The 5 Best Tempera Paints Set Reviews with Buying Guide

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Tempera is an ancient type of painting and also used in modern craft projects. Less toxicity and excellent quality are the two main reasons for its popularity. Its water-based pigment glides smoothly on porous media. If the texture seems thick, the users can make it thin by mixing some water. They can use both brushes and fingers to paint the colors.

Quick Answer – The Best 5 Tempera Paints Set

One of the most amazing features of the best tempera paints set is quick-drying capability. They are a great choice for new artists to practice the paint mixing with minimal cleanup. After finishing, these paints are going to last for a long time.

Top 5 Tempera Paints Set Review in Details

Honestly speaking, all tempera paints are not as good as you expect. But there are some sets which satisfy most of our needs. Check out the details about our top picks to know why we love them.

1. Crayola Tempera Paint Set, 2-Ounce, 6 Count

This tempera combo contains 6 bright and reliable colors. All of them have a creamy consistency that every artist prefers. You can change the texture by mixing water as per need. The paints feature high stability as they don’t drip from the fingers or brushes. This property is responsible for its consistent performance.

tempera paints set 1

They also offer maximum coverage and opacity. The painting will dry within no time and switch into a matte form. Unlike the ordinary models, the picture will not crack. You can use them on cardboard as well without worrying about flaking.

Many parents don’t allow their children because they make a massive mess while playing with color. With this one, there will be no mess at all. Let the colors sit on your skin or clothes. They are safe and non-toxic; therefore won’t cause harm to your skin. Even if the colors fall on the floor, be tension-free. You can remove them within minutes.

This set is enough for any creative projects and school homework. If you are not compatible with brushes, paint the colors with your fingers. You can discover new colors and express your inner thoughts with them. Overall, it is a perfect package to know the painting basics.

Features At A Glance

  • The combination of 6 bright colors can make any picture realistic
  • Stable and consistent paints won’t drip from the paintbrushes
  • Durable colors offer maximum opacity and matte finish
  • Non-toxic, non-cracking and non-flaking
  • Easy removal from skin, objects, floor, and clothes
  • Perfect creamy consistency which all users like

2. Crayola Washable Kids Paint Set, 10 Count

This paint set features ten bottles of 10 different color paints. They are highly pigmented and glide on any canvas quite nicely. Though these primary colors may be enough to describe most details, you can also make new ones by combining two or more colors together. They will leave a smooth and opaque cast that will blow your mind.

tempera paints set 2

They are multi-surface compatible. We can draw on construction paper, cardboard and so on. These bold and glossy colors will also help you in decorating book covers and posters. If you love crafting, this set will be your best friend. Also, decorate your birthday party or holiday with these fun colors. Use brushes, sponges, or fingers, whatever you like.

The water-based ingredients don’t cause a permanent stain on clothes or floor. You can wash them off with minimal effort after finishing the art projects. That’s why they are an incredible alternative to oil-based counterparts.

Another notable point is that the paints are safe for your skin. No irritation and itching will appear if you touch the colors or let them stay on the skin for hours. You can give these colors to your toddlers to unleash his/her creativity with no worries.

Features At A Glance

  • Ten bottles of classic colors
  • Suitable for different surfaces
  • The water-based paint has richly pigmented and shiny color
  • Blending opportunities to create our own color
  • quickly washable from body and clothes
  • Safe, toxin-free and therefore appropriate for kids

3. Arteza Tempera Washable Paint for Kids

It covers a total of 32 colors, which is more than the majority of similar products. The eight bold and bright colors, seven metallics, and six neon paints have their specific use cases. The five glitter and four laser glitter shades will add a new glow to your art pieces. Moreover, two new variations are added, which will glow in the darkness.

tempera paints set 3

The colors dry quickly and leave a bright and glossy look afterward. They are made of safe and chemical-free ingredients. It is the reason why you will not sense lousy odor or skin burning after touching them. No wonder that the set is AP certified due to its safety standards.

It has been widely used in almost all art and craft activities. Besides, it won the toddlers’ hearts for being an ideal paint set for their school homework. Make decorative designs and patterns on paper, glass, plastics, and other items. The colors look good on everything, even if you use fingers instead of sponge paintings, or blow pictures.

Of course, the beautiful pictures are made by dedication, hard work as well as some mess. The colors may fall in your clothes, surroundings, and tiles. If they are not cleanable, they may leave permanent spots or marks. Unlike those poor-quality paints, these colors will vanish quickly.

Features At A Glance

  • The wide color range is sufficient for all type of artwork
  • Densely pigmented, glossy and long-lasting colors
  • Versatile paints can be used in craft projects, school homework, finger art, blow art, etc
  • 100-percent safe, no chemical ingredient, no unpleasant odor
  • The colors are easy to clean
  • Proper for multi-surface use

4. Washable Tempera Paint for Kids

Its unique 30 colors arrive in separate tubes. The buyers will get shiny colors, metallic colors, and neon colors along with the regular ones. Each tube carries approximately 60ml of paints. Before opening the tube month, shake it thoroughly. You have to peel off the sealing layer and open the cap. Then, squeeze the tube to bring the colors out. Tighten the cap after getting the required amount.

tempera paints set 4

The materials used in the manufacturing process satisfy strict quality standards. No chemical and toxic particles are part of them. Therefore, they are entirely safe for children and adults.

Due to their superior washability, we can remove them from our bodies, fabrics, and other places. We don’t need to rub hard and use stain removal kits. They support washing machine cleaning too. Load the colored laundry inside the machine, set other settings, and wait. The colors will go away along with other dirt.

If you love crafting, decorating parties, or group painting activities, just grab this kit. Use its three bonus brushes, extra brushes, sponges, rollers, or fingers to create lovely patterns. They will last forever on the drawing platforms. There will not be issues like fading and cracking.

Features At A Glance

  • Each of the 30 colors comes in individual 60ml tubes.
  • Vivid paint comes out while pressing the tubes slightly
  • Machine washable to get rid of the paint from the skin and other surfaces.
  • Maintain all safety standards
  • 3 included bonus brushes
  • Non-Fading, durable and versatile

5. KindredSity Washable Paint for Kids Set

Eight large bottles of colors are the main part of the suite. The six colors such as blue, green, red, white, black, and yellow are for basic drawing; two orange and purple glitter shades add eye-catching glow to the picture. With bright and beautiful colors, the kids will enjoy imaginative play and explore new expressions.

tempera paints set 5

It does cover not only the colors but also the other painting necessities. The included 20 sheets are thick and heavy. They are less prone to tearing and soaking liquids. As a result, they can be an excellent taste for every type of crafting and drawing. The artworks created on them will last for years without fading.

As you will receive 6 artists and three textured brushes, you don’t have to invest more in brushes separately. It will save your time, effort, and cash. Above all, a paint palette is given so that you can take colors and mix them to form new shades.

Sometimes, the artists fail to travel with the art essentials for not having a suitable case. The manufacturers provide a zippered bag to solve this problem. You can organize everything in the bag and carry it wherever you want.

Features At A Glance

  • Vibrant colors including six basic and two glitter colors
  • Safe,toxin-free and washable
  • Included additional palette
  • A Zipped bag is part of the package to carry the painting essentials
  • With the nine brushes, you can paint, combine colors and discover a new one
  • 20 thick, tear-proof, soak-proof sheets

Buying Guide For Best Tempera Paints Set

You can judge the kits by considering some significant factors. Check them out:

i. Color range

The tempera kit either contains a limited number of colors or a lot. Sometimes, the same brand makes different color combinations and lets customers choose from various groups. The new or less skilled learners often love starting with the primary colors only. When you are learning, the main focus should be on the tricks, methods, and basics rather than the details.

We recommend beginning with a few colors, mixing them to form new, and learning the key techniques. Then move to a wide range of colors. The professional artists usually prefer more variations, glitters, metallic hues to sketch all details accurately. So, choose accordingly.

ii. Tube or bottle

Just like the other colors, they are available in both tubes and bottles. The best thing about tubes is they are small. They easily fit in small bags and pockets. Slight pressing with fingers will bring the paint out of the tube. But putting the extra paint back into the tube may be a difficult task.

During some trials, the paint dries before you can store them back. Bottles win in that case. They have wider mouths, and you can easily pour the colors back. Again, jars or bottles can save bucks in the long run by purchasing more colors at the same time.

iii. Quality

Quality differs from brand to brand. A good quality paint set leads to non-flaking and non-cracking results. Such paintings do not fade and last for a couple of years or more. On the contrary, you will end up with the opposite situation with the others.

Don’t worry about getting the matte or glowing cast; both will look great. The colors should have a creamy consistency and should not fall from the paintbrush while drawing. Be sure to buy washable paints because they will go away quickly.

iv. Drying time

Yes, most tempera colors dry quickly. It seems a positive side, right? But it can be bad if the colors dry out on the finger, sponge, and brushes before placing on the papers. Furthermore, you will fail to build the blending effect unless the colors remain wet for a more extended period. The extra colors may dry and be wasted too. So, prioritize the kits having quick but not immediate drying phenomena.

v. Ingredients

The components of a product determine its performance. Though most tempera paint combos are safe, check the material list. If you are buying it for a kid, this is mandatory. They remain in a playful mood and can’t be cautious about the danger all the time. The toxic paint causes harm to their delicate skin and organs. Also, the chemical odor may lead to suffocation and an allergic reaction. So avoid paints with harmful particles and strong chemical scent.

vi. Accessories

While most brands offer only the colors, a few provide the other painting tools such as brushes, pallets, papers, etc. The accessories are made to handle the paint most effectively. They may cost a little bit more, but you don’t have to deal with extra expenses. If you already have the accessories, you can skip such offers.


Premium quality tempera always covers the canvas with bold, bright colors. You can mix the colors with a binding agent, including water, glue, slimes, etc. No matter what you do, the best tempera paints set will always give the most appealing result.

On the other hand, a low-quality brand can be the reason for bad experiences. You have to make sure whether your selected one has all the characteristics you are looking for or not. We hope our guidelines will assist you in getting the most ideal one out of a thousand varieties.

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