A Blossoming Adventure: My Journey Through Hobby Lobby’s Vibrant Artificial Flower Collection

Exploring a World of Faux Florals for Every Season and Reason

As a longtime crafter and floral enthusiast, I’ve always had a soft spot for artificial blooms. Though not “real” in the traditional sense, faux flowers can capture the beauty of nature in their own unique way. They also open up a world of creative possibilities that Mother Nature doesn’t always allow. So when I learned that Hobby Lobby has an absolutely massive selection of artificial flowers, I knew I had to see it for myself!

I’ll admit, I initially had some preconceived notions about the quality and selection I might find. Sure, I’d seen the standard silk roses and hydrangeas gracing Hobby Lobby’s shelves over the years. But I wondered, could this craft superstore really offer enough varieties and options to satisfy my floral cravings? Well, let me tell you…they did not disappoint!

From the first step through the floral section doors, I was met with a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. They had everything from delicate peonies in soft pink to vibrant yellow sunflowers boasting a little touch of realism with their subtle brushed flecking. And not just the basics, but unique finds like orchids, protea, and even lotus pods straight from a bohemian floral dream. My inner crafter was geeking out big time!

Price Points to Please Every Petal Picker

But how much would this faux floral heaven set me back? I was pleasantly surprised by the range of prices for stems and bouquets. Small single stems started around $1.99 apiece for varieties like daisies and lilies. Larger stems scaled up to the $5.99-$9.99 range for those big, showstopping blooms like hydrangeas and iris bunches. Pre-made bouquets cost between $9.99 up to $59.99, depending on size, type of flowers, and how lavish an arrangement you select.

And bonuses like frequent sales and coupons make building a faux floral collection really affordable! Around major holidays like Easter and Valentine’s Day, I noticed some pieces discounted 20-50%. And keep an eye out for sitewide sales offering great deals storewide. With a savvy sale shopping strategy, you can rack up realistic flowers without ransacking your bank account.

From Elegant Roses to Playful Poppies: The Possibilities are Endless

Hobby Lobby’s artificial flower assortment covers all the bases. Need to craft a romantic red rose bouquet for an anniversary? Check. Looking for fun sunflowers and poppies to make a playful centerpiece? They’ve got you covered. Their selection strikes a perfect balance to please beginners and seasoned floral artists alike.

All the classics we know and love are represented in high quality silks and other realistic materials. I spotted fool-you-real peonies, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, irises, and more in every color imaginable. These standards allow for easy crafting and designing – just read any DIY blog and you’ll find ideas incorporating these staples.

But Hobby Lobby takes it a step further with unique varieties you won’t find just anywhere. Exotic orchids, dahlias, and protea make for eye-catching focal points. Bold florals like snapdragons and chrysanthemums add an unexpected pop of drama. And don’t overlook the charming filler flowers like astilbe and digitalis that accent arrangements beautifully. With this wide selection, beginners and experts alike can find fresh inspiration for floral crafts.

Timeless Classics Meet Trendy Newcomers

Beyond the familiar favorites, I also stumbled upon some exciting new-to-me floral varieties I can’t wait to use in future projects. The horticulture nerd in me did a happy dance finding unusual picks like anemones, scabiosa pods, lotus heads, and tropical lookalikes. It seems Hobby Lobby keeps up with floral trends, bringing customers of-the-moment blooms and textures normally reserved for high-end floral designers.

These novel varieties open new creative doors for the most devoted floral DIY-ers. The realistic magnolia and lilac blossoms would be right at home in a whimsical woodland wedding or photo backdrop. Paired with spiky protea and feathered pampas grass, I envision boho chic arrangements. And the striking black dahlias and on-trend dried items beg to be crafted into a moody gothic bouquet. Hobby Lobby empowers people to design professional, cutting edge looks without cutting into your floral budget.

The Freshest Greens – Be Your Own Florist

Now, what good are all these fantastic artificial flowers without perfectly crafted greenery to complement? No floral pro can compose an arrangement without lush leaves, wispy grasses, and textured accents tying everything together seamlessly. That’s why I was thrilled to browse aisles bursting with every imaginable faux foliage and filler under the sun.

Vines, ferns, bushes – they have it all in each species you could desire. I stocked up on eucalyptus in variations from silvery dollar to bold gunnii. Their selection of realistic boxwood, ivy, and olive branches proves ideal for giving shape and structure to designs. And don’t overlook the fillers! Dainty blooms are perfectly nestled within frothy sprays of baby’s breath and curly willow tendrils. Everything a budding florist needs to construct a sensational centerpiece.

Hobby Lobby allows the chance to play floral designer any day of the year, without depending on what’s in season. Their impressive greenery assortment means you can craft on-trend looks with purple smokebush dignifies your arrangements like the pros. Let your creativity run wild – fill a table with sprawling grapevines in February! Accent summer arrangements with bright red maples instead of plain ferns. The possibilities at your fingertips are truly endless.

DIY Bouquets for All Occasions

Beyond loose stems, I discovered entire DIY packages for creating professional arrangements at home. For anyone short on time but longing for beautiful blooms, these products are perfect!

Want a dash of springtime in your home decor? Grab a pre-bundled bunch of daffodils or sweet hydrangea mix. Their bright, happy colors capture the joy of the season. For gifting, keep an eye out for the brilliant seasonal designs built to bloom, like poinsettias or tulip/hyacinth pots that are Easter basket must-haves.

And who doesn’t love receiving a fresh flower arrangement? With Hobby Lobby’s mixed bouquets, anyone can put together a gorgeous gift, centerpiece, or wreath full of favourite flowers in under an hour! Each bundle comes with everything pre-cut, plus foam, greens, and a how-to guide – it’s foolproof fabulousness. I can’t wait to try the flowing peony bundle or daring black monochromatic option, stepping up from the basic grocery store wrap.

Everlasting Elegance: All the Best Blossoms for Your Big Day

For that most special of occasions, every bride dreams of flowers that define her style while standing the test of time. But we all know wedding florals cost a pretty penny! That’s why Hobby Lobby offers everything an affianza bride needs to take floral matters into her own hands, creating arrangements and bouquets that will outlast memories.

Channel French countryside vibes with the elegant ivory rose bulk pack. Intricate paper flowers add a whimsical handmade touch and come in every color to complement your vision. Build lush garlands and wreaths out of magnolia and eucalyptus for that organic boho look.

Or keep it classic with the essentials: abundant hydrangeas, vines of pearls and crystals, and calla lilies for modern edge. Throw in accents of fresh greenerypeonies, and baby’s breath for texture. With this dreamy selection, you can stick to your budget without compromising your Pinterest-worthy vision.

Playing with Petals: Tools & Tips for Floral DIY Fun

Hobby Lobby fully equips customers for floral design with ample accessories. Basic floral arranging foamflorist tape, and cutting tools make even first-timers look like pros. Choose from ceramic, glass, or plastic solid or mesh vases to build all different shapes and sizes.

For next-level creations, utilize posable floral stems and spools of wire to bend and shape flexible arrangements. And adhesive flower centersstamens, and backings transform silk into hyperrealistic buds. Follow your wildest floral fantasies with these fundamental toolkit supplies.

While I didn’t spy any in-store arranging classes during my visits, Hobby Lobby’s DIY Hub features tutorials online to teach techniques. I watched a quick video demonstrating how to build a rose sphere – who knew it was so simple? Follow along to gain confidence in everything from basic boutonniere making to exquisite wedding backdrops. Oh, the projects I’m now itching to take on with all these great tips, tricks, and tools!

An Abundance of Artificial: For the Faux Flower Connoisseur

By now it’s clear Hobby Lobby stocks every realistic flower form you’d seek out. But they go above and beyond to deliver diversity in how-to-use and display faux florals for today’s creative tastes. Contemporary designers are all about playing with scale, color, and texture in new ways.

Jumbo peonies make a big visual impact. Mixing monochromatic blooms, like stacks of black or white roses, makes a bold artistic statement. Metallic brooches and jewel embellishments add luxury. Take risks and break rules with Hobby Lobby’s limitless faux finds!

Seeing the bounty of buds and blossoms throughout the store inspired me. I realized one piece can serve many functions. Those giant peonies would be exquisite in a living room vase. Or try clustering them into abstract wall art or a head-turning wedding bouquet.

Same goes for sprigs of leaves or vines. Drape them across a mantel or suspend them from the ceiling for an organic feel. Weave them into a lush table runner or wreath. Let them wind through terrariums and planters. Hobby Lobby carries the immense diversity to explore floral design to its fullest.

A Flourishing Green Thumb Has Its Perks

For the eco-conscious crafter, Hobby Lobby helps nurture your creativity and conscience simultaneously. I discovered a wide selection of artificial flowers focused on sustainability and natural themes.

Floral rings made of dried grapevines or lotus pods allow for stunning circular arrangements with minimal environmental impact. For boho chic sensibilities, giant paper blooms in divine colors look as if they were plucked straight from the pages of Vogue.

Various realistic succulentscacti, and air plants recreate texture without troubling Mother Nature. And you can find stems made of natural raffiajuteand burlap for that organic artisan feel. By working with these natural and renewable materials, anyone can fashion dazzling florals with an earth-friendly edge.

Year-Round Yields in an Endless Floral Oasis

Perhaps most satisfying about Hobby Lobby’s artificial bounty is the opportunity to enjoy continual flowering inspiration. Forget watching real roses wilt after just a week – these beauties boast longevity.

Once you curate your dream collection, it’s yours to craft and create with forevermore. With proper care, these silks and synthastics last for several years or more. No time crunch exists to use up fleeting flowers. That means flexing your floral prowess all year round!

Missing blossoms of spring? Fashion a cheery tulip centerpiece with materials straight from the shelf. Summer got you down?perk up indoor spaces with sunflowers and zinnias any time. Want to get a head start on holiday crafting? Shop fall options, like maple leaves and mini pumpkins, well before autumn rolls around.

With this endless floral bounty, every week brings potential for imaginative new projects. Hobby Lobby hands the creative keys over to you – the possibilities are boundless! So what are you waiting for? Grab those shears and let your inner florist flourish! Just beware the allure of these lifelike stems. Because once you get a glimpse into Hobby Lobby’s floral oasis, you might not want to leave!

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