Deck the Halls: Exploring the Magical World of Hobby Lobby Garland

As soon as the crisp autumn air arrives, my thoughts turn to the holidays and how I’ll decorate my home for the season. And there’s no better place I love to shop for festive decor than Hobby Lobby.


Hobby Lobby has become my go-to over the years for unique Christmas decorations, and especially garland. From traditional pine and eucalyptus to glittering birch and floral designs, Hobby Lobby’s garland selection is unparalleled.

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a tour through Hobby Lobby’s wonderland of garlands. Get ready to deck your own halls after getting inspiration and insider tips on choosing, styling, and caring for garland available at Hobby Lobby.

Overview of Garland Selections

Hobby Lobby offers an astounding assortment of garland styles, materials, colors and themes. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to find:

  • Evergreen garlands – Classic pine, cedar, fir and eucalyptus garlands are available in different foliage variations, lengths and with or without pinecones.
  • Floral garlands – Styles incorporating faux flowers, berries, succulents and other botanicals.
  • Glittered and metallic garlands – Birch, pine and other garlands with silver, gold, or multicolored glitter accents.
  • Themed and novelty garlands – Options like snow-tipped pine, Southwestern, nautical, candy cane or glittered poinsettia designs for Christmas.
  • Custom garlands – Choose ribbon colors and bows to create one-of-a-kind garlands.
  • Outdoor/indoor – Varieties meant for exposed outdoor areas or indoor use.
  • Pre-lit garlands – Many styles come with clear lights or color-changing LEDs included.

No matter your decorating style, Hobby Lobby is sure to have the perfect garland options to make your home festive and bright this holiday season!

Prices and Budgeting

Hobby Lobby aims to provide stylish decor at reasonable prices, especially for garlands. Here are some tips on what to expect cost-wise:

  • Basic pine, cedar or eucalyptus garlands start around $15 for a 6 foot length.
  • More elaborate floral, glittered or themed garlands run $20 to $50 for a 6 foot length.
  • Pre-lit garlands start around $30 for 6 feet.
  • Custom designed garlands cost between $50 to $100+, depending on materials, length, and embellishments like ribbons or bows.
  • Buy garland by the foot or yard for more flexibility. Pine garland runs around $3 per foot.

To deck out an average room, plan to budget $75 to $150 for a focal mantel or staircase garland, plus $30 to $60 for each additional accent window, door or railing.

Hobby Lobby regularly runs 50% off sales on holiday decor like garlands. Download their app so you can get notifications on all the seasonal savings!

Standout Garland Styles

Want to elevate your home’s holiday look this year? Here are some of my favorite eye-catching garland varieties found at Hobby Lobby that are sure to add that extra dose of holiday magic.

Frosted pine garland

This glittering frosted pine garland with flocked snow-dusted tips looks like it came straight from the pages of a winter wonderland storybook. The sparkling silver tips contrast beautifully against the deep green pine needles.

I love to swag frosted pine garland above a fireplace or mantel. Or wind it down an indoor staircase for a gorgeous wintry accent. A stint along the top of kitchen cabinets also adds shimmer above busy holiday meal prep!

Florals and botanicals

Hobby Lobby offers stunning garlands incorporating lifelike faux florals, succulents, berries and botanicals in rich holiday tones.

The red and gold poinsettia garland trimmed with gold beads is a jaw-dropper draped along a mantel or buffet. For a more natural look, I adore the mixed greenery garland with faux eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, pinecones and red winterberries. Use it to frame doorways or a large mirror.

The possibilities are endless with Hobby Lobby’s floral garland selection to infuse rich textures and colors into your holiday decor.

Lighted garlands

A lit garland instantly creates a warm, festive glow perfect for highlighting focal areas or adding ambiance to a winter wonderland theme.

LED pine garlands with color-changing lights are fantastic options that can switch from warm white to multicolor at the click of a remote. Or create a classic look with clear incandescent mini lights on cedar, pine or birch garlands.

I like to twist lighted garlands down my main staircase banister or swag above an outdoor porch entryway. They’re easy to shape and re-shape to accent all your favorite seasonal spots.

Ideas for Decorating with Garland

Looking for inspiration on how to transform your home into a holiday oasis using garlands? Here are some of my favorite tried-and-true garland decorating ideas:

  • Adorn your fireplace mantel with a full, lush garland as the focal point. Flank it with candlestick lights or pinecones.
  • Frame doorways inside and out with garlands for a welcoming feel. Add coordinating ribbons or bows.
  • Wind garlands down staircases and balance with cluster lights on the banisters.
  • Decorate a kitchen or dining room with garlands over cabinets, windows, or the backs of chairs.
  • Use garlands to outline architectural details like alcoves, arched doorways or ceiling beams.
  • Wrap columns or posts to define areas and accent with ornaments or lights.
  • Adorn railings with twisted or straight garlands secured with floral wire or command hooks.
  • Place miniature tabletop garlands as runners down a buffet or dining table.

The possibilities are endless! Let your creativity run wild with garlands this season.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Garlands

Before choosing garlands, think about where you plan to use them. Hobby Lobby stocks varieties specifically meant for indoor or outdoor use.

Outdoor garlands are designed with more natural or durable materials that can withstand the elements. Options include:

  • Real cedar garland
  • Pine, eucalyptus or fir garlands with water-resistant flocking or glitter
  • Silk garlands meant for outdoor use
  • Pre-lit garlands labeled for outdoor use

For indoor decorating, you’ll have more choices like faux floral designs not meant for outdoor exposure. Stick with garlands designed explicitly for indoor use.

Pay attention to product details so you can choose garlands tailored for the location you want to decorate. Hobby Lobby makes it easy to find gorgeous options for both indoor and outdoor holiday decor.

Caring for Your Garland

Hobby Lobby garlands are built to last season after season with proper care and storage. Here are my tips:

  • For real greenery, mist occasionally with water to replenish moisture.
  • Dust natural garlands periodically with a soft brush to remove debris.
  • Handle gently to avoid loosening decorations like pinecones or breaking branches.
  • Avoid excessive sunlight or heat to prevent garlands from drying out.
  • Use plastic command hooks to anchor garlands to walls or railings to prevent sliding.
  • After the season, carefully untangle light strings and remove dangling decor.
  • Store garlands flat in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat and pests.

With some basic maintenance, your Hobby Lobby garlands can stay beautiful for years of holidays to come!

Eco-Friendly Faux Garlands

For those looking for greenery without the mess and upkeep of real garlands, Hobby Lobby has you covered! Their faux garland options use realistic silk, plastic or preserved materials shaped into gorgeous seasonal designs.

My top picks for eco-friendly fake garlands from Hobby Lobby include:

  • Faux cedar garlands with lush plastic needles and real wood trunks.
  • Preserved eucalyptus garlands made with real branches dried into everlasting designs.
  • Birch garlands made with faux white bark and plastic silver-dusted branches.
  • Realistic magnolia, pinecone and winterberry mixes.
  • Sparkling snow-dusted flocked pine garlands.

With quality faux garlands, you can deck your halls in an earth-friendly way, with no mess or waste. It’s a holiday win-win!

Trendy New Arrivals for 2022

Hobby Lobby continuously scouts trends to stock the latest garland fashions each holiday season. Here are some exciting new garland arrivals I’ve spotted for 2022:

  • Tinsel garlands galore – Now’s the time to embrace this retro staple! Tinsel adds a fun nostalgic feel twisted around railings or trees.
  • Birch garland upgrades – Look for birch garland with pearl accents, velvet ribbons or glittered berries for a luxe feel.
  • Faux succulents and air plants – Garlands with realistic mixed succulents are big this year for a boho vibe.
  • Extra long lengths – New extra-long 12 to 25 foot garlands allow maximum dramatics on grand staircases and walls.
  • Colored lights – Multicolor LED bulbs are trending beyond traditional white lights this season.

Keep an eye out for these new additions and more when shopping Hobby Lobby’s holiday offerings this year! The possibilities for styling are endless.

Shopping Tips and Tricks

After getting the rundown on Hobby Lobby’s fabulous garland selection, here are some of my tips for making the most of your garland shopping adventures there:

  • Browse early for the best selection – new stock arrives in stores throughout the late summer and fall.
  • Ask about upcoming sales notifications – the app and email list can save you 50% off!
  • Take measurements where you want to decorate to figure out garland lengths.
  • Coordinate ribbons and floral picks to customize off-the-shelf styles.
  • Shop by the foot for fuller, more luxe looking garlands made to your ideal length.
  • Feel the materials for soft, full foliage and sturdy wiring on frames.
  • Take advantage of buy online, pick up in store options to skip lines.

Follow these suggestions to check garland off your holiday decor list in a fun and affordable way!

Final Thoughts

Hobby Lobby has totally won me over through the years with their incredible assortment of garlands to perfectly decorate for the season. I hope this look at the different styles, pricing, decor ideas and shopping tips offered inspiration as you deck out your own home.

Now excuse me while I browse online for new garland arrivals! The holidays will be here before we know it and I need to get a jumpstart on spreading some seasonal cheer. Let me know if you find any other great garland gems in your local Hobby Lobby this year!

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