Crafting My Way Through Hobby Lobby in Lubbock

A First-Hand Account of the Premier Arts and Crafts Shop in West Texas

As an avid crafter and artist, I was thrilled when I first learned that Hobby Lobby was opening a new store right here in Lubbock, Texas. As soon as the doors opened, I made my way over to check out their selection of arts, crafts, home decor, seasonal products, and more. As a long-time Hobby Lobby fan, I was eager to see how this location compared to others I had visited across the state. After spending a full day exploring every inch of the store, I’m excited to share my experiences at the Lubbock Hobby Lobby for all my fellow West Texas creatives!

Location, Location, Location

First and foremost, I know everyone wants to know exactly where to find the newest Hobby Lobby Lubbock location. The store is conveniently situated right off of Loop 289 at 6707 Slide Road. For anyone familiar with the area, it’s in the same shopping center as the Target and Ross Dress for Less stores. With easy access right off the loop, it’s simple to get to no matter where in town you’re coming from.

The store itself is quite sizable at just over 55,000 square feet. As soon as I stepped through the automatic doors out front, I was greeted by the familiar sights and smells of a premiere Hobby Lobby location. The interior layout is bright, spacious, and well-organized into sections for the various departments. Right away, I could tell this was going to be my new favorite spot for arts and crafts supplies in Lubbock!

Hours of Crafting Operation

Of course, the next big question is when can crafters like me visit the store to stock up on supplies? The Lubbock Hobby Lobby keeps opening hours that work nicely around most schedules:

Monday – Saturday: 9:00am to 8:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Hobby Lobby locations are always closed on Sundays, so keep that in mind as you plan your crafting adventures and road trips out to the store. The late evening hours Monday through Saturday are perfect for those of us who can’t make it in until after a normal 9-5 workday. And the Sunday hours are ideal for a casual weekend browse when you have more free time to explore all the amazing finds throughout the store!

Job Opportunities for Crafty Folks

Speaking of employment, the Lubbock Hobby Lobby usually has open job opportunities for folks who share a passion for arts, crafts, and retail. When I visited, I noticed they had flyers posted for multiple positions from sales associates to cashiers, framers, stockers, and more.

From what I could see, employees get to wear casual shirts with the fun Hobby Lobby logo on them. They all seemed cheerful and helpful as they worked throughout the store. It looked like a positive, encouraging environment for anyone who loves assisting customers, merchandising product, or enabling creative projects.

If you live in the Lubbock area and want to apply, you can speak to a manager at the store or submit your application and resume online via the Hobby Lobby careers webpage. Working at Hobby Lobby seems like an excellent way for crafty people to get employed right in their element, doing what they love!

Crafting Classes and Workshops

One of my favorite things about Hobby Lobby locations is that some offer regular crafting classes and workshops. At the time of my visit, I didn’t see any posted flyers or info about classes at the Lubbock Hobby Lobby. However, employees told me they do plan to roll out crafting classes in the near future.

Apparently, they have some logistics to sort out first in terms of classroom space and scheduling. But the managers assured me they are actively working on getting creative classes and workshops added to the Lubbock store’s offerings! They promised to advertise them heavily as soon as they are able to begin hosting workshops.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for announcements about Hobby Lobby crafting classes in Lubbock. I’d love the chance to participate in some instructional workshops right in the store with fellow local artists and makers. It’s such a smart way for Hobby Lobby to bring more crafters into the store while also providing extra value and education. Fingers crossed these workshops become a reality very soon!

Current Sales and Savings

Of course, I can’t talk about my Hobby Lobby experience without mentioning their incredible sales and savings! During every trip to a Hobby Lobby store, I first head straight for all the latest discounted and clearance items. The Lubbock Hobby Lobby did not disappoint when it came to sales and deals.

Some of the best offers they had during my visit included:

  • 40% off spring floral picks, stems, bushes, and garlands
  • 50% off all Easter decor, supplies, and crafts
  • 30% off Cricut machines, accessories, materials
  • 40% off wall frames, tabletop frames, photo albums
  • Buy one, get one 50% off Crayola art supplies

The store also had an entire aisle of clearance merchandise at up to 80% off regular prices. I spotted amazing deals on ribbons, fabric, craft storage, unfinished wood cutouts, faux succulents and florals, Christmas decor, and so much more.

As a devoted Hobby Lobby shopper, I always look forward to their weekly sale ad that comes out every Sunday. You can pick up an in-store flyer or view the digital version online. This makes it easy to plan what discounts to shop on any given week. Be sure to also take advantage of Hobby Lobby’s competitor coupon policy. They accept current ads and valid coupons from Michaels, Joann, and other major craft stores to get even more savings!

Convenient Services

Beyond the everyday low prices and weekly sales, I was thrilled to see the Lubbock Hobby Lobby offers special services to make shopping even more convenient. I noticed signs posted for contactless curbside pickup, which is perfect for quick trips or heavy hauls.

You can order online or through the mobile app and just call when you arrive. An employee will safely bring your purchase right out to your vehicle at no additional cost. For smaller items, there is also a pickup counter just inside the store entrance. No need to wander the aisles if you already know what supplies or products you need.

The Lubbock store not yet offer shipping or local delivery options. But I learned from the employees that these convenient services are part of their future plans. As customer demand grows, they plan to add delivery capabilities to make it effortless for Lubbock-area crafters to get Hobby Lobby products shipped straight to their door.

Getting in Touch

Whenever I have a specific question or need extra assistance, I appreciate being able to contact a store directly. The Lubbock Hobby Lobby has an easy to remember main phone number: (806) 785-2600. Store managers recommended calling this number with any detailed product inquiries, large special orders, or issues that need immediate resolution.

For quicker assistance with everyday questions or feedback, I discovered the Lubbock Hobby Lobby stays active on Facebook and Instagram with the username @hobbylobby. Their social media team typically responds very promptly to comments, messages, and concerns. This is often the fastest way to have small needs addressed.

Of course, visiting the store in person is always an excellent option too! The employees at the Lubbock location were more than happy to help me locate specific items, make recommendations, answer my questions, and offer any other assistance I needed during my lengthy browsing session. Customer service is clearly a priority, which I greatly appreciate as a longtime shopper.

Top Selling Craft Supplies

All this talk of the Lubbock Hobby Lobby’s perks and amenities is making me excited to share more about the actual products available in-store! As a devoted arts and crafts enthusiast, I’ll admit my main mission for this initial visit was scoping out all the inventory to see what top selling supplies they carry.

A few clear stand-outs during my journey through the store were:

  • Cricut machines and materials: They have an entire section devoted to Cricut print and cut tools plus all the vinyl, iron-on, paper, and other accessories to use in your projects. The Maker 3 was in stock and on an incredible sale the day I visited!
  • Yarn and crochet: As both a knitter and crocheter myself, I fell in love with their yarn selection which takes up an entire wall. All the colors, textures, brands, and weights any fiber artist could hope for at reasonable prices too.
  • Scrapbook paper: You can imagine how much crafters in Lubbock love scrapbooking, making cards, decorating journals, and more. The paper selection reflects this with every pattern, pack, palette, and theme you could imagine for any creative project.
  • Seasonal décor: Even months before the holidays, they had an extensive assortment of Easter, Spring, Patriotic, and Summer-themed home decor. I saw signs indicating their Christmas selection will take up nearly 1/4 of the entire store later this year…I can’t wait!
  • Unfinished wood crafts: For DIYers who love to paint, stain, or customize raw materials, they have a huge assortment of wood cutouts, shapes, letters, boxes, décor pieces, and more just waiting for your creative touch.
  • Art canvases: No matter if you prefer painting with acrylics, watercolor, oils, or mixed media, there are endless blank canvas options to choose from, in every size and multiple shape varieties.

I could go on forever listing more, but safe to say the Lubbock Hobby Lobby is fully stocked when it comes to trending craft supplies that Lubbock creatives are seeking. I didn’t notice any obvious holes or shortages in their inventory, which is quite impressive for a brand new location still building up stock.

Customer Feedback

Now, I’ll admit it’s hard to find much customer feedback specifically for the new Lubbock store since they just opened their doors recently. However, I can speak from many years of experience shopping at Hobby Lobby locations across Texas and online. In my opinion, they are consistently impressive when it comes to service, selection, and overall shopping experience.

I have occasionally seen less enthusiastic reviews regarding pricing or political/religious concerns, which I understand may not align with every customer’s personal perspectives. However, focusing solely on the core offerings of inventory, shopping ambiance, and service, I don’t believe Hobby Lobby has any shortage of devoted fans – myself included!

As more crafters and makers visit the Lubbock Hobby Lobby in the coming months, I’m positive the feedback will reflect what a blessing it is to finally have a store of this caliber for local artists and DIYers. We Lubbock crafters are thrilled at no longer having to drive out of town or shop only online to access the immense selection of arts, crafts, home, seasonal, and DIY supplies that Hobby Lobby is known for.

This location truly elevates Lubbock as a hub for creative small businesses and makers in West Texas. I can’t wait to see all the future rave reviews from my fellow Lubbock-area crafters as they explore the store’s endless offerings for themselves.

Safety Precautions

Of course, I also want to make sure I highlight the safety precautions I observed during my visit to the Lubbock Hobby Lobby in the age of COVID-19. Overall, I was impressed with the measures store employees were taking to maintain cleanliness and order. For example:

  • Store associates were frequently wiping down carts, baskets, and counters.
  • Clear floor markings help customers maintain proper physical distancing while browsing and standing in line.
  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed at all registers and customer service desks.
  • Contactless payment systems are enabled to limit handing cash and touching keypads.
  • Posted signage reminds customers to wear masks and uphold safety protocols. Free single use masks are offered at the door.
  • Additional hand sanitizer, gloves, and disinfecting wipes are made easily available for customer use throughout the store.

From what I could observe, both employees and shoppers were doing an excellent job adhering to posted expectations around mask usage, distancing, and hygiene while I was there. I always felt safe and reassured by the steps they are taking. It is evident Hobby Lobby cares about keeping health and safety a top priority even as customers return for much-needed retail therapy and crafting supplies.

Returns, Exchanges, and More

An important aspect of any store experience is how they handle returns, exchanges, and other post-purchase needs. I’m pleased to confirm the Lubbock Hobby Lobby provides multiple options if you need to make a return or exchange after your initial purchase.

In-person returns can be processed back to your original form of payment within 90 days as long as you have a valid receipt or online order number. I noticed they also accept returns by mail for added convenience. For any exchanges, you can swap an item for something else entirely as long as it is still within 30 days of the original purchase date.

Hobby Lobby also has a very generous Price Adjustment Policy. If any qualifying item goes on sale within two weeks of your purchase, simply bring back the receipt and they will happily refund you the difference. This gives shoppers confidence that they are getting the best possible deals on all their craft supplies.

I’m glad Hobby Lobby makes it easy to handle any after-purchase needs at the Lubbock location. The return and exchange policies are clearly a major benefit for customers wanting a risk-free crafting shopping experience.

Seasonal Magic

One of my favorite aspects of Hobby Lobby locations is the way they fully commit to each holiday and seasonal celebration. The Lubbock store already had their Easter and Spring merchandise out on full display, even though it was only February at the time of my visit. I took the chance to scope out all the decor, craft supplies, baking tools, candy molds, eggs, baskets, faux florals, and other festive items they had stocked.

Everything you need to make your home or Easter gifts extra special this year can be found at the Lubbock Hobby Lobby’s seasonal section. Based on the wide selections and attractive displays, it’s clear they will go all out for every holiday. I personally cannot wait to see their Christmas offerings later this year. If the Easter and Springtime products are any indication, they’ll have every trim, tree, craft, decoration, and gift idea fully covered for a Magical Christmas season as well!

Weddings and Parties Galore

Not only is Hobby Lobby my go-to for holiday crafting and home décor, but it’s also my top choice when I need supplies for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, or any other special event. During my last trip, I spent nearly an hour wandering through the party and wedding aisleimagining the creative possibilities.

They have everything from elegant candle holders, cake toppers, balloons, banners, centrepieces, and signage to specialty napkins, plates, cups, straws, favors, ribbons, lace, and any other decorative touch you can dream up. It seems the Lubbock Hobby Lobby made sure to carry an extra robust selection of these special occasion supplies, which I suspect speaks to high demand in the area.

I spotted several brides-to-be wandering the aisles with their bridal shower or bachelorette party To Do lists in hand. Mothers of young kids also carefully perused the birthday party options. No matter what type of celebration you’re planning, the Lubbock Hobby Lobby aims to be a one-stop shop.

Custom Requests Welcome

Even an inventory as vast as Hobby Lobby’s can’t possibly carry every single craft and art supply all the time. However, I was happy to learn that the Lubbock store has easy ways for loyal customers to request special order items not normally carried in-stock.

Some of the avenues they recommended for placing custom requests or orders include:

  • Speaking directly with a store manager or supervisor
  • Calling the customer service phone line
  • Messaging their Facebook or Instagram pages
  • Completing the Special Order form on their website
  • Visiting the Custom Frames counter to inquire about custom cut mats or specialized frame builds

As long as the products you’re seeking are available through one of Hobby Lobby’s authorized distributors, the store managers will do their best to place orders to bring in specific supplies, especially for their most loyal shoppers.

While custom orders can take a bit longer to arrive than in-stock items, I think it’s amazing that Hobby Lobby prioritizes sourcing those hard-to-find materials we artsy folks are looking for! I love that they encourage requests and do their best to fulfill them whenever possible.

Local Deals and Coupons

Beyond the weekly sales and competitor coupon policies, I also asked if the Lubbock Hobby Lobby plans to offer any unique local discounts or Lubbock-exclusive promos. The store supervisors told me it’s definitely something they are open to exploring.

Although corporate dictates their national sale week ad, local managers do have some power when it comes to special coupons, promotions, giveaways, and contest specifically for Lubbock shoppers. They want to tailor offerings to our community once they get more familiar with the types of deals and incentives that resonate with Lubbock’s makers and DIYers.

I was invited to join their email newsletter which is the best way to stay on top of any special Lubbock coupons or local savings opportunities as they arise. Hobby Lobby also recommended following their Lubbock-area social media pages for unique deals that may pop up there from time to time. I love that they are committed to customizing perks and savings for customers in our local community!

When Do Locals Shop?

From my conversations with store associates during the length of my visit, I learned a bit about when peak shopping hours tend to be at the Lubbock Hobby Lobby so far. As expected, weekends tend to be busiest, especially Saturdays. Weekday mornings are relatively quiet, then things pick up again in the late afternoons and evenings as people stop in after school or work.

The absolute busiest days of the week so far have been Thursdays and Fridays. Employees suspect this has to do with preparations for weekend projects and after-work crafting. The store sees an uptick in shoppers looking for supplies to tackle DIY endeavors, home décor updates, event planning, and more over these two evenings.

If you hope to avoid crowds and have aisles to yourself, early weekday mornings seem ideal. And if you enjoy people watching and browsing, late Thursday or Friday afternoons are likely buzzing with fellow Lubbock creatives shopping for their crafty weekends!

Giving Back

One aspect of Hobby Lobby culture I truly appreciate is their dedication to giving back and serving local communities. During my store tour, I noticed flyers promoting several initiatives benefiting charities and non-profits in the Lubbock area. For example:

  • Partnering with the Ronald McDonald House via pop tab collection drives
  • Fundraising efforts to support the South Plains Food Bank
  • Donation drives for Lubbock Meals on Wheels
  • Ongoing community support through the Hobby Lobby Foundation

It warmed my heart to see the Lubbock store already taking an active role to support deserving causes and organizations right here in our hometown. As a community-minded crafter myself, I love knowing I’m shopping at a retailer that gives back and uplifts Lubbock.

I’m looking forward to seeing even more community involvement projects spearheaded by the Lubbock Hobby Lobby in the months and years to come. This kind of local outreach tells me they aim to be a business that Lubbock will proudly embrace and support for the long haul.

Custom Framing Services

An area of expertise I’ve always enjoyed from Hobby Lobby is their custom framing department. I took some time to explore the framing station at the back of the Lubbock store, which offers several special services:

  • Expert guidance from certified Hobby Lobby framers
  • Custom-cut mats in any size or color
  • Unique moldings, metal prints, and shadowboxes
  • Conservation quality matting and UV protective glass
  • Specialized mounting, glazing, fitting, and assembly
  • Same-day turnaround for many basic projects
  • Rush orders for fast-track framing

It’s clear they have all the latest equipment, materials, and expertise needed to frame artwork, prints, photos, memorabilia, and beyond. I’m especially excited about bringing some of my crochet and fiber art to have custom framed at the Lubbock location soon. It’s so nice having these specialized services right in my hometown craft store!

Ample Parking Options

I’m sure fellow Lubbock shoppers can relate to my frustrations trying to find parking at crowded stores and shopping centers during peak times. Thankfully, I was relieved to see the Lubbock Hobby Lobby has no shortage of parking for eager crafters and DIYers.

The store is part of a large strip mall with a dedicated parking lot offering what seemed like hundreds of spaces near entrances. For hassle-free parking, I recommend the left side parking area nearest Hobby Lobby’s main doors. But even the further spots in front of Target or Ross were totally manageable.

I had no issues at all finding an empty spot just steps from the entrance, even during a weekend afternoon when traffic seemed moderately busy. The lot is also nicely maintained without potholes or other obstructions. I give the parking situation a big thumbs up after this first impression during my visit. No parking woes for Lubbock’s crafters here!

Frequently Refreshed Inventory

One concern when visiting a newly opened store is whether they will suffer any inventory shortages or gaps while still establishing suppliers. However, I was amazed at how fully stocked and complete the product selection seemed throughout the Lubbock Hobby Lobby, even only being open for a couple months so far.

When I inquired, store managers assured me they are dedicated to fastidious restocking and rotating selections. Popular items like Cricut materials or seasonal décor sell through quickly, but replacements arrive sometimes daily to fill the shelves again. Slower sellers get refreshed monthly or seasonally based on category and demand.

Employees shared that their distribution capabilities also make it easy to quickly bring in new products as trends emerge or customer requests arise. It seems they have robust systems and staff in place to keep the Lubbock Hobby Lobby shelves overflowing at all times. I’m glad crafting and DIY enthusiasts can rely on fully stocked supplies whenever inspiration strikes!

Final Verdict on Lubbock’s Newest Crafting Hot Spot

For crafters and makers like me who have shopped at Hobby Lobby stores far and wide, the new Lubbock location upholds the high standards we’ve come to expect from this premiere retail chain. From the expansive inventory and appealing displays to the weekly sales events and friendly staff, the store delivers on every front.

I enjoyed exploring each department, scoping out their impressive offerings, and imagining the unlimited creative potential. This store truly elevates Lubbock’s arts and crafting scene, providing local artisans, small shop owners, designers, DIYers and more with an unparalleled selection right here in our hometown.

The Lubbock Hobby Lobby store has absolutely earned its place as my newest favorite haunt for crafting inspiration and art supply hauls. I highly recommend all my fellow West Texas makers check it out soon and prepare to be amazed! Have any questions or need craft shopping tips? Feel free to reach out anytime. I’m always happy to share more about this wonderful new addition benefiting Lubbock’s creative community.

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