The 5 Best Tie Dye Kit Review with Buying Guide

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Tie dye is an old age process of printing bold patterns on fabric with colors. It is a rule of tie dyeing to use bold and bright colors. Nothing can be more exciting than creating something new. And when it is about creating something original on a mere white T-shirt, then it’s worth all the excitement. Tie dyeing doesn’t necessarily require a T-shirt. You can do it on other fun items like scarves or shoes as well. It is up to you how much you want to have fun as well as try something new.

Quick Answer – Best Tie Dye Kit

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It is tricky but easy enough to do it ourselves. For that, we have tie dye kits. It’s a whole process. Fold, crumple, twist, or pleat a garment or fabric. Bind it with rubber bands or string. Then pour the color. The first couple of attempts might not be impressive. However, that is fine. Keep in mind fabric that is of 100% natural fiber gives the best color pay off. Make sure you use the colors from the best tie dye kit possible. Even a bit of compromise of color-quality might give you a patchy result.

The 5 Top Tie Dye Kit Reviews in Details

We have found five of the perfect tie-dye kits for you. Of course, after a lot of contemplation and assessment. We have crossed our fingers and hoping it will guide you and help you to buy the best kit.

1. Tulip one-step tie-dye Kit Party Supplies

It is a set of 18 tie dye colors, and the colors are highly-concentrated. You get different shades of blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, and much more. They are safe, non-toxic, and come in easy-squeeze bottles.

The dyes work best on 100% natural fiber fabrics like cotton, rayon, and wool. No need for pre-soaking the fabrics in soda ash. Just a one-step process of adding water in the dyes to activate. Water can be added right to the bottle. Just shake it and start making patterns with no extra tools. It allows mixing the colors and creating a whole new color with it. Also, if you want, you can use brushes too. It doesn’t bind you with rules and gives the scope to be as creative as you wish.

tie dye kit 1

You are allowed to wash the fabrics repeated times. The colors stay intact and don’t fade a bit. Manual or machine wash, the patterns still remain bright and bold. Six people can work and have fun with this kit without any mess at all. This single kit can dye 36 projects.

With the kit, you get a step-by-step technique guide, as well. In it, there are eight different tie-dye looks. If you are not getting any idea of your own, you can choose any of the ones from the guide book. The guide well explains how to tie-dye in simple words.

Features at a glance

  • 18 non-toxic rainbow colors in easy-squeeze bottles
  • Enough supplies for six people tie-dyeing together
  • Colors stay the same as before after repeated wash in the machine
  • Comes with a guide book that features eight looks as well
  • Easy to work with; add water in color, and it activates
  • Doesn’t require soaking fabrics in soda ash before dyeing

2. Doodlehog Easy Tie Dye Party Kit (8 Colors)

This tie dye kit is from the popular Dab and Dot Markers. It is a set of eight bright colors- red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, indigo, and magenta. With this kit, you can dye up to ten medium-size children shirts. Not just shirts, you can be creative on many things. The colors are non-toxic, as well as fume-less. Thus, it is the safest of them all.

It is a kids-friendly kit. People of all ages can use it, but you can add your kids to the DIY project. The process of activating the dyes is simple. Add water in the bottle and shake. The colors are pre-mixed with soda ash. So, there is no need to soak the fabrics in that substance. When the process subtracts the need for extra work, it turns kid-friendly.

tie dye kit 2

The bottle perfectly fits in the little fingers of a child. Very easy to grip and paint. That doesn’t mean adults find it difficult to hold. It is as comfortable for adults as it is for a child. It allows washing machine-wash, and color doesn’t fade.

It has enough supplies for six people to do projects and have fun. While having fun with your family, your child is learning about colors. With all the chemistry between the dye and water, it is no less than any science experiment. You get six pairs of gloves and forty rubber bands in the kit.

Features at a glance

  • Eight vibrant colors come in easy-to-squeeze bottles
  • Perfect kit for both adults and kids
  • Non-toxic and fume-less dyes
  • Kids learn about colors, be creative and have an ideal science experiment
  • Washing-machine safe, and colors stay bright and bold after multiple washes
  • Enough for six people to work with the same kit

3. Jacquard Funky Groovy Tie Dye Kit

We now introduce you to a small set of tie dye kit. It comes with only three colors- fuchsia, yellow and turquoise. The colors are bright and look stunning on fabrics. Made in the USA, it is a great kit for beginners.

With the basic colors of red, blue, and yellow, one can mix up the colors. The mix of the colors can make any color of the rainbow. Even after mixing of colors, the colors remain as bright as the originals. The color works best on natural fiber fabrics. It doesn’t start fading due to multiple washing.

tie dye kit 3

The powder comes in three applicator bottles. They are easy-squeeze bottles for easy tie-dyeing. You can dye up to five shirts with this kit. Easy to clean colors, no mess, so perfect for people of all ages.

The kit also includes vinyl gloves, rubber bands, and a guide book. The comic-book style instructions in the guide are fun to follow. But the most important thing it comes with is the soda ash. The fabrics require pre-soaking before dyeing with this kit. However, there is no need to collect soda ash as the kit includes it. Soak the fabrics for at least 20 minutes in the soda ash. Then start applying the dye.

Features at a glance

  • Three colors – Fuchsia, Turquoise and the perfect Yellow
  • Three applicator easy-squeeze bottles
  • Activates with warm water
  • Starting from the age of eight, anyone can use it
  • Dyes up to five t-shirts
  • Comes with rubber bands, gloves, comic-book style guide, patterns, and soda ash

4. SEI Tumble Dye Craft and Fabric Spray

Let us now review a dye craft and fabric spray. It is from SEI and made in the USA. The kit consists of eight colors- magenta, red, orange, yellow, grass green, turquoise, blueberry, and purple.

As we have stated above, it’s a fabric spray. So, the colors come in spray bottles. Each bottle carries two fl.oz. of dye. Not just designing different patterns and ombre, it is perfect for stencil crafts as well. With the kit, a tie-dye artist can complete 32 shirts.

tie dye kit 4

The dyes are water-based. Safe to use and non-toxic, these are easy to clean up as well. Thus perfect for kids to play with. After spraying the color on the project, give it time to dry. Or another option is to use a dryer to dry it. A dryer needs just 20 minutes, and your project is ready to use. The colors are permanent. So will not fade after repeated washing.

The best part of this spray dye is that it is not just for applying to cotton fabrics. Ribbon, lace, trims, silks all of these are equally easy to craft with this one. Not only that, this dye works perfectly on dried flowers, baskets, wood, paper, and more as well.

Features at a glance

  • Eight non-toxic, water-based colors
  • Comes in spray bottles
  • Safe colors and easy to clean
  • Works fine on dried flowers, baskets, wood, paper as well
  • Dyes up to 32 shirts
  • Stays bright and bold after washing many times

5. Tulip One Step Tie Dye Kit

It is Tulip one-step tie-dye kit with 12 colors. We have already reviewed its 18-color package, and this one is the same but with lesser colors. So, those who do not need too many colors can try this kit.

The colors are highly-concentrated. They are safe and non-toxic. Crafting on cotton, rayon, and wool brings the best out of these vibrant colors. Colors on the fabric are permanent and stay the same bright and bold for a long time. No amount of repeated washing can fade the colors from the fabrics. It withstands machine wash as well.

tie dye kit 5

Many dyes require pre-soaking in soda ash, but not this one. It is a one-step dye kit. So just need water to add with the dyes and activate the colors. Start crafting the pattern at once without creating a mess all over. The squeeze bottle plays its part in the mess-free crafting.

It has enough supplies for a group of four people. Be it a small party, family fun, or any other activity; it is enough to increase the fun quotient. All in all, you can tie-dye a total of 36 shirts with this kit. Not just that, the package includes rubber bands, gloves, and a guide book with eight patterns.

Features at a glance

  • Twelve over the top colors come in easy-squeeze bottles
  • Enough to finish up to 36 projects
  • Non-toxic, safe colors
  • Safe for machine-wash, it does nothing to the boldness of the color
  • No need to soak the fabric in soda ash
  • Supplies for four people to work jointly

Things You Need To Know About Before Buying the Best Tie Dye Kit

Consider the points we discussed below before buying a tie-dye kit.

i. Easy Process

People try DIYs only if the process is easy. Tie-dye is a group activity, done for fun. Kids also want to join the fun. So, the tie-dye kit you will buy must allow you to enjoy tie-dyeing. Doing it yourself must be an easy process. Adding water and pouring colors on the fabric, it should be that easy.

There are kits available in the market which require just that couple of steps. They include every possible thing you might need to tie-dye as well. So, go for those. A solid end-result with easy steps is the most fun.

ii. Non toxic Colors

Anything that touches our skin must be safe. There should be no second thought on it. We do not need any rashes or reactions on our skin. Most importantly, kids are more delicate in such matters. So, they need much more awareness of using safe colors.

Working with colors only means you will get them all over your dress and body. And in the case of kids, they consider every single thing edible. So, do not take any risk, not for the kids, not for yourselves, and buy a safe tie-dye kit. Best is to opt for the non-toxic, fumeless dyes.

iii. Color Pay-Off

Vibrant, bold, and bright is a synonym to tie-dye. Well-pigmented colors are one of the prime needs of a kit to be the best tie dye kit. The proper color pay-off will ensure a consistent tie-dyeing. You are creating patterns, using no tool except the dyes. Composing patterns without tools in itself is a tricky thing to do.

On top of that, if the color is not bright enough and is patchy, then the design or pattern will not show correctly. So, make sure you buy high-quality, well-pigmented dyes.

iv. The More, The Better

We know tie-dye kits include little bottles. One should not expect a huge quantity from it. However, we believe in the saying of the more, the better. Not just in the case of the number of colors. It applies in the case of the amount of project you can finish with one kit as well. For that, you need a decent quantity.

Yes, we know some kits come with few colors, and we have considered one such in our review as well. But that made many colors from few, and a section might need that kind as well. But, usually, one must go for a kit that has more colors and quantity. So that more people can join the fun and complete as many projects possible.

v. Safe To Wash

Tie-dye is all about colorful patterns on the fabric. Now, suppose, just with one wash, the color fades. It will be disappointing after so much hard work. Thus, the dyes must be wash-safe. Machine or manual, should not be an issue. It is crucial, and one must pay the utmost attention while buying the kit, which says it is wash-safe.

As we stated earlier, tie-dyeing is a whole process. It might be a lot of fun but a lot of hard work too. Colors and dyes which fade with a couple of washes must be avoided. They must be permanent.

vi. Soda Ash

Soda ash is a soluble substance. It is a substance that helps in chemical reactions. Using it in making colorful garments in a factory is one thing. But using it at home while tie-dyeing might seem to be extra work. Tie-dyeing is a fun activity. Any amount of extra work might lessen the fun quotient.

Kids might not find it fun to do it. They will need supervision. So, it is better to buy a kit that doesn’t require soaking the fabric in soda ash to work. If you are okay with using soda ash, then the least you should do is buy the kit that comes with soda ash.


Have fun of a lifetime with your friends and family while tie-dyeing. Play with vibrant colors and be creative in a fun activity. Unleash your inner tie-dye artist. Tie-dye can be an effective stress buster, as well. Busy working schedule is no fun. So, gift yourself some time to bust the stress. The thought of preparing cute colorful t-shirts together and wearing them is a lot of fun and warmth.

You can wear them in family gatherings and small parties. All the members will feel a lot cozier. If you find it exciting and want to try, then buy any one of the above tie-dye kits. Enjoy with all your closed ones. You can have some “me” time as well. The only condition is to invest in a quality kit.

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