Decorate Your Walls with Inspiring Finds from Hobby Lobby’s Stunning Wall Art Collection

As an avid home decorator with a passion for transforming bare walls into focal features, I’m always on the lookout for fresh and stylish wall art. My latest expedition took me to the sprawling wall art section at my local Hobby Lobby store. As far as the eye could see stretched aisles filled with every type of wall décor imaginable. From rustic metal signs to vivid canvas prints, Hobby Lobby’s wall art selection has something for every taste and style.

After spending hours browsing the seemingly endless assortment, I discovered they offer much more than just framed prints and paintings. Metal wall decor made a bold impression, with galvanized tin stars and oversized letters lending an industrial vibe. For the bohemian-spirited, embroidered tapestries depicting elephants and mandalas make far-out additions to living rooms and bedrooms. And don’t overlook the baskets of wood wall decor plaques etched with touching quotes and Bible verses – perfect gifts for the religiously-minded.

Beyond the in-store selection, even more wall art temptations live on Hobby Lobby’s user-friendly website. Searching by theme, I uncovered charming nautical finds like weathered wooden signs branded with “Fresh Catch” and “Gone Fishing.” Nursery wall décor, including colorful canvas prints of woodland creatures, provides ample inspiration for jazzing up the baby’s room. And for those aiming to turn their home into a Sanctuary, Hobby Lobby’s collection of inspirational wall art offers daily affirmations in the form of such uplifting open edition canvas prints as “Choose Happiness” and “Gather Together.”

Stylish Finds for Every Decor Style

Hobby Lobby makes it easy to decorate on-trend, thanks to their wall art catering to today’s most popular interior design styles. I discovered countless rustic chic picks, from distressed wood frames showcasing inspiring quotes to galvanized flower shapes sporting a timeworn patina. For the mid-century modern aesthetic, abstract wood cutouts in organic shapes look sharp against solid hued walls, while graphic black and white botanical prints lend a retro vibe.

Even niche trends like Farmhouseindustrial, and vintage style get love through Hobby Lobby’s wall offerings. Rustic barnwood signs point the way to the kitchen, wagon wheel mirrors evoke Old West Americana, and faded antique advertising prints capture nostalgic charm. And hygge lovers can create cozy serenity through Nordic-inspired wall hangings depicting mountain landscapes and peaceful birch tree forests.

Hobby Lobby also answers the call of the subtly religious through homespun-styled wall plaques branded with such sentiments as “Give Thanks to the Lord” – ideal for those wanting spiritual touches without overwhelming their décor. For the creatively inclined, blank, unfinished wood cutouts shaped like hummingbirds and blooms make the perfect DIY wall art canvases.

Artistry for Every Budget

Between frequent sales promotions and everyday low prices, Hobby Lobby allows budget-focused shoppers to afford museum-worthy works. In the under $100 range, I spotted stunning finds like textured metallic prints of flowers in bloom, black-framed chalkboard prints for customizable messages, and mixed media cross paintings combining artistic photos with Scripture. Even the framed art prints soar above basic with gorgeous Impressionist depictions of poppies and detailed animal illustrations.

Venturing just above the $100 mark revealed even more treasures, like the meticulously hand-painted owl painting I couldn’t resist. For under $500, shoppers can cart home nature photography masterpieces in barnwood frames, rectangular beveled mirror panels, and extra-large abstract floral designs measuring six feet tall. Pieces like massive world map canvas prints and Aboriginal dot art even fall under $200.

For splurge-worthy investment pieces, Hobby Lobby offers wall art in the $500 to $2,000 range. I fell hard for a striking six-panel metal floral design bursting with bright enamel hues – a steal at under $600. And few can resist the powerful symbolism of Angel Wings Wall Sculptures priced around $1,000. Even if your budget tops out at under $50, faux palm fronds, mini canvases embellished with inspirational words, and charming ceramic plaques ensure every penny brings graphic impact.

The Hunt for Hidden Gems

Beyond displaying the most coveted pieces in hotspot areas, Hobby Lobby tucks visual treasures into overlooked nooks and crannies. Clever hunters happen upon these hidden gems simply by venturing down less-trafficked aisles and glancing up to higher shelves. That’s how I uncovered magnificent finds like a vibrant six-foot-wide canvas depicting wild horses stampeding across a beach.

Another golden find – a mixed media wall sculpture of a flower meadow – caught my eye on a top ledge far from the main wall art lanes. And who would think to look in the furniture section? Yet doing so rewarded my persistence with an intricately hand-painted cabinet perfect for stashing office supplies or knickknacks. The thrill of chancing upon these concealed prizes makes scouring every section worthwhile.

For inside tips on tracking down Hobby Lobby’s choicest conversation pieces before they sell out, check with staff to learn which wall art finds get scouted right away. Apparently, anything spotlighting a buffalo – from metal sculptures to close-up photography prints – vanishes quickly. Bible verse wall hangings also tend to disappear fast, as do new releases in hot trends like abstract geometrics and birch tree prints. Knowing key words to search on Hobby Lobby’s website like “boho” and “farmhouse” helps uncover hidden treasures too.

Mix and Match with Decor Items for a Curated Look

The agony of choosing just one or two wall art pieces quickly fades upon realizing you can blend and unite favorites to fashion a gallery wall display. While strolling each aisle, I snapped photos of potential combinations to create my own eclectic salon wall at home. For instance, hanging an abstract painting next to that hand-painted owl print and showing the floral sculpture on the adjoining wall ties the whole vignette together brilliantly.

I can also seamlessly connect my wall art to the rest of my décor using Hobby Lobby’s extensive selection of coordinating accents. For my coastal-themed bedroom, the wind chime formed from seashells and starfish perfectly complements the shadowbox arrangement of pressed sand dollars and sea glass.

To accent the oversized “Greet the Dawn” tapestry destined for my living room, sunset-hued throw pillows and ceramic garden stools invoking ocean waves enhance the calming mood. For the den, wooden “Adventure Awaits” and “Seize the Day” signs command attention against the rough cedar planks lining my bookshelves.

Quality Craftsmanship for Art That Endures

Investing in statement-making wall décor means nothing if the pieces can’t withstand everyday life. After years spent experimenting with cheaply made art that lost its luster almost immediately, I now admire Hobby Lobby’s dedication to artisanal craftsmanship. The solid wood and metal constructions provide durability, while canvas prints get framed behind protective glass.

Smaller touches also demonstrate attention to quality, like the thick woven backing on tapestries, strong magnets on decorative tiles, and reinforced edges on beveled mirrors. Knowing these pieces will retain their visual impact for years to come offers peace of mind. And should any problems arise, Hobby Lobby’s generous return policy provides a backup plan.

Find Your Creative Spark at Hobby Lobby

The extensive, ever-evolving selection at Hobby Lobby sparks imagination and invites exploration. After getting my fill of browsing displayed offerings, I delve into the reams of idea books stacked near the custom framing department. I dog-ear pages showcasing gallery wall designs and creative statement piece installations, visualizing how to adapt those looks in my own abode. Poring over the seasonal style lookbooks also ignites inspiration for freshening up my walls.

For DIYers, Hobby Lobby provides raw materials like wood cutouts, unfinished shutter frames, and burlap canvases ripe for your wildest flights of fancy. Follow advice from the employee crafting experts on choosing paints, stencils, decoupage materials, and more. Don’t ignore the floral section either. A wreath of peonies or garland of paper blooms adds instant artistry when hung with flair. However you choose to decorate, Hobby Lobby stands ready with endless inspiration and gorgeous art for every style, budget, and room.

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