The 5 Best Dot Markers for Toddlers with Buying Guide

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Kids love colors. They love to unleash every bit of their creativity through painting. Sometimes it’s done on papers. However, most of the time, the walls of the room turn their canvas. As a parent, you have to allow them such mischief. Why not when it is a learning process. Your kid is drawing his thoughts. Most importantly, we all know they are not going to pay heed if they are asked not to do it. So, it is better to provide them a more accessible tool. Also, it is best to make them learn to do it right, albeit on paper, not the walls.

Quick Answer – Best Dot Markers for Toddlers

Crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, there are many options. However, for toddlers, dot markers are the best. They are age-appropriate and easy to handle. They are designed keeping toddlers in mind. A baby doesn’t know how to draw straight lines. It is difficult. So, the best way is to create dots and complete the drawing by connecting unlimited dots. Dot markers fit easily in the little hands. The kids can have a solid grip on the colors while drawing. They are less messy, as well.

Details Review of Best Dot Markers

We have done our research, and now we are reviewing some of the best dot markers available in the market. Have a look at our review and buy the one you like the most.

1. Washable 8 Colors Dab and Dot Markers by Doodle Hog

Dab and Dot markers are affordable, high-quality markers. It is a set of 8 well-pigmented colors. The eight colors are brown, purple, yellow, green, blue, red, orange, and pink.

The paints come in cutely shaped bottles. They have a simple twist-off caps and sponge tips. The colors come out smooth, without any leakage, unlike regular paint markers. The shape of the bottle has a reason. It ensures a solid grip. It is shaped in such a way so that it fits in the little hands. For the solid hold, there are dots on the holding portion of the bottles.

Best Dot Markers 1

The reinforced tips don’t dry out. It makes perfect dots, draws smooth dabs, and helps to create easy doodles. The paints in the bottle are non-toxic and flow seamlessly. Your kid will get even coloring without any color leakage.

These are tested by kids as well as approved by the experts. Teachers, educators, and speech and language pathologists all use these while teaching core concepts. The markers are mess-free, and that is a good enough reason for them to use this set. As a bonus, you get a 101 easy dot markers activities book PDF as well.

Features At Glance

  • Eight dot markers with reinforced tips and twisted caps
  • Made to fit little fingers
  • Easy to grab, hold and draw
  • Non-toxic, so safe to use
  • Mess-free and doesn’t leak at all
  • Comes with 101 Dot Markers Activity Book PDFs

2. 6 Pack Rainbow Dot Markers by Do A Dot Art

Do A Dot presents you with their six dot markers set. Called as the rainbow paint markers, it consists of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red colors. It is designed and made in the USA, in their own factory. High-quality materials are used to make this set. So, the colors are non-toxic and free of contaminants. It is free of gluten and latex, as well. So, it is safe for kids to play with for hours.

Best Dot Markers 2

You are getting 74ml paint per bottle. The bottles have the Do A Dot’s patented sponge tip, which never dries out. The large sponge tips of the bottles are secured with caps. With an easy twist, your kid can open the bottle and start painting at once.

The best part of dot markers is you do not need any brush or cup to paint. They are easy to hold, as well. So, your kid gets it easy to color with. Easy holding and no other extra tools make sure of less mess.

The colors don’t leak, so there is a rare chance of it getting on clothes. If your kid manages to do even that, still you need not worry as they are washable paints.

The colors are easy to mix, blend, and layer. Not just that, with dot markers, your kid is also nurturing the eye and hand coordination.

Features At Glance

  • Made in the USA with the highest quality materials
  • Five colors in bottles with caps, no-spill, and no splash
  • Patented large sponge tip dauber
  • Washable paint markers
  • Easy to grip
  • Non-toxic colors, latex-free, and gluten-free

3. 10 Colors Washable Dot Markers for Kids by Chalkola

Cute items are right up a kid’s alley. So, we have got another cute looking dot markers set for you. It is by Chalkola. It is a large ten colors set. The colors consist of red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, orange, brown, black. Other than that, it has a unique pastel green as well.

Best Dot Markers 3

Every bottle comes with 60ml ink in them and secured with well-fitted caps. The colors don’t dry out. So, your kid can color with his favorite set of dot markers for days. With the foam nib and quick-drying ink, coloring becomes a fun activity.

The moment the color is on paper, the quick-dry formula helps it dry quickly. The water-based ink doesn’t leak, bleed, or smudge. So, it creates no mess. Moreover, it is very easy to clean, as well. The colors are 100% non-toxic and safe. So, there is no need to worry if the colors are all over your baby’s hands. Wash it off after finishing the activity.

You get an actual book with 57 pages full of fun activities as a bonus. No need to download or print. Your kid just needs to start coloring each page and enjoy it.

Features At Glance

  • Ten assorted colors in easy-grip design tubes
  • Ink in the bottle never dries out
  • Dries very quick, so doesn’t bleed or create a mess
  • Risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 100% toxic-free, safe dot markers
  • Comes with a 57-page coloring book

 4. 8 Pack Washable Dot Markers by Cameron Frank Products

Cameron Frank products offer you their rainbow-spectrum of color set. Red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, brown, and purple, you get eight colors. They are highly-pigmented and bright. The dot markers are perfect for playing bingo at home. So, your kids are learning numbers while playing. The dot markers are not just kids’ favorite. These are favorite of preschool and kindergarten classroom teachers as well.

Best Dot Markers 4

The shape of the bottle is such that it fits every hand. It fits in a toddler’s little fingers as well as in the hands of the teacher. The bottles have round caps and easy to open by twisting. Even if the caps are off, the ink doesn’t dry off.

The inks are non-leaking, non-spilling. They are safe to use because they are non-toxic. You can wash the ink off pretty easily. If you get the paints on clothes, wash them at once, and it will not stain.

You also receive a few bonuses with it. You get ten physical pages. With that, you also receive four downloadable PDF activity books. You can instantly download 100 of print-friendly pages for your kids. They can have versatility during the painting activity.

Features At Glance

  • One size fits all, be it, toddlers or teachers
  • Soft sponge tip applicator
  • No drying out or leakage of ink
  • Take a couple of minutes to clean up
  • Non-toxic
  • Comes with ten physical pages and four downloadable PDF activity books

 5. 12 Colors Washable Dot Markers by Shuttle Art

Our last offering for you is the 12 colors Shuttle Art dot markers. It’s the highest number of colors you are getting among the ones we have reviewed here. The bottle is filled with 2oz of ink. The colors are well-pigmented, vibrant, and bright.

Best Dot Markers 5

You get colors like yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, black, and brown. You also get two types of blue light and dark. Lastly, it comes with three different greens: Apple green, dark green, and the unique turquoise. So, your kid is getting introduced to a range of different colors. You have more to mix, blend, and create new colors.

The shape of the bottle is nice and chunky. So it is easy to grip and paint. It is secured with tight caps. They are easy to control, thus making straight lines is easy to learn. When learning is easy and fun, it inspires the child creating new ideas. And there will be a time when you will see your kid creating masterpieces.

You are getting a few free assortments as well. It offers patterns double adhesive paper, blue elephant apron, and two sleeve suits for free. So, your kid is having fun but with no mess.

Features At Glance

  • Twelve bright, well-pigmented colors
  • Nice and chunky bottles perfect for easy grip
  • Easy to use, control and blend colors
  • Great for the child’s hand-eye coordination
  • Both the markers and assortment are made of non-toxic materials
  • Comes with a few bonus assortment

Things Need To Know About Before  Buy Dot Markers

Before buying a set of dot markers, you must consider a few things. They are as follows-

i. Number of Colors

The set has to have the basic colors. The more, the better. However, the basics will still do. As we have mentioned earlier, it is not just about playing and drawing random things. It is a proper learning process. Your kid is learning how to focus, knowing the different colors, and bringing out the creativity on paper. They are learning to coordinate hands and eyes. The vibrant colors and the mixing, blending is making them learn new things every moment. So, more colors mean having a good time in creating some more unique colors.

ii. Easy-grip

You cannot buy some random colors for your toddler, which are for grown-ups. For a toddler, holding and gripping anything is a task. Drawing things is a far-fetched thought at the beginning. So, first, you need to give them something which they can grab comfortably. It must fit their little hands and fingers. When a toddler tries to draw or paint for the first time, they naturally become a bit wobbly and find it hard to keep a balance. Dot markers are designed and created for toddlers, so give them the thing that is created and designed for them. They will be able to hold the tube properly and color much better.

iii. Non-Toxic Materials

We all are living in a world full of toxicity. Children are the easiest prey to toxics. So, it is essential to provide them with safe things. The colors they are painting with, as well as the bottles they come in, are no different. They must be safe for their health because first, the child will be playing with the colors for hours. Second, you do not know when they will put their color-filled hands in their mouths. Lastly, coloring is a messy task, and colors will be all over the kids’ hands and skin. So, the color they are using must be free of every toxic.

iv. Minimal Mess

Buy those dot markers which have a soft sponge tip applicator. They are more likely to be non-leaking. They are easy to work with, as well. Your kid will be comfortable making dots as such tips play an essential role in drawing perfect dots. There will be no difficulty as such markers also do not dry out. That is the most exciting part. The best dot markers are those that do not dry out in the bottle but quickly dries on the paper. So, your kid can maintain a minimal mess.

v. Easy To Clean

As we stated above, colors will be in every inch of a kid’s body when they are playing with colors. We all have wasted our time in washing stubborn colors and failed. Sometimes, the hands stayed stained for days. If, by any chance, the colors get on the clothes, which is inevitable anyway, then, the only option is to discard them. Because the stains or marks never fades. Cleaning the colors away is a matter of impossibility. So, the colors must be washable and easy to clean. It is essential for your own good.

vi. Assortment

A bonus or gift with the dot markers set is not compulsory. However, some assortment with the set of colors is most welcome. The extra items add to the value of the dot markers. So, buying the ones with added gifts or bonuses is a wise idea. Some dot markers come with an apron, some with adhesive paper, some with physical pages, or downloadable PDFs for dot marker activities. So, you can give importance to what extra the brand is offering its consumers as well while buying the dot markers. It might charge you extra, but if the gifts are good enough, then it will be worth buying.


A toddler’s mind is like a blank slate. It is the perfect age to make them learn new things. Not forcefully or using difficult methods or tools, rather, playfully. For that, a set of dot markers can prove to be the greatest companion of your child. They will learn so much while playing. Let their creativity come out on paper in the form of colorful dots. Let them create masterpieces. The colors which are difficult to hold or draw with might put them off totally. So, try the ones we have reviewed as now we hope you know why these are the best in the market.

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