The 5 Best Flip Chart Reviews with Buying Guide

A flip chart is basically a large pad with papers. There are 20-50 papers stacked in one pad. The number might vary depending on how many sheets you need. Here, in our best flip chart reviews, we have the pads with papers between 20 and 50.

These are mostly hung from the easel stands or whiteboards. You can also stick some pads that have adhesive strips behind. And the pads, which have punched holes, you can easily hang them from the nails on the wall. 

People use it for various reasons. Teachers, students, kids use a flip chart either to teach, do projects, and play with colors on it. In the office, one uses it to present the ideas and also brainstorming. The reason might be many, but the large sheets of flip charts are fun to use and make your work easy.

5 Top Flip Chart Review in Details

So, what are some of the best flip charts, let’s check out beneath as we have done thorough research on them.

1. Post-it Super Sticky Tabletop Easel Pad

The first one we are reviewing is a portable easel pad with a carry handle. It replicates a shopping bag. To use the sheets, you do not need an easel as it comes with a built-in easel stand. The sheets stick to that stand only. 

Whenever you need to use the sheets separate from that built-in paper easel, you can take one sheet off at a time and stick it wherever you need to. You are getting a total of 20 sheets, and they are all 20 x 23 inches. Pretty average but apt sized to present your plan and ideas.


This one is made in the USA with globally sourced materials. Other than the pads and easel stand, you also get a stack of colorful super sticky notes. Just like the sheets, these also stick well on any surface without damaging it. With the sheets and the notes, you can be far more creative. 

It’s a Post-it product, and Post-it has its own app. To keep what all you did the whole time with your presentation can be captured and stored through this app. And when it’s needed, you can share all the details with your teammates either through your app. Or you can ask them to download the same app.

When the sheets are not made with high-quality materials, they tend to struggle with ink bleed-through. There will be ink everywhere, even on the surface you stick the paper. But this one resists ink bleed-through. So, you can have a mess-free presentation. Not just that, wherever you are sticking the sheets, they stay there two times longer than other similar sticky sheets.

Features At A Glance

  • Twenty 20×23 inches sheets
  • Built-in easel stand with a carry handle
  • Sticks well and hold two times longer
  • Resists ink bleed-through
  • Has its own Post-it app to capture work
  • Includes super sticky notes

2. Easel Pad 23×32” – 3 Pack (75 Sheets) – Flip Chart Paper

The next one is these three packs of easel paper pads. There are 25 sheets in each pack. So, you are going to get 75 sheets in total. They are all 23×32 inches sheets. From school teachers to students, for office work to home use, anyone can utilize these anywhere they need to. 

Those of you who are not able to stop your kids from making the house walls drawing canvases can provide them with these large paper sheets. They can draw, write, play as much and as long as possible on these. And then, when it comes to presentation in the office, your teammates are going to get impressed with your work if you can well-utilize these sheets.


The papers are 100 GSM. So, they are pretty heavy and are of pretty high quality. The quality is apt for the exact purpose these sheets are used for. The papers are plain white with a 98-102 brightness. 

On the other hand, all the sheets are supported by 350 GSM cartons. The higher the GSM is, the better the quality of the paper is. So, the packages give the much-needed stability to the stack of papers. 

To hang it on the wall or to use it on the whiteboard easel, there are three holes punched on it. These are typically made, keeping the standard easel boards and flip charts in mind.

Features At A Glance

  • 75 sheets in 3 packs, 25 in each
  • 23×32 inches sheets
  • Top-quality, thick, 100 GSM paper
  • Made for standard easel boards and flip charts
  • Three holes punched on the top to hang from the wall or whiteboard
  • Apt for office as well as home use

3. Business Source 25”x30” Self-Stick Easel Pads, 4/Pack

These self-stick easel pads have to be the easiest of them all to use. You get a total of 4 packs of sheets, and each pack has 30 sheets in it. That takes the total sheet number to a whopping 120. So, one pack will last almost eternity.

Unlike the previous one, these come with a self-stick adhesive strip. When you need to work with it, take the strip off and adhere it to any surface. It takes only a couple of seconds to stick, and you are ready for quickly displaying your presentation. 


Now, let’s talk about using single pages. Even that is easy and quick. The pages are easy to tear. Many times, when you try to tear one sheet, it ruins the pack by tearing a couple of them. But this one ensures a damage-free separation of the sheets. 

If you need one, you can separate only one without damaging the whole pack. So, when you have used multiple pages, you can tear each one of them and stick on any surface to make it easy for the people to see from any corner of the room.

These sheets measure 25”x30”. Similar to the previous one in our best flip chart reviews with a slight difference both in length and width. These are unruled and plain white papers, so you can use them to write as well as draw. Other than that, these are stacked on cardboard. Thus, the backing these get is pretty solid. The even surface makes it easy and comfy for you to write and draw on these pad packs.

Features At A Glance

  • Four packs of pads with 30 sheets in each
  • 25”x30” sheets
  • Comes with an adhesive strip to easy-and-quick sticking on any surface
  • Unruled, have ample space to draw and write
  • Easy to tear a single paper
  • Solid cardboard backing

4. TOPS Standard Easel Pads

In this one, you get four pads. Each pad has 50 sheets in it, the highest till now. That takes the total number of papers to 200. Thus, it brings good value for the money you spend on it. These sheets are made of sturdy white stock. So you can be sure of the sheets being top quality. The white paper sheets are bound with head strips. That gives it a distinct look.

The pads are Letr-Trim perforated. So, page removal is as easy as it can get. You remove as many pages as possible, yet the pads will remain intact with the rest of the sheets in it.


These are plain white sheets, not grid nor ruled. That gives you enough space to work on it. The same brand also has similar pads in the grid and ruled format, but these are some top quality plain white sheets for your office presentation and school project.

The sheets are 27-inch wide and 34-inch in height. So, not just in the number of sheets, even in measurement, it triumphs. So, as you have already guessed, these are full-size easel sized pads. Those of you who work in a larger group and also bigger projects where you need to write a lot at one place, these provide you with ample space where you can write as much as possible at one side of the page.

These are long as well as wide but still perfectly fit full-size easel stands. And to do that, the pads have three holes punched on top. So, it will hang well and longer.

Features At A Glance

  • Four pads, 50 sheets in each
  • Sheets made of a sturdy white stock
  • 27×34” sheets
  • Fits full-size easel aptly
  • Letr-Trim perforated, so easy to tear
  • Apt for larger groups and massive presentation

5. Dry Erase Easel 24” x 36”

All this while we have reviewed pads that can be used as flip charts in itself. Either by sticking them on an even surface or hanging them on the wall through the punched holes. One was a tabletop easel pad too. So, now let’s dive into a dry erase easel that also comes with a flip chart pad.

It’s a value pack, apt for those who need an easel stand to stick or hang the flip chart. In this one set, you are getting a magnetic easel whiteboard. You can use it all by itself with markers. And that also comes in this set, and you get not just one but three markers. To erase the writing, you get an eraser too. 


The easel board is very easy to install. It is lightweight, thus, super easy to carry. So, when you need to display your work in the office, just take the whole set with you. And if that was not enough for you, let us talk about the flip chart.

The flip chart thickness is 16mm. You get twenty-five 24×36 inches sheets in one pad. To stick the flip chart to the easel board, the board has three movable hooks and an elastic clip. The clip is apt to hang the pad, and the hooks hold a single sheet pretty well and make it easy for you to write on it and work with.

If you need, you can use short note pads and stick them to the easel with the six magnets it comes with.

Features At A Glance

  • An easel stand with a flip chart pad
  • 25 sheets in one pad
  • Comes with eraser, markers, and magnets
  • Light yet sturdy, easily portable
  • Easy and quick to install, takes two minutes
  • Tripod legs, easy height adjustment

Things You Need To Know About Before Buying Best Flip Chart

When it comes to flip charts, the word ‘easy’ is too significant. So, what you need in a flip chart, read below.

i. Size Of The Paper

The size of the papers on the flip charts must be large. At least, medium. Otherwise, no point in working on flip charts and sticking them to the whiteboards or easel stands. If you are working in a large group, go for the largest flip chart possible. Also, if you love brainstorming, then grab the large flip chart. Or medium-size will do.

ii. Quality Of The Paper

Do not compromise with the quality of the paper. Even if it costs a bit high, go for a flip chart that has high-quality sheets. Flip charts are used in many vital projects, so if you are using not-so high-quality sheets, then it might make your presentation underwhelming. The ink might smudge or bleed. Keep the GSM high, at least 100.

iii. Easy To Hang

It must be easy to hang. But, most importantly, it must stay hanged. Be it through adhesive strips, punched holes or hooks, or nails. A flip chart has to be very easy and quick to hang. Even the single sheets must be easy to hang and work on the easel or whiteboard.

iv. Easy To Tear

Flip charts have several thick sheets stacked. So, when you need to tear a page, it must come off quickly. That, too, without damaging the rest of the papers in the pack. If the removal of a single sheet splits the whole pack, leave high-quality, it’s not even a good-quality flip chart.

v. Easy Carrying

The flip chart must be easy to carry. For that, it should be lightweight. Foldable ones or ones with carrying handles will be the best option for you.


Right at the end of what we titled as best flip chart reviews, we just need to tell you that the flip chart is not only some papers in a pad. It might seem there is nothing much to analyze when it comes to a flip chart. But that’s not true. The quality of paper used to make the flip chart, the way to use it, the size of the sheets, and the rest need a bit of studying before you purchase them.

So, when we have compiled the list of the best, our purpose was to make your job easy. Depending on how you want to hang it or use it, also, the size of your easel stand, get the flip chart you need. We have five for you, we hope, your search just ended right here.

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