Crafting Memories: My Journey into Shadow Boxes from Hobby Lobby

As an avid crafter and DIY enthusiast, I’m always looking for new and creative ways to display meaningful items. Recently, I discovered the wonderful world of shadow boxes – those cool, three-dimensional displays that allow you to showcase memorabilia in an artistic way. Naturally, I turned to one of my favorite craft stores – Hobby Lobby – to begin my shadow box adventure. In this blog, I’ll take you along on my journey into shadow boxes, from understanding the basics to unleashing my inner creativity with unique shadow box designs using supplies from Hobby Lobby.

What is a Shadow Box?

For those unfamiliar, a shadow box is basically a decorative box with a glass or acrylic front that provides a three-dimensional display space. Shadow boxes allow you to highlight special keepsakes in a visually appealing way. They are like a customizable picture frame, but with much more depth. The “shadow” effect comes from the extra space between the front glass/acrylic and the back of the box. This creates a cool floating illusion for whatever items you place inside.

Shadow boxes can be purchased ready-made or custom built. Hobby Lobby offers a great selection of ready-made shadow boxes in various colors, sizes and frame styles. They take the guesswork out of building a shadow box from scratch. But the real fun comes in decorating the inside of that empty space! With a Hobby Lobby shadow box, I can display my prized possessions in a neat way and change it up anytime.

Hobby Lobby Shadow Box Prices

One thing I appreciate is that Hobby Lobby sells shadow boxes at reasonable prices. While they offer premium, solid-wood shadow boxes for $70+, most of their affordable options range from $12 to $40. They carry small shadow boxes perfect for showcasing individual items like sports jerseys, souvenirs or jewelry pieces. Larger shadow boxes work nicely for collections, photos and elaborate displays.

No matter your budget or project size, Hobby Lobby has shadow box prices to fit. Even their solid wood shadow boxes seem reasonably priced compared to custom framing. And the constant sales at 40% off one item help keep costs down. With coupons and seasonal sales, you can often get shadow boxes for 30-60% off!

Sizing Up the Shadow Box Selection

An aspect that initially overwhelmed me was selecting the right size shadow box. But Hobby Lobby stocks sizes from tiny 4×6 inches to huge 20×30 inches. Shadow box sizes are measured by the outer edges. Interior space is roughly 1.5 inches less on each side.

For my first project, I chose a mid-size 11×14 inch shadow box to display some special family photos. It provides ample space inside without overpowering the wall. Hobby Lobby’s selection includes lots of classic square and rectangular shadow boxes. But they also offer fun polygonal, circular, heart-shaped and even snowflake shaped shadow boxes!

Shopping for Shadow Boxes Online

While I love wandering the Hobby Lobby aisles, the convenience of online shopping is unbeatable. Just as in-store, the Hobby Lobby website makes it easy to browse and buy shadow boxes whenever inspiration strikes!

Hobby Lobby’s website helps narrow your shadow box search with filters like price, shape, color, material and reviews. Detailed product descriptions provide interior and exterior dimensions. Photos let you visualize how that shadow box would look on your wall. Plus, online perks like coupons, fast shipping and easy returns take the hassle out of shadow box shopping.

Through the website, I can have trendy, unique shadow boxes delivered straight to my door. No driving around hoping stores have what I need in stock. For crafty home projects, the online convenience of Hobby Lobby can’t be beat!

Unleashing Creativity with Shadow Box Designs

The blank canvas of a shadow box provides endless possibilities to showcase your style and treasures. After purchasing my 11×14 inch frame, the fun truly began! When designing shadow box displays, only your imagination limits what you can create inside that three-dimensional space. Here are some inspiring shadow box ideas I came up with using Hobby Lobby supplies:

Family Memorabilia Shadow Box

I filled my first shadow box with sentimental family items like vintage photos, my grandparents’ wedding invitation, my dad’s boutonniere from prom, and other heirlooms. I adorned it with lace trim and ribbon from Hobby Lobby for a cohesive display. The shadow box now beautifully honors my family history.

Memory Collage Shadow Box

For a more casual, artsy look, I decorated another shadow box by collaging Hobby Lobby scrapbook paper, photos, ticket stubs and other memorabilia from my kids’ school events over the years. The collage tells a visual story in a cute, DIY style.

Trinket Display Shadow Box

I’m currently working on a mini shadow box to showcase some of my favorite trinkets and jewelry pieces against a pretty watercolor background. Small shadow boxes are perfect for highlighting your treasured collections in an organized way.

Themed Shadow Boxes

Many people use shadow boxes to showcase specific themes. You can find sports, hobby, pet, wedding, baby and holiday themed shadow boxes. Hobby Lobby even sells themed Ready-to-Decorate shadow boxes with backgrounds and embellishments already designed for you. Then you just add your special touches.

The possibilities are endless! Shadow boxes allow you to highlight those special items that bring you joy and memories in an artistic display.

Building Eye-Catching Shadow Box Displays

The key to an engaging shadow box display is taking viewers on a visual journey. You want to draw focus to key items and arrange elements in an aesthetically pleasing way. Here are my tips for building an eye-catching shadow box:

  • Use background paper or fabric to set the scene. Neutrals help colors pop.
  • Add fun frames, accents and textures with ribbons, flowers, twigs, etc.
  • Use height to create dimension – prop up key items with risers or blocks.
  • Direct the eye in a flow through the box using composition and gradients.
  • Add pops of color that complement each other and accent key items.
  • Balance dense and sparse areas to avoid visual clutter. Leave some negative space.
  • Light it up! Battery-operated string lights add a magical glow.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and rearrange until you love the look! The beauty of shadow boxes is you can easily change them up.

Getting Creative with Shadow Box Materials

The best part about decorating my Hobby Lobby shadow boxes? All the fun materials right at my fingertips! Beyond keepsakes, I used:

  • Scrapbook paper to create colorful backgrounds
  • Ribbons, flowers and lace for accent decor
  • Colored tissue paper to tint my box display
  • Vintage books to prop up displays
  • Paint, stickers and decals to customize the outer frame
  • Fabric, twigs, sand, moss and other elements for textures and depth

Hobby Lobby has every craft supply I could ever need to deck out my shadow boxes. And their framed specimen displays sparked more unique ideas. My next creation may contain pressed flowers, butterflies or sea shells inside for an organic, nature look.

Customizing Shadow Boxes with Hobby Lobby

While Hobby Lobby sells tons of ready-made shadow boxes, I discovered you can also build customized shadow box frames using simple supplies:

  • Unfinished wood frames or box kits
  • Glass/acrylic sheets cut to size for the top
  • Wood blocks, mat board, foam core for risers
  • Adhesives and hardware to assemble

With a few basic crafting tools and skills, you can construct a fully customized shadow box frame. Pick wood that matches your decor, stencil the frame, use non-standard sizes – make it your own!

Hobby Lobby’s unfinished wood frames and craft wood provide the bones to make custom shadow boxes from scratch. Their Cutting Counter will even size and cut glass or acrylic for you. This opens even more design possibilities!

Hobby Lobby’s Best-Selling Shadow Boxes

If you’re seeking tried and true shadow box designs, consider Hobby Lobby’s current top-selling shadow boxes:

  • 11×14 Ridged Black Shadow Box – chic and versatile $34.99
  • 8×10 Madison Black Shadow Box – compact display $19.99
  • 16×20 Dawson Rustic Shadow Box – shabby-chic style $39.99
  • 12×16 Taylor Distressed White Shadow Box – farmhouse vibe $36.99

Based on sales and reviews, these are prime picks for aesthetics and quality. The neutral colors suit most decors too. Hobby Lobby’s affordable pricing and frequent 40% off coupons make these hot-sellers accessible to all budgets.

Saving on Hobby Lobby Shadow Boxes

Like any good crafter, I look for ways to save on my projects. Here are tricks for snagging shadow box deals at Hobby Lobby:

  • Use the 40% off coupon for one full-price item – including shadow boxes. The coupon frequently changes, so search online.
  • Download the Hobby Lobby app for easy access to digital coupons.
  • Shop shadow box sales like 50% off Collage Frames or Wall Décor. Holiday sales offer big savings.
  • Buy discounted open box shadow boxes in store. They may have damage to the outer frame but the inside display space is still usable.
  • Sign up for the Hobby Lobby newsletter to receive special offers and sale alerts.
  • Use a Hobby Lobby credit card for discounts on all purchases.

With smart savings strategies, you can stock up on shadow boxes for all your displaying needs!

Hassle-Free Shadow Box Returns

Creativity can be messy. That’s why I appreciate Hobby Lobby’s lenient return policy on shadow boxes. Unused shadow boxes can be returned or exchanged with the original receipt within 90 days – no hassles.

If I end up with the wrong size shadow box or change my design vision, returns are easy. Damaged shadow boxes are no problem either. Hobby Lobby will even do returns without a receipt and provide store credit.

Of course I try not to purchase or open more shadow boxes than I need. But mistakes happen, inspiration fades. It’s reassuring that returns are quick if I change my mind.

Hanging Hobby Lobby Shadow Boxes

Once your shadow box creation is complete, it’s time for the final step – hanging! Most Hobby Lobby shadow boxes come ready to hang with attached hardware like D-rings or wire.

For fool-proof hanging, use screw-in Ook picture hangers. They hold heavy frames securely. I like to use two hangers spaced evenly across the width of my shadow box for added stability.

Make sure you hang the shadow box at proper eye level for ideal viewing. Measure 57-60 inches up from the floor to the wire/hanger. Use a level to ensure it’s straight. Then stand back and admire your shadow box artistry!

Shadow Boxes vs. Picture Frames

When I started researching display options, I wondered – what’s the real difference between basic picture frames and shadow boxes? While they share similarities, shadow boxes provide a few key advantages:

  • Depth – Shadow boxes allow you to create an immersive 3D display with dimension and layering. Pictures seem flat and one-dimensional by comparison.
  • Protection – The extra space and glass enclosure protects fragile keepsakes from damage better than an open photo frame.
  • Flexibility – Shadow boxes accommodate many more items beyond flat photos, like souvenirs, jewelry, memorabilia. The decorating options are endless!
  • Lighting – Shadow boxes can incorporate lighting effects to highlight displays. Picture frames typically don’t offer ambient lighting options.

While photo frames have their place, shadow boxes better showcase my cherished collections with interactive depth and decoration.

Themed Shadow Boxes for Special Hobbies

Part of the fun of shadow boxes is discovering unique themes that reflect your passions. At Hobby Lobby, I found themed Ready-to-Decorate shadow boxes for some of my favorite hobbies:

Pet Shadow Boxes

As a dog mom, I love displaying pet photos and paw prints in a customized shadow box with our furry friend’s name. Hobby Lobby’s Pet Memories shadow boxes make it easy with pre-printed designs.

Wedding Shadow Boxes

Brides use shadow boxes to showcase special wedding mementos like invitations, photos, flowers and cake toppers. For an instant wedding display, Hobby Lobby offers Loved You Then, Love You Still bridal shadow boxes.

Baby’s First Year Shadow Boxes

Parents chronicle baby’s first year milestones in shadow boxes. Hobby Lobby’s baby themed shadow boxes feature cute prints to accent tiny shoes, hospital bracelets, etc.

Holiday Shadow Boxes

For seasonal decor, shadow boxes are perfect for building mini Christmas villages, showcasing ornaments, or decorating with pinecones and poinsettias. Hobby Lobby sells Winter Memories holiday shadow boxes.

With a huge selection of prints, patterns and colors, Hobby Lobby has shadow boxes suited to every hobby and occasion!

Shadow-Boxing Sports Jerseys and Memorabilia

As a sports fan, I was thrilled to discover shadow boxes are ideal for preserving prized jerseys, balls and other memorabilia in a visual display. But choosing the right size shadow box is key. Here are my tips:

  • For basketball jerseys, use a 30×40 inch or 28×36 inch shadow box. This leaves room along the sides.
  • Football jerseys need an 18×24 inch or 20×26 inch horizontal shadow box to accommodate width.
  • Hockey and baseball jerseys can be framed in more square 18×20 inch shadow boxes.
  • Use smaller shadow boxes for individual gloves, helmets, pucks, bats, etc.
  • Arrange jerseys on an angle and prop upright for dimension. Add shelves or risers to display additional memorabilia.

With careful sizing and creative layouts, shadow boxes let me proudly display my sports treasured in one amazing themed display.

Shipping and Transporting Hobby Lobby Shadow Boxes

Transporting finished shadow boxes safely is crucial to avoiding damage. Here are my top tips for shipping or moving shadow box displays:

  • Pack the shadow box extremely well in a sturdy outer box with plenty of padding material.
  • Use arrow labels to indicate which side is up to prevent improper placement.
  • Write “Glass: Handle with Extreme Care” on the box so movers are cautious.
  • Consider removing extremely fragile items from the shadow box for separate transport.
  • Drive slowly and carefully when moving shadow boxes yourself. Pad the backseat and secure in place.
  • Inspect all sides of the shadow box for loose pieces or cracks before and after transport.
  • Consider hiring professional art shipping companies for extremely valuable or large shadow boxes.

With care, you can safely relocate your shadow boxes to any new home or recipient!

Shadow Box Kits for Easy DIY

While Hobby Lobby stocks gorgeous finished shadow boxes, I also came across affordable DIY Shadow Box Kits for beginners like me!

These starter kits provide wood shadow box bases plus all the materials you need to build a customized display:

  • Shadow box frame pieces
  • Glass or acrylic sheet for the top
  • Hangers and hardware
  • Design templates, stickers and labels
  • Directions for easy assembly

For just $16-$25, shadow box kits allow you to piece together a personalized shadow box even with minimal crafting experience. It’s a budget-friendly way to test shadow-boxing before investing in pricier finished boxes.

The Future of Shadow Boxes

Displaying my precious mementos in shadow boxes has become one of my favorite hobbies. But what does the future hold for this crafting trend? Based on Pinterest trends and Hobby Lobby’s latest products, here are my predictions for shadow box styles and designs in 2024:

  • More unconventional shapes like circles, triangles, diamonds that add modern edge.
  • Display themes that tell a story across a series of stacked or adjoining shadow boxes.
  • Interactive elements like layered inserts, floating objects, concealed compartments.
  • Creative use of fabric, leather, metal and layered mixed media.
  • Vintage-inspired shadow boxes with distressed wood finishes and antiqued brass.
  • Minimalist designs with clean lines, lots of negative space, neutral palettes.
  • Black and white color schemes for high-contrast, artistic displays.

I can’t wait to see how shadow box trends evolve over time. Hobby Lobby will surely offer innovative new styles to fuel our creativity even further!

Preserving Shadow Box Displays

One concern when investing time in decorating shadow boxes was – how long will these delicate displays last? I want my creations to endure for years to come. Here are my best tips for preserving shadow box displays:

  • Use archival-safe materials like acid-free paper and fabrics. Avoid cheap pulp paper.
  • Choose shadow boxes with UV-protective glass or acrylic to prevent fading.
  • Keep temperature and humidity stable in the room where the shadow box hangs.
  • Ensure framed items do not touch the glass to prevent condensation and mold.
  • Clean the glass carefully with anti-static cleaner and microfiber cloth.
  • Consider adding silica gel packs to absorb excess moisture inside the box.
  • Fully seal the back of the box with weatherstripping to keep out dust and bugs.

With careful supplies and display conditions, I hope to proudly pass my Hobby Lobby shadow boxes down for generations to enjoy!

In Summary

Who knew the simple beauty of decorating shadow boxes would become my new craft obsession? But after diving into Hobby Lobby’s amazing selection of shadow boxes, I was hooked! Their reasonable prices, variety of sizes, ready-made themes and endless creative materials make shadow-boxing a breeze. With each new display, I find myself cherishing memories and honoring my passions in a fun DIY way. My only problem now is finding enough wall space to hang all my shadow boxes for everyone to admire! I can’t wait to see what inspiring designs I build next.

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