The 5 Best Origami Paper Reviews with Buying Guide

Origami paper is one kind of special paper, which is used in paper artworks. The artists fold the paper to give the shape of objects. As you can guess, the paper is way different from the regular papers. They must be thin and capable of holding a crease to achieve the maximum convenience for origami.

While doing so, we have to use the fingertips to make the precise objects. It helps to develop our imagination, skills of hand, brain concentration, and so on. That’s why people encourage their toddlers to try origami for the mentioned development. Remember using one of the Best Origami Paper instead of a low-quality one; Otherwise, your art-piece will turn into a failed project.

Top 5 Origami Paper Review in Details

We picked some top-rated brands for your consideration. Let’s dive into their primary and additional features:

1. BUBU Origami Paper for Beginner

The BUBU brand obtained vast popularity after launching these origami sheets. One package contains a total of 200 Sheets. So one set will be sufficient for long term use. They are appropriate for both experts and beginners. They can hold a crease efficiently. There will not be any curls at the corner of the papers.


These 6 Inch by 6 Inch items fold effortlessly. Children often tear the papers while bending as they are super thin. But unlike the regular ones, they are entirely tear-proof. You will no longer need to worry about the paper damage.

When it comes to origami, maintaining the right color of the project is a mandatory task. The authorities include 20 different colored papers keeping that requirement in their mind. Both sides will be covered with the same color. The wide range of colors will assist in detailing the object very precisely.

Some people can be allergic to the product odor. Besides, if the user is a kid, the parents should not buy anything having an unpleasant odor. But they can get this kit for their children because it is completely smell-free and AZO-free.

Features at a glance

  • 200 perfectly-sized sheets are the key to the success of professional origami
  • All paper comes in 20 vibrant colors
  • Perfect for beginners
  • The crease-holding ability prevents curls at the corners
  • The high-quality papers are strong enough to be tear-proof
  • AZO-free and odor-free

2. Origami Craze Origami Paper for Arts and Crafts

The Origami Craze papers enable us to express ourselves in the most creative ways. They are designed not only for origami, but also for card-making, and other DIY artworks as well. The pack contains 500 thin origami sheets. Each of them measures 6 x 6 inches in dimension.


Every package features 20 vivid colors, including three bold metallic colors. Therefore, they can mimic the appearance of real-life objects pretty well. All adults, kids, newcomers, and skilled artists can have fun with their endless design possibilities.

Among plenty of beneficial properties, the best one is their impressive durability. All thanks to their 70 gsm paper construction. These papers will never tear when the users start using them. Despite being robust, it is so flexible to bend and fold. You can convert it into your desired shape within no time. The finished product will not have any curl on the sides.

The main factor associated with every item is customer safety. As mostly the children use them, no toxic components are used in their production. Even if your little one gallops a piece accidentally, he/she will be absolutely fine. It also doesn’t have any lousy fragrance, which may lead to health problems.

Features at a glance

  • 500 papers with 20 shiny colors including three metallic ones
  • 6 x 6 inches size is right for almost all origami projects
  • No tearing, no ripping, and no curling on the sides
  • High flexibility for the precise shape
  • Soft, non-toxic and smell-free
  • An affordable choice for family fun and classroom projects as well

3. MozArt Supplies Origami Paper Set

This origami suite provides immense design possibilities for a successful art-piece. The pack features 120 high-quality sheets. There are 40 different patterns where every group of three sheets has the same design. The square shape fulfills all need to be the perfect origami kit. It measures 15 cm in height and 15 cm in width.


All sheets have a patterned side from a wide range of patterns. You can design the origami using floral, animal, cupcakes, and lots of other eye-catching options. Moreover, the other side is only covered with colors and has no patterns at all. If you want to keep the work simple, you can use the plain side. Or, you can mix both simple and patterned sides to make the origami more natural.

Though the papers are thin, they are quite sturdy. They are less prone to ripping so that no damage will occur if anyone pushes too hard to fold. This feature makes them suitable for novice users. The paper will still remain intact if they make a few mistakes or refold it.

The users get surprised after observing their quick folding characteristics. You can fold the papers within a blink of an eye. So, the overall projects will consume less time to finish. The manufacturers are very confident about their products too. They promised 100-percent satisfaction guarantees to their customers.

Features at a glance

  • 120 high-quality, 15 x 15 cm origami sheets
  • Forty unique patterns, including floral, birds, fish, etc.
  • both patterned side and plain side
  • Excellent for scrapbooking as well as other crafts
  • Thin yet sturdy and durable enough to prevent ripping
  • Quick folding functions

4. Gamenote Colorful Kids Origami Kit

GAMENOTE is a renowned company for premium-quality crafts and sewing items. It combines advanced technology and ten years of experience to develop the products. The colorful origami set is one of their most significant inventions. They look clean and packed with a bunch of unique features. Their 5.5 x 5.5 inch is versatile for all institutional lessons, and origami training.


You will receive 108 sheets and ten additional practice sheets. The double-sided colors are really vibrant and elegant. There are a total of 54 unique patterns. It means every two pieces come in the same design. Many users may not know the way of creating objects using the colors and decorative styles. They can learn quickly from the included step-by-step guide.

The papers are eco-friendly and don’t involve harmful or toxic substances. So they are not a threat to the environment and the human body. They don’t have an unpleasant odor as well. As a result, people often prioritize them when it comes to buying for their kids.

They don’t tend to tear easily when the users are folding the paper. There will not be any curl at the edges. Then the origami will get the precise shape the artist wants. They also support re-folding in cases of mistakes.

Features at a glance

  • 10 practice papers and 108 vibrant papers are included
  • Total 54 different beautiful patterns
  • Sophisticated 5.5 x 5.5-inch size for school lessons or artistic works.
  • Eco-friendly, smell-free and safe
  • The tendency of not tearing easily
  • The accurate edges and colors will last for a lifetime

5. HPST Origami Paper – 1100 Sheets Origami Set

This one offers 1100 origami sheets, which is surprisingly larger compared to most other similar products. They help in expressing the combination of our thoughts and imagination. Every parent wants to spend quality time with their children while making them more creative. This origami set can be the best choice to do so.


They are available in 15 warm colors. They are so real-looking that they can successfully copy the gesture of the original version. With the 6 x 6 inch square shape, you will get all the convenience of crafting.

The folding points are the foundation of all origami-related jobs. Sometimes, the styles get too complicated that you face difficulty in folding. This suite will never allow you to encounter such issues. No matter How complex the design is, it will always provide the proper crisp fold.

Their origami tutorials are for those users who are up for being more skilled. Besides, if you are a kid or a new one, these instructional videos will show you the right direction of doing a project. Some are so effortless that you can make it in the first try. Again, many are a little bit tricky and may require assistance.

Features at a glance

  • The square-shaped papers are right to be part of any crafting kit
  • Incredible folding compatibility
  • Associated origami video courses for users
  • A total of 1100 thin sheets
  • Available in several colors
  • One of the best assets for kids and elders

Best Origami Paper Review – The Ultimate Buying Guide

You must look for some specific factors in the paper set. Check out the following section to know about them:

i. Type

The origami paper can be categorized into multiple classes. Each kind of paper has some specific features, and they are somehow different from the others. Kami is one of the most known ones because of its availability and affordability. Where one side is colored, the other page is white. These thin sheets can maintain the crease well.

Though they are designed to be used in all regular origami, creating complex figures will not be efficient. The second is Duo or double-sided sheets. As the name suggests, they have two different colored sides. They can be comparatively thicker but more reliable than the first one. Besides, there are patterned Kami models, Washi paper, transparent, glowing, and many more in the market.

ii. Safety

Lots of origami paper consists of toxic and harmful ingredients. They are neither safe for humans nor nature. If they get closer to human skin, the users may feel irritation or pain. The effect can be more dangerous if they accidentally get inside the mouth. The adults can continue using these models being very conscious and taking necessary precautions.

But don’t take such risk for children. They may get so indulged in their work that they may fail to save themselves. Their skin and immunity are more delicate than the older. Always buy odor-free, non-toxic, nature-friendly alternatives for them. And even though the user is an adult, try to skip the harmful ones as much as possible.

iii. Thickness

The thickness varies from brand to brand. All professional artists prefer thinner sheets because they support adding more layers in each step. It will help the construction to be accurate. But they may suffer from tearing or ripping if they are not durable. On the contrary, some works require thicker papers for their perfection.

iv. Easy to Fold

The beginners always want something effortless to fold. As they have less knowledge of the origami tricks, the comfortable folding property will make their job easier. Some origami papers are easy to fold but very fragile.

The users get the advantage of less time consumption but the disadvantage of tearing. Expert users can handle this problem. But the new ones will be disappointed for sure. So the paper should be folded with minimum effort but not so fragile that it can tear easily.

v. Number of sheets and colors

Generally, the origami paper kit can contain from 200 to 1000 sheets or more. The higher number of sheets can be usable for a long time. If you are interested in getting a bulk pack, you have to consider something. Few papers tend to fade colors, durability, texture with respect to the time. They will not give the same performance as they can offer now.

It will be a loss if you get plenty of sheets. So, check the specification or contact the seller to know about these. If you are going to purchase a new brand, first buy fewer papers. If you find them useful, you can give a thought about a large bundle.


Origami is a refreshment that is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone. It may seem a little bit harder first. So, try to begin with the simplest shapes and take your time. Once you get some skills, move on to the complicated versions. But every effort may go in vain because of choosing the wrong paper.

After reading our content, you already got the idea of an ideal model. Following our buyer’s guidelines will definitely lead you to the best Best Origami Paper you need. Such a paper will provide better opportunities and require less time. If you are still confused, feel free to try any of the ten listed items. They will surely be worth every penny.

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