Decking the Halls with Hobby Lobby Wreaths

A Seasonal Guide to Finding the Perfect Wreath at Hobby Lobby

The holidays are my favorite time of year. As soon as the calendar hits November, I go into full festive mode. I break out my Christmas music playlists, binge-watch Hallmark movies, and start planning my holiday decor. One of my favorite parts of decorating is finding beautiful wreaths to adorn my front door. Over the years, I’ve become a bit of a hobby lobby wreath connoisseur. I thought I’d share my wisdom on all things Hobby Lobby wreaths so you can deck your halls in style this season!

Types of Wreaths at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby offers a wide variety of wreath styles and sizes to suit any taste or space. Here are some of the main types you’ll find:

  • Evergreen wreaths: These traditional wreaths are made of real or artificial evergreen branches. Hobby Lobby has different sizes and styles, some with pinecones, berries, and other natural decorations. They come in earthy greens as well as frosty silvers and whites.
  • Christmas wreaths: For a touch of yuletide cheer, look for Christmas wreaths decorated with red berries, plaid ribbons, miniature ornaments, and other holiday embellishments.
  • Spring and Easter wreaths: Pastel flowers, butterflies, and Easter eggs adorn these bright and cheery wreaths that welcome spring.
  • Patriotic wreaths: Red, white, and blue wreaths feature stars, Americana decor, and ribbons to celebrate 4th of July or other patriotic holidays.
  • Fall and autumn wreaths: Warm harvest colors in wreaths decorated with mini gourds, acorns, leaves, wheat, and other autumn motifs.
  • Floral wreaths: These can be made with fresh or faux flowers in colors to suit any season. Elegant and vibrant!
  • Theme wreaths: From whimsical animals to your favorite sports team, Hobby Lobby has wreaths for any interest or occasion you can imagine.

No matter your decorating style, you’re sure to find a wreath to love at Hobby Lobby. The options are virtually endless!

Wreath Costs and Price Ranges

Hobby Lobby aims to provide attractive decor at reasonable prices. Wreath costs typically range from $15-$150. The final price depends on factors like:

  • Wreath size: Smaller 12-inch wreaths tend to cost $15-$30, while large 36-48-inch wreaths run $70-$150.
  • Materials: Real evergreen and floral wreaths are more expensive than artificial and mixed-media wreaths.
  • Intricate designs and premium decorations (like large bows, ornaments, etc.) increase the cost.
  • Seasonal demand also impacts pricing. Christmas wreaths often cost more than other seasons.

Don’t forget to factor coupons and sales (more on that later) into the final price as well. With a bit of strategic shopping, you can snag beautiful wreaths for half off or more!

Catching Sales on Wreaths

The best way to save money on hobby lobby wreaths is to buy them during sales events. Make sure to sign up for their email list to get notifications of discounts and promos.

Some of the best wreath sales happen at:

  • After-holiday clearances – Stock up on deeply discounted Christmas wreaths right after the 25th. Then save them for next season!
  • Summer seasonal sales – Around Memorial Day and July 4th, you can score patriotic and summer wreaths for less.
  • Fall & Holiday previews – September is a great month for sales on fall and upcoming holiday wreaths.
  • Hobby Lobby App – Last-minute deals pop up in the app around major holidays, so it’s worth checking.
  • Weekly ad specials – Hobby Lobby highlights discounted wreaths and floral in their ads each week. Browse the latest offerings in-store or online.

With a little strategic timing, you can decorate with beautiful wreaths at almost half the cost!

Customizing Your Unique Wreath

Another thing I love about Hobby Lobby is the ability to fully customize wreaths to match my home’s decor. They sell affordable blank wreath forms in various shapes and sizes, providing the perfect base. Then you can let your creativity run wild picking ribbons, embellishments, seasonal flowers and more to make your one-of-a-kind creation.

Some easy ways to customize a Hobby Lobby wreath:

  • Pick coordinating ribbon colors that complement your front door or interior styling.
  • Add faux florals or greenery for pops of color and texture.
  • Use seasonal elements like pinecones, berries, leaves or mini décor to reflect the season or holiday.
  • Accent with burlap, lace, berries, painted wood cutouts…let your imagination soar!
  • Incorporate special touches like photos, charms, ornaments with nostalgic meaning.

With a blank canvas wreath and tons of embellishments to choose from, you can match any décor. For a frugal DIY project, customize a basic wreath. Or start with a pre-made wreath and add your personal touch. However you decide to customize, you’ll end up with a gorgeous handcrafted wreath to be proud of!

Wreath-Making Supplies at Hobby Lobby

To craft your own wreaths, Hobby Lobby offers an abundant selection of decorative supplies and materials:

  • Wreath forms – Styrofoam and straw forms in every size and shape imaginable.
  • Ribbons, bows, lace – Pick from luxurious wide ribbons, dainty grosgrain, raffia, burlap, lace and more. Every color, pattern and texture you could want.
  • Flora and greenery – Faux florals, pine branches, eucalyptus sprigs, berries and pinecones for adding natural detail.
  • Ornaments and decorative touches – Miniature balls, snowflakes, wood cutouts, bells, holiday figurines, and so much more to make your wreath unique.
  • Adhesives and florist wire – Floral pins, hot glue, wire cutters and all the tools to assemble your creation.
  • Wreath hangers – Cute decorative hangers so you can get your wreath up on the wall or door.

With the right supplies and a dash of inspiration, you’ll be cranking out Martha Stewart-worthy wreaths in no time. Get your craft on this season with DIY wreath-making materials from Hobby Lobby!

New Seasonal Wreath Designs

I love checking out what new wreath styles Hobby Lobby rolls out each season. Their designers are always coming up with fresh, on-trend looks that inspire me. Here are some of the new designs that caught my eye:

For Christmas:

  • Frosted pinecone wreaths with snowy faux berries and metallic ribbon. Chic and elegant with a whimsical feel.
  • Classic tartan plaid wreaths with mini truck ornaments for a rustic twist. Perfect for farmhouse styling.
  • Pretty pastel wreaths using frosted pine, silver dollars, and sherbet shades of ribbon. A more vintage take on Christmas colors.

For Spring:

  • Bright wreaths bursting with colorful faux tulips, roses, daffodils and hydrangea. Welcome spring with beautiful blooms!
  • Delicate natural-looking magnolia wreaths, blooming branches tied with burlap and lace. Simply stunning.
  • Adorable ladybug and butterfly themed wreaths with 3D whimsical creatures popping off the base. Fun for kids and Whoville vibes!

For Fall:

  • Organic textured wreaths using wheat, woven twigs, mini pumpkins and gourds with touches of plaid flannel. Rustic autumn at its finest!
  • Elegant wreaths made with clusters of burgundy and orange faux leaves, clusters of berries and acorns. Rich fall hues that pop.
  • Buffalo check and farmhouse themed wreaths with sunflowers, bandana print details and twine. A farm-fresh fall style.

As you can see, the Hobby Lobby designers pull inspiration from nature, trends and fun themes to craft unique new looks each season. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Finding the Best Wreath Selection Near Me

I’m lucky to have a couple Hobby Lobby stores in my area to choose from. When I’m on the hunt for wreaths, I’ve learned a few helpful tips for finding the best selection:

  • Call ahead – the store staff can tell you when new seasonal wreath shipments arrive so you get first pick.
  • Visit early in the season – shop wreaths as early as September so you have the most choice before stock sells out.
  • Check the website for store inventory – it will show the number of wreaths each store near you has in stock.
  • Ask when they restock – stores get new wreath shipments in multiple times per week. Time it right!
  • Hit your preferred store early in the morning – you’ll have the best options before other shoppers scoop them up.
  • Know the layout – at my store, all the new wreaths are displayed together right up front. Easy browsing!
  • Don’t forget to check the clearance section – sometimes great discounted wreaths get overlooked there.

With some planning and strategic shopping, you can maximise your chances of finding the perfect wreath (or wreaths!) for your decorating needs. Track down those hobby lobby wreaths near me like a pro this season!

Wreath Materials: Natural, Artificial or Mix?

Hobby Lobby offers wreaths made from natural, artificial or mixed materials. Which option is best for you?

Natural materials include fresh evergreen branches, leaves, twigs, dried plants and florals. They look gorgeous but require more care.

Artificial wreaths utilize silk, plastic or faux versions of flowers, greenery, fruit. They last longer but can look less realistic.

Mixed media wreaths combine the best of both worlds using both natural and faux elements. This allows you to achieve a lush, full, vibrant look with easier care and longevity. It’s often my favorite approach!

No matter which materials you prefer, read reviews, closely inspect in store and check details like the wiring and construction. Look for high quality elements that look and feel real. Mix in some personal touches like your own fresh winter greens or flowers. With the right materials and care, your Hobby Lobby wreath will last for seasons to come!

Ordering Wreaths Online From Hobby Lobby

If you don’t live near a brick-and-mortar Hobby Lobby, you can still take advantage of their amazing wreath selection by ordering online at

Here are some benefits of ordering wreaths online:

  • Convenience – Wreaths and supplies ship right to your door so you can craft from the comfort of home.
  • Selection – Browse hundreds of styles that might not all be stocked locally. Have it shipped to you!
  • Discounts – Online promo codes can save you 20-30% off your entire order.
  • Reviews – Read detailed reviews from other buyers to help you find the perfect wreath.
  • Availability – If a wreath you want is sold out locally, you may still find it in stock online to ship.
  • Gifting – Order beautiful wreaths online and send directly as special holiday gifts for faraway family or friends.

Hobby Lobby’s online selection makes finding your dream wreath easy and convenient. Browse to your heart’s content and build a totally unique winter wonderland!

Top-Selling and Best Wreaths

Wondering which Hobby Lobby wreaths are the most popular? Based on years of wreath shopping, reviews and seeing what frequently sells out, here are some of their top-sellers:

  • Frosted Mixed Evergreen Wreath – A stunner with silver frosted pine, cedar, and juniper branches dotted with pinecones and red berries. Elegant with a woodland vibe.
  • Big Plaid Christmas Wreath – A 4-foot wide statement wreath with red truck ornaments and huge plaid bow. Perfect for large double doors.
  • Magnolia & Berry Wreath – Lush magnolia leaves and branches with sprigs of colorful berries. Beautiful for southern charm year-round.
  • 22” Mixed Pine Wreath – A classic smaller pine wreath with pinecones and red berries. Suitable for doors, walls, centerpieces – versatile for any space!
  • Grapevine Pumpkin Wreath – A rustic fall wreath with mini gourds and faux pumpkins woven throughout natural vines and leaves. Very farmhouse chic.
  • Patriotic Star Wreath – Red, white and blue themed with stars, mini flags, and pops of sparkle. Festive for 4th of July!

I recommend snagging any top-rated best-sellers that catch your eye early. They often sell like hotcakes once the holidays roll around!

How Do Hobby Lobby Wreaths Compare?

There’s lots of places to buy wreaths nowadays. So how do Hobby Lobby wreaths compare to other major retailers? Here’s my take as a seasoned wreath aficionado:

  • Quality – Hobby Lobby wreaths are made with quality natural or lifelike materials, nice wiring, and solid construction. Comparable or better quality than big box stores.
  • Design – Trendy styles and professional designs that integrate decorative details nicely. More interesting than bare-bones basic wreaths.
  • Price – Very affordable for most budgets, especially with frequent sales and coupon deals. Better prices than boutique retailers.
  • Selection – Huge variety of wreath types, themes, and sizes. Much bigger selection than grocery and some department stores have.
  • Flair – Pops of color, creative holiday themes, and handcrafted accents give their wreaths lots of decorative flair.
  • DIY customization– Ability to make completely custom designer wreaths with supplies. Better for crafters than dressing up pre-made wreaths.

With great prices, selection, and design options, Hobby Lobby is my go-to for affordable wreaths with high-end style!

DIY Wreaths Using Hobby Lobby Supplies

If you’re feeling crafty, you can easily make custom designer wreaths at home using supplies from Hobby Lobby. Here are some of my favorite looks to DIY:

  • Burlap wreath – Start with a basic straw wreath form. Wrap and glue burlap around the wreath, creating textured layers. Accent with mini pinecones, sprigs of dried lavender and a simple burlap bow. Rustic farmhouse style for $10!
  • Monogram/letter wreath – Use a round styrofoam form and glue on a large faux floral letter initial from the floral section. Surround with greenery like eucalyptus and pine branches and embellish with ribbon, ornaments, snow, etc. Customize with your family name or initials.
  • Holiday theme wreath – Pick a fun holiday theme like gnomes, snowmen or nutcrackers. Start with a green faux wreath base. Wire and glue on mini figural ornaments to carry your theme. Finish by weaving coordinating plaid ribbon. Let your creativity run wild!

The possibilities are endless when you DIY with supplies from Hobby Lobby’s massive floral and crafting section. Create one-of-a-kind wreaths at a fraction of the cost of fancy boutique wreaths!

Seasonal Wreaths For All

One amazing thing about Hobby Lobby is that they offer beautiful wreaths for every single season and holiday. Here’s a quick look at what’s available throughout the year:

Winter: Evergreen, snow-frosted, glittery and Christmas-themed wreaths

Christmas: Red, green, plaid, pinecone and ornament-accented Christmas wreaths galore!

Winter Weddings: Elegant white, silver and crystal floral wreaths

Valentine’s Day: Red roses, hearts, cherubs for romantic Valentine’s décor

St. Patrick’s Day: Emerald green, leprechaun hat and four leaf clover Irish wreaths

Easter: Pastel eggs, flowers, bunnies and butterflies for spring wreaths

Spring: Cherry blossom, tulip, daisy and other colorful floral wreaths

Patriotic: Red, white and blue star-spangled 4th of July wreaths

Summer: Sunflower, tropical and nautical/beach themed summer wreaths

Fall: Leaves, gourds, pumpkins, scarecrows and more for fall wreaths

Halloween: Spooky ghost, witch hat, bat and pumpkin Halloween wreaths

Thanksgiving: Mini pilgrim hats, leaves, turkey and autumn wreaths

No matter the season or holiday, you can find a beautiful themed wreath at Hobby Lobby to celebrate in style all year long!

Sizing Your Wreath

Hobby Lobby offers wreaths ranging in size from 12 inches in diameter up to a colossal 48 inches! Here are some tips on picking the perfect size:

  • Measure door or wall space beforehand. Leave 6-10 inches margin around the edges.
  • Small 12-18 inch are great for doors, centerpieces, and horizontal spaces.
  • 24-36 inch medium wreaths work above mantels, on interior doors, or outdoor porch walls.
  • Over 36” are considered large statement wreaths best for double doors, vaulted ceilings, or exteriors of a large home.
  • Odd shaped spaces may call for oval, square or rectangular shaped wreath forms.
  • Don’t forget ceiling height – you need enough clearance to hang a large wreath without hitting heads!

Sizing wreaths properly balances proportions. A tiny wreath can get lost on a big wall, while an oversized one overwhelms a narrow door. Measure your space and buy a well-scaled wreath that shows off without going overboard!

Wreath Hangers and Accessories

Once you’ve picked out your perfect wreath, don’t forget accessories like wreath hangers to complete the look:

  • Basic hangers – Ribbon, twine or green wired hangers to quickly get wreaths on doors and walls
  • Command hook – Adhesive wall hooks work great for hanging lightweight wreaths
  • Ornament hangers – Clear fishing line tied to a pretty glass ornament or decoration
  • Mantel hangers – Special hangers designed to have wreaths stand off of a mantel edge
  • Wreath stands – Metal easel-style stands allow wreaths to be displayed on tables, floors, etc.
  • Ribbons and bows – Pick coordinating ribbons to wrap the hanger and conceal hooks
  • Pins, tacks, nails – Use hardware to securely attach larger or heavier wreaths

With the right hanger and accessories, you can get your Hobby Lobby wreath looking festive in any space with ease!

Post-Holiday Clearance Deals

The brilliant thing about wreaths is that many styles work year after year. So I always hit the post-holiday clearance sales at Hobby Lobby to stock up on discounted wreaths for the next season!

Here are some tips to clean up with after-holiday wreath deals:

  • Shop December 26th or 27th for the first major markdowns on Christmas wreaths, picks and décor.
  • Look for anything holiday-specific to get 50-75% off – Christmas trees, Santa figurines, ornaments etc.
  • Neutral winter wreaths with pinecones, snow and berries often just get discounted, not cleared. Still a great deal for next year!
  • Grab discounted Christmas ribbon, ornaments and picks to use in next year’s holiday DIY projects.
  • Ask staff when the last markdown will happen – you want to shop that final clearance!

With some planning, you can land huge holiday bargains at Hobby Lobby’s after-Christmas sales. Reuse or repurpose them and save a bundle on next year’s seasonal decor!

Why Buy Wreaths From Hobby Lobby?

With so many options for finding wreaths these days, here are my top reasons for making Hobby Lobby my go-to wreath destination:

  • Incredible selection of styles, themes, sizes
  • New and on-trend seasonal designs
  • High-quality natural and artificial materials
  • Very affordable pricing, especially with sales/coupons
  • All materials for DIY options too
  • Year-round seasonal and holiday options
  • Frequent sales, coupons and clearance deals
  • Helpful staff with decorating expertise
  • Ability to customize and make exactly what you want
  • Fun! Who doesn’t love browsing aisles of beautiful wreaths?

With gorgeous designs, standout selection and wallet-friendly prices, Hobby Lobby has everything I need to deck out my home with wreaths for every occasion. Discover your perfect wreath match there too!

Caring for Your Wreath

To get the most enjoyment out of your Hobby Lobby wreath for many seasons, give it a little TLC:

  • For natural wreaths, mist occasionally with water to prevent drying out.
  • Store wreaths flat in a cool, dry place out of sunlight to preserve materials.
  • Layer plastic wrap or bags over the wreath to protect from dust and humidity when storing.
  • Fluff and shape wreath materials back into place after packing away to revive fuller shape.
  • Use gloves when fluffing to avoid snags; be gentle with delicate wreaths.
  • Periodically check wires, glue and materials for loosening over time and re-secure as needed.
  • Consider spray-sealing outdoor wreaths to withstand weathering.
  • Display indoor wreaths away from heat sources like fireplaces or vents to prevent drying.

With some simple care and storage steps, your quality Hobby Lobby wreath will withstand the test of time and become a treasured seasonal tradition for years of holidays to come!

Well, there you have it – everything you could possibly need to know about selecting, styling and caring for hobby lobby wreaths this season! I hope this overview helps you deck your own halls with beautiful, festive wreaths that make your holiday spirit shine bright. Here’s to a wonderfully merry season filled with the warm glow of wreaths on every door. Happy wreath shopping and decorating!

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