The 5 Best Friendship Bracelet Kit Reviews with Buying Guide

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Celebrating a day is nothing new. We celebrate our birthdays, annual international days, and also celebrate our relations honoring our loved ones. We celebrate all these important days by showering our loved ones with gifts and flowers. But there is only one celebration like no other that requires a symbol to be tied on the wrist.

Quick Answer – The Best 5 Friendship Bracelet Kit

Moreover, when the month of friendship is just knocking at our door, and the subject matter is the best friendship bracelet kit, that is enough hint. There could hardly be anything discreet here. Yes, we are indeed talking about the friendship day and the friendship bands or bracelets.

Top 5 Friendship Bracelet Kit Review in Details

Now there are a lot of bracelets available in the market. It’s a legit industry, to be honest. However, how about making a distinct friendship bracelet with a lot of hard work and emotions. We have the best kit recommendations for you to surprise your friends. Let’s jump straight to it.

1. Loopdedoo – DIY Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit

The first kit we are going to talk about is the bracelet maker kit by Loopdedoo. The kit legit comes with a spinning loom. Most importantly, that is a patented item. So, you are perhaps going to get similar kits, but this kit is above all.

Not just the loom, you get 12 skeins of cotton thread as well. That’s a lot, to begin with. And they are all different in colors. So what you are making is obliged to be unique, colorful, and beautiful.

You simply wrap the ends of the threads you want to use to make the bracelet and spin the dial on the loom. It will spin in a spiral and give a nice look to the friendship bracelet you are making.

Friendship Bracelet Kit 1

With the spinning loom, make some thick bracelets, thin ones, plain ones, multiple threads ones, create one with just one thread to keep it simple and try the looping style to give it an extra touch, the options are varied.

To learn using the spinning loom, and understanding the loops and knots, you will need to practice for a while. But trust us, the practice sessions are going to be full of fun. Show your creativity and express yourself through the bracelets. The joy of creating something new is always so very fulfilling.

After you know how the loom works, it will take you just a few minutes to make a friendship bracelet. That too, the high quality, distinct ones.

It is for travel. So you can take it wherever you want. Take the threads you need by storing them in the little storage drawer in the spinning loom.

Features At A Glance

  • Increases creativity level
  • Travel design
  • Patented spinning loom with tiny storage beneath
  • 12 skeins of cotton thread
  • Make a bracelet within minutes
  • Unique bracelets with each attempt

2. Friendship Bracelet String Kit by Athena’s Elements

Athena’s Elements bracelet kit is a value kit. For a beginner, it would be a beautiful unending world of creativity where he/she can unleash his/her creativity.

It is a pretty large box filled with all the essential items for making bracelets. Why just bracelets, this kit can be used for handcrafts and sewing projects as well.

Friendship Bracelet Kit 2

You are not getting a mere 20 or 30 embroidery floss. This box hits a century. We mean it comes with 100 colorful high-quality 100% cotton threads. No two floss have the same color. They could be similar colored but not the same.

These are some really strong, thick, and durable threads. You also get three 1.64 yards long and 0.4 inches width ribbons in the kit.

Other than the threads you get, the kit includes multiple-color beads as well as letter beads. The multiple colored beads come in both round and square shapes. Even the letter beads are of two different types, one a bit colorful and the other one black and white.

You get all the letters in both sets that mean a total of 26 letter beads in each. The number of colorful beads is 80 in two sets.

Why will we not call it the best friendship bracelet kit and also a sewing kit when it comes with thimbles, 30 small and large needles, thread cutters, seam ripper, scissor, and threaders. Plus, all these could be well-organized, well-stored in the slots of the durable box.

Features At A Glance 

  • A value kit
  • Not just a bracelet maker but a versatile kit for needlework
  • 100 colorful embroidery floss and three ribbons
  • 80 colorful beads and 52 letter beads
  • Comes with needles, threaders, thread cutters and a lot more
  • Embroidery Thread Numbering Code in the box

3. Choose Friendship, My Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit 

This bracelet maker kit by Choose Friendship is an optimally sized kit that fits your backpack just right. The yellow-purple board has a coin-like globe clip on it at the top and has 11 little poles of the same color combination, almost clinging with each other with a gap of a strand only.

So, you will wrap the thread in the globe clip and bring each strand towards the poles and lock them in between each pole. It will make the braiding easy.

Friendship Bracelet Kit 3

The kit legit believes in spreading universal love; that is why you notice random words written on the board in different languages. The meaning of those words are the same, that is friendship. But it is written in 12 different languages.

You have a storage drawer for the threads with 11 slots in it. In the kit, you get 20 pre-cut Prism threads that come in 10 nice colors. So making colorful friendship bracelets is a matter of minutes now. The threads are stored in the slide-out drawer. This kit keeps you well-organized.

Pack it in your bag and take it to your school and make some friendship bracelets in your off period. Gift it to your friends and make bracelets in a group. The creativity you show through the designs will overall have a positive impact on you.

If you are going to purchase the kit, make sure to download the Knot It app. Follow the app and learn the varied ways of making exceptional friendship bracelets.

The app has its instructions in three linguistics. So it’s way more universal than the other apps that explain everything in just one language.

Features At A Glance 

  • Travel-ready kit
  • 20 pre-cut prism threads in ten colors
  • Knot-It App for easy instructions
  • A slide-out drawer with numbered slots
  • 11 slots ensure well-organized threads
  • Convenient design for easy making of bracelets

4. Doodle Hog Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

If cuteness had a face, the friendship bracelets made using DOODLE HOG would be it. In this kit, you have everything ready to make the bracelets. From threads to beads to the ruler to design instructions and a braiding clip.

Only the colorful threads could make colorful bracelets. And for that, you have 20 string bundles.

You are getting 100 alphabet beads. Make bracelets with the first letter of your friends’ names and make it exclusive for each one of them. You can be slightly extra by having the full name on the bracelet as well. See, Options we said.

Friendship Bracelet Kit 4

It has 12 hand charms and also 12 trendy charms like pineapple, smiley, icecream, cloud, rainbow, and a few more cutesy ones. So, you have 24 charms in total to add to your bracelets.

This kit doesn’t let you finish surprising your friend just with unique bracelets but lets you gift some more. That is why it adds 12 notecards with adorable images and images of bracelets of varied designs as well.

You can follow the bracelet’s design on the notecard and gift both as a pack to your friend. This kit basically offers options, and those are pleasant ones.

The included XL rose gold clip and built-in ruler guides you super well while making some intricate designs using tough techniques. It lets you be precise and a perfectionist. You can try four different knot designs such as french twist, four-strand braid, square knot, and chevron designs by following the easy to follow design guide.

Features At A Glance

  • Learn four different knot techniques with easy to follow guide
  • Be precise in making bracelets with ruler and braiding clip
  • 20 string bundles
  • 100 alphabet beads
  • 24 hand and trendy charms
  • 12 cute note cards

5. Alex DIY Wear Ultimate Friendship Bracelet

With this bracelet maker kit, you can make 30 bracelets. It could be plain bracelets or beaded ones as well because you get six different colors of seed beads and also 19 silver color beads.

The metal beads’ design and shape are a bit different than the round seed beads. Now making a beaded bracelet will need beading needles, and you have two in this kit.

Friendship Bracelet Kit 5

To make the bracelets, you get 2 round looms and one square loom. The two shapes ensure different styles of the bracelets. At first, it might seem confusing to use the looms, but it is easy to spin. You just need to take the string through the narrow slits that are well-placed on the looms.

The colorful bracelets you could make are the result of the 20 embroidery floss the kit includes. Each bundle has 8.75yds in it. It hardly missed any basic color.

Other than that, it includes a few metal charms as well. Heart, round, cylinder, and flower-like; these are all too adorable to resist.

In the kit, you also get a 2.18yds of elastic string, jump ring, and the essential instruction to make the bracelets that are albeit easy to follow.

Hand this kit to your kid and his/her friends when they are all together. While spending time with each other, they can use this single kit to make some wonderful memoirs of their eternal friendship in the form of bracelets.

Features At A Glance 

  • 30 bracelets
  • One square loom and two round looms
  • Seed beads and two beading needles for making beaded bracelets
  • 20 embroidery floss, 8.75yd each
  • 19 metal beads and metal charms of varied shapes
  • Easy to follow instructions

Buying Guide For Best Friendship Bracelet Kit

The purpose of a kit is always to make the making procedure easy. It will be a full package that will be enough to do a specific job. And it is no different in case of the friendship bracelet kit. Check out our buying guide for bracelet kits and make sure you purchase a wholesome package.

i. High-Quality Threads

Threads are prime in friendship bracelets. If you have good intentions, you can simply tie a ribbon on your friend’s hand. He will feel the love. Designs might not even matter. So, the kit you buy should have the best quality threads. These embroidery flosses should be thick, colorful, long-lasting, don’t get tangled, and easy to separate if tangled. Cotton embroidery floss is the best as you can wear them in your hands for a long time without any discomfort.

ii. Loom

To make designs and knots, which is the most crucial part of friendship bracelets, you will need a base. It could be a spinning loom, a loom with globe clip and poles, or square and round looms with slits or any other design. It’s nothing like you cannot do without looms. But looms make the making process easier and faster. The ones that don’t come with looms have to be something too tough to resist, for instance, the value kit we reviewed above.

iii. Extra Accessories

Only threads and looms are not enough for a bracelet maker kit. You need a lot more to it. And you can have all those extra accessories as there are so many kits available with beads, be it seed beats, multi-colored and shaped beads, letter beads or charms. Here, even a needle matters. Extra accessories always increase the value of a kit.

iv. Easy Instructions

Bracelet maker kits make creating a bracelet easy. But not without proper guidance. Make sure the kit you are buying has an easy-to-follow guide. So that you can read the steps while making the bracelets. A manual is a must for ensuring the use of a product to its full potential.


Make your friends and family feel special by tying the friendship bracelets made with the Best friendship bracelet kit. Just like there is a difference between feeding food that you made by yourself to your family, even if it is just one dish, not too delicious, or look good and feeding them ten different delicious, yummy looking meals ordered from a restaurant, there is a difference in buying an expensive, beautiful friendship bracelet and making a simple one all by yourself and tying that to their wrist. The expressions and joy on their face you will see will do all the talking. So make as many as possible and make them feel exclusive.

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