Decking the Halls: My Quest for the Perfect Hobby Lobby Christmas Garland

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to deck those halls and trim those trees! As an avid Christmas decorator, I always look forward to this time of year when I can break out all of my treasured decorations and transform my home into a magical winter wonderland.

One of my favorite Christmas decorating essentials is a full, frosty garland to adorn my mantel, stair railings, and anywhere else that could use some festive flair. Over the years, I’ve purchased holiday garlands from all kinds of stores, but I keep coming back to Hobby Lobby for the best selection, prices, and quality. Their incredible array of Christmas garlands simply can’t be beat!

This year, I headed to my local Hobby Lobby on a mission to find the perfect Christmas garland to make my holiday decor shine. As always, I was overwhelmed by the sheer variety of gorgeous garlands available in every style, length, color and texture imaginable. From frosted pine and spruce to sparkling birch and magnolia, the options at Hobby Lobby seem endless!

Traditional Evergreen Garlands

As a traditionalist at heart, I’m drawn to classic evergreen garlands made of noble fir, pine, cedar or other aromatic holiday greens. Hobby Lobby has a fantastic selection of these timeless garlands in different lengths and widths to suit any space.

For a grand statement over my fireplace mantel, I love using their extra wide and long 25 foot mixed evergreen garland. The noble fir, pine and cedar greens are so full and lifelike, perfectly emulating the look of fresh-cut forest garlands. Hobby Lobby even offers pre-lit versions of this garland intertwined with warm white LED lights, making it easy to create a festive glow right out of the box.

In addition to giant mantel swags, they also have thinner pine, spruce and fir garlands measuring 6, 9 and 12 feet long – ideal for stair rails, entryways, mailboxes and more. I like to wrap these slender evergreen garlands down the full length of my porch columns and accent them with red velvet bows and pinecones for an elegant outdoor display.

No matter which traditional evergreen garland you choose, Hobby Lobby has them available at really reasonable prices, starting at just $9.99 for a 6 foot fir garland. During the holidays, they also run great sales on all Christmas greenery, so I can stock up on multiple garlands for decorating inside and out without breaking the budget!

Frosted Christmas Garlands

Looking to add an extra dash of festive magic to your holiday decor? Head straight to Hobby Lobby’s wonderland of frosted Christmas garlands! Their exclusive winter-themed garlands feature faux evergreen foliage accented with the perfect amount of frosty snow, glitter and tinsel for a truly dazzling display.

The Frosted Forest Garland is one of my all-time favorites, with pine, cedar and fir entwined with shimmery silver tinsel and delicate white snow crystals. I also love the Glitter Snow Garland, dripping with huge frosty snowflake accents that catch and reflect the light beautifully.

These glittering garlands come in various lengths starting around 7 feet, making them perfect for mantels, staircases, doorframes and anywhere else that needs a heavy dose of holiday sparkle. And since they’re artificial rather than fresh-cut greens, the frosted embellishments will last for many seasons to come.

I always get compliments on these glittery garlands, with friends and family asking where they can find them. At just $19.99 for a 7 foot frosted garland, Hobby Lobby makes it easy to spread the sparkling holiday cheer far and wide!

Noble Gems, Magnolia & Birch Garlands

Beyond traditional evergreens, Hobby Lobby also offers upscale Christmas garlands using unique materials like noble gems, magnolia leaves and birch branches. These graceful, organic garlands add artful elegance to holiday decor.

The Noble Gems garlands feature strands of faux blue spruce wrapped around gleaming beads, crystals, and pearls in shades of sapphire, emerald and champagne. Draped over a mantle or banister, the noble gems garland makes a glamorous statement, catching and reflecting light for an opulent look. A 22 inch version is just $16.99 at Hobby Lobby for a touch of festive class.

For a natural, organic look, I adore Hobby Lobby’s magnolia and birch garlands. The lifelike magnolia versions come in either white or dusty pink shades, with big glossy leaves and decorative berries. The birch garland incorporates real birch bark and faux stems for an organic, woodland inspired look. Both of these natural garlands work beautifully in farmhouse, rustic or modern holiday decor.

No matter your Christmas decorating style, there’s a garland to match at Hobby Lobby. Their exclusive garlands offer details and quality you just won’t find anywhere else.

Pre-Lit & Battery-Operated Lighted Garlands

To take your Christmas garlands from lovely to luminous, look no further than Hobby Lobby’s collection of pre-lit and batteryoperated lighted garlands. Just imagine coming home in the dark to a porch wrapped in twinkling garland – so cheery and welcoming!

I’m obsessed with Hobby Lobby’s Warm White Pine Garland with Clear Lights, which comes pre-strung with 70 clear mini LED bulbs. At just $24.99 for a 7 foot garland, it’s amazing value and instantly lights up any space.

For versatility, I also appreciate their battery-operated garlands like the Birch Branch Garland with Timber LED Lights. The faux birch garland’s warm white lights can be turned on and off and powered by batteries or USB plug. At 9 feet long, it’s perfect for spotlighting my front door and easily storing after the holidays.

Hobby Lobby has so many innovative lighted garland options to choose from, including frosted tip mini lights, large bulb clear lights, color-changing lights and more. Their exclusive offerings and budget-friendly prices on pre-lit garlands make it so easy to create a joyful, glowing holiday display inside and out!

Fun Themed Garlands: Buffalo Plaid, Sugar Plum, and More

Beyond classic holiday greens and lighting, Hobby Lobby also offers a delightful selection of fun, festive themed garlands to instantly bring Christmas joy to any space. With styles ranging from rustic Buffalo plaid to whimsical sugar plum, there’s a theme garland perfect for every Christmas aesthetic.

For a cozy country style, you can’t go wrong with their Buffalo Plaid Garlands, available in red and black or green and black color combos. These flannel garlands printed with classic Buffalo plaid are perfect for a rustic cabin, fireplace, or farmhouse decor. I also love to string them with fairy lights for a festive glow.

On the more playful side, the Sugar Plum Garland captures the essence of candied holidays with faux purple and white blooms, glitter berries, and tinsel. So sweet and cheerful! For littles, Hobby Lobby also has the most adorable Christmas Mouse Garland, with faux furry mice decked out for the holidays with candy canes and present bags. Too cute!

Whether your style is traditional, rustic, whimsy or elegant, Hobby Lobby has so many unique themed garlands to make your Christmas beautiful. At their everyday low prices, you can afford to try a few different looks and switch them up year after year.

Tips for Decorating and Displaying Hobby Lobby Garlands

Now for my favorite part – decorating! With so many gorgeous garlands to choose from, how and where should you display them? Here are some of my best tips for styling and hanging your Hobby Lobby garlands this holiday season:

For Mantels: Choose an extra wide, long mixed evergreen or frosted garland to make a dramatic statement over your mantel. Let it generously swag down about 10-12 inches on either side. Accent with holiday candles, greenery sprigs, ornaments and stockings.

For Stair Railings: Line your stair railing with a 6-9 foot long slender pine or fir green garland. Wrap lights for extra sparkle. Use garland hooks to securely attach.

For Fireplaces: Outline the edges of your fireplace or wood stove with 6-7 foot garlands for festive trim. Try using birch or magnolia branches for a natural look.

For Doorways: Craft an artful arch over doors and entryways using 9-12 foot garlands. Mix evergreen and frosted picks for contrast. Hang a festive wreath in center for finishing touch.

For Mailboxes: Adorn your mailbox post with a 6 foot evergreen or pine garland wrap secured with floral wire or hooks. Affix mini gift bows or ornaments for holiday charm.

With the right garland as your starting point, the possibilities for holiday decor are endless! Let your Hobby Lobby garlands be the backdrop to begin layering in all your Christmas style.

Care Tips to Make Garlands Last

To keep your Hobby Lobby garlands looking fresh, fluffy and fabulous for seasons to come, be sure to follow these care tips:

  • When possible, store garlands in cool, dry place to prevent moisture damage and shedding.
  • Gently fluff and arrange garland branches each year before displaying to revive fuller shape.
  • For greenery garlands, lightly mist with water if foliage starts to look dry. Keep away from direct heat sources.
  • When handling, avoid excessive bending or twisting of wires in garlands to prevent kinks or breakage.
  • Consider using garland hooks and clips to hang garlands to prevent strain on wires.
  • After Christmas, carefully pack away garlands to avoid crushing or tangling. Use tissue paper to wrap delicate decor pieces.
  • For pre-lit garlands, replace any burnt out bulbs promptly to keep lights glowing brightly each year.

With proper care and storage, your Hobby Lobby garlands can become cherished heirlooms, adding old-world holiday charm for generations of Christmas memories to come!

Christmas Decorating on a Budget

One of my favorite things about Hobby Lobby’s Christmas décor is that they offer such fabulous holiday cheer at budget-friendly prices. Whether you decorate one room or your entire home and yard, you can shop an entire season’s worth of quality garlands, wreaths, trees, and more without blowing your holiday budget.

Here are some of my top tips for affordably decorating with Hobby Lobby finds:

  • Shop sales & coupons: Hobby Lobby always offers incredible savings in their holiday décor department leading up to Christmas, with up to 50-70% off most items. Also take advantage of their weekly coupon deals.
  • Buy in bulk: For big decorating jobs, save by purchasing bulk options like 25 foot mixed greenery garlands and multi-packs of ornaments. Bulk buys cost far less per piece.
  • Mix permanent & disposable: Invest in nice permanent pieces like a pre-lit garland while balancing with pretty yet disposable picks, stems, and ribbon.
  • DIY extras: Make your own custom bows, ornaments, and gift toppers instead of purchasing to save. Hobby Lobby has great ribbon, supplies and project ideas.
  • Reuse & recycle: Repurpose last year’s holiday accessories and florals into new arrangements. Refresh by spray painting, adding lights or glitter, etc.

With a bit of creativity and smart budgeting, you can deck your halls with Hobby Lobby holiday décor that looks a million bucks, at prices far less than the competitors. Get ready to be amazed at how affordably you can decorate to the nines this Christmas!

Well, it seems I’ve babbled on forever about my garland obsession at Hobby Lobby, but for good reason – their incredible selection, variety, and value just can’t be beat! I hope these tips and insight help you make the most of garland decorating this holiday season. May your home be filled with the beautiful blessing of Christmas cheer!

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