Decking the Halls: My Quest for the Perfect Hobby Lobby Ornaments

Finding Festive Decor and Keepsakes for My Family Christmas Tree

The holidays are my favorite time of year. As soon as the calendar hits November 1st, I’m blasting Christmas carols, baking cookies, and decking out our home in festive decor. My personal holiday tradition is decorating our family Christmas tree. For me, this means spending hours searching for the perfect ornaments to adorn our evergreen centerpiece. Over the years, I’ve amassed quite an impressive collection of treasured ornaments, many of which I’ve found at my go-to holiday decor destination – Hobby Lobby.

This year, I headed to Hobby Lobby on a mission to find new beautiful ornaments for our Christmas tree. As I browsed the aisles upon aisles of festive decor, I was overwhelmed with options. From personalized keepsakes to collectible series, Hobby Lobby’s ornament selection has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for classic glass spheres, whimsical critter shapes, or elegant filigreed designs, you can find it all for affordable prices.

In my own Hobby Lobby ornament quest, I discovered so many treasures that perfectly capture the spirit of Christmas for my family. Let me give you a glimpse into the wide world of Hobby Lobby ornaments and share some of my personal favorites I added to our collection this holiday season.

All Shapes and Styles: The Variety of Ornament Designs

One of the things I love most about Hobby Lobby’s ornament offerings is the incredible variety. They have every shape imaginable – from round balls to 3D animal designs. Some look like antique mercury glass heirlooms while others have a kitschy, pop art style.

In the Christmas light bulb ornament section, I found glittering reds, greens, and golds perfect for illuminating the tree. Over in the nativity collection, intricate stained glass angel ornaments glowed. For my daughter, I picked up sweet gingerbread man and nutcracker soldier ornaments to match her playful style. And the nature lover in me snagged beautiful cardinal bird and fox ornaments as well.

Beyond the classic Christmas themes and images, Hobby Lobby also offers unique ornament shapes and materials. I discovered glass mushroom ornaments, intricately beaded snowflake designs, and matte black feather shapes. For niche interests, you can find sports team logos, personalized pet shapes, and even science-themed ornaments like atoms and rockets.

Truly, Hobby Lobby provides an ornament for every family member and style. The variety kept me browsing aisle after aisle, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the different textures, colors, and designs.

Affordable Prices Make Decking Your Halls Easy

Another major draw to shopping Hobby Lobby’s ornament collection is the reasonable prices. Because they carry their own exclusive brand of Christmas decor, ornaments are very affordable compared to big box and specialty retailers. This allowed me to deck out our whole tree without breaking the bank.

Most standard glass ball and shaped ornaments ranged from $1.99-$12.99 depending on size and intricacy of design. For 3D critter shapes like bears and ducks, prices stayed under $10 even for the large, detailed ones. Beautiful beaded snowflakes and crosses fell in the $4.99-$8.99 range.

Even showstopper statement ornaments stayed wallet-friendly. Stunning 20-inch wide peacock feather ornaments cost $16.99. Intricately faceted glass starbursts retailed for $12.99. And oversized glittered bulbs and spheres were all under $20.

With these reasonable prices, I could pick up a huge haul of ornaments for our tree without tapping into our gift budget. Less holiday stress means more enjoyment of the season for me. Hobby Lobby provided that gift.

Personalized Ornaments to Cherish for Years to Come

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is finding beautiful personalized ornaments to represent cherished memories. At Hobby Lobby, I discovered so many options to choose from that will become keepsakes for years to come.

In their custom ornament section, I designed beautiful glass ornaments engraved with my family members’ names and the year. They even offer sweet baby’s first Christmas designs to celebrate new additions to the family.

Beyond names, you can customize ornaments with meaningful dates, initials, and short phrases. I created a beautiful anniversary ornament engraved with mine and my husband’s initials and wedding date. They have Christmas-themed designs from snowflakes to trees to stars that can be personalized.

I also found beautiful pewter photo ornaments to highlight my kids’ shining smiles. Hobby Lobby can print your pictures right on the metal ornament for a personal touch. Or you can choose classic framed designs to showcase treasured family photos.

For pet lovers, Hobby Lobby has paw print ornaments you can customize with your furry friend’s name. And sports fans will appreciate the wide selection of customizable team logo designs.

These keepsake ornaments will be treasured for years and evoke happy memories each time we decorate our tree. I’m so glad Hobby Lobby offers special ways to personalize our ornament collection.

Beyond Christmas: Year-Round Decor Ideas

While collecting new Christmas tree ornaments was my priority, I was pleasantly surprised to also find beautiful designs suitable for year-round decor. Although Hobby Lobby shines brightest during the holiday season, their ornament selection incorporates styles you can enjoy in any season.

I instantly fell in love with their collection of colorful stained glass ornaments. The vibrant jewel tones and artful designs are so striking. I can envision them displayed on the window sill catching the light beautifully all year long.

Nature themes like birds, feathers, and flowers translate seamlessly into other seasons as well. I even saw ocean and beach themed shells and starfish that would be perfect for summer.

The possibilities are endless – adorn them on bookshelves, place in centerpiece vases, or cluster them into a dreamcatcher display. You could paint or decoupage over some plain glass bulb ornaments to match specific color palettes or themes if you want to reinvent them.

While I went on my ornament search with the Christmas spirit, I walked away with ideas and inspirations for elevating my home’s decor all year through.

First Look at New Holiday Offerings

As a lover of all things Christmas, I eagerly anticipate the holiday offerings every year. On this trip, I got a sneak peek at Hobby Lobby’s latest ornament collection arrivals and they did not disappoint!

In the new arrivals section, the style trends were clear. Vibrant jewel tones like sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple take center stage. The colors popped against stunning gold and silvery accents.

Intricate textures were also showcased. I saw dazzling lace designs, alternating matte and shiny finishes, and glass etched with beautiful florals. Sequins, glitter, faceted jewels, and pearlescent surfaces provided maximal sparkle.

Some standout new ornaments included:

  • Stunning beaded peacock feathers in shades of turquoise, purple, and gold.
  • Glass mushroom ornaments that reminded me of colorful Reishi on a forest floor.
  • Chunky knit snowflakes alternating between cream and silver yarns for a modern look.
  • A set of midnight navy glass ornaments with constellation designs etched in glittering silver.
  • Intricate glass mosaics picturesque snowy villages straight out of a Thomas Kinkade painting

As I admired the beautiful new offerings, I felt that childlike excitement bubbling up. I can’t wait to see what statement-making finds I’ll discover next holiday season at Hobby Lobby. This first peek gives me something magical to forward to!

Festive Themed Ornaments for Special Interests

Beyond classic Christmas designs and colors, Hobby Lobby offers a wide selection of festive themed ornaments perfect for those with niche hobbies and interests.

As a sports nut, my husband was thrilled to find a variety of sports ball and team logo ornaments. Intricately beaded baseballs, hand-painted game balls, and custom team logos adorn our tree every year. And major sports aren’t the only ones represented – he found golf, bowling, and even bocce ball keepsakes.

Our family cat is basically another child, so I picked up sweet yarn ball and mouse ornaments from the pet collection. For other animal lovers, you’ll find ornaments in just about any species from farm animals to safari favorites.

As a family of science nerds, we appreciated the unique atom, rocket, and celestial designs. And don’t get me started on the stunning crystals and gemstone ornaments – talk about geode heaven!

Beyond these examples, you can find niche hobbies like music, gardening, baking, fishing, and so much more. Even collectible fandoms from Harry Potter to Star Wars have official holiday keepsakes.

Hobby Lobby makes it easy for any family to create a Christmas tree that truly reflects their special interests and passions. Niche themes help make the season bright!

Complete Christmas Themes with Ornament Sets

Rather than piecing together random ornaments each year, many families choose a complete Christmas theme to adorn their trees. At Hobby Lobby, you can fully decorate in your chosen aesthetic with themed ornament sets.

Classic reds and greens are timeless, and you can find matching candy cane striped and plaid spheres to achieve the quintessential Christmas palette.

For a retro mid-century vibe, shop shiny atomic age inspired bulbs and Googie style ornaments. within the vintage section. Sleek silvers and Saturn red will transport you back to a 1950s tinsel wonderland.

Do you prefer modern holiday elegance? Check out the sophisticated jewel-toned beaded garland strands and alternating matte/shine sphere sets. Cool ice white and silver color stories evoke frozen winter wonderlands.

And you can’t go wrong with the unmatched sparkle of classic gold. Sets range from metallic lacquer bulbs to delicate glass icicles dripping in shining golden glamour.

Whatever them you envision, you’re sure to find coordinated ornaments sets and collections at Hobby Lobby to bring your Christmas vision to life. Deck those boughs in style!

Savings to Brighten Your Season

As much as I love decking the halls each year, the cost of new decor can really add up. Luckily, Hobby Lobby offers incredible sales and discounts both in-store and online to save savvy shoppers money.

First, make sure to download the Hobby Lobby app and enable notifications. They often send special coupon offers right to your phone for extra discounts like 40% off a single item. Around the holidays, these flash sales help maximize your savings.

Hobby Lobby also offers weekly sales either sitewide or on certain categories like Christmas decor. Following them on social media makes it easy to stay on top of promotions. I’ve scored major deals like 50% off all ornaments just by timing it right.

Right after Christmas, shop their incredible clearance sales. Ornaments are deeply discounted, which is the best time to stock up on pieces for next year. You can often snag delightful high-quality ornaments for 80-90% off – I’m talking under $3 each for gorgeous glasswork.

Beyond sales and coupons, signing up for the Hobby Lobby rewards program earns you points with every purchase. These add up to receive reward coupons to use on future shopping trips.

With a savvy eye out for deals, you can deck your halls with beautiful ornaments without breaking the holiday budget. Hobby Lobby’s savings make the season bright!

Enjoy Hassle-Free Online Shopping

One of the things that impressed me most during my ornament shopping adventure was Hobby Lobby’s seamless online experience. While I love leisurely browsing their stores, the convenience of online ordering makes decorating even easier.

Hobby Lobby’s website makes finding exactly what you’re looking for a breeze. Helpful categories and filters allow you to zero in on color, theme, price range – you name it. Detailed product descriptions and customer images help you make informed purchases.

Ordering holiday decor online means no waiting in crowded checkout lines. The items ship straight to your door in just a few days. Hobby Lobby even offers free shipping on orders over $49 if you want to avoid delivery fees.

Once my ornaments arrived safely packed, I could inspect their condition and colors accurately. If anything didn’t meet expectations, the return process was simple through the online portal or local store.

Beyond ornaments, you can find holiday decor like wreaths, lights, and gift packaging online as well. Planning an entire cohesive theme is super simple with all the decorative elements in one place.

Hobby Lobby’s seamless online experience lets you deck the halls with less stress. I’ll definitely be perusing their digital aisles again when the holiday decorating bug strikes!

Beautiful Materials and Artisan Quality

In my ornament quest, I was floored by the high quality craftsmanship and materials used across Hobby Lobby’s lineup. The level of artistry and detail elevates these festive pieces into little sculptures for the tree.

Gorgeous glasswork makes up many of their most stunning ornaments. From bubble-thin hand blown glass to thick, weighty orb styles, each piece provides intricate facets that catch and reflect the light. Expert glassmakers create works of art.

The metal ornaments exemplify quality craftsmanship as well. Delicate filigreed designs, etched vintage Mercury glass, and creative wire shapes prove these are far from generic. The attention to texture and form impressed me.

Beyond these traditional materials, Hobby Lobby also offers natural and sustainable options. Ornaments crafted from wood, cork, paper, and fabric create rustic, earthy textures. I even found charming crocheted snowflake designs.

Some designers showcase incredible artistry painting directly on glass for colorful, painterly designs. And the beaded and sequined ornaments add light-catching whimsy through each hand-stitched piece.

Hobby Lobby truly elevates Christmas ornament offerings beyond the average with artisan details and quality materials that will last for generations. These treasures feel like a gift to myself each holiday.

Keeping Stock Fresh and Festive

One of the most frustrating aspects of holiday shopping is finding empty shelves where perfect decor once sat. Hobby Lobby combats this issue by consistently restocking ornament selections with fresh inventory.

No matter when I visit, the aisles brim with beautiful options rather than picked over leftovers. The variety stays robust leading all the way up to Christmas Eve. Strategic inventory management keeps the wonder going strong.

In October and November, glassmakers work overtime preparing abundant supplies of delicate glass ornaments. Meanwhile, artists design creative new styles to debut and replace sold out designs. This keeps the selection exciting all season.

Shipments arrive multiple times a week, with associates working diligently to get new products out onto the shelves. Popular designs get priority to ensure customers can purchase beloved recurring themes annually.

There’s nothing more disappointing than finding half-empty displays of lackluster leftovers when holiday shopping. Hobby Lobby’s fresh stock and perpetual restocking result in an enjoyable, bountiful ornament shopping experience. The selection sparkles from beginning to end.

Eco-Conscious Festive Finds

As much as I love decorating the tree, I aim to do so thoughtfully, minimizing environmental impact. I was delighted to find Hobby Lobby prioritizes this as well with their eco-conscious ornament offerings.

Lovely laser cut wooden ornaments provide natural, biodegradable decor options. Many incorporate recycled paper or metal accents as well. Cork shapes like mushrooms and acorns also prove festive and earth-friendly.

Rather than glitter, many ornaments incorporate metallic details through recyclable aluminum and tin. Organic textures like jute, felted wool, and carved wood grains replace plastics.

Their Christmas tree ornament collection uses sustainable pineapple leaves, coconut shells, banana bark, and water hyacinth to shape earthy decorations. Natural daisy accents adorn gnomes while wood beads form rustic garlands.

As a bonus, purchasing these natural materials supports artisans worldwide practicing traditional handiwork. It helps provide sustainable livelihoods.

Through thoughtful ornament offerings, Hobby Lobby proves holiday magic needn’t come at the expense of our planet. I’m officially a fan of their environmental commitments.

Customer Favorites Year After Year

Like many ornament enthusiasts, I look forward to Hobby Lobby’s seasonal offerings. But I also never fail to pick up customer favorites that return year after year. These best-sellers consistently shine for good reason!

Delicate glass icicles remain a top ornament choice, casting prismatic rainbows around the tree. Glittering snowflake designs never stop catching the light beautifully. And the vibrant hand-painted cardinals always elicit that perfect pop of Christmas red.

Among their animal ornament collection, the plump Christmas mice and waddling penguins make me smile every time. Kids go crazy for the colorful painted dinosaurs and safari creatures too.

Elegant beaded garlands prove a customer favorite for good reason – they instantly elevate any tree with artful detail. And the fabric sock snowman sets never stop delighting.

Of course, you can’t forget about the personalized name ornaments that become treasured keepsakes. Hobby Lobby always makes sure to fully stock these sentimental top sellers.

While I love discovering new ornament collections, these tried-and-true designs remain staples in my family’s annual tree decor. Hobby Lobby knows consistency is key for many loyal Christmas decorators!

Vintage Appeal Across Eras

Growing up, I remember my grandmother’s tree adorned in decades-old ornaments with rich stories behind them. At Hobby Lobby, I found beautiful new vintage-style pieces to spark nostalgia.

For retro 1950s flair, shop shiny atomic motifs, Sputnik spheres, and Googie-style bulbs. Kitschy pink flamingoes and poodles also transport you back to a carnival-colored Midcentury Christmas.

Classic Victorian designs allow you to capture the essence of a 19th century holiday with delicate lace glass etchings, hand-painted florals, and illuminated gold filigree. Elegant cursive name ornaments complete the timeless style.

Age-speckled glass ornaments and patinated Mercury shapes create an authentic antique appearance. Pair them with feathered clip-on songbirds for a Colonial Revival vibe.

And the decades in between come alive through Great Gatsby style etched glass, folk art-inspired handmade pieces, and dainty hand-blown baubles. Nostalgic bulbs bring Christmas memories past to life again.

Hobby Lobby’s extensive vintage ornament styles made it easy to build my historically-inspired Christmas tree fantasies this season!

DIY Supplies for Unique Creations

Beyond pre-made ornaments, Hobby Lobby provides all the trimmings to DIY your own Christmas decor. With a little creativity, you can design entirely bespoke tree and home accents.

Their floral section overflows with potential from mini pine cones to dried oranges that easily transform into tree-toppers. Beautiful silks become whimsical flowers for one-of-a-kind garlands.

Aisles of craft supplies like fabric scraps, acrylic paints, and decoupage materials help customize plain ornaments. Add some bling with a bedazzler and glittering gems.

Wood shapes like circles, stars, and houses serve as the perfect DIY ornament base. Let the kids go wild decorating with stickers, markers, and pom poms for homemade fun.

Hobby Lobby even carries ornament kits for activities like mosaic building, clay sculpting, and fabric embroidery. Kids can stitch sweet Santa shapes or bejewel snowflake designs.

DIY-ing ornaments as a family creates lasting memories along with a uniquely personal tree. Hobby Lobby hands you the creative materials – your imagination does the rest.

Educational Crafts for Children

In addition to their DIY supplies, Hobby Lobby offers delightful educational ornaments geared at getting kids into the holiday spirit. These provide screen-free activities that teach through creativity and hands-on fun.

Their Papo brand ornaments combine craft time with early learning concepts. Felt cookie counting kits help little ones with numbers. Alphabet bead garlands allow kids to practice spelling their names. And sticker scenes teach about holiday traditions.

For animal lovers, Papo provides irresistible craft kits where children can build furry friends like foxes, squirrels, and dogs out of wood pieces. These make precious keepsakes for the tree.

Especially for ages 3-6, Toysmith DIY ornaments allow kids to assemble cute 3D critters out of felt, wood, and cardboard pieces. From playful elves to wintry owls, building fun fuels their imagination.

Watching my daughter decorate her handmade Hobby Lobby ornaments filled my heart with so much joy. I’m thrilled they provide these opportunities to teach children and bring families together through educational crafting.

Easy Returns for Holiday Peace of Mind

Holiday shopping often entails some guesswork trying to picture how decor will look at home. That’s why I appreciate Hobby Lobby’s generous return policy that lets you exchange items if the vision doesn’t match reality.

After purchase, you have up to 60 days to return unwanted items for a full refund. This allowed me to observe ornaments on my tree and exchange any that didn’t quite work.

Damaged or defective products can be returned at any point. Hobby Lobby will replace them or provide a refund. This gives peace of mind for delicate glasswork and heirloom pieces.

I also love that returns are accepted both in-store and by mail. If an item arrived broken, I could simply notify customer service to print a free return label. No headaches trying to repack and ship glass!

Worry-free returns empowered me to dream big filling my cart with beautiful ornaments. And Hobby Lobby’s policies ensured only the perfect pieces ended up on my family tree.

Just a Click Away: Online Inventory Lookup

In the quest for specific ornaments, one of the most helpful Hobby Lobby features is their online inventory lookup. It saves so much time hunting down exactly what you need.

When I had my heart set on finding cute gingerbread people ornaments, I was able to first check online if my local stores had them in stock. No wasted trips or fruitless searching.

You can look up SKUs, item names, brands, colors, and other keywords to see real-time availability near you. If something is out of stock online, you can still check area stores.

Before heading to the store, I could scope out their entire ornament selection virtually. This allowed me to curate a wishlist so I could head right to the perfect options. Talk about holiday shopping magic!

With the online inventory at my fingertips, I could ensure my vision would come to life. Never again will the perfect ornament be left behind thanks to this handy tool.

Collectible Series for Special Memories

Beyond individual ornaments, Hobby Lobby offers collectible series perfect for growing sentimental value over the years. I loved discovering new additions to start traditions.

The Christmas Village series lets you curate an idyllic snow-cloaked town on your tree one building at a time. Charming chapels, shops, homes, and even a train station transport you to a winter wonderland.

For Disney fans, numerous series highlight iconic movies and characters through detailed ornament recreations. Seeing Dumbo, Stitch, and more come alive in decor form sparks nostalgia.

If you want to commemorate yearly family memories, their Year You Were Born series lets you add a sweet new birth year ornament each Christmas. Watch the collection grow as your family expands.

Hobby Lobby also offers beautiful yearly dated glass ball sets. I envision our family gathering around the tree each holiday to hang our new special ornament marking memories made that year.

These collectibles become priceless heirlooms imbued with tradition. I’ll treasure building our ornament series one Christmas at a time.

My Hobby Lobby Ornament Haul in Review

After hours spent sifting through Hobby Lobby’s incredible Christmas ornament selection, my shopping bags overflowed with festive potential. The variety and artistry they offer make decorating for the holidays an absolute joy.

As I carefully unwrapped my newfound tree trimmings at home, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning brimming with excitement about the holiday magic to come. I already envisioned the stories each hand-picked ornament would bring to our family celebrations.

Though I went into the store with a mission to find perfect additions for our family tree, I walked away with so much more. Hobby Lobby opened my eyes to the many possibilities of Christmas decor and the joy it can bring.

Now as I sit typing this blog while admiring our twinkling tree adorned with our new treasure-trove of ornaments, I’m simply overflowing with the holiday spirit. The cheerful notes of carols, the fragrant scent of fresh pine – all of it infuses our home with a sense of wonder I want to bottle up and open every year when the holiday season rolls around.

Hobby Lobby, through its festive and affordable selection, allowed me to create this Christmas vision for my family. And for that gift, I will forever be grateful. When it comes to holiday magic, they will always be my go-to for chestnuts roasting, jingle bellying, deck the halling joy.

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