Decking the Halls: My Quest for the Perfect Hobby Lobby Christmas Tree

Finding Festive Holiday Decor on a Budget

The holiday season is my favorite time of year. As soon as fall arrives, I start eagerly anticipating all the festive decorations, joyful music, delicious baked goods, and quality time with loved ones that make the Christmas season so magical. My excitement builds as December 25th draws nearer, and I love nothing more than decking out my home with beautiful Christmas trees and decorations to get into the holiday spirit.

As much as I enjoy the splendor of a fully decorated home during Christmastime, the costs of all those lavish trimmings can really add up. Like many people watching their budgets during the expensive holiday season, I look for affordable places to buy high-quality, stylish Christmas decor. That’s why I was thrilled to discover the impressive selection of Christmas trees and accessories available at Hobby Lobby this year.

Hobby Lobby has a wide variety of artificial and real Christmas trees in different sizes and styles, plus ornaments, lights, and everything you need for holiday decorating. As an avid crafter who shops at Hobby Lobby all year long, I was pleased to find their Christmas merchandise as delightful as the rest of their store inventory. And with regular sales, coupons, and budget-friendly prices, Hobby Lobby makes it easy to deck your halls in style on a budget.

This year, I was on a mission to find the perfect Christmas tree to serve as the shining centerpiece of my holiday decor. After browsing the options both in-store and online, I settled on a sparkling 7.5-foot pre-lit artificial Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby to fulfill my evergreen dreams. Here’s the story of my quest to find a beautiful and affordable Christmas tree at my favorite arts & crafts store.

Scouting Out the Options

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I headed to my local Hobby Lobby to start scoping out Christmas trees and holiday decorations. Entering the store, I was immediately enveloped in the sights and sounds of the season, with festive music playing overhead and aisles overflowing with shiny ornaments, snowy village displays, and tons of Christmas trees. The smell of fresh pine also filled the air from the abundance of real Christmas trees tucked away in a corner of the store. Clearly, Hobby Lobby was ready for Christmas!

I started my search in the section with artificial Christmas trees, which offered a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. They had everything from small 4-foot trees perfect for tabletops, to towering 9-foot faux evergreens that nearly touched the ceiling. The variety of tree types was also impressive, including traditional firs, whimsical themed trees decorated with animals or characters, elegant white tinsel trees, and even upside down trees designed to save space.

In addition to pre-lit trees with lights already attached, Hobby Lobby also sold unlit artificial trees in various silhouette styles, allowing you to customize the lighting. I browsed through trees with luxurious branch tips, nostalgic vintage-inspired trees, and even rainbow-colored tinsel trees that would make a bold and cheery statement. The options felt endless, but I focused my search on a traditional green tree between 6-8 feet tall.

Venturing over to the live Christmas tree section, the intense piney fragrance was evidence of the fresh, high-quality firs and pines for sale. The trees looked full and healthy, with options ranging from tabletop sizes up to 12 feet tall. However, the mess and upkeep of a real tree ultimately led me back to the artificial trees. I wanted something convenient that I could assemble year after year.

Selecting the Perfect Tree within My Budget

After surveying the scene, I decided to zero in on the pre-lit artificial trees in the 6-8 foot range. Hobby Lobby offered a few different style and price options that caught my eye. They had a basic 6.5-foot tree for only $79.99, but it was sparsely branched and didn’t look full enough for my taste. A lush 7-foot tree with warm white lights and sturdy folding metal legs was just $149.99. However, the one that truly won me over was the 7.5-foot Kent Flocked Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree, marked down to $299.99.

This tree featured over 1,400 lifelike branch tips, giving it a full, luxurious look from top to bottom. The branches and needles were flocked for a frosty, wintry effect that I adored. And it came pre-strung with 750 clear lights that would shine brightly without harsh glare. Large sturdy legs and included stabilizer feet promised an easy, secure set-up, and built-in light controllers made it simple to adjust the illumination.

At full price, this stunning 7.5-foot tree would have been out of my budget. But thanks to Hobby Lobby’s seasonal sale, I was able to get it for $100 off at just $299.99. Paired with a weekly coupon for an additional discount, I was able to take home my dream tree for only $224.99 plus tax – much more affordable than I expected for such a statement piece! The reasonable price made it easy to justify adding this showstopping tree to my holiday decor.

Transporting My Titanic Tree Home

One challenge of selecting such a grand 7.5-foot tree was figuring out how to get it home from the store. I drove to Hobby Lobby in my compact sedan, which posed some logistical issues fitting a 16-pound box holding a 7-foot tall artificial tree inside. But with some creative angling and positioning, I managed to wedge the long rectangular box into my backseat diagonally.

My little car sagged under the weight of my gigantic tree, and I had to fully recline the passenger seat to accommodate the box’s length. Pine needle tips poked out from the ends jutting into the front seat, further enforcing that I was indeed transporting a Christmas tree to its new home. Despite the awkward transportation, I safely made it home with my Hobby Lobby tree in tow – no roof rack required!

Now the real fun could begin – taking my discount Christmas tree out of the box and transforming it into a dazzling holiday centerpiece. After struggling to haul the heavy box inside, I cleared a space in my living room and eagerly unpacked my new tree.

Bringing My Christmas Tree to Life

Opening the box, I was greeted by glossy image guides demonstrating how to assemble my new 7.5-foot flocked artificial tree. The instruction booklet was simple to follow, taking me step-by-step through shaping the tree branches, assembling the metal stand, and connecting the pre-strung light cords.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy the tree was to set up. The color-coded branch sections stacked neatly onto the center pole, and I was able to shape and fluff each layer as I worked my way up. In under 30 minutes, my Hobby Lobby Christmas tree stood proudly in my living room.

Stepping back to survey my handiwork, I was wowed by the tree’s sheer size, fullness, and frosty beauty. The flocked needles looked like they were dusted with fresh snowfall, and the lights shone brightly without a single bulb out. The sturdy folding metal stand kept the tree stabilized and prevented any leaning or drooping branches.

My living room was instantly infused with festive holiday spirit thanks to this gorgeous artificial fir. Its grand size was perfect for my space, with the tip just brushing my 8-foot ceiling. I felt like I was gazing up at a scenic Christmas tree on a town square or in a stately lodge. And best of all, I achieved this beautiful holiday focal point while sticking to my budget thanks to Hobby Lobby’s deals.

Decorating My Dream Tree from Top to Bottom

With my stunning Christmas tree assembled, it was now time for the fun part – decorative embellishments! I returned to Hobby Lobby and let my creativity run wild picking out ornaments, garlands, lights, and tree topper options to dress up my discounted 7.5-foot fir.

In the ornament aisles, I handpicked shiny round bulbs and faceted teardrops in crimson, emerald, sapphire, and gold tones to give my tree a jewel-toned elegance. For some whimsy, I added embroidered critter ornaments, like owls, foxes and woodland creatures dressed in scarves and hats. And of course, I included a few fancy glass icicle ornaments to accentuate the frosty vibe of my flocked artificial tree.

Next up was garland – I loved the full, fluffy tinsel garlands in classic silver and red. I also chose wide pastel satin ribbons to intersperse, amping up the holiday elegance. As a final adornment, I selected a shimmering gold beaded tree topper star to crown my Hobby Lobby Christmas tree.

Once home, I eagerly commenced decorating my evergreen canvas, starting by carefully stringing lights. My tree’s pre-strung lights were evenly spaced, but I filled in any sparse spots with extra strands of soft white lights for ample glow. I also added pops of color with some battery-powered colored lights weaved throughout.

Next came garland – I artfully draped and wrapped the tree starting at the top with silver tinsel, accenting with red tinsel and wide satin ribbons until reaching the bottom. I then began distributing my ornaments, starting larger ones near the bottom and smaller toward the top. Stepping back between placements, I adjusted items to achieve optimal balance and aesthetic appeal.

As the final flourish, I topped my twinkling creation with the beaded golden tree topper star. Stepping back to admire my work, I was thrilled by the dazzling results. My budget-friendly flocked fir from Hobby Lobby was utterly transformed into a shimmering, picture-perfect Christmas tree thanks to some thoughtful decorating efforts.

The jewel-toned ornaments and warm white lights cast a magical glow sure to get anyone into the holiday spirit. And I achieved exactly the elegant yet whimsical vibe I had envisioned. Throughout December, my Hobby Lobby Christmas tree will serve as the beautiful centerpiece of all my holiday festivities and photos. The joy and complimentary comments from family and friends will make all the effort totally worthwhile.

Reflecting on My Hobby Lobby Christmas Tree Triumphs

Looking back at my Christmas tree shopping experience this year, I’m so glad I thought to look at Hobby Lobby for my holiday centerpiece. While I normally associate them with craft supplies and home decor, I was thoroughly impressed by their wide selection of artificial Christmas trees and trimmings. The variety of styles, sizes, and prices offered something for every Christmas aesthetic and budget.

I’m especially amazed by the excellent quality and value I found in my 7.5-foot pre-lit Kent Flocked Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree. Between the lush full branches, beautiful frosted flocking, warm clear lights, and sturdy construction, it looks like a tree worth far more than I paid. And it was so simple to set up and decorate for weeks of holiday enjoyment in my home.

Scoring this stunner on sale for just over $200 was definitely my best bargain. I could not be happier with my Hobby Lobby purchase, and the joy it’s brought to my holiday season is priceless. My quest for the perfect Christmas tree was a resounding success, complete with festive trimmings also found at affordable Hobby Lobby prices.

After my fantastic experience this year, Hobby Lobby will be my go-to Christmas tree destination going forward. I can’t wait to admire my beautiful tree every year, knowing I achieved dramatic holiday style on a budget. So if you’re looking for gorgeous Christmas trees and decorations that won’t break the bank, I wholeheartedly recommend a trip to Hobby Lobby. Your home will be decked in seasonal splendor before you know it!

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