The 5 Best Squishy Kits Review with Buying Guide

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Parents usually are very careful these days on what they should buy for their kids when it comes to toys. If you are looking at gifting your kid the perfect toy you can look at squishy kits as a viable option. These toys can be squeezed and are capable of returning to their original shape upon release.

Quick Answer – The  5 Best Squishy Kits

There are different types of squishies that you can buy for your kids. While some come under the category of ready to use others bring out the creativity in your kid. This means your kid can use the DIY instructions to color and decorate the toys per their wish.

Best Squishy Kits

1. Doodle Hog Unicorn Squishies DIY Kit

A typical DIY squishy kit for your baby aged between 4 – 10. This kit comes along with 4 large toys and whimsical squishies. These are yet to be designed and that allows your kid to be imaginative with decoration and design with different colors.

The pack contains a narwhal, a rainbow, and unicorns. Apart from these toys, 3 bottles of glitter, 4 large paint bottles, 2 paint brushes, instructions, and a color guide are also provided along with the kit.

Best Squishy Kits 1

Your kid can customize these squishies according to their liking and preference. These kits can also be a lovely gift for Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions. This is said to be typically a gift best suited for girls.

They can also be used at parties, sleepovers, craft projects, and crafting parties. Moreover, these toys are also said to increase sensory activity in kids and also work as a stress relief for kids. You may also be eligible to get a free NoYo crayon set by following the instructions provided along with the squishies DIY kit.

Features at a Glance

  • DIY kit with all instructions and color guide included
  • Contains 4 toys of a rainbow, unicorns, and a narwhal that are yet to be colored
  • 4 bottles of fabric paint included in colors of berry red, hello yellow, bubble blue, and whipped white
  • 3 colors of glitter include gold, silver, and paint
  • Can be used for gifting purposes to girls who are in age groups of 4-10
  • Free crayon gift can be obtained along with the pack

2. WATINC Random 30 Pcs DIY Squishy

This DIY kit with 30 pieces of random squishy cream scented Kawaii toys are just about suitable for kids of both genders. The best part about these toys is that they are made with non-polluting materials and are considered harmless for kids.

Best Squishy Kits 2

With a pillow texture, these toys are made of polyurethane foam that is also known as PU foam. The kit does not include paints, glitter or brushes and hence has to be purchased separately. The 30 pieces can, of course, be designed with emoji stickers as your kid likes it.

Suitable for kids who are normal or with special needs such as autism and ADHD. They are also said to promote the sense of touching and hence are suitable for kids above the age of 3. These toys are helpful to relieve stress and increase blood flow in the hands of the kids using them to play.

They can also double up as decorative items after being painted with different colors and designs. You can use this pack as a birthday gift and can also double up as a party toy when you choose to host one.

Features at a Glance

  • 30 pieces of toys that are yet to be designed or colored
  • Customizable with permanent markers and colors according to your kid
  • Scented to add that extra bit of interest in kids, however, the scent can be removed with relative ease while exposing it in a ventilated space
  • Suitable for kids with special needs such as autism and ADHD
  • Increases blood circulation, reduces stress, reduces anxiety, and Improves the sense of touch while playing
  • Helps develop innovative skills in kids
  • Can be used to decorate interiors

3. KINGYAO Squishies Squishy Toy

The Kingyao squishies are just about the perfect thing that your child would relish playing with. This pack contains 24 pieces of toys that would release to its perfect and original shape after squeezing.

Best Squishy Kits 3

It comes in different emojis that entertain the curiosity of your kid. They also help in blood circulation, relieving stress, improving the feeling of touch, and support the sense of touch. The toys are also made of non-toxic material that is commonly known as TPR.

Kingayo squishies are also easy to clean with just using water if and when they get dirty. A money-back guarantee is offered for these toys in case they are not up to your expectations. The kids’ pack does not contain any sort of brushes, paints or glitter as they are pre-designed and ready to use.

Hosting a party or decorating your kid’s room can get better with these squishy toys. It is also best suited for kids anywhere above the age of 3. Teens and adults can also use it with a stress-buster in office spaces or their rooms.

Features at a Glance

  • Non-toxic material (TPR) used for the toys
  • 24 pieces of toys that are pre-designed
  • Works as a stress buster for all age groups
  • Increases blood circulation in the hands of kids
  • Ideal for gifting and decorating purposes in the room of your kids
  • Multi-colored toys that come in a bucket making it convenient for storage purposes
  • Can be used for tutoring purposes at kindergarten levels for storytelling purposes
  • Number of toys provided make for a variety for different days of the week/month

4. YOAUSHY 6 Pcs Squishies Toy

The Yoaushy pack comes with six pieces of toys ideal for kids who are above 3 years. It comprises 1 narwhale cake, 1 unicorn horse, 1 deer cake, 1 unicorn donut, 1 squishy panda, and 1 spoon cat.

Best Squishy Kits 4

The material used is PU foam (polyurethane foam) that is safe to use and is ASTM and CPSE certified. It is very soft to use for kids and is slowly rising in tendency. These toys are medium-sized and that means that they are not too big or too small for playing purposes.

The toys can be used for stress-busting and relaxing purposes for kids. The toys can be used as an ideal gift for your kid during Christmas time, Halloween, birthdays, or any other special occasion. They can also serve other purposes like educating and storytelling for kids of different age groups.

During a party, these toys can come in handy for kids to play around and have a good time. Each toy comes in different sizes and dimensions and is easy to squeeze and they release automatically.

Features at a Glance

  • Contains a pack of 6 toys different toys
  • Come in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions for kids above the age of 3
  • Pre-designed and do not require painting, glittering, or designing
  • ASTM and CPSE certified and following safety standards
  • Tested to be non-toxic, are soft, and slow rising
  • Can be used as gifts, in parties, and during different events of celebration
  • Works as a stress buster, anxiety relief and educational purposes for kids of different ages

5. Yonishy Unicorn Squishies Toy Set

Yonishy unicorn squishies are suitable for kids of all age groups and can even be used by adults. They are deemed to be slow raising and are soft. Toys of this pack are non-toxic and are made with the best polyurethane or PU foam that is durable.

Best Squishy Kits 5

These toys are also environment friendly thus can be trusted to be used with kids. The multi-colored toys include 1 Narwhale cake, 1 Unicorn donut, 1 unicorn cake, 1 dog squishy, 1-star unicorn horse, and 1 ice cream cat. The toys are packaged and come in multiple sizes, dimensions, and shapes.

These toys can be used for different purposes including using them while your child takes a bath in the tub. It is also a feasible toy to be used at a party or while you choose to decorate the room of your kid.

They relieve stress, anxiety, and improve blood circulation in your kid’s hands while they play with it. Childhood education can also be made interesting when you choose to use toys of these kinds with your kids.

Features at a Glance

  • The kids pack come in a set of 6 toys
  • Toys are made with non-toxic PU or polyurethane material and are safe to use for kids of all age groups
  • Can be used for educational purposes to increase interest and improve concentration
  • Improves blood circulation, relieves anxiety, and stress with kids
  • Comes in different sizes, dimensions, shapes, and are multi-colored
  • Can be used as a gift item for special occasions and celebrations
  • Soft and slow rising toys

Things Need to Know About “Squishy Kits” Before you Buy

There is no question that squishy kits are one of the best things that a kid can play with. However, there are a few things that you would have to ponder upon before you choose to buy a pack of squishy kit for your kid.

It would ensure that the purchase of these products would not go wasted and ensure that you are making the right investment. You would also have to consider the below mentioned things if you are about to give these kits to other children other than your kids too.

Here we list a few of the things that you would have to look into before buying these squishy kits from different manufacturers. These are factors you would have to look at irrelevant of you buying them off the shelf or from websites on the internet.

i. Material Used for the Toys

You would have to carefully consider the material that goes into the making of the squishy toys for kids. Ideally, non-toxic toys that are made of polyurethane foam or PU material can be the ones that you can trust.

In case you are buying a kit that is pre-designed and painted then you should also consider the durability of the pain that is used. After all, you would not want the paint to wear off while your kid plays with it.

ii. Age of the Kid

Although most of the toys are made to suit children, they can also be used for kids of all age groups. However, in case you are choosing to purchase a squishy kit that has paint and glitter that has to be used to design them then the kid would have to be at a certain age group.

Consumption of these designing items can be dangerous for kids which is why you should choose a kit according to the age of the person that is about to use it.

iii. Size and Dimensions

It may be a good choice for you to purchase a pack of toys that are essentially not too small or too big. Toys that are too small can be accidentally swallowed by kids and that is something that you would want to avoid at all costs.

Bigger toys can make for difficult handling for kids that belong to a low age category. Hence, it is important to consider the size and dimension of the toys before purchasing them.

iv. Durability

The toys that you purchase should be durable as kids are prone to experiment with anything that they could get their hands on. These squishy toys should ideally not be easy to tear or take apart.

Another thing you would have to look into would be if they can be washed, cleaned, and used in bathtubs. If these toys are durable, they can last for a long time as kids tend to grow faster than we realize.

v. Guarantee and Certification

It may be a good idea to purchase these squishy toys that come with a guarantee. This would mean that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product that you receive.

Apart from this, you can choose to look at the certification aspect of the toys before purchasing them. A certification would essentially mean that they are safe for kids to use and are reliable at the same time as well.


The above reviews give you a detailed description along with features of each of the top squishy toys that are available. The buying guide would also help you to identify the best toys that are available out there for you to choose from.

Making a decision is completely your choice based on the above-mentioned features and the age that your kid belongs to.

You must consider all these things before you make a purchase of squishy kits for kids. This is because it is always better to be safe than sorry when you purchase toys for your kids as you do not want your hard-earned money to go wasted by any means.

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