Welcome to Arts & Crafts Supplies, your number one source for all things arts and crafts! We’re dedicated to providing you with the best selection of art supplies, craft materials, and more.

Our Story

Arts & Crafts Supplies was founded in 2021 by a group of creative enthusiasts who were frustrated by the lack of variety and quality when shopping for art and craft supplies online. We started as a small shop based out of our founder’s garage, providing specialty supplies to local artists and crafters.

As word spread about our selection and service, Arts & Crafts Supplies quickly outgrew the garage. We expanded online and began serving customers across the country. Now, over a decade later, we’ve become one of the premier destinations for art and craft materials online, serving everyone from hobbyists to professional artists.

At Arts & Crafts Supplies, our goal is to ignite creativity by providing everything you need for your next project. We hand select our products and partner with top brands to offer one of the widest varieties of premium art supplies and crafts available. Whether you need specialty paints, high-quality brushes, unique beads, fabrics, yarns, or tools and accessories, we’ve got you covered!

Our Values

We attribute our success to the core values that guide every decision we make:

Our Team

The Arts & Crafts Supplies team is made up of creative folks from all backgrounds, including artists, crafters, and DIYers. We all share a common love for making things and a dedication to serving the maker community.

Our founder still leads the company today, ensuring we stay grounded in our roots. We maintain a start-up spirit of innovation, passion, and agility even as we’ve grown.

Every team member goes through extensive product training so we can provide personalized service and expert recommendations tailored to your needs. We have specialists across every category ready to help you find the perfect supplies for your project or artistic discipline.

Our customer service team prides itself on being friendly and responsive. We truly enjoy interacting with makers and helping fuel creativity. We’re ready with a smile to answer your questions, provide guidance, and make sure you have an excellent experience shopping with us.

Why We’re Different

What sets Arts & Crafts Supplies apart? Here are a few of the key reasons we’ve become makers’ favorite place to shop online:

Giving Back

Philanthropy is extremely important to us. We strive to make a positive impact on our community and the world through our charitable initiatives:

Giving back through our shared love of arts and crafts is our passion. We’re committed to doing our part to build a more creative, equitable world.

The Future at Arts & Crafts Supplies

After over a decade of growth, Arts & Crafts Supplies has become the premier online destination for makers. But our work is far from done! We will continue expanding our catalog, improving our service, seeking new ways to give back, and pushing the boundaries of what an art supply company can be.

We’re actively growing our community outreach programs to get more people involved with arts. We plan to launch new initiatives supporting underserved and marginalized makers.

And we remain dedicated to our mission of making creativity accessible to all. We’re committed to keeping prices fair, especially for students, seniors, and makers on a budget. We’ll continue to innovate, find efficiencies, and pass the savings along to you.

No matter how much we grow, that start-up passion will drive us. We’ll keep the same fanatical focus on every order and every customer. Our makers will always come first.

We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring. Whatever the future holds, you can count on Arts & Crafts Supplies to be there providing exceptional service, quality, and inspiration to fuel your next creative adventure!