The 5 Best Gouache Paints Set Reviews with Buying Guide

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Ever heard of gouache? Just like the unconventional pronunciation of the word has often been mispronounced, it is often mistaken as regular watercolor.

Gouache paints have large particles; the pigment is all-natural but opaque. Those of you who hate seeing the color of the paper or canvas peeking through the dose of colors will be thoroughly intrigued by the gouache because one stroke of gouache paint and the paper/textile color is obscured.

Quick Answer – The Best 10 Gouache Paints Set

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There are gouache paint sets not as opaque as the best gouache paints set available in the market, which is why the difference is not that glaring. But those who know its quality, characteristic, just perceive their gouache paints.

People without knowledge wonder and try grasping why gouache is so pricey when it is the same old watercolor. However, only when one works with gouache, realizes how different it is from watercolor or acrylic paint. The opacity, the pigment, each brushstroke is so rich and high-quality.

Top 10 Gouache Paints Set Review in Details

Enough of extolling the merits of gouache, time to review some of them to introduce you to the best ones you can afford but are of high quality. Let’s start right away.

1. MIYA Gouache Paint Set

The first gouache paint set is a pretty pink box with 18 wet, easy to blend colors inside. It’s a portable case, thus great for your child to take it to school, without making a mess.

Gouache Paints Set 1

The box is not something ordinary. It has gone through 200 drop tests to examine whether it leaks the colors or not, and it doesn’t. The sturdy box has 18 slots in it and is non-friable as well. Each slot has paint in similar shape jelly cups. So, you can either fill the slots with colors or simply use the jelly cups.

Using the jelly cups means you do not have to carry the whole box when working on just a small portion of the entire painting and need only one or two colors. The point is that the whole thought process that went into its design gives you options and makes working and creating with it easy.

Each jelly cup contains 30ml thick and creamy paint in it, which is highly vibrant. Dilutes with water but never loses the opacity. Dries quickly but doesn’t crack or crumble upon drying.

These colors are ACMI-certified and have EN71-3 EN71-9 Certification. So, they are safe for you and your kids to use without harming the environment.

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Features At A Glance

  • Eighteen 30ml pigmented shades
  • Wet, thick and creamy paints
  • Sturdy, non-friable pink box with 18 slots
  • Portable jelly cups fit the slots
  • Leak Proof box passed 200 drop tests
  • ACMI-certified and have EN71-3 EN71-9 Certification

2. ARTEZA Gouache Paint

ARTEZA Gouache Paint is a set of 24 colors. Each tube is 12ml and contains 0.4oz of gouache paint.

Some are basic colors, but the unusual ones are pretty hard to find. Those colors make it a color palette that’s worth it. The vibrant colors with superior opacity blend like magic.

Gouache Paints Set 2

Gouache paints are anyways made of natural pigments. But this one has increased its level by getting the stamp of being non-toxic and safe for all ages. Yes, this paint set is ACMI Certified. Do not worry when your child is playing with it. Let him be creative.

The tubes have labels on them. The whole tube is classy black, but the label is of the color of the paint it has in it. The label also has the number and name of the shade and each color’s lightfastness rating. It also provides you with pigmentation info and transparency level of each shade.

If you want to work with both gouache and watercolor, feel free to do it. It can be used with watercolor, and it blends well. All the tubes are tightly capped and organized in sturdy boxes with specific slots for every color.

Features At A Glance

  • A great paint set for beginners
  • 24 shades with info labels
  • Opaque and highly pigmented colors
  • Blends well, even with watercolor
  • ACMI Certified, non-toxic
  • Sturdy organizer box

3. U.S. Art Supply Professional 36 Color Set of Gouache Paint

The number of shades is increasing, we see. Here is a gouache paint set by the U.S. Art Supply, and the set has 36 colors, including a titanium white. Wide range of greens, blues, browns, and reds. Some very unique, some quite basic. It is a balanced set, well thought.

Gouache Paints Set 3

The paints come in regular tubes with caps. Each tube has an 18ml/0.6oz color in it. Therefore, you are getting 50% more paint. The colors are vibrant, creamy, glossy when wet, thus eye-catching but give you a matt finish. Most importantly are of superior quality.

These colors are for professionals, and they are going to have a gala time for sure. So what about the underaged. Even they can have it all as these are conformed to ASTM D4236 and EN71. Non-toxic as well as acid-free, what more can make the pigments safe!

Make your own set of colors by mixing the vivid paints following the color mixing wheel. It’s a bonus along with the sturdy organizer with 36 slots.

The colors have high coverage, dissolve in water in no time, and blend on any form of art base, be it paper or canvas.

Features At A Glance

  • Perfect for professionals
  • 36 colors including a white
  • Each tube contains 0.6oz paint, 50% more
  • A bonus color mixing wheel
  • High coverage, premium quality, vivid colors
  • Non-toxic, follow the ASTM D4236 and EN71 standard

4. Set of 24 Gouache Paint Tubes by Zenacolor

Name any art medium or base, Zenacolor gouache paints will make it their own with excellent blending ability. It can be used on wood, plastic, canvas, paper, metal, parchment, plaster, sketchbook, cardboard, so on and so forth.

Gouache Paints Set 4

In this set, you get 24 vibrant, high-quality creamy colors. These are all black tubes with white caps and have 0.4oz paint in them. From beginners to experts, these are lovely to work with, have fun and be creative.

The color mixes easily with the other ones. So, you can make an endless amount of shades by mixing and matching. Not just that, you can also change the density of the paints by mixing different quantities of water to dissolve them. More water in colors means it will be thin and sheerer. Less water will keep the opaqueness intact.

The intensity of the colors is high and has the right amount of resistance to light. Basically, its lightfastness rating is high. What you created will remain the same for a long time for sure. The longevity is impressive.

These colors are both ASTM D-4236 and EC-certified. They are non-toxic, safe for you and your kids as well as the environment. Do not hesitate to present this set to your kids.

Features At A Glance

  • 24 superior-quality colors
  • Each tube has 0.4oz paint
  • Easy to mix colors, thus provides endless possibilities
  • Different depth in color upon mixing with varied water quantity
  • Work on paper, canvas as well as metal, plastic, and wood
  • ASTM D-4236 and EC-certified

5. HIMI Gouache Paint Set

This one is pretty similar to the MIYA Gouache Paint Set. The colors are pretty much the same, perhaps with a slight variation. Thus, both are great alternatives to each other.

Gouache Paints Set 5

The 18 colors come in little jelly cups with foil-like sealing on them. You have the pastel-colored box with 18 slots that fit each of the 18 jelly cups with ease. Keep it the way it is and take only the color you are working with, outdoors. Fetching fewer colors equals less complication and way less mess.

You can use the box roughly, yet the colors will not leak, thanks to the gird and the lid it has. The gird on it also works as a palette for mixing colors.

These are made for kids to play and make a mess. Why not, when these are non-toxic and washable as well. You make a mess of your clothes, hands, just wash with water and soap. There will be no trace of paint. Not a drop, let alone a full brush stroke.

Bring your artwork to life with these vivid, eco-friendly colors. Carry them where you want and do not miss even a moment of creation. You can continue using the storage case even after you ran out of colors. It’s really sturdy, and the slots are convenient.

Features At A Glance

  • 18 creamy, wet, vivid shades
  • A storage box with gird and slots
  • Jelly cup design with a sealing lid
  • Gird usable as a palette
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Easily washable

6. Gouache Paint Set by Jeece Finest

Looking for a gouache paint set that possesses the utmost versatility, try Jeece Finest. It is not a mere gouache paint. You can turn it into an oil paint set or acrylic paint. So, use it either as or with watercolor, the choice is yours.

Gouache Paints Set 6

Mix water with it to have a washlike watercolor. Put the brush into the paint and stroke it on paper, and you have your acrylic paint. And the way the shades blend so easily reminds you of oil paints. But unlike oil paints, these dry rather fast.

These are vivid water-based pigments, very opaque, thus do not require a white or light background. You can use dark canvas and paint with light colors without worrying about the color, not showing.

The set has 24 shades in total in 24 18ml tubes. A little paint goes a long way, and the quantity of paint is high compared to other paint sets. So it lasts for a long time.

The colors are safe. Thus it is both kids and eco friendly. Paint landed on your dress somehow, no worry; these are easily washable.

Features At A Glance

  • Versatile
  • 24 shades, 18 ml paint in each
  • Highly opaque and bright
  • Works on the dark canvas
  • A nice cardboard organizer
  • Safe colors, east to wash

7. Turner Acrylic Gouache Paint Set

Get ready to play with a broad spectrum of well-pigmented opaque colors. We have 24 opaque gouache paints from Turner. Gouache and acrylic paint. Acrylic polymer emulsion color to be precise. So, it has the strength of both types. Gouache, thus, high in opacity. Acrylic, therefore, dries fast to extra matte.

One and all tubes carry 20ml paints, sealed with caps. The colors are more concentrated than usual or regular. So, a little bit of paint covers a lot.

This set in no way claims that its colors will not bleed at all. Or all of them have a high light-fastness rating. Most of the time, these are lightfast, but in the case of decorative and fluorescent ranges, they are not.

Stroke the brush full of Turner gouache paint on any surface, be it board, paper, wood, glass, metal or panel, and spread and blend with ease. These are going to adhere to the surface like none other. That, too, without a pre-prep surface.

These colors blend with one another equally well. Overpaint, again and again, the dried pigment will hardly move.

Features At A Glance

  • 24 color tubes with 20ml paints
  • Opaque and high in light-fastness
  • Adheres to varied surfaces with ease
  • Easy to spread and blend
  • Highly concentrated
  • Water-resistant and dries quickly

8. OOKU 36 Professional Gouache Watercolor Kit

Take a trip down memory lane with OOKU 36 Professional Gouache Watercolor Kit because it took us right there just by the look of it. Don’t most of us remember the compact watercolor boxes with basic colors that used to come with a little brush we used in kindergarten! However, this one is way advanced.

Gouache Paints Set 7

This one has 36 colors. So, not at all, just the basics. The colors are solid and concentrated. Very different from the wet and creamy texture.  So, you need to wet the brush to activate the pigments. It is a box of 36 little eye-catching hexagons, non-toxic, and high in saturability.

It’s a kit, a value pack. Other than the high number of colors, you also get a nylon paintbrush, a 2B drawing pencil, a water pen brush, a sponge, a sharpener, and ten watercolor paper, all that in a sturdy metal box with slots for each one of them.

What you paint is not going to fade or get discolored even if it comes under the UV rays directly. The colors are 100% best quality, easily blendable, and quick drying.

You also get a pretty pink flannelette bag to fit and store the metal box and carry it to your class or anyplace outdoor.

Features At A Glance

  • 100 upon 100 in sleek but endearing mien
  • 36 hexagon shaped concentrated pigments
  • Bright colors, fade and discoloration resistant
  • Two paintbrush, a bag, and other useful lots
  • Comes in a sturdy metal box with flip over
  • Easy to blend, dries fast

9. Gouache Paint Set by MyArtscape

Searching for a professional grade artists’ quality compact gouache paint set, MyArtscape has one for you. It is a set of 12 rich pigmented colors with high opacity. The colors dry on the base but remain active. Thus, whenever you need it, you can rework your painting.

Gouache Paints Set 8

These paints come in regular tubes, and each tube has 12ml thick, creamy, vibrant gouache paint. These will dry pretty fast, no crumbling, no cracking, just bright matte finish. But as we said, they allow modifying and redoing through rewetting.

The colors could be used on watercolor and heavy paper, as well as the art and illustration boards and masonite. The base would make a difference. The performance and opacity of the shades will be high, regardless of the surface.

They have a high lightfastness rating, thus wouldn’t fade. It is fade proof. These are safe and non-toxic, as well.

Meeting the ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3 (CE) safety standards make the paints safe for kids. And these are professional grade paints anyways, thus apt for experts to work with.

Features At A Glance

  • 12 professional grade artists’ quality paints
  • High in opacity, superior performance
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Meets safety standards
  • Dries fast but allows rewetting and reworking
  • Fade-proof, the colors last

10. Liquitex Professional Acrylic Gouache Paint Set

Time to review something different in a good way. Acquainting to you, the Acrylic Gouache Paint Set by Liquitex. It is gouache, but acrylic paint too. That means you are getting high opacity of gouache and the ultra drying and water resistance of acrylic paint.

Gouache Paints Set 9

Each brush stroke ends up in a matte finish and is permanent on the canvas once dried. There will be no bleeding of colors, even if you pour water on it.

Overpaint smoothly with the same color or with multiple colors. That helps to bring out the beautiful velvety effect on the canvas. The colors don’t reflect light too. Those of you involved in illustration and design work will find this set very useful.

Though you get only 12 colors, each one of the colors is basic and essential. The bottles with pre-cut nozzles contain 22ml paints, way more than any other paint set, including the ones we mentioned above.

Basic colors make an infinite number of colors upon mixing, and when you have the pigments high in quantity, then there will be no restraint to your creativity and creation.

Features At A Glance

  • 12 basic, but ultra-pigmented acrylic gouache
  • 22ml paint in each bottle
  • Optimum opacity and quick drying
  • Permanent when dry
  • Beautiful matte finish, velvety when overpainted
  • Water-resistant, doesn’t bleed

Buying Guide for Best Gouache Paints Set

We believe gouache paints are all about opaqueness. Just by looking at how opaque it is, you can purchase a gouache paint set. But you also need to keep a couple of other features in mind.

i. Opaque

Vibrant, vivid, thick, creamy, wet, pigment, each of these plays their part in how opaque the color will be. And when it is high in opacity, you can be sure of it being the best gouache paint. Opaque colors are easy to use on a dark canvas. When you paint, the color of the base will not peek through it. Instead, the portions of it you left without painting will blend with the painted zone and give it a perfect look.

ii. Wide Range

We prefer a wide range of colors. The most basic colors like white, black, red, with a few unusual ones, are the perfect olio. Or, these could be versatile. Paints should mix easily with each other and create a new color. Like that, one does not even need a wide range of colors. If you can change the depth and opacity of the color by mixing water, then the versatility will hit the roof.

iii. Safe 

Adults, or kids, professionals or beginners, safe paints are the need of the hour. Adults will handle the colors better than kids, but they can’t guarantee no-mess. While painting and creating, the colors are bound to be all over the place. So, better you get non-toxic, washable, eco-friendly colors. Some of the ones we reviewed are certified as they meet the set safety standards.

iv. Easy To Blend

Blending is everything in painting. No matter what the base is, the color has to blend well. It should not look like the paint is sitting on the canvas. Creamy, wet textured paints are not just great for making the color opaque. They proved to be greater while blending. Gouache paints that easily blend are the best.

v. Canvas

You do not necessarily are going to just paint on paper. So, the paints must work on varied surfaces. Wood, plastic, textile, paper, metal, it could be anything. The fickle mind of an artist never brackets him/her in one base. So, better the paint gives the fickle mind scopes to be complacent.


The opaqueness of gouache decides the quality of the paints. So, keep in mind, the Best Gouache Paints Set will be non-transparent. The best thing about gouache is that you do not have to use a white base to bring out the paints’ actual pigment. With our choices of gouache paints set, you can paint a bright red canvas into a blue, and none will guess what’s beneath the blue; red, black, or white.

Also, you can make these paints sheer by mixing water in them. But make sure that the paint can take it. Or the painting will look beautiful at first but slowly will lose its color and vividness. When it comes to thick, creamy paints with high opacity, the above tens hardly have better competition. These are great and all you gouache paint artists must try it. And hey you, the pro watercolor person. You should also try it to see whether or not you are missing something. We are pretty sure you, too, are going to love it.

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