Browsing for Baskets: My Quest to Find the Perfect Hobby Lobby Basket

Why I’m on a Mission to Uncover the Best Baskets at Hobby Lobby

As an arts and crafts enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for affordable supplies to fuel my latest project. And one of my go-to sources is Hobby Lobby. Their incredible selection offers endless inspiration, especially when it comes to baskets.

From petite trinket holders to oversized storage solutions, Hobby Lobby is a basket lover’s paradise. Not to mention, the prices won’t break the bank. I can stock up on baskets for every purpose without emptying my wallet.

But with so many options to choose from, finding the right basket can be an overwhelming task. Tiny totes and giant hampers, plastic or wicker, neutral tones or bold colors? The choices are endless.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to uncover the best baskets Hobby Lobby has to offer. I want to discover their hidden gems and budget-friendly buys. Consider this your ultimate basket browsing guide to Hobby Lobby!

In my quest for the ideal basket, I learned a lot about what makes a Hobby Lobby basket stand out from the competition. From materials and quality to size and style, I have the inside scoop.

So if you’re itching to add some new baskets to your home, keep reading. Let me save you time and energy by navigating the seas of Hobby Lobby baskets. Grab your shopping bag because we’re about to dig in!

An Overview of Basket Styles Spotted at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby’s basket selection has something for every taste. No matter your decor style or intended use, they’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick overview of the core basket offerings I discovered:

Wicker baskets are a classic choice, natural and timeless. Opt for woven wicker in light earthy tones or dramatic black. Size up for storage or downsize for tables.

Wire baskets offer durability and breathability. Metal meshes like copper and galvanized steel bring an industrial vibe. Or stick to powder-coated wires in bright hues.

Fabric baskets are soft and flexible. Cotton canvas and linen work for a casual feel. decorator prints and vibrant patterns liven things up.

Plastic baskets are affordable, lightweight, and come in every color. Tidy up toys in kid-friendly primary colors. Freshen with pastels in the bathroom.

Wood baskets bring warmth and natural beauty. Rustic, unfinished crates have farmy charm. Stained baskets suit shabby-chic style.

Beyond the classics, I spotted quirky woven baskets with unexpected materials like rope, yarn, and even t-shirts! Their crafty look provides fun organizing solutions.

Hobby Lobby truly offers limitless basket varieties for all tastes and needs. And within each material type, an enormous spectrum of sizes, shapes, textures, and hues. Time to start sorting through the options!

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hobby Lobby Baskets

With such expansive basket offerings, how do you even begin deciding? It helps to narrow things down by considering a few key factors:

Intended use – Will this hold laundry, blankets, mail, toys, or bathroom essentials? Match size and durability to your needs.

Style – Make sure your basket fits your décor. A wire crate won’t work in a formal living room but excels in a farmhouse kitchen.

Placement – Where will your basket live? Small sizes fit on shelves or tables. For the floor, go bigger and sturdier.

Color scheme – Complement your color palette. Natural tones recede into the background. Bold hues make a statement.

Material – Factor in texture, breathability, flexibility, sturdiness, and ease of care. Wicker needs gentle handling, while plastic withstands heavy use.

Budget – Hobby Lobby baskets range from $3 impulse buys to $50 investments. Set a spending cap before falling for a pricy piece!

Sales – Time your purchase right to maximize savings. Hobby Lobby sales change weekly, making high-priced items more affordable.

Once you determine your top priorities, finding your match becomes much simpler. Next let’s delve into Hobby Lobby’s basket selection category by category. Time to get up close and personal!

Hobby Lobby’s Wicker Basket Collection: Natural Woven Goodness

For timeless style, you can’t go wrong with wicker. Hobby Lobby offers wicker baskets in two key styles.

Traditional woven wicker has an organic look, with its visible weave pattern and light wood hue. These have a casual, airy feel perfect for porches or patios. I like using them to store quilts and pillows in my living room for texture contrast against sleek furniture.

Rattan wrapped wicker gets wrapped tightly in natural palm for a smoother exterior. The rich brown color and shapely designs feel more polished than traditional wicker. These make attractive hallway benches or bathroom storage.

No matter which look you prefer, Hobby Lobby’s wicker basket prices fit comfortably under $50. And during sales, you can snag large statement pieces for under $25!

Here are some charming wicker picks that caught my eye during my basket browsing:

  • Round decorative lidded basket – Just $14 for a cute cabin look in a petite package. The woven lid conceals clutter.
  • Oval triple tray – A steal at only $20 on sale! Three woven baskets stack neatly to organize office supplies.
  • Large saddle square basket – For $45, get a substantial storage bin in warm ivory and brown. The unique shape saves space.
  • Deep lidded trunk basket – A sale find for just $18! The woven palm design looks much pricier.

Takeaway: Timeless Texture for Less

Hobby Lobby’s quality wicker baskets deliver natural style at wallet-friendly prices. Jump on the savings during weekly sales for the best deals.

Metal & Wire Baskets: Industrial Style for Organization

For sturdy, breathable utility, wire offers the perfect basket solution. The open airy design allows airflow so items don’t get musty. Hobby Lobby carries wire baskets in a spectrum of sizes, shapes, and metal finishes.

Powder-coated steel wire comes in every color, bringing pops of brightness. The color remains chip-resistant even with heavy use. These are great for kids’ rooms, craft zones, and laundry areas.

Raw metal meshes like copper, galvanized steel, and aluminum have an industrial edge. The patina develops character over time. Use these in bathrooms, offices, and storage spaces.

Iron wire provides weighty durability with black matte finish. The thinner mesh design has elegance. Accent these in living spaces, bedrooms, and entryways.

Beyond classic wire, Hobby Lobby also carries unique metal interpretations of traditional basket silhouettes. For example, a wire metal lidded basket imitates wicker texture. And ribbed aluminum storage bins replicate cloth hampers.

Here are someawesome wire and metal baskets I’m adding to my wish list:

  • 3-piece bronze wire basket set – A bit of glam for only $35! The antiqued metal finish elevates any space.
  • Large copper tube basket – At just $16 on sale, this spacious cylindrical catch-all is a bargain. The warm finish pairs with any decor.
  • Slim-profile galvanized storage bin – Hidden in plain sight for only $8! Discreetly stashes clutter under console tables.
  • Jumbo iron and wood magazine basket – Makes magazines look chic for $45. The black wire grid offsets the wood base.

Takeaway: Heavy Duty Meets Budget-Friendly

Hobby Lobby allows you to affordably incorporate durable metal materials into your home organization. Maximize savings by sticking to basket basics.

Fabric Baskets: Softening Spaces With Textile Texture

When you want organization with a softer touch, fabric baskets are just the thing. Hobby Lobby offers a wide spectrum of textile hampers, bins, and totes to fit your needs.

Cotton canvas makes casual, sturdy storage solutions. The lightweight material remains structured when empty but flexes when filled. Neutral solids hide smudges.

Printed cotton brings personality and panache. Choose vibrant colors or artsy patterns to spice up plain spaces. The whimsical look offsets the practical function.

Fashionable linen lends refinement. Natural flax linen gains character over time. Decorative accents like leather handles amp up the sophistication.

Cozy knits make organization cuddly. Woven yarns like chunky cotton and chenille are soft to the touch. The inviting texture warms up any room.

To top it off, Hobby Lobby carries novelty fabric baskets made of faux fur, burlap, sequins, and more! Their crafty aesthetic makes organizing fun.

Some fabulously fashionable fabric finds that piqued my interest:

  • 3-piece canvas storage bin set – A steal for $20 on sale! The navy color works anywhere from playroom to garage.
  • Knit striped hamper – On sale for only $15! The soft berber cotton contrasts the rigid frame. Chic and comfy.
  • ** Bohemian embroidered bin** – Pops of warm color enliven this $17 neutral linen basket with pom pom accents.
  • Faux leather andacacia lidded basket – Elevates with details like leather ties and wood accent. Worth the $45 price for high-end look.

Takeaway: Textile Style Within Reach

Hobby Lobby provides a trove of on-trend textile baskets that liven up organization for less. Take advantage of low sale prices to indulge your fabric fancies.

Plastic Basket Paradise: Budget Buys for Instant Color

For pure fun and affordability, plastic reigns supreme. Thanks to endless variety and inexpensive prices, these functional baskets allow you to experiment with organizing solutions.

Colored plastic offers instant vibrance. Available in every bold hue, they energize playrooms, bathrooms, and laundry zones. At just $5 each, you can’t go wrong.

Patterned plastic pumps up the playfulness even more. From polka dot to chevron, these put a lively spin on organization. Affordable at under $15 apiece.

Clear plastic works subtly within any existing aesthetic. See contents at a glance while maintaining a clean look. Around $10 keeps these in budget.

Shaped plastic provides unique flair through dimensional designs. Curved edges, molded patterns, and cutesy contours catch the eye. Usually under $20.

Don’t forget the endless possibilities of plastic bucket baskets in bright pops of color! Use them to stash toys, gear, linens, and bulk household items. A 6-gallon version costs just $5 at Hobby Lobby.

Some of the most fun plastic baskets that leapt off the shelves at me:

  • Turquoise polka dot bin – Cheerful colors to brighten your day at just $12 a pop! Stack a trio for a custom look.
  • Pink storage bucket – Vibrant fun for the playroom or dressing area at only $5 each. A steal!
  • Yellow curved laundry basket – The molded honeycomb design looks far pricier than its $15 price tag.
  • Mint green rectangle bin – These generously sized workhorses deserve their $17 cost. Tuck neatly onto closet shelves.

Takeaway: Personality & Practicality for Pennies

Hobby Lobby allows you to affordably add bold hues and playful patterns to your functional organization solutions. Take advantage of dirt-cheap prices on plastic baskets in every color and style.

Wooden Warmth: Nature’s Beauty Captured in Basket Form

No basket material rivals wood’s natural elegance and alluring grain patterns. From rustic crates to artistic stained baskets, Hobby Lobby offers diverse woody styles.

Raw wood crates flaunt raw unfinished planks with sawn edges and visible nail marks. Their ramshackle charm suits farmhouse, industrial, and cabin spaces beautifully.

Distressed wood has a similar look but with more aging details like dents, worn edges, faded paint and patinas. The imperfections add character and history.

Stained and painted wood ranges from sleek monochrome to whimsical patterns. Contrasting tones bring dimension. Decoupage accents elevate the appeal.

Polished wood shows off gorgeous natural grains, knots, and swirls. Glossy varnish lets the wood speak for itself. Its elegance never goes out of style.

While costs can climb higher for woodcraft, you can still find budget options like wooden crate baskets starting as low as $5. Full-size storage bins average $20-$50 based on materials.

Here are some of my favorite woodsy finds:

  • White washed plank carrier – Natural imperfections peek through for only $25. Perfect for the boho lover.
  • Hexagon wood crate – It’s a geometric showstopper thanks to variegated staining. A deal at $18 each.
  • Oversized storage trunk – With its sliding barn door fronts, this stunner’s worth its $50 price tag.
  • Acacia and seagrass lidded basket – The textured weave container sits snug atop the wood base for $45. Chic details for less!

Takeaway: Affordable Hints of Nature

Rustic, elegant wood brings cozy appeal to organization. For budget buyers, stick to smaller crates or accessories with wood accents. Then build your collection over time.

Beyond the Basics: Quirky & Handcrafted Finds for One-of-a-Kind Style

While the core basket materials satisfy most needs, I unearthed some totally unique options for those craving something different. Handmade touches and quirky mediums add flair.

Woven unconventional materials like t-shirts, rope, and burlap make eye-catching hampers. Their visible fibers and textured facades add interest. Prices range $15-$45.

Yarn wrapped baskets in vibrant hues turn organizing into art. Spiraling and criss-crossing yarn designs provide visual depth with natural fibers. Around $25 each.

Handpainted and decoupaged baskets reflect serious craftsmanship. Original motifs and layered adornments elevate simple wicker or wood bases. Value reflects $30-$50 skill level.

Handwoven regional styles flaunt global or tribal visual influences. Materials like water hyacinth or banana leaf and patterns hint toward exotic locales. Varying costs fit the specialty status.

For the funky bohemian or true artisan, Hobby Lobby offers treasures you won’t find anywhere else. Their specialty basket selection satisfies the craving for uncommon and ultra-creative storage solutions. With prices at a premium to reflect their uniqueness.

Takeaway: Experimental Expression for Eccentrics

If ordinary mass-produced baskets leave you wanting, explore Hobby Lobby’s selection of uncommon handcrafted or unconventionally-constructed baskets. Be prepared to pay extra for the privilege of originality.

Evaluating Your Options: Key Considerations When Choosing Baskets

With so many styles to evaluate across materials, sizes, shapes, and prices how do you narrow it down? Keep these key factors in mind:

Usage – Select durability and size based on contents. Laundry and bulky items need a sturdy large-scale basket. Finer items can safely go in petite delicate baskets.

Placement – Consider not just room but exact location. A shower caddy hangs within reach. An attractive bedroom bench basket sits conveniently at the foot of the bed.

Coordination – Pick colors, textures, and designs that complement your existing elements. Then you can mix, match, and blend for a curated look.

Budget – Assess costs relative to longevity and utility. Key investment pieces can last years with higher upfront cost. Or get inexpensive bright plastic baskets and refresh often.

Sales – Never pay full price! Establish a comfortable range and pounce only when your preferred baskets go on sale. Sign up for promos and coupons to save even more.

Alternatives – If a coveted basket doesn’t make the cut, look for cheaper replacements. A $50 woven lidded bench becomes a $15 wicker tray with a salvaged pillow on top.

Takeaway: Prioritize Practicality, Style, and Affordability

Narrow your basket wishlist by outlining your functional needs, aesthetic wants, and budget limits. Then seek options that fulfill all three ideals.

Helpful Hints and Tips for Shopping Smarter

For savvy shoppers seeking storage solutions, a trip to Hobby Lobby promises basket bounty. Make the most of your ​basket browsing and take home your perfect pick with these handy hints:

  • Measure your space first so you don’t fall for an oversized basket that won’t actually fit the spot.
  • Check circulars and emails for weekly sales and coupon offers so you can get your basket at the best possible price.
  • Be flexible on color – an attractive neutral basket costs less than trendy hues and matches any decor down the road.
  • Feel the quality by inspecting weight, toughness, and tightness of weave or construction. Flimsy won’t last.
  • Search deliberately for your needs rather than impulse grabbing the first cute basket you see to avoid duplication.
  • Take photos and leave to mull over options if needed. Come back once you’ve evaluated the pros and cons of top contenders.
  • Call ahead to ask staff whether they have a specific basket in stock to avoid disappointment. Inventory changes quickly.
  • Arrive early in the season to maximize selection. Pickings get slimmer as popular baskets sell out closer to key holidays.
  • Join the rewards program to earn points with purchases and take advantage of special member coupons and sales.

Takeaway: Shop Smart to Uncover Your Perfect Basket

Using insider tips helps you hop off the hobby lobby basket browsing merry-go-round with your dream basket in hand!

Baskets Galore! Closing Thoughts on Hobby Lobby’s Offerings

After hours (okay, days) spent wandering the basket-lined aisles of my local Hobby Lobby store, I can conclusively say they live up to their superstore reputation. The sheer volume and diversity across price points astounds.

If it’s a basket you seek, you shall find. Just come equipped with a game plan and realistic budget to narrow the options smartly. Factor in intended use, placement, size and material must-haves to streamline your search.

Hobby Lobby’s basket brands masterfully mimic high-end expensive designs using budget materials and overseas production. So you get the stylish look you covet at the wallet-friendly price you need.

While I love unearthing unique handcrafted gems, Hobby Lobby’s selection of mass-produced wicker, metal, fabric, and plastic baskets fills my functional needs. Their weekly 40-50% off sales help me scoop up beauties without blowing my budget.

No matter your taste or decor, they’ve got a basket sure to meet your needs while pleasing your eyes. Just scope out the latest circular. And stock up when your favorites go on sale!

So grab a roomy tote (filled with baskets, of course) and get ready to unleash your inner organizing enthusiast. Hobby Lobby’s basket bonanza awaits- your perfectly stylish and affordable storage solutions are in the bag!

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