos of my family and favorite travel destinations to personalize the room. Surrounding myself with meaningful memories and motivational mantras inspires me as I work each day. The wall decor is both beautiful and sentimental.

Clever Hidden Storage

In addition to aesthetic upgrades, I needed more hidden storage for office supplies and files. Hobby Lobby offered great solutions that doubled as decor, like woven baskets, fabric bins and even storage ottomans. I tucked these decorative containers around the office to neatly organize essentials while maintaining a cohesive design.

By concealing clutter in style, my office feels tranquil and serene instead of chaotic. The neutral baskets blend right in with my color scheme, so I can keep everything in its place without taking away from the peaceful atmosphere. Streamlining storage was just as important as choosing the right decorative touches when crafting my dream workspace.

Stylish Lighting for Functionality

My office previously had quite dull overhead lighting, so I invested in some chic lamp options from Hobby Lobby to provide both style and function. I selected an adjustable swing arm desk lamp so I can direct light right where I need it. A copper floor lamp in the corner casts a soft glow.

And my favorite new addition – a string light canopy over my desk! This whimsical hanging accent feels straight out of a cafe or lounge, giving my workspace a cozy feel. The mix of lighting keeps me comfortably illuminated for hours of writing.

Affordable Luxury Finds

The thing I appreciate most about Hobby Lobby is that they offer high-end looking decor at affordable prices. I was able to stick to my office redecorating budget without sacrificing my dream design vision. Because Hobby Lobby has weekly sales and coupons, I got some huge deals on my statement pieces.

For example, a velvet executive chair that usually retails for $300+ was 50% off, so I snagged it for $150! I couldn’t believe the markdowns on luxury-style finds. My office genuinely looks and feels so much more expensive than it actually was to decorate. Hobby Lobby allowed me to achieve a magazine-worthy workspace on a real-world budget.

A Relaxing Retreat

It took a little time and elbow grease to install all my fabulous finds from Hobby Lobby, but the payoff was huge. My office feels like a completely new space – a sanctuary I’m excited to spend time in everyday. The creative decor choices keep me calm, motivated and inspired as I work.

I’ll never tire of walking in each morning and seeing the bright colors, meaningful quotes, cozy lighting and stylish storage solutions I carefully picked out. When I look around, I remember the fun of crafting this energizing workspace. The vibrancy and personality make my office feel like an escape from the outside world. Now my dream retreat is a reality, thanks to the treasures I discovered at Hobby Lobby!

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