What Are The Common Uses Of Watercolor Brush Pens?

People who are new to art often are faced with a dilemma on how and where they can begin. This is often due to the various options they have at their disposal when it comes to creating art. One of the finest ways to go about it would be using the easier options available to them.

Choosing to color with something complex would have to be something that should be avoided. Paints and brushes are common when it comes to creating art with color. However, if you want to have it the easier way then you must choose to use the best watercolor brush pens.

What is a watercolor brush pen?

Many do not understand what watercolor brush pens are. These pens are the ones that are used to create art with colors in the simplest manner possible. These pens have flexible, soft, and easy to use tips for novice artists.

You can choose to use them to blend, color, and illustrate with art and designs. Watercolor brush pens come in a variety of colors from different manufacturers. Commonly they give you an option to choose a set from upward of 6 colors or more.

The fine tip is not just used to draw but can be used to paint art as well with increasing pressure on the tip. You would not need to have water handy when you use these watercolor brush paints.

A specific colored watercolor brush paint can give you different shades depending on how much diluted or concentrated the paint is. Many brands sell these watercolor brush paints at different prices depending on the quality on offer.

These pens can be used on almost any type of paper. However, if you wish to have the best output you should choose to use them on watercolor paper of high-quality. The same does not apply for beginners as they can choose to use them on any paper surface.

uses of watercolor brush pens

Uses of watercolor brush pens?

There are different purposes that these refillable watercolor brush pens can be used for. We have a look at some of the most typical uses of these pens for different people.

  • Art Journaling

This is one of the common uses for these watercolor brush pens. Your thoughts, as well as your feelings, can be expressed using these pens easily. A few words and selective pictures you can create in your art journaling book.

  • Planner Decoration

Anyone who uses a planner can make it colorful without creating a mess using these watercolor brush pens.

  • Bullet Journaling

A combination of having a to-do list along with a planner is what is bullet journaling. With watercolor brush pen art, you can make your journal as colorful as you want.

  • Coloring Books for Adults

If you are a person who is into coloring these watercolor brush pens can be your ideal companion. It makes coloring and art simpler than it ever was for you.

  • Plein Air

This has a lot to do with outdoor coloring or sketching. All you would require is your watercolor brush pen set, paper, an easel, and a blender brush pen. You would not be required to carry any other additional tools like you used to.

  • Kids Coloring

Parents would understand how bad a mess kids can create when they use watercolor. However, with the best watercolor brush pens, the mess can be avoided. It is because they are never as messy as watercolors, paints, brushes, and water.

How do watercolor brush pens work?

Watercolor brush pens work in a very simple pattern that suits both adults and children alike. You just need to open the cap and dip the tip in water and use it to paint and draw art. However, it is not a great deal if you do not have water handy.

Water just dilutes the color of the paint and gives you a much lighter shade. If you use more amounts of water the lighter the shades get. You can draw thin lines with little pressure and thick ones with more of the same.

If you draw downwards using a watercolor brush pen it would be thicker. Upwards drawing or painting would be in much more thinner lines. These are some of the things you would get to understand the more you use these watercolor brush pens.

How to blend watercolor brush pens?

This technique is a little difficult to master and hence not for someone who is beginning with watercolor brush pens. However, you can still choose to try it by dipping a colored pen in water along with the combination of color you wish to try.

When you use the first color followed by the second one you end up getting a new color. The new color factor depends on how much water you have added to each colored pens.

Where to buy watercolor brush pens from?

The best refillable watercolor brush pens set can be purchased from local arts and crafts stores. However, if you wish to save money and get a good deal, ideally, you purchase them from the internet.

You would not just get good quality pen sets but also be able to produce high-quality watercolor brush pen art. Moreover, you would also have a better number of options that you can choose from on the internet than elsewhere.


Using these pens to create watercolor brush pen art can be one of the most fun-filled activities for both kids and adults alike. Understanding the patterns possible with these pens would be essential if you are to produce exceptional art.

There is nothing wrong with learning a few tips and tricks that you can use from the internet. It would always help you fine-tune your talent and help you in producing masterpieces.

Always remember to use high-quality paper if you wish to have your art last longer. It would also protect you from damages that you may cause with watercolor brush pens on paper.

You may also be advised on reading user manuals that come along with the pen set and following it. It would not just save you time but also provide insight on how to use these pens better.

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