The 5 Best Science Kit for Kids Reviews with Buying Guide

Science and kids don’t look digestible in one sentence. When we talk about science, the first thing that comes to our mind has to be experiments. And who have thought such risky tests could be kids approved until we had known about the best science kit for kids.

Kids have a brief attention span. Making them do something or learn something is a task. The best way is to let them play and learn while playing. Therefore, the toy makers always come up with varied toys that work as a coach for its owner.

Quick Answer – The Best 5 Science Kit for Kids

They are like clay, tender. Shape them the way you want. Sounds patronizing? Not really. They have this uncanny capability of grasping things in no time. So, parents should take their initial years more seriously.

What the child learns since that time onwards, stays for a long time with him, perhaps, for a lifetime. Thus, experts suggest, parents must provide their kids’ stuff for playing, but side-by-side, those must teach something to the child playing with it. So, nothing better than a science kit.

Top 5 Science Kit for Kids Review in Details 

When we talk about such kits, the quality is absolute. Keep in mind that kids are using it. Any compromise with the quality will harm your child directly. So, for you, we have found the five best science kits. They are all high-quality, no less than magic.

1. Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids

The Learn & Climb Science Kit lets your kid be creative. Grasping the little nuisances of the broader spectrum like science turns feasible. Without risking your child’s safety, you can teach him what equations look like.

From forming lava lamps, crystals to volcanoes, your kid gets 21 fun activities to do. You hardly need to gather extra items from some other sources. All the things required for these experiments are in the pack, well packaged.


You have 24 items in the pack, for doing all the 21 experiments. And the extra things you might need are all household items or that are easily available. Water, egg, salt, sugar, and oil are some of those items.

The pack consists of three Petri dishes, plastic test tubes with twist-on caps, spoon, funnel, volcano model, PVA glue, beaker, stirring stick, test tube connector, citric acid, Urea, coloring, and foaming agents and so much more.

Watch your kid shine in the toughest of subjects as this kit is the perfect guide for STEM learning. The colored user manual is easy to understand and follow and holds the interest of your child.

The materials are all kids friendly. No use of glasses, to injure your kid if broken accidentally. With it, you can be assured of high quality, and it strictly abides safety standards.

Features At A Glance

  • 21 fun activities
  • 24 pieces in one pack
  • Safe to use, kids friendly
  • A perfect tool for STEM learning
  • Easy, colorful user manual
  • No use of glasses

2. 4M Kidzlabs Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Science Kit

An item for playing that educates your child simultaneously is perhaps the best thing ever. This science kit by 4M is a glaring example of that. Seeing a pencil floating in mid-air, who wouldn’t exclaim and ask questions? Brainstorming is always salutary.

Anti-gravity, experiments, levitation, magnetic, these words are as tough to understand as they sound. And to make the whole process of anti-gravity magnetic levitation easy to comprehend for a kid is genius.


It’s the perfect kit to educate your kid about the magnetic force. He is going to play with it but will be compelled to question himself. He is going to bombard you with questions and will be creative while just having fun.

Your kid’s delicate imagination will collide with the heavy subject named magnetic levitation and will help expand the way he thinks. It is a whole kit, so there is nothing you need that is extra.

Gift this science kit to your kid and help him to learn how magnets work. Forming the structure through the items in the package is as easy as pouring water in a glass.

Other than the floating pencil, it allows your kid to make a propelling machine, magnetic weight scale, spring and compass, anti-gravity sculpture, and maglev.

Features At A Glance

  • Top-quality materials including seven ring magnets
  • Fun yet educational
  • Perfect kit for learning magnetic force
  • A total of seven different experiments
  • Compels a child to think differently
  • Easy to form the structures

3. Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kids Science Kit

Acid, copolymer, and sulfide- as complex as the words are to pronounce, these can be risky to experiment with as well. Yet, this science kit has chemicals included in it for the kids to turn into legit mini scientists safely.

The only precaution you need to take is to keep this kit away from children below three years. To be a bit more cautious, give it to only kids above six years, and keep them under your strict supervision. And all these risky elements will be fun to experiment with.


You will get packs of citric acid, baking soda, cross-linked polyacrylate co-polymer, red cabbage juice powder, zinc sulfide, and 12 color tablets.

It also includes a bottle of vegetable oil, measuring spoons, test tubes with a stand, a user guide, a tube with caps on both sides. You also get a sheet of purple paper and stickers.

This science kit allows you to try 11 magical activities from making your own crystal ball with the test tubes, color-changing froth to foam. Make a cute little hat using the sheet and stars.

Such little, harmless experiments with legit chemicals will compel your child to understand science better. In the future, they might show better interest in difficult science subjects, instead of considering them boring and hard to grasp.

Features At A Glance

  • Impressive concept
  • 11 unique experiments
  • Apt for children six years above
  • Safe chemicals
  • Experiment and play
  • Easy user guide

4. Scientific Explorer My First Science Kids Science Experiment Kit

Have fun and learn, perhaps is the motto of Scientific Explorer science kit.  The moment you give this kit to your child, the curiosity level will touch the peak. While there is curiosity, there is a hunger to learn. An educational experiment kit, they named it right.

This one, unlike the previous kit, doesn’t include too many risky elements in it. Thus apt for even a four-year-old. But never leave your child alone with it. They are not just playing but educating themselves, too, so act like a guide to them.


It comes with color tablets and a mixing tray with 24 little circular sections. So, with three basic color tablets, blue, yellow, red, your child can make 24 different colors.

Other than that, you get 3 test tubes with a stand, three cups, a tiny magnifier, a pipette, and a manual. All the items, including the cross-linked polyacrylamide, are safe for the children to experiment with.

From making a rainbow on the flat palette by creating the rest of the rainbow colors with the three colors to turning milk into a colorful cyclone, from making Kaleidoscope in the test tubes to just mixing color tablets in the water, this kit allows your kid to be creative.

While playing, they might create something very new, which even the manual doesn’t have in it. Such creativity boosts your child’s confidence like no other.

Features At A Glance

  • Eight fun experiments
  • Safe for kids
  • Create 24 colors from just three color tablets
  • User manual with scientific facts
  • Easy to follow experiment instructions
  • Represents STEM learning

5. Playz Ridiculous Inventions Science Kits for Kids

Last but not least, if there is one kit that aptly fits this phrase is this science kit by Playz. With this one kit, your child can do up to 26 experiments and more.

This kit is more about engineering than chemistry like the previous ones. So, it inclines more towards educating your child about physics.

It comes with two 36 pages of colorful books. So you get a full 72 pages of colorful guide that has all the much-needed instructions for doing the experiments. Explained with easy words and steps, it guides your child through and through.


For doing all the magic, you get more than 31 tools and ingredients. Some components are for science experiments, some for engineering, some to solve the mathematics formula, and the rest are to understand technology better. This one is the quintessential science kit that represents STEM learning like no other.

If you have failed to make your child learn about circuits, switches, sound propagation, and static electricity, this kit is the perfect savior for you. Explain all these to your child that too practically in detail.

Make boomerangs, magnetic force fields, create spectrum rainbows, write telegraphic messages, build whirling windmills, form levitating serpents, and robotic turtles, all with this complete kit.

Features At A Glance

  • More than 26 experiments
  • 31 plus tools and ingredients
  • An apt representative of STEM learning
  • Two colorful user guides, 36 pages each
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Suitable for kids aged eight and above

Best Science Kit for Kids Review – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Though you might think buying a science kit is easy for a kid as there is no dearth of these kits, look at what we believe the science kit should have.

i. Fun and Learn

We strongly believe that a science kit has to be fun to make the child interested in educating himself out of sheer curiosity. The kids these science kits are made for don’t need to learn tricky stuff. Neither parents should pressure them to learn science and understand the static, gravity, reactions, and equations. If it’s easy and fun, it will, at the end of the day, create curiosity among the kids and educate them. Stop and contemplate before going overboard by buying science kits that are too complicated and full of hazardous ingredients.

ii. Safe

 These are made for kids so that they will be safe. But are you sure of that? Make sure every item, tool, and ingredient that is in the kit are child-friendly. Your child might gulp any of the ingredients. Take the color tablets as an example. So, the elements being high quality and safe for children is crucial. And despite these being high quality, keep a check on your child when they are playing with such a package.

iii. Easy Instructions

Mixing a color tablet in the test tube filled with water might not be too complicated for you. But when a child does it, it could be a task. Instead of you explaining to them how to do it, hand them a science kit that has a proper manual. Science kits that are for kids who can’t read will have manuals constructed in a way that the four-year-old will understand it only by looking at it. And the kits that are for kids who can read must instruct them in easy words. A science kit is the best when a child can try the experiments and activities all by himself only by reading or following what the user guide says.

iv. Complete Package

Rather than collecting ingredients from other sources, spend your money on a science kit that comes with every possible tool and ingredient. Even if it allows only two experiments, it must have all the must-have ingredients and tools for doing those two activities. Components that are available in the household are still okay if not included, but except water, a complete science kit should have all the tools for every experiment it claims to do.


There is so much to learn, so much to get fascinated by the best science kit for kids. Considering each one of them, brilliant would be an understatement. These kits compel your child to think and expand their world of thoughts. They learn about the colors, the quantity, the measurement, what is an agent, how foam looks like, most importantly, they learn to be patient and be creative. When you know your kid is not just busy playing 18 hours a day, but trying a little bit of brainstorming too, you know you have handed him the best toy. So, among the five which one you thought would be the most educational as well as fun to your child, because we know it is going to be hard for you to choose just one. Let your child turn into an adorable, bright, keen yet alert wizard with one of these magic wands, aka science kits in his own Dexter’s Laboratory.

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