The 5 Best Crayons for Toddlers with Buying Guide

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Toddlers are very fond of expressing their thoughts and creativities by painting with colors. They learn a lot through inspirational and exciting drawings. When someone starts to paint from imagination and surroundings, he gets the best way to unveil his thoughts. Besides, this habit improves his concentration, confidence, and encourages creativity. So, if anyone loves drawing, a new box of crayons can be an excellent gift for them.

Quick Answer – Best Crayons for Toddlers

Crayons usually consist of clay, chalk, wax, and color pigments. They can create highly visible marks and lines on all surfaces. Though you have numerous options to buy other drawing kits for your kids, crayons are the best choice for them. Because, they can comfortably grab, lift, and move the small color-pencils focusing the movements of their fingers. Moreover, they are less likely to leave messes on the wall, carpets, and children’s skin. Crayon’s marks quickly go away after washing. With crayons, one gets several ways of experimenting with art concepts.

Review of Top 5 Crayons for Toddlers

There is a wide variety of crayons available in the market and commercial websites. So you might get confused about which one will the most suitable for your kids. To help you out in this regard, we are presenting the reviews of the five best crayons for toddlers:

1. Shuttle Art 24 Colors Gel Crayons

If you are looking for good-quality gel crayons, go for the Shuttle Art crayon set. It includes 24 vibrant colors gel crayons that can glide and set on paper so smoothly. Unlike most other crayons, they are specially formulated to get washed off any surfaces. So you don’t have to worry about removing marks from walls, skin, tabletops, and fabric. You can clean them within a few minutes.

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The gel crayons are suitable for kids, beginners as well as adult artists. The users will get an impressive experience for both light-color or dark-color canvas. As the set comes with many color options, they can control light-intensity and shading quite well.

These crayons are light-weight and portable. They easily fit inside school-bag and purses. They are produced without using toxic chemicals. Therefore, the children will be safe even if they put the crayons into their mouths or accidentally eat finger paint. As the colors are eco-friendly, they don’t cause any harm to nature. In this way, both kids and the environment will be safe while improving their drawing skills.

The ingenious design of these gel sticks makes them retractable. They come along plastic shells so that the painters will not get stains from the gel stick. It also prevents breaking in the middle. Such construction is essential for flexible and convenient drawing. Their able-to-twist function ensures making minimal waste.

Features at a glance

  • 24 vibrant colors, easy to draw and blend, suitable for any age
  • Portable, kids friendly, eco-friendly, non-toxic gel crayons
  • Washable, easy to clean
  • Ideal for both light-colored and dark-colored surface
  • Plastic shell for decreasing breakage
  • Flexible design, able-to-twist function for reducing color waste

2. NOYO Gel Crayons for Toddlers and Kids

The Noyo Crayon set comes with 36 colors for blending and highlighting color details perfectly. The artists also get a more elaborate range of colors by mixing and combining two or more colors. The heavily pigmented color is the best for drawing real-like instances.

They work great on either light-colored or dark-colored papers. The colors will be more vibrant on any colored base comparing to other crayons.

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These crayons provide a total of three ways to paint. They glide quickly and give a buttery smooth blending finish like pastel. To obtain a watercolor effect, the painters just need dabbing a little amount of water. Another incredible property is, the painting with these bold pigmented colors won’t crack or wrinkle the drawing surface after drying. The users can smudge them to create beautiful effects.

After doing the art session, it is natural to have unwanted stains. If the colors are not washable, you will never get rid of their marks. With NOYO gel crayons, you won’t face such issues. You can remove the stains easily by washing them. So, let your kids have fun without worrying about the mess.

The versatile crayon set is loved by all toddlers and teachers. They are made of non-toxic ingredients. As a result, they don’t cause any harm after getting absorbed by skin or eaten by the painters.

Features at a glance

  • Beautiful 36 bright colors including four neon colors, easy to mix and blend
  • No mess with washable colors
  • Can make smooth pastel effects and watercolor effects
  • Bright on all surfaces, appropriate for all ages
  • Non-toxic and safe crayons
  • Don’t wrinkle or crack

3. U.S. Art Supply Super Crayons Set of 36 Colors

The US Art Supply has brought an incredible crayon set of 36 Colors. Loads of vibrant colors can be the secret of numerous mesmerizing art pieces. They blend so fast and gives a smooth finish like butter. They are perfect for learning the basics of coloring, highlighting, and blending. Besides, the colors glide on the painting surface easily. So this set can be the right choice for beginners.

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These color-sticks are very easy to use and hold. Even a 3-years old toddler can lift and move it effortlessly. The set is approved for children and adults too. It is safe for kids over three years old. So, if you are concerned about the safety of your children while playing with crayons, you can trust it blindly. If they create stains with the crayon-sticks, you can wash them off quickly.

With this crayon set, you can draw on all surfaces no matter it is dark, light, or textured. The color will be super bright and visible, regardless of the type of painting plane.

All drawing tools require convenient storage for organizing the colors and keeping them safe. For this reason, the manufacturer will give you a good-quality organizer case along with the crayon-stick. The case features specific spots to hold individual crayons.

You will also receive a complete satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturers. If you don’t achieve their satisfaction you expected, you can claim a full refund.

Features at a glance

  • Good-quality crayons, lots of colors
  • Bright and blendable colors give a smooth finish
  • Ideal for new painters, safe for kids
  • Easy to grip, move, and wash
  • Suitable for dark, light, or textured bases
  • Come with Great wooden storage box for convenient storage

4. Jar Melo Washable Crayons

The crayon set gives you several options for choosing the number of colors. You can purchase six colors, 12 colors, 24 colors, and 36 colors crayon set according to your needs. These richly saturated colors can be used in drawing, doodling, coloring, and crafting. It is approved for kids, preschoolers, and adults.

best crayons 4

They can offer crayon, pastel, and watercolor effects. By adding a little bit of water, the artists can achieve pastel effects. They will get a watercolor effect by adding more little water. So everyone can paint in different ways due to the versatility of this set.

The tasteless color-sticks are made of environmentally friendly materials and don’t contain any toxic ingredients at all. They don’t create any itching or irritations on the skin. As a result, your kids can use them in their way without causing harm to them and nature.

The silk crayon-sticks are produced with a stabilized water-soluble formula. They are super flexible and twistable. Their rotatable body acts like lipstick, as well as doesn’t require a sharpener. Such a unique construction prohibits flaking or unreasonable wasting. Each crayon comes with their individual pore-designed cap to prevent blocking the trachea.

When parents gift crayons to their children, they become afraid of dirty marks on clothes or other places. Say goodbye to the troubles because the marks with these crayons are excellently washable. You can clean skin, clothes, or other areas with a damp cloth. So allow your little one to draw and learn while having fun.

Features at a glance

  • Richly saturated for all ages
  • Environmental friendly, kids friendly, non-toxic and tasteless
  • Super washable, easy to clean
  • 3 in 1 versatile tool provides crayon, pastel and watercolor effect
  • Rotatable and twistable body
  • No flaking, no unreasonable wastage, no need of a sharpener

5. Faber-Castell Gel Crayons

The Faber-Castell’s Gel Crayons kit includes 12 super soft gel crayons. The crayons have a limited amount of wax and lots of color pigment resulting in vibrant textures. Users can create new colors by mixing other colors. They are great for easy gliding, superior blending, and smooth finishing. They can be smudged and blended by fingers. The bright colors result in impressive arts on the dark screen, textured surface, glass, mirror, and so on.

best crayons 5

If the user is a beginner, he/she can conveniently learn the basics of coloring and blending with this kit. Both adults and kids can use them. They also paint regular and watercolor effects by adding water with a brush.

The crayon set comes with a carrying case. The artists can organize all colors in this sturdy plastic case. Therefore, they can carry the set safely. As they are light-weight, the kids can bring them to school or wherever they go. The size of these gel crayons is perfect for holding with small hands.

Unlike most other similar items, the crayons are super safe for kids. They don’t contain any acid and toxic which might create inflammation, irritation, or other health problems.

Features at a glance

  • Shimmering colors, blendable, smooth texture
  • A sturdy carrying case is included in the set
  • Work on a wide range of substrates, including wood, canvas, glass, metal, etc.
  • Acid-free, toxic-free
  • Great for achieving both crayon and watercolor effect
  • Small size, lightweight, portable

Things Need To Know About Crayon Before Buy

Check the following characteristics you need to consider to get the best crayon set for you:

i. Ingredients

The buyers must check the materials of the color-sticks. Some crayons contain acid, toxic, and harmful chemicals. When someone touches them, they get absorbed in the skin resulting in itching, irritation, and other problems. The health problems can become worse if someone accidentally eats them. Our kids are not conscious of the harmful impacts of putting color-filled fingers in the mouths. So, for the safety of our kids, not forget to read the ingredient label. Always buy fragrance-free, non-acidic, and non-toxic crayons.

ii. Versatility

Some crayons can give only a regular effect. They are usually made of wax. But with water-soluble crayons, the artist can provide watercolor effects to their paintings. Besides, there are some crayons, which can give both results and also blend smoothly like pastel. These versatile crayons are more expensive than others.

iii. Size

While buying color-stick for adults, considering the size is not mandatory. Because they can grab anything without troubles. But it is important when you are buying them for your toddler. They should not be bulky and heavy-weight. They should fit in the hand of your little one. They must be comfortable enough to maintain balance while drawing. Make sure that, the kids can hold, lift and move them effortlessly.

iv. Color options

With more color options, the painters can highlight the pictures more gracefully. Your kids will learn about more colors and learn to use them. Different bands give you different color options. Some brand offers a limited number of colors, and some provide a wide range of colors. Moreover, there are some brands, which offer both limited and extended color sets.

v. Blending capability

Good crayons glide easily and blend super smoothly. You can smooth them by using your fingers and smudge for creating shades. Again, this capability lets the users mix different colors to form a new color. But with oil-based crayons, the painting can not blend easily and never dry. Those paintings need to cover with a transparent shield on them. Therefore, be sure of purchasing pastel-like crayons if you want a smooth finish.

vi. Design and construction

Some crayons have an ergonomic design, which ensures the maximum comfortability of the users. A good crayon-stick is flexible and twistable. It should have the ability to prevent breakage and flaking. Some high-quality crayons have rotating structure which never requires sharpener and prohibits color wastage. They are a little bit pricey too.

vii. Washability

When we let the kids draw with colors, it is evident that they will create a mess. After finishing the art session, you will notice marks and lines on colors on their skin, table, floor, or clothes. If the colors are not washable, the stains will never fade away. On the contrary, washable colors are super easy to remove and less time-consuming too. You can clean these colors by water or a damp cloth.

viii. Storage box

Some crayon set comes with a storage box. It contains space to hold each color separately and organize them in any order. It prevents breakage and stain creation of the color-sticks. So, if the users want to travel with the crayons, it is wise to buy a crayon set with a storage box.


Now that you have the ideas about some incredible crayon sets, you can choose the most suitable one. We recommend fixing the requirements you want in the crayons. While doing it, think about the ease and comfort of the person for whom you are buying it. Because when you are buying for your children, it should be safe, washable, flexible, and lightweight. On the other hand, if it is for adults, you might only need to consider the quality. Then select the crayon set which can fulfill most of your desires.

Each of the described products has some common and unique features. They might have the qualities you are looking for. So choose one from this list, and we guarantee you, it will worth spending money.

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