Decking the Halls with Hobby Lobby Christmas Picks

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Holiday Accents

The holidays are my favorite time of year. As soon as fall arrives, I start counting down the days until I can break out my Christmas decorations and transform my home into a winter wonderland. My decorations range from sentimental handmade ornaments to the latest trends in holiday décor. But the items I get most excited for are my Hobby Lobby Christmas picks.

Christmas picks are those delightful sprigs, stems, pinecones, and other accents that add a finishing touch to wreaths, garlands, tree trims, and more. A few strategically placed picks can take a Christmas decoration from blah to beautiful! Hobby Lobby offers an incredible selection of picks for every holiday style. From rustic burlap berries to glittery gold pinecones, they have endless options to make your holiday dazzle.

Over the years, I’ve amassed quite the collection of Christmas picks from Hobby Lobby. As soon as they start putting out their holiday wares in late October, I stock up on my favorites as well as new styles I want to try. It’s easy to get carried away buying them, because Hobby Lobby’s selection is so extensive and the prices so reasonable. But I try to limit myself to picking about 10-15 new ones each season.

Picks for Every Style

One of the things I love about Hobby Lobby’s picks are the variety of styles they offer. Whether your Christmas décor aesthetic is traditional, farmhouse, rustic, or modern, you can find picks to match.

For a traditional Christmas look, they offer beautiful floral picks in colors like ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue. These poinsettia, rose, and hydrangea picks are often sparkling with glitter, sequins, or beads for an elegant effect. They’ve also got plenty of gold, silver, and white faux berry stems for timeless holiday charm.

If you prefer a rustic farmhouse vibe, Hobby Lobby has burlap, felt, and jute picks in natural tones like red, green, brown, and ivory. I love to mix the burlap berries with soft faux fur pinecones for a cozy cabin feel. Rustic picks also incorporate natural elements like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and dried oranges.

For a chic, contemporary style, Hobby Lobby has an amazing selection of picks in metallic pearl, bronze, silver, and gold finishes. From abstract shapes to minimalist pinecones, these modern picks add glamorous shine to your tree, garlands, and arrangements. I also love their colors-of-the-year picks like rose gold that complement today’s on-trend palettes.

No matter what feeling you’re going for, Hobby Lobby has Christmas picks to help you achieve it! I could spend hours just wandering the aisles and discovering new options. Their picks selection is hands-down the best I’ve found.

Pricing and Sales

Another thing that keeps me coming back to Hobby Lobby for Christmas picks year after year is their unbeatable prices. Most individual picks range from $2.99 to $7.99, depending on the size and detailing. Some more elaborate styles with multiple stems or embellishments can cost $14.99 and up.

I’m on a budget for holiday decor, so I watch for Hobby Lobby’s excellent sales to get the best deals. They regularly run 50-70% off sales holidays picks, especially after Christmas when they are clearing out inventory. By shopping the sales, I’m able to stock up on so many more picks than if I paid full price.

Some of my best Hobby Lobby deals have included classic red poinsettia stems for just $2, glittery gold berry sprigs for $3, and multi-stem birch picks for only $6. Keep an eye out for coupons and holiday sales to get your picks at a steal. I never pay more than 50% of the original price for any of my picks!

The Possibilities are Endless

The variety of materials, styles, and colors available means the possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating Hobby Lobby Christmas picks into your holiday decor. My favorite way to use picks is in Christmas wreaths for the front door or inside the home. I like to start with a plain greenery wreath from Hobby Lobby and build up the texture by adding different picks. The key is to stick with 3-5 styles of picks and cluster them throughout the wreath for a cohesive look. Some of my go-to picks for wreaths are magnolia leaves, faux red berries, fur pinecones, and glittered pine sprigs.

Christmas picks are also an easy way to fill out sparse areas of your Christmas tree. I add them throughout the tree to create little bursts of color and interest. For the topper, I create a bouquet using floral picks like poinsettias, magnolias, roses, and greenery stems. It’s much fuller and dramatic than just a bow or star tree topper.

In centerpieces and garlands, picks allow you to add color coordinated accents. For example, if I have a centerpiece using blue and silver ornaments, I’ll tuck in silver birch and blue hydrangea picks for a pulled-together look. For garlands, I love sticking in holly berry picks for pops of red along the mantel.

If you use ceramic or glass holiday containers, Christmas picks make excellent fillers. Simply use floral foam inside the container and stick flower, berry, and greenery stems into the foam. You’ve instantly got beautiful holiday décor for sideboards, shelves, and tabletops. The picks can also be used as embellishments on holiday candles, lamps, stockings, and more. There are so many possibilities!

Durability and Quality

Hobby Lobby’s Christmas picks stand out for their durability and quality versus some competitors. The stems are usually made with sturdy plastic or wire inside to allow for shaping and bending. And the faux foliage, flowers, and embellishments are made from high-quality materials that mimic nature beautifully.

I’ve reused many of my Hobby Lobby picks for 5+ years and counting. With proper storage, they last season after season. The colors stay vibrant year after year and thewire stems maintain their shape. Some delicate glitter or bead embellishments may shed over time with heavy handling. But overall the craftsmanship and durability is evident.

I appreciate that Hobby Lobby seems to design picks that will truly last for the long-term. They strike the perfect balance of attractive natural elements with sturdy construction. I’m happy to invest a little more on quality that I can enjoy for many holidays to come.

Online Shopping and Delivery

One of the things that makes Hobby Lobby so convenient is their outstanding online shopping experience. Browsing picks online allows me to see their entire selection that may not be available in-store. You can sort by color, style, price, themes and more to pinpoint options that fit your decorative scheme.

Hobby Lobby offers free shipping online for orders over $49, which is easy to do when you’re stocking up on picks! They ship most items surprisingly fast – I’ve gotten picks delivered in under a week. The picks are carefully packaged to prevent damage in shipping.

Online shopping saves me so much time instead of trekking to the store. And it’s fun to get a box of Christmas goodies delivered to your doorstep! The only downside is not being able to see and touch the picks in person. But overall the plentiful product photos allow me to choose confidently. If I’m ever not satisfied, returns are easy by dropping at a local store.

Get Inspired

Beyond thepicking aisles in stores, Hobby Lobby also has inspirational holiday vignettes showcasing how to use picks and other décor. Sometimes a creative display will feature a pick I’ve never noticed and it finds a way into my shopping basket!

I also love browsing Hobby Lobby’s social media pages like Facebook and Instagram this time of year. Their stylists create gorgeous holiday scenes using many picks and other items from Hobby Lobby’s latest offerings. It’s a great way to get inspired for how I might use my picks in new ways each Christmas.

The Hobby Lobby website and app also have lots of DIY project ideas, tips, and videos for holiday decor. I’ve found several easy tutorials for turning picks into beautiful wreaths, garlands, centerpieces and more. I’m not naturally that crafty, so I appreciate a step-by-step guide to make the most of my picks!

The Hunt is Part of the Fun

Part of what makes Christmas so magical is all the beautiful sights, sounds and scents that accompany the season. For me, one tradition I look forward to each year is hunting for new holiday decorations. And one of my favorite stores to browse for Christmas picks is Hobby Lobby.

Walking the bright, merry aisles while Christmas tunes play overhead immediately puts me in the holiday spirit. The sight of shiny baubles, snowy villages, and Christmas picks of every variety delights my senses. What new pearl-dusted floral stems or faux jeweled berries will catch my eye this year? I never know what I’ll find, which is part of the fun.

Hobby Lobby makes searching for that perfect new holiday pick an experience. Their decorating ideas and friendly employees help you mix and match options while staying in budget. No matter how many picks I buy each season, they always seem to introduce new irresistible options I can’t leave without.

While online shopping is convenient, I still prefer the sights, sounds and scents of leisurelywandering the store aisles on a crisp December day. Finding that perfect new pick to transform my holiday décor gives me such a magical feeling. There’s no replacement for that Christmas energy you can only get from hours happily hunting aisles and aisles of Christmas picks at Hobby Lobby. It’s truly one of my favorite parts of the season!

Christmas Pick Paradise

As you can tell by now, I’m practically obsessed with Christmas picks and stock up on them annually at Hobby Lobby. Their unbeatable selection provides endless options to give your holiday that magical touch. For under $15 a stem, you can completely transform ordinary wreaths and garlands into something dazzling. There’s no easier way to instantly inject holiday spirit into any nook and cranny of your home.

I hope this guide has inspired you to check out the Christmas pick selection at your local Hobby Lobby. They truly offer any style you could possibly imagine, at very wallet-friendly prices. Be sure to follow their sales and coupons so you can stock up without breaking the holiday budget. Mix and match colors, textures, and embellishments to achieve your perfect Christmas style.

Let your creativity run wild – the only limit is your imagination when decorating with Hobby Lobby’s wonderland of exquisite Christmas picks! I wish you very happy holiday decorating and a magical, joyful Christmas season surrounded by all your loved ones.

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