The 7 Best Drawing Pens Reviews with Buying Guide

Whenever we get an idea, we can express it through pen and paper. But if we fail to manage a good technical pen, our sketches will look awful on paper. That’s why drawing pens are a mandatory tool for artists, illustrators, and cartoonists. Unlike regular pens, they can form precise lines and curves. These pens are comparatively more free-flowing too. Here’s the quick answer of best drawing pens:

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They are available in different tip sizes, colors, sizes, and uses. Where some are ideal for making outlines, others may have shading or fill-in capabilities. No matter which type you prefer, make sure to get the best drawing pen of this type.

Top 7 Drawing Pens Review in Details

Check out the review of some top-rated products to know about their key features.

1. Taotree 24 Fineliner Color Pens Set

This set includes non-duplicate 24 vivid colors, which is enough to give the best visualization. They utilize 0.38 mm excellent points for creating intricate details. Each of them offers a smooth and flawless performance due to the metal-clad tipped construction. For this reason, they are prioritized in painting, writing, designing, fine-ink projects over the regular one.


As they contain water-based inks, water is used as their prime solvent. So, you will get all the advantages of such kind of ink. Generally, these eco-friendly solutions are free from harmful chemicals. Besides, you can create high-quality prints and clean up quickly if any mess occurs. The ink will hardly bleed thru on the paper.

These pens fit perfectly inside your grip. You can move them comfortably because they are very light-weight and ergonomic. They come with caps to keep themselves safe from drying out. Thus, the colors will last longer. The user can remove and replace the caps with minimal effort.

They arrive in a soft transparent bag. If the user wants to carry them to different places, they can fit the small bag in backpacks. The pens will remain organized and clean.

Features at a Glance

  • This set of 24 vibrant colors is sufficient for several projects
  • 38 mm fine tips encourage perfect patterns and details
  • The sturdy fine tip marker is highly durable
  • Smooth writing, natural drying, and water-based ink
  • Less chance of smearing, bleeding and line breaking
  • Easily removable caps for preventing dry-outs

2. Brite Crown Black Fineliner Pens

It is a versatile pen set that contains ten tip sizes from 0.2mm to 2.5mm. While the narrower tips will be useful for precise projects, the wider brush tips will be an excellent tool for doodling and calligraphy. With their non-bleed features, they will lead your artwork towards the next level.


These water-based drawing kits consist of non-acidic and non-toxic materials. The ink doesn’t fade away with the water as it has water-proof properties. Also, they last surprisingly longer than most other pens. Once the users get them, they will be enjoying smooth drawing performance without any smearing, skipping, and fading.

When the artist is in a hurry, they may face problems choosing the desired pen from a lot of options. To help them out, the manufacturers provide different pen caps along with them. All caps are labeled by their size. This feature enables you to organize and find out the pen you need quickly.

The package features a handy storage pouch for increasing the level of your convenience. But it achieved too much popularity due to its versatility. These fine-liner pens will deliver impressive outcomes in sketching, developmental tasks, illustrations, etc.

Features at a Glance

  • A total of 10 different tip sizes is adequate for calligraphy, drawing, and doodling
  • Non-acidic, non-toxic and water-proof ink
  • No bleeding, line skipping or fading
  • Labeled pen cap for quick identification
  • Wide range of use cases
  • Precise performance is applicable for dry and wet media

3. PANDAFLY Hand Lettering Pens Set

The PANDAFLY combo involves 1mm, 2mm, 3mm pens. Moreover, it has an extra-fine, fine, average, brush, and lastly soft brush version. The black brush pens can do incredible jobs when it comes to hand lettering. They make any decorations so lively and overwhelming. Therefore, you can use them for invitation cards, home art, and other scrapbooking designs.

The premium-quality ink is properly pigmented. It is nature-friendly and non-toxic. So you can also allow your toddlers to use them. It delivers reliable protection against fading with time and water. Once you place the tip on the paper, the ink starts to come smoothly without missing spots.

They have non-bleeding characteristics too. There will not be any unwanted mess to ruin your art-piece. The drawings blend well with watercolor markers. For this reason, they are considered an excellent choice for brush lettering.

People often seek such a set which is able to satisfy the requirements of multiple techniques. Whatever you want, art drawing, decoration, hand lettering, animation design, logo, one single set is enough for all. All of them are coupled with coded pocket caps to prevent drying out.

Features at a Glance

  • High-quality set includes 8 sizes of pens
  • Associated with archival pigment ink
  • Safe, bleeding-free, toxin-free, water-proof, and fade-proof
  • The flexible brush tip supports many brush lettering as well as drawing techniques
  • Smooth and break-free writing
  • Included sturdy protective pocket

4. Dyvicl Black Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens

The Dyvicl introduces a drawing kit with nine unique nibs. The size of these multi-drawing pens lies from 0.2mm to 0.6mm diameter. Furthermore, it utilizes one soft brush tip. Such combinations can satisfy a variety of applications.

The common problem of using regular drawing pens are smearing, bleeding, or skipping. But this one conforms to ASTM D4236. It does not have any of the discussed difficulties. You can use them reliably with watercolor and markers. With the archival quality black ink, your projects will last longer than your expectation. Even if it gets in contact with water, the art remains intact.


The non-refillable pens do not contain harsh chemicals and acids in them. They are entirely odorless and pH neutral as well. So none have to deal with any allergic health issues during the working time. Apart from these benefits, they are photocopy-safe too.

The customers get coded caps and pocket clip caps with the pens. They are light-weight so that they are easy to carry in your pocket. They are durable enough to survive bending or breaking. If you have to prepare bullet journaling, technical drawing, and more art-related tasks, you can trust these pens undoubtedly.

Features at a Glance

  • Assorted tip selection from 8 individual micro nib sizes
  • Long-lasting, consistent, and water-proof ink
  • No smearing, fading, bleeding, and skipping
  • Attached coded cap as well as pocket clip cap for extra comfortability
  • Light-weight, easy to use and easy to move
  • The durable nibs withstand firm force while keeping the tips safe from bending

5. Sakura Pigma 30062 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set

One of the main requirements of being an ideal pen set is versatility. If the package does not combine different-sizes pens, we can not use them for all artworks. The Sakura authorities launched these incredible pens keeping this fact in mind. There are six pens varying the nib diameter from 0.20mm to 0.50mm.


Their archival PIGMA ink is fade-resistant and water-resistant. As you can assume, they will not get affected by water or time. They tend to endure several kinds of chemical reactions. All these points are responsible for the pen’s sturdiness and durability.

They are pigment-based and feature one specific color pigment. The gel comes smoothly on the drawing surface without any issues of bleeding. Because the ink molecules are way larger than the conventional dye molecules. It will be dried soon after completing the project. No need to wait for hours to get the perfect finish.

The vibrant blank ink does not lead to skipped lines. It will be super flawless and wonderful. They can offer the even line width while drawing. Artists who are seeking for the right tools for consistent lettering must go for this one. All students, comic artists, illustrators, watercolor professionals are fans of these premium-quality inking tools.

Features at a Glance

  • The dark ink provides smooth yet skip-free writing to get a consistent result
  • Professional inking pens used by comic artists, illustrators, watercolor artists, archivists, and laboratory professionals.
  • Protection against water, bleeding, chemical radiation, and fading
  • Zero smears, safe, and pH neutral.
  • Quick-drying facility
  • 6 tip-size variation

6. Dainayw Precision Micro-Line Pens, Hand Lettering Pen

What can be more interesting if you get 13 separate multi-purpose pens in just one? From 0.15mm to 3mm, S, L, and BR, it has all the needed tips that you need for everything. Their long metal tip can be used along with rulers and templates. Feel free to use them for drawing, lettering, line jobs, and so on.


While picking a pen, the most crucial thing you need to consider is whether the ink is safe or not. These pens are the winners of this category. They are not only acid-free but also chemically stable. As zero risk is associated with them, you can use them reliably.

All of them use archival ink so that the drawings do not bleed at all. There will be no fading over time. The art piece will look fresh even after a year. Their solid tips are not prone to fraying. It makes them suitable for use on low-grade papers. This suite conforms to the ASTM D4236 certification.

With the perfectly consistent gel flow, all curves appear uniform. You won’t notice any blank spaces where you lead the pen to create projects. The whole deal covers a convenient organizer pouch. It has separate spots to hold all items neatly.

Features at a Glance

  • Combination of several size multi-liner pens
  • Appropriate for drawing, lettering, and using in office or school
  • Least bleeding and fading with the archival ink.
  • The durable tips don’t get damaged when using on the poor-quality surfaces
  • Chemically stable, safe, and water-proof,
  • Perfectly consistent ink flow results in even curves

7. Mincho Set of 10 Black Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens

When it comes to irresistible quality and impressive functionalities, these pens are unbeatable. All credits go to their design, construction, and archival ink. The water solution is the prime material of such ink. Though they are vibrant and heavily pigmented, they don’t have acidic molecules. This is the reason why it is safe for you and the environment.


They leave a long-lasting effect on the canvas. It will remain vibrant after a couple of months, like a recent one. It happens because the inks don’t smear, bleed, or skip. The manufacturers confidently guarantee the complete satisfaction of their customers.

Selecting the right tip for art is the key to success. Some tips may be only precise suit drawing, where some may assist in filling. No matter which one you need, you will find all in this. They are professional pens with a 0.2mm to 2.5mm tip size filled with bold black ink.

The brand also provides an organizer pouch to the buyers. It is designed with individual spots for holding all pens in their own place. Then, they will be neatly organized and ready to carry inside your bags. Their clip caps help to keep them in gel form. As a result, you can use them until the ink runs out.

Features at a Glance

  • Wide ranges of tip sizes
  • The vibrant pigment inks consist of a water-based solution
  • Suitable for adults and children as they are non-toxic and acid-free
  • Long-lasting, smear-proof, and skip-proof finishing
  • Comes with an organizer pouch for neat organization
  • Color-coded pocket cap

Best drawing pens Review – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Be sure of having these following properties in your selected model:

i. Archival ink

The high-grade models are usually labeled ‘archival’. Such models don’t start lightening over time. Note that you must have to store them properly to prevent fading. If anyone wants to preserve his/her works, nothing can be better than them. Therefore, they are widely used in scientific labs to store the research document longer. They ensure the longevity of the notes in scrap booking. All fine artists find them useful because they want long-term survival artworks for sale. You will also find plenty of alternatives which may not last long but give a great instant finishing. So the choice is up to you.

ii. Tip Material

The majority of the technical drawing pens contain either entirely metal or metal-coated plastic tips. The users get several advantages such as fine lining and durability from the metal tips. They are too sturdy to use on rough paper without the fear of damaging themselves. However, People may need to spend a good amount of money on replacing them and maintaining cleanliness. But their plastic counterparts are available at a cheaper rate. They offer a smoother and more fluent performance compared to the first type. But the artworks may suffer from line variation. You need to use them carefully as slight pressure can lead to breaking. Still, they are preferred due to the affordable rate.

iii. Safety

Well, we never buy anything without getting an idea about its caution. The artists often are busy with their jobs. If the inks are made of toxic or acidic material, it may cause irritation on their skin. Such irritation may lead to acute pain and burning. Moreover, if the ink gets into their stomach accidentally, they will feel sick. In the case of small children, the situation will be worse. Always prioritize non-toxic, non-acidic, chemically stable products. They may seem a little bit pricey, but they are worth it.

iv. Disposable or Reusable

Both reusable and disposable pens can have the quality you are looking for. As the name suggests, you can use the reusable models again and again. A reusable pen is ideal if you want to save money in the long run. But it requires regular maintenance to sustain the capability. On the contrary, the disposable version is usable for a single time. You can throw them after using only once. No need to clean regularly and refill ink. The choice between them will vary from person to person. Most expert users use reusable pens, and most beginners find disposable models more suitable for them.

v. Resistant to the drawing platform

We all hate smearing inked patterns under the paper we are using. It looks horrible when the ink tends to smudge on the paper. Almost all top-rated pens are filled with bleed-proof ink to avoid this situation. Again, many feature water-proof molecules so that the work will still be solid after dipping into the water. They support working with watercolors. In addition to that, all chemical-resistant inks win over the effect of harmful chemicals.


The artists are aware that their performance is somehow affected by the pen’s quality.  The requirement of accuracy and proper details makes the best drawing pens their top choice. Our listed pens are widely used by professional crafters, architects, as well as other artists. It is rare to find pens offering high degrees of convenience and opportunities like them.

We assure you that any of them will not disappoint you if you can choose based on what you need. Don’t forget to search for the best one, following our buyer’s guidelines. We hope this content will help you in making the right decision.

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